Eliza: After the Movie what comes next?

Photo by Keith Double on Pexels.com

Y’all know that Judgment Day is coming for all those who participated in pushing the Covid lie upon the People? It is…

I’ve read that Military tribunals may start sometime this summer. By that time, Biden will be gone. Actually the real Biden has been gone a long time. The clown playing the part will be gone, too. And so will all the other traitors, including a large percentage of our current illegal Congress.

The corporation is dead. The Federal Reserve is dead. The IRS is dead. But all that is a long story and you can find out what is about to happen elsewhere.

We have all been suffering through the past three plus years, like a living nightmare, watching the agenda of the dark players play out in front of our eyes. Some of it has been theater. A great deal of it has not. Many people have been hurt and killed. Did you forget there are casualities during wartime? It doesn’t matter that this is a type of war that none of us have ever witnessed.

However, I have posted the following Twitter thread to get y’all thinking about what is going to happen after the darkness falls, after the puppet masters have been publicly disgraced, removed, and disposed of.

Yes, we will survive. Earth humanity is strong and resilient, a unique race of spiritual beings living in physical bodies, without parallel in the UNIVERSE. Yes, you heard me right… the UNIVERSE. Now, y’all think about that while you read the following…

P.S. My poor momma would wince if she could hear me now. Living in the South is beginning to reactivate the Texas talk I picked up as a youngster in Alaska. You know, there are several bases located in Alaska and oil… the mix brought a lot of Texans north to that former territory and now State. I was there for the official bonfire when statehood was declared…

Have a nice day.

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