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SPECIAL: Laura Walker of Oracle Report

Visit link below to hear this special interview: Rumble — A special report from Laura Walker of the Oracle Report on the current situation and what to expect in the coming months. Laura covers the Space Weather forecast through the … Continue reading

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Eliza:  Evolution or Devolution And now, to a more sobering topic, devolution or evolution… or? 👉 ‘That’s why there is no “middle path” and no “sitting in the fence” during this Time of Transition. As many esoteric and spiritual teachings … Continue reading

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On Gratitude Gratitude: I can certainly appreciate aspects of benevolence in Mother Nature, for example, for which I’m grateful, and I’m grateful to those folks, like yourself, who put themselves out there via websites etc., but again I’ve never seen … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Self-Mastery

Sundeelia VaCoupe: On Self-Mastery Earth once agreed to take on the laggard souls of Maldek (also called Tiamat), those who out of their greed and lust for power and dominance succeeded in blowing up their own planet.  The remains of … Continue reading

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