Billy Carson: This Changes Everything We Have Been Told – The 5th Kind

This Changes Everything We Have Been Told! Billy Carson – The Anunnaki & Atlantis

The 5th Kind

Author Billy Carson shares his decades of research into esoterica, connecting the dots between the intergalactic civilizations today identified as Annunaki and Atlanteans. Sharing his findings on the Enuma Elish, the Seven Tablets of Creation, and the realities of Atlantis and ancient civilizations tied to human evolution on Earth. Billy Carson’s channel – @ForbiddenKnowledge1

This is Billy Carson’s opinion coming from his research on ancient exopolitics. Mr. Carson is a prolific author and speaker.

Note to Readers:

Ea has told Elena that he lived on Atlantis until the Flood (which was created by Enlil, his half-brother). There were several ET colonies on Atlantis. The Alteans and Selosians were also on Atlantis.

Billy does offer some interesting theories…

The Anunnaki use the same name for multiple objects, planets and space ships.

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