Jonna Jinton: Northern Lights in Real Time | Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights in Real Time | Aurora Borealis

Jonna Jinton

This winter brought us a lot of magical nights with northern lights. And in this video I’ve collected some of the footage that I captured with my camera. And in this video I will just leave the footage raw, unedited without any fast forward. I hope you will enjoy it and that it can bring some magic into your life!

Notes to Readers:

Our earth has a majestic corona, a crown of living lights when sunflares send waves of energy towards our planet.

As a child living in Alaska, I got to see the Northern Lights and heard them… for yes, the Lights sing to us. They are beautiful beyond my ability to descrbe them…

As Jonna suggested, you could use this film as a meditation when your heart and mind need to relax…


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