UPDATE – Back online, May 15th 2023

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Well, hello, everyone. I’m back online.

I confess to experiencing a kind of snit fit last Saturday… or was it Friday? Anyway, I needed a break and took one.

It was an interesting experience. I started re-reading one of Elena Danaan’s books, The Seeders: The Return of the Gods. I will continue reading the volume as it is packed with relatively current intel about disclosure, the history of humanity’s seeding on this planet, etc. Like Elena’s other book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, this volume contains the answers to many questions I have asked myself through the years, decades, that I have been experiencing this latest incarnation.

I want to thank again all those readers who took the time to write a personal comment on my announcement of the other day. I do appreciate receiving some input now and then, as does any creator.

Please note, while I am “officially” back online, I do not intend to post quite as much. I have come to recognize that I require more balance in my life, such as it is right now. With that balance comes more “me” time spent either in Nature, reading, meditation, or doing research unrelated to my present situation.

I’m a compulsive writer. It is my primary source of communication with people as I spend a great deal of time alone or with people who are not open to discussing topics that interest me… like disclosure, gardening, etc.

Anyway, I’ll be posting a few more things today and then leave it. Of note, Q The Storm Rider put up an explanation for what is currently going on with Twitter and Elon. It explains a lot about the military operation that is currently taking down the old social media platforms used by the CIA and DARPA to infiltrate, censor opposition, and control the social narrative.



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14 Responses to UPDATE – Back online, May 15th 2023

  1. mimidime says:

    Seeing you back online and posting has turned my recent rather bleak perspective to one of joy and optimism. Thank you, thank you for taking a break and returning. Mimi


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Mimi, but oh my gosh… PRESSURE. A simple thing like reading one of my blog posts is not responsible for your joy and optimism, my dear. It comes from within you, making connection.
      The world is only as bleak as we ourselves make it. Look around… depending on where you live, the sun shines behind the clouds, the flowers bloom, and the birds sing. Life is marvelous, although it can also be challenging. That is why we all came here, to evolve. Evolution comes through experience and challenge.
      Much love to you, dear one, for your sweet comment. ~Eliza

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      • elga13 says:

        Eliza,, you see? reading your response makes my heart sing,, thank you for your return,, as i said before,, I “SEE ” you,, sending oceans of Love


  2. Kenneth T. says:

    Time for a rest and recharge —
    Everyone needs a break, even if only for the weekend.
    Welcome back!


  3. Debbie Fabig says:

    My flowers are Blooming, and so are you.
    Big Smile to you!


  4. Sarah says:

    Hi Eliza – Thank you for all you do! In the past couple of days, I’ve been reading again and watching on YT information about the 16 personality types in the Meyers-Briggs models of personality types. I’m amazed to see that many of the challenges I feel, that I also feel are very personal & quirky, are traits of the personality type! I think I’m mostly an INFP. There are a couple of people I’ve found so far: Frank James and Dave SuperPower at Objective Personality. I mention this because I think the info they are sharing can help me to re-focus on overcoming some of my limitations so that I can make best use of this time of waiting.

    I enjoy talking about disclosure and gardening, too! I look forward to the days after more disclosure, in which I feel our opportunity to talk about disclosure will be much greater! I do feel there’s a very slow soft disclosure happening now, but it’s sooooo slow that it’s like molasses in January.

    In recent months, I’ve also been learning a lot about electroculture for the garden. It’s so encouraging to see that we are starting to work with the built-in electro-magnetic qualities of Creation in order to enhance the life of our plants!

    I appreciate all you do. I feel that it may be that the cleanup that’s happening “behind the scenes” is just plain going to take longer than I thought it would. As a result of this thought, I’m dialing down my expectations in terms of how long it will be before a more generalized disclosure happens. It’s terribly frustrating.

    However, I’m focusing more on handling my personal challenges. This is something I can do and it depends on my own efforts. There’s a lot I can do right now to live my life better, and I’m going to look into the Meyers-Briggs analysis to find ways to respond more effectively to some of my traits that make me feel daunted.

    I definitely appreciate all you do. I support you taking more time in a balanced way to enhance your daily happiness. Remember the phrase not to “push the river”? Haha I’m definitely one who tends to push the river! lol Perhaps someday, after disclosure, we’ll all be able to talk more with others who see the Universe and Reality as we do!

    Until then, ‘bye for now! Much love to you!



