AA Michael’s Shield

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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith

Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known of the archangels of Source.  He is an Ancient of Days and currently has no physical embodiments or soul extensions upon planet Earth.  He is fully dedicated to the ascension of the people of Earth and has vowed to remain in service until the last human has ascended.  With his Twin Flame, Lady Faith, he holds an etheric retreat located near Mt. Robson in the Canadian Rockies. Lady Faith also has a nearby retreat located over Lake Louise at Banff.  These two Twin Flames serve humanity on the First Ray, the Blue-ray of Power, Strength and Will.

Archangel Michael is currently mated to Lady Astrea, the sister of Lady Faith.  This mating is the first such to occur in all the years of Archangel Michael’s present embodiment.  Lady Faith and her sister are of Pleiadian descent and also have no current physical embodiments, fragments, sparks or soul extensions living within physical embodiment upon planet Earth at this time.  If you were able to “see” Lady Faith, you would see a tall, graceful, dignified blonde woman who carries herself with great decorum and subtle strength. Archangel Michael stands well over 8 feet in height,  is very muscular in build, with long curly golden blonde hair and blue-eyes.  Around his Retreat, you can often see him wearing blue jeans and riding horses.  He works hard and plays harder.  As an Archangel he can extend his consciousness anywhere in the Universe instantly.  If you call on His Name, He is there!

There are presently many misunderstandings about Twin Flames to be found within channeled messages these days, as well as much disinformation being given out.  In the higher dimensions, 5D and higher, Twin Flames do NOT marry or mate.  Twin Flames are physical manifestations of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as love in action and service.  As a part of the culture and customs of higher density civilizations, these Twin Flames serve together, but do NOT mate.  To do so would to violate sacred Law and Custom.  The Twin Flame relationship is not a romantic one, but a relationship dedicated to service.

In the higher dimensions, marriage is called matetation.  Matings are often arranged and always take place with a certain outcome in mind.  For example, a mating might occur so that the proper blending of bloodlines can be made in order to bring forth highly evolved souls into physical embodiment.  During the course of a long life, an Ancient of Days might have several matings, all for a specific purpose.  Some of the matings are long-term, others are not.

As the Prince of Angels and the Archangel of the Blue Ray of Protection, Will, and Strength, Michael offers the following Shield of Protection.  This shield is meant to be used daily to prevent attacks from negative forces and energies.  To use the shield is a form of self-care.  With the establishment of this shielding, all that is NOT love will not enter your auric field.  You can also place the Ring-Pass-Not around electronics, your vehicles, house, office and any other place in which you spend time.

This Shield was originally channeled through Trillia Gia, a fully awakened walk-in from Sirius A. Trillia ascended back Home in late 2014.

Archangel Michael’s Shield of Protection

channeled by Trillia Gia

It is I, Archangel Michael.  I greet you this day. I come to speak directly to you in this now moment of time.  Feel My Presence and know always that you are never alone. We are family and it is My honor to guide and protect each soul who sends forth a call from their heart flame to Mine. We are well within the days of transition and know that the Change that is within you shall soon manifest before you.

Have you chosen to bring forth the beauty that flows forth from your heart in service to our Father-Mother God to create the miracles you seek?  Each of you who reads My words have stood before Me to pledge your hands,  your feet and most importantly your heart in service to our Creator to bring forth that which has been decreed,  to bring forth Freedom to your Mother and all her children!   When you took your sacred pledge before Me to serve as Earth Eagles you each received required training to serve you well in these Days of Harvest.  Many gifts were bestowed upon each chosen to step down their frequencies and walk among the shadows.   For each to succeed you understood well that it is necessary to call forth for My protection and to put on your Armor of Light daily.  My specific shielding, when used by dedicated Earth Eagles, enables My Legion of Light known as the Eagle Command working within and alongside the great Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) to maneuver the space around you for your protection.

For some, you will remember.   For others, not so.  It matters not, as what does matter is that you call forth your Armor of Light daily until all shadows are no longer a part of your world.  And so we begin!

FIRST – Call forth on the Mighty Violet Flame from within your heart to burst forth and expand until all your lower bodies are held within this flame in its full power.   Allow it to spiral upward as it washes all shadows free from your physical bodies… each and every cell and all space between.   Then direct it in the same manner through the electrons of your emotional body, your mental body and light body until every cell from head to toe is cleansed.  Expand this Mighty God Fire to cleanse to the edge of your auric field.   Command, transmute and release all misqualified energies not of the Light!

SECOND – Call forth from within your heart the Blue Flame of Power, Protection, and Strength to burst forth directly before you to the very edge of your auric field.  Then send forth the Blue Flame from this point before you to your right wrapping it completely around you to meet again before you forming a Blue Disc.  Command this disc to hold sustained.  Again, from this point before you direct the Blue Flame up and over your Crown Chakra, down the back of your spine, beneath your feet and then back before you creating a second disc of blazing Blue Flame.   Hold this disc in place as you again direct the Blue Flame from within your heart up through your Crown Chakra to the very upper edge of your auric field and wrap this Flame down the right side of you beneath your feet up your left side to meet again at your Crown.   Again, hold this powerful disc in place.   Now you have placed yourself within the mighty gyroscope of Blue Flame.  From all directions those who approach or view you shall see our Father’s Mighty Crosses of Protection before you, behind you, to the left of you, to the right of you, above and below you!

THIRD – Now it is time to complete your armor by calling forth the Tube of Light!  Command the Tube of White Light to descend from Source as a shimmering River of Living Light strengthening your connection to all that flows from On High.  On its outer edge place a reflective Mirror Light substance is known as the Ring-Pass-Not.  This acts to rebound all which is directed at you that is less than Love sending it immediately back to its source.   See it as so!

Then with a prayer of gratitude and your request sent forth to Me to protect you, all is well and your Armor of Light is in place!  As you use this powerful shielding daily the faster and easier to put in place this shall become and its power. Know always that you are loved, and we of the Legions of Light await your call.  I thank you for your service and the opportunity to bring forth remembrance to each of you. So be it!

I might add that those who balk at using this Shield are opening themselves to negative attachments and attacks.  As Archangel Michael stated, this shielding is to be used only until the shadows no longer exist upon this planet.  There will come a blessed day when this is so. Remain in alignment with the Will of God, have Faith in the Love of God, hold Hope with your Heart and this day of Freedom for all will surely manifest quickly.

Blessings to all,

Lady Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth

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