Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF & NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations, May 21, 2023

Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF & NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations, May 22, 2023

Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

Daniel Morris Salter worked for over 20 years with the USAF as an electronics communications expert and, in 1968, retired from active duty as a Command Sergeant Major—the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer. Early in his Air Force career, Salter had a UFO sighting in 1949, which propelled him to being offered a senior position in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit – a top secret intelligence unit that investigated the UFO phenomenon. After his USAF retirement, he was recruited by the National Reconnaissance Office to work on extraterrestrial-related issues concerning covert UFO crash retrieval operations. His duties included silencing witnesses to crashed UFOs or extraterrestrial contact as part of a multitiered official intimidation program that began with verbal warnings, harassment and ended with assassination.

After more than a decade of working with the NRO, he retired. In 1993 he began revealing details of his experiences with other UFO disclosure witnesses such as Phil Schneider, who worked on Deep Underground Military Bases such as Dulce, New Mexico, and William Cooper, whose duties in the US Navy were very similar to Salter’s work with the USAF. Salter was among the Disclosure Project witnesses who gave video testimonies to Dr. Steven Greer and attended the latter’s famous May 2001 National Press Club Conference. (well-known researcher Dan Willis attended the same conference.)

In 2003, Salter wrote Life With a Cosmos Clearance, where he shared some of his direct knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and UFO history. In it, he discussed several leaked Majestic documents that he knew to be real, but could not directly confirm with his own direct experiences due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with the NRO and the threat of assassination. Significantly, Salter shared some of his experiences and insider knowledge with his two grandsons, Daniel and Derek, who both graduated as mechanical engineers and currently work in the engineering industry.

In this Exopolitics Today podcast, I interview Daniel and Derek about their grandfather and what they personally witnessed or have learned from documents they found in Salter’s personal archives. We also discuss several leaked Majestic documents Salter discussed in Life with a Cosmos Clearance and what these reveal about the history of reverse engineering of alien technology. Finally, Daniel and Derek discuss what they know of how secret societies operate within the US military intelligence community to monopolize extraterrestrial-related information, and how their grandfather’s Freemason background helped him gain access to the deepest official UFO/ET secrets during his USAF and NRO career.

Daniel and Derek have their own podcast where they discuss their grandfather’s knowledge and other witness testimonies on UFOs/ET life.

Note to Readers:

Timely. I haven’t listened to this piece, yet. Will do later in the day. Shopping, real life, y’all.

A question arises, why all of the secrecy? Who didn’t want people to know about the presence of UFO craft and ET contact? There are layers and layers of military industrial complex and Pentagon (Deep State) involvement in this cover-up. And books have been written on the subject, including the one mentioned above. Written by people who were involved in the skulduggery. When in the military, you follow orders without question. In case of disclosing knowledge of UFOs, there was consequences for many who have “died suddenly” due to their efforts.

This multi-layered intentional bureaucratic secrecy and compartmentalization is being slowly disclosed, revealed and exposed to public scrutiny… although at first to those who are curious about such matters and have been nibbling on the edges for a long time.

There is a plan for full disclosure. For one thing, more people are going to begin (and have already) see ships, primarily scout ships, out in broad daylight and at night. The SIX Intergalactic Confederation motherships currently in orbit of Earth are cloaked. Their technology base is hundreds of thousands of years in advance to our own. So, if a member of the high command happens to mention the possible presence of a large ship near Earth, this is an intentional disclosure preparing Earth humanity for REAL disclosure.

And then there is the matter of the corporations who have been involved in off-world operations… like the ICC. And the Dark Fleet or Nacht Waffen of the renegade Nazis who collaborated with the Ciakahrr. And Solar Warden, built by the U.S. Navy in league with the Galactic Federation of Worlds and other ET organizations. And then the thousands, perhaps millions of people who have been abducted, some to return, others to be never seen again.

The real X-files are HUGE. Like Star Trek, the television series contained a lot of disclosure. “They” always have to tell us what they intend to do as even the dark side is ruled by Cosmic Law.


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