Vidya Frazier: Navigating Relationship Challenges During the Ascension Process

Navigating Relationship Challenges During the Ascension Process

Vidya Frazier

If you’re experiencing difficult relationship challenges with family members, friends, or a partner, this is probably due to the presence of powerful 5D frequencies now flooding the Earth. All unhealthy relationship patterns are currently coming to the surface, needing to be resolved and let go of. And, in the process, this may mean certain relationships will no longer survive. Although freeing in the end, these changes can be confusing and painful.

Be aware that if you’re experiencing these challenges – and you’re feeling lonely and without good friends or partners during these times – you are not alone. You are like many in the world who are in the process of letting go of their 3D identities and making room for their 5D identities to come onboard. Learn how to navigate these times and form new, high-vibrational relationships that last and offer greater fulfillment and intimacy.

  • Difficult communications as old, unhealed traumas are surfacing
  • Honesty and authencity is being demanded of you
  • Unawakened patterns are coming up, bringing up anger, disappointment, etc.
  • You can’t take these challenging emotions into the fifth density
  • Exposed differences, deteriotating partnerships
  • People are learning to let go of family and friends OR certain changes have to occur
  • Abuser/victim relationship can no longer continue
  • The victim is the one to wake up… can be scary and disorienting
  • hurts, angry, betrayal – you just can’t stuff down these negative emotions down any more
  • The Truth is coming out
  • Each of us have to take responsibility for our own actions – no more shame/blame
  • co-dependency is no longer working, you need to create your own sense of feeling valuable
  • Co-dependent, overly emotional dependent, correct usage refers to a person who does not take care of their OWN NEEDS, due to a lack of self-worth
  • Common to lightworkers, peace makers, wanting to avoid conflict and negativity, stuffing down reactive emotions
  • Unconsciousness anger due to being the forgiving, kind person… hurt and rage are HEALTHY
  • Conflict over taking the vaxx – pro and cons, clear split in humanity
  • Conflict over politics, especially in U.S., and other countries
  • Not the cause of divisions, individuals are shifting (or not) into higher frequencies; everything hidden is being revealed on both an individual and collective
  • People are making their own decisions whether or not to ascend
  • As sovereign beings, WE MUST MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES and honor the other person’s choice
  • Energetic shift in a relationship, can happen abruptly, less tension, less struggle, more space for clarity, and yet an unfamiliar sense of detachment – the ending of a KARMIC CONTRACT with another person
  • Karma everywhere is dissolving…

Note to Readers:

Keep any comments on topic.

Keep in mind, I do not consider myself as an ascension mentor/guide. I do share some of my experiences because this is my blog. If you wish to share some of your story, consider starting up your own blog. This is not a judgment, but I am attempting to maintain a focus here. If this triggers you, kindly take it elsewhere. I freely offer this work as writing is a passion of mine. Discover your own.

Excellent review of emotional subject.


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