Welcome to Sunny’s Journal!

Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres
Some things abide forever and that is the Truth.

Welcome to Sunny’s Journal!

My name is Eliza Ayres… well, that’s my pen name. I have been blogging for over ten years now. Sunny’s Journal is my primary blog. My first blog, Blue Dragon Journal, was first started in June of 2012 and has been recently reconfigured. It is now showcasing stories I have written. These are science fiction, based in a fictional Pleiades. If interested, go to Blue Dragon Journal.

In this blog, I will be presenting my take on intel that has been presented by various individuals involved with disclosure of the ongoing events in our solar system and beyond, subjects seldom touched upon or actively repressed by the MSM. On occasion, I may post videos from Dr. Michael Salla and selected individuals. I will no longer present intel on the present political and social events unfolding in the United States and other countries. That information is available elsewhere and I encourage everyone to seek it in such sources as Telegram, TruthSocial, and Twitter. For videos, visit Rumble and BitChute. YouTube is heavily censored these days.

Nothing within this blog needs to be believed, followed, or used as dogma. As a member of the Family of Light, I have no desire to gain followers or influence people. Learn to think for yourself and question everything you encounter.

If we go into lockdown, this blog will be temporarily closed down for an indeterminate time period.

Eliza Ayres


Marsh Lily, photo by Eliza Ayres

Contact: bluedragonjournal @ gmail.com (no spaces)

Use the above email if you wish to comment on any of the material being shared. Most of the original material from other sources has the comments turned off, primarily to discourage trolls, as some of the content can be controversial.

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