Laura Aboli: The Purpose of Life

The more you understand the purpose of life, the more you accept it’s limitations as part and parcel of the experience itself, but it’s purpose can only be understood when you acknowledge certain truths:

Truth number one is; that there is an infinite intelligence behind this perfectly designed universe. A Creator.

Truth number two is; that humanity was created by the Creator in order to be able to witness and experience the universe he had created.

Truth number three is; that we are eternal souls having a human experience. In other words; we ARE a soul, we HAVE a body.

Truth number four is; that the Creator’s essence is within us so he can experience his creation through us.

Truth number five is; that life is finite because it’s just an experience, a physical roller coaster ride for our souls. Immortality is therefore unnecessary and would defeat the purpose of life itself. Our physical limitations allow us to experience what our limitless dimension cannot.

Truth number six is, when you understand the first five truths, you realise there is absolutely NOTHING to fear.

And when you are free from fear is when you truly begin to live.

❤ ❤ ❤

Note to Readers:

Life in a nutshell. Creator Source, not a God, gods or goddesses, ascended masters, et al. Source is consciousness. You are consciousness. You as an “Is Be” or soul go forth from Source and into physical realms to experience them for Source.

BTW, the Pleiadians express Source in feminine terms, as “Mother”. Give it a think… who brings life into manifestation in the physical realms? Mothers. The residents of the star cluster we call the Pleiades (a Greek name) call their star cluster the Mana Hiri, Daughters of the Mother. Daughters or Children.


P.S. Go to Elena Danaan’s latest offering, Contact Ep. 26 – Message From the Watchers, for a beautiful story about the evolution of humanity on Terra. Since Ms. Danaan does not allow links to her material, you’ll have to go to her YouTube page and find the video under Galactic Disclosure:

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