Nino and Juan: “The Trump Gut Punch is Here”

Nino and Juan: “The Trump Gut Punch is Here”

David Nino Rodrigues

Nino and Juan O Savin get into it with the impending Trump “arrest” by the Deep State.

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The cabal use numbers for their rituals.

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NOTE: No other U.S. president, sitting or former, has ever been charged with a crime.

And I was thinking about this last night….and in fact, I believe I shared these thoughts last night. The wording did seem odd. And indictment AND former President. It could be one in the same, or….

Under COG, Trump is NOT a “former” President; he is the President and Commander in Chief. Now, who is a former president? Obama.

Let that sink in.

Here’s a Patriot chiming in:

Definitely food for thought.

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