The Only Way Out is Within – Holly Celiano

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In a world where we question reality

In a world, where we question the truth

In a world where we question everyone and everything

In a world where everything is a lie

In a world we don’t even know what’s real

In a world we struggle each day to navigate

In a world we must contemplate

In a world we must seek solace within

In a world the solace within is where are you find the spark of God

In a world where there’s confusion and deception

The only way out is within.

May 24, 2023

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Note to Readers:

I know people have a lot of questions these days; we are living through confusing and challenges times. Yet, seeking the answers from others will not satisfy. Therefore, eventually you will learn to let go, quiet your mind, humble your pride, and begin to listen to the still quiet voice of intuition. Or not. The choice is yours. The responsibility for making the choice is also yours.

Intuition may arrive in a flash of sudden comprehension, wherein you finally recognize the connection between one dot or another. You may encounter a book you should read, a movie you should watch, a person you should listen to… for awhile. Just remember, it is all about you going within to seek the answers to those questions you have. Sometimes it takes a while for the answer to arrive, but it will in perfect timing for your personal inner growth, not feeding your ego, but your real Self.

Patience is a virtue in these times.

Being willing to see things from a higher perspective helps, too. Letting go of the need to instantly know, which feeds the ego, as opposed to feeding the soul, by being quiet and accepting of what comes.

We are ALL undergoing lessons, every moment of every day. No one escapes this one truth.

When you can look at your own follies with compassion, you will be able to do the same for others, for they ARE you. As fractals of Source we are never alone although we seem to perform different roles while on the world’s stage.

What you send out into the Universe will return, often multiplied. Lessons unlearned will be repeated.

When you arrive at zero point in terms of your consciousness, your world view will change. It is inevitable. It is part of growing into a Galactic human being.

If you are having a hard time comprehending this information, perhaps it is not meant for you. Do not judge yourself. You have not failed. You were simply not ready.

Be well,



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