Scuba Diving to the Depths of Transformation

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by 144,000 Light Warriors

 As you continue your evolution and expansion, this realization will virtually become law in your life.

This place is a battle zone for the vast majority.

Warfare upon the mind, soul and psyche.

The hustle and grind for just the basics. A bit of comfort. A moment of relaxation. A moment of relief from the stresses of life.

It takes an absolute warrior soul to get up each day and swim the current, not trying to get swept away into oblivion and assimilated.

Those doing the work, the true depth diving, have endured not only the rip currents of this soul sapping environment and it’s routines of survival, but have also scuba dived into the abysses of their own traumas, wounds, and dark nights of the soul, often times too many to even count.

Quite often these souls are loners. Quiet.

You see them on the outskirts. Not overly social. Yet you can sense a presence emanating from them. A force. A radiance.

They are sort of a moving anomaly of different energy than the herd.

They have captured back the steering wheel from the matrix. They can see it for what it is, and although they move through it to survive, they are not asleep within it anymore. They pierce in and out, at will.

As we continue to evolve and expand, we are going to fully realize the importance of energy. Of frequency. Of soul resonance.

We are becoming hyper-sensitized to this awareness.

We are becoming telepathic, and telEMpathic.

We are returning to being energy mediums.

You will notice more and more how others energies and frequency affects you.

Your circles will very likely change based upon your deepening sensitivity.

Others may no longer resonate nor be tolerable. This is not a condescending issue nor decision. It is an energy resonance and HEALTH filtration selection being dictated by your higher consciousness and soul.

It is not thinking you are “above” another or they are unimportant in their own journey of soul experience, it is that you are dialing in and fine tuning your frequency so that you may evolve to the next stage of your souls destiny.

So listen very carefully to what your body, your energy, and your soul is telling you.

Choose your inner circle and who you share this energetic back and forth transference with very carefully.

Those who are on the same frequency of evolution with you will add to your peace and bliss, and it will be very light hearted and easy feeling.

Listen to your intuition and to energy.

This will become everything in the near future.

The True Meaning of ONENESS

Note to Readers:

Layers, layers, and more layers… it takes courage to clear the old records, walk away from the conditioning, ignore the disapproval of now former friends and associates.

It is a silent journey, one that is unheralded in the media, avoided by the majority, required by those whose souls have penetrated through the din of the matrix and communicated with the consciousness living within the human vehicle.

Only you can go there. Only you can complete the journey. No one can hand you enlightenment. It is within you. Seek and you will find treasures beyond measure.


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