The Agent Smith Effect – Laura Aboli

The Agent Smith Effect – Laura Aboli

I started reading the text above with a little skepticism, but then I realised it was absolutely and painfully accurate.

I used to be deeply in love with a man that turned out to be Agent Smith. He broke my heart and his own, defending the matrix, how crazy is that?! He would tell you that I was the love of his life, he still tells people he will never, ever, love a woman as he loved me, but his Agent Smith duties and his loyalty to the matrix, was stronger than him.

I have come to terms with what happened, but it still shocks me nonetheless. My story, however, is not unique, I know there are many people who’ve had to part ways with loved ones as they faced the truth and tried to step out of the matrix.

Those still hypnotised by the programming defend it as if their life depended on it and I guess they think it does. That’s the lie, the ilusion, the deceipt, the con.

I don’t have hard feelings for the man that broke my heart, I understand how deeply programmed most people are, we were all victims of the indoctrination at some point.

I have dedicated many hours, every single day, without fail, for the past two years, to spreading information that might help people see the matrix for what it is and I will continue to do so until we achieve our goal. The freedom we seek, can only be found when we stop feeding the matrix.

Slowly but surely, one person at a time, there are many that are finally taking off their Agent Smith suit. So let’s celebrate this gradual shedding of deeply entrenched belief systems, because it’s a sign that the tide is turning in our favour. I am optimistic about the future, we will get there!

Note to Readers:

Like Laura, I have certainly encountered the Agent Smith programming in others, primarily family, both close and extended (cousins) who rejected me and my views of the world long ago… decades ago. This is not a new experience or phenomenon for me, unlike those individuals who have or are currently undergoing their awakening process within the past three years or less.

It can be rather a shock to witness someone go completely rabid on you, defending their belief systems which sometimes appear to be hardwired into their personality.

Not being someone who enjoys confrontation and arguements, I usually step back and out of such a situation or merely do not bring up info that will potentially trigger someone badly. It does get pretty boring to talk about the weather with folks.

I am an observer by nature. I understand that as souls entering into incarnation have agreed to certain terms and experiences via what is called “soul contracts”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in them; they exist. I heard about them over a decade ago while reading the earlier works of Kryon.

In reading about soul contracts, I broke out in tears as I realized all of the tough events and circumstances in my life up to that point, especially with my parents, were agreed upon before I was born, helped me to heal from the trauma experienced as a “victim” of incest. In a way, I was betrayed by both of my parents, and in fact, I betrayed my younger sister by not protecting her from my father. Would she have believed me anyway? I do not know… and I have not had contact with either sister for two decades since I chose to take care of my aging parents until they passed within 18 months of each other. Despite the trauma, there was love within those relationships, and I learned quite a lot from the 50 odd years of being around those two people. I don’t think my sisters have managed to heal from the effects of the experienced trauma.

From being a survivor of incest, I was able to understand the network of pedophilia that is an important component of control in our culture, and am beginning to comprehend the role that the Freemasons hold in this network of darkness. Both sides of my family, matriarchal and patriarchal, contain Freemasons, primarily from the Eastern Star. The relationship of the Masons with the Zionists and other secretive “secret” societies is only now being revealed to the world.

As the grandchild of a Freemason, I could have entered that world, but something within me was repulsed by the idea of dressing up and prancing around with others during ceremonies. I actually attended an Eastern Star ceremony as a guest, so was given the opportunity to join up more than once. I rejected it and have spent a lifetime being rejected by the rest of my family. Masons run the world… or have until now, when their dark networks are finally being dragged out into the Light through the Great Reveal.

My relatives were innocent… until proven guilty, but somehow my father was wounded, possibly by his step-father who also was a Mason. I feel my father was traumatized by their practices as a child. I will never know now or how, but after his father died at age 33, my father’s life changed. Father was a member of the DeMolay as a young man but then refused to go any further up the ranks of Freemasonry. He did not talk about it.

Those who have been members of the Freemasons or any of these other associations will have to come clean someday. Their secrets will no longer be tolerated.

The mind-programming undergone in general by humanity over the course of hundreds of thousands of years isn’t broken in one day or even in one year.

When the full reveal of the dark secrets is brought before the scrutiny of the general public, there will still be those who minds cannot cope with the awareness that EVERYTHING they were taught to believe in, lifetime after lifetime, was based on a Lie.

I knew these things, intuitively, long ago, and that is part of my motivation for sharing these notes with you, my readers. Have compassion for those who are and will be struggling in future days as more disclosure comes into focus even on MSM.

Our world is about to change in significant, life-altering ways… and many of us will survive to see it.

Much appreciation to all,


P.S. Keep in mind that evolution requires the presence of challenge. In my life, my father represented the challenger, the trigger. As a result, I woke up early and have been researching and learning about myself and spirituality, past lives, etc., for decades, all in an effort to understand why… why I experienced those things as a child. Being able to reach a level of compassion for what I went through, for my parents… has helped me mature in a way that is not a frequent occurrence. Long ago I was not mezmerized by the trappings and glitter of the media. I turned off the television over two decades ago. I rarely go to movies. As a result of my determination to walk the Road less traveled, I have not been subjected to the same amount of programming endured by most these days. So… observer of the world, I am. It was a role I chose for myself long ago, before incarnation. ❤

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