    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Sarah, for such a lovely comment. And thanks to the other readers who also commented today. I am really touched… to realize that my work / efforts have touched hearts, perhaps assisted others in being willing to look at themselves and to see the world in a totally different light. The dark cannot have its way with us any more unless we allow it to… we are that powerful. The future holds great things for Earth humanity… and we won’t be constrained to just living on this planet but will spread colonies far and wide throughout Nataru… not to conquer, but to thrive. Terra Hu are destined to be teachers for other evolving races. Someday our descendants will be looked upon as amazing as the Ohorai of Arcturus… a magnificent spiritual race well-known for their wisdom and compassion. ❤ Eliza


      • lightseeker1956 says:


        I do not comment often, almost never. A group of us have been following you a long time. Long before you moved to Fla. Myself and others read everything you post. We Love Elena and her work. What we look to you for is your insight. Your intuitive feel as to what is fake and what is real information.

        We were delighted to find you believe in Elena. We are also followers of Alex C. . Have been for decades. Yes, we are around your age. A few of us will likely still be here when there will be a need for ‘teachers’ in a more hands on manner. Some of us have been ‘told’ to create healing centre’s, in the future.

        The darker days ahead will offer time to clean/clear and organize the home fire. Those of us without dependents, who are retired and were able to prepare a bit, will hunker down and weather the storm.

        You are a much needed voice. Whatever you feel /decide to post for us is a ‘gift’ of Love. We are aware of the time, effort and the sacrifice you have made for us, these past decades.

        When you discovered you needed to alter some of what you believed… we were with you. The strength it took to admit a mistake and move forward stronger than ever, is extraordinary. Many we forward your message to, can not comment, even though I know they read every word. Some of what you expose is to much for us to send them.

        You are one of the ‘best’ at what you do for humanity. We will miss you and your insight, if you find that you are worn down, as many of those around me have become. Please know, that there are more than you might ‘imagine’ who benefit from your content. We are not writers. We have other skills.

        You have our gratitude. I will present a prayer request to the group in honor of the ‘great’ effort you have made to assist those of us who are often not able to ‘see’ as deeply into events as your blog has shown your ability to be.



        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Robert, You have profoundly touched my heart with this comment. I am going to write about how I discovered Elena and Alex and in doing so, altered my perception of the world and my place in it. Right now, I am working my way through The Seeders, again, a volume that I find holds many emotional triggers for me. My personal journey has taken me deep into the heart of darkness, although not as deep as those who chose to be involved in the SSP/Montauk, MKUltra projects (et al), go to war… and all the rest we now see playing out on the world stage. Yes, I am without family, no children, an elder… but have gained tremendously in experience and wisdom, in a much different manner than previous life times. I sincerely hope to be here for those who need some of my brand of salty wisdom someday… but they have to be willing to listen. Free will is everything. One thing I have learned, is that you cannot force someone to comprehend something they are not ready to learn. Frequency is everything. Until the darkness within is pushed away from the heart, the ears cannot hear. I have learned this lesson through my own follies. Thank you, Robert, and your ‘group’ for being there as a quiet support system. ❤ Eliza


          • lightseeker1956 says:

            Many of us, who are now elderly and without attachments, believe we are HERE to make a difference. We discovered… most of us have always had a sense of having a destiny. An unknown reason for being odd/alive. For being called to explore beyond the edge of the known… to travel into the depths of the vast unknown. What you intend to write will reverberate through this planet. It will trickled down through the layers of this reality as water seeps into the Earth. Thank you for having such inspiration… as to be a LIGHT UNTO THIS WORLD.


            • Eliza Ayres says:

              Robert – your words lend “wings of inspiration” to my fingers… Now let’s see what emerges first…
              P.S. Didn’t that Mercury fellow wear wings on his helmet? A Roman version of Thoth… who was, in turn, an benevolent Anunnaki… with many names.


  5. Sarah says:

    Yes! Beautiful, Eliza! This will happen, and we are playing a vital part holding the energies and being willing to believe in the days before everything is fully evident. 💖


  6. Robert Peterson says:

    Eliza, I never respond to anyone but just add a comment to express what a fabulous sharing you have done to awaken and rejuvenate us. You are amazing in depth and breadth of understanding. Much that you share is new but I’m being awakened, thank you. I wish you God’s blessings in sharing your love and peace with your audience. Bless you in all you do and thank you.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Robert. It is an honor to share and be heard. So much has been suppressed and kept from humanity. To hear the exact opposite about your race from what you have learned from so-called authorities has to come as a shock to some, as an epiphany to others. It is time for all of us to wake up. I include myself as I’ve had to break through some stubborn resistance along the way, too. It’s human to resist change, but only because you have been taught from childhood to fear it, the unknown. Yet, stepping into the unknown can bring expansion and beauty to your life. Thank you, for being willing to learn and be open to new things; that takes great courage. ~ Eliza


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