Derek Johnson breaks down Federal Continuity Directives etc., April 25, 2023

Derek Johnson breaks down Federal Continuity Directives etc.
April 25, 2023

New Video! I break down the Federal Continuity Directives plus more of the Military Operation and COG


Once it’s read, it can’t be unread.

Once it’s seen, it can’t be unseen.

Once you know, you cannot unknow.

We’re a Nation of Laws and Orders.

Laws are revised or revoked, Orders are rescinded or mission accomplished.

In my Live Video, above, April 25, 2023, I said there’s a new Federal Continuity Directive… but did not want to lose my train of thought of direction of video… got off the live and looked at the date:

Freshly Issued: April 2023.

Specifically says: consistent with Executive Order 13961 and Federal Mission Resilience Strategy

Executive Order 13961

 Donald John Trump

December 7, 2020, the same date he filed via U.S. Supreme Court via the State of Texas versus States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Who’s the first state to issue Bill for Gold Backed Digital Currency?  Texas

March 10, 2023, effective September 1, 2023.

January 2021 Executive Branch Reconstitution
Concept of Operations FEMA – 302-094-1 section 2.3 specifically says:

2.3 Executive Branch Reconstitution

Executive branch reconstitution is the collective reconstitution of the EOP and executive D/As working in collaboration with the EBR Cell. If reconstitution is not possible in the Washington, D.C. area, Congress, in accordance with its enumerated powers, will work with the states to establish a new seat of government. Once the new seat of government is identified, the construction and/or procurement of appropriate facilities to house executive D/As begins. The central role of the executive D/As, and the key support roles of EBR Cell member organizations are reflected in Exhibit 4.

January 2021:

Back to April 2023 FCD:

Inside the National Capital Region

When a catastrophic incident impacts the headquarters of one or more D/As and its functions are disrupted, the affected organizations would activate their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans to continue to perform essential functions. For an event with notice, the D/A ERG will relocate to an alternate facility in accordance with any Continuity of Government Readiness Condition (COGCON) level change instructions and COOP plans. If there is no warning of the event or emergency, the D/A may implement its devolution plan instead. In either case, the Reconstitution Manager and team will lead the organization from the Pre-Event Preparedness Sub-Phase to initiate the reconstitution activities of the Event Planning Sub-Phase, including damage assessment and issue identification, in accordance with the organization’s reconstitution plan.

The D/A will coordinate as required with the EBR Cell regarding facility, human capital, and records issues and submit initial, monthly, and final RSR to the EBR Cell, as appropriate. The EBR Cell will help to resolve any problems and issues throughout the Implementation of Operations Sub-Phase to allow for the eventual resumption of non-essential functions, from a temporary facility, if necessary, until normal operations can be resumed at a permanent new or repaired headquarters.

One step closer to those ERGs and DERGs…


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Also from Derek:

Don’t argue with people who refuse to read Laws and Orders all from dot Gov and Mil sites…

They’ve had plenty of time. Let ‘em find out the hard way.

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Winston Churchill

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