Welcome to Sunny’s Journal!

Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres
Some things abide forever and that is the Truth.

Welcome to Sunny’s Journal!

My name is Eliza Ayres… well, that’s my pen name. I have been blogging for over ten years now. Sunny’s Journal is actually my third blog, two of them being private right now. My first blog, started in June of 2012, is called Blue Dragon Journal. Currently, it is off-limits to ALL comers, so don’t ask for permission to view it. It holds some archival material of early writings and channeled material.

Like those who chose to incarnate on Terra, I am in the midst of experiencing and witnessing the tumultuous transition taking place on this planet even now. I have long been aware that things were not “right” in this world, despite being assured and told that they were.

I don’t feel that my soul essence is indigenous to this planet. I would be classified (if you must) as a starseed or wanderer, someone who goes where they are needed. For further clarification, do your own research. While I enjoy writing, I do not care to gather followers or offer a dogma (belief system) for others to adhere to — your growth is your job and responsibility, not mine.

In the past, I wrote a lot of pieces related to the Pleiades and Sirius. These were based on what I thought was accurate information, which I later discovered was false, probably sourced from alien AI or simply misguided individuals. You’ll find a lot of ungrounded fantasy in the New Age community. I certainly did, yet I survived it and, hopefully, learned from the experience.

We have all made mistakes, but this was one I could rectify. Once I realized that I was basing my personal story on a lie, I dumped it… As a consequence, I have undergone quite a transformation in consciousness. In short, my former beliefs have been jettisoned and the old story no longer holds true. Iam realizing that self-discovery is a process. In order to truly understand ourselves, our inner nature, who we are, we need to be willing to scrap the old egoic story and step out into the Unknown, like the Fool in the Tarot deck.

Currently, I am presenting intel and related commentary and opinions from an assortment of authors and speakers. I am curious about the origins of Earth humanity and the true history of our planet… and beyond. Lately, I’ve been drawn to the works of Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Tony Rodrigues, Alex Collier, James Gilliland and other members of the disclosure movement.

I realize that not all people drawn to these digital pages will resonate with the material as presented. If the topics and concepts seem too difficult or the material causes cognitive dissonance in an individual, then perhaps it is not meant for you. Rather than lashing out, be willing to take responsibility and go elsewhere. Impertinent and demeaning comments will be spammed and the user banned.

Please note: I will NOT be answering any questions pertaining to the Pleiades, Sirius, Angels and Ascended Masters. I will also not be answering personal questions for people curious about their own soul origins. Personally, I know that I am a Galactic starseed and have probably spent lifetimes in numerous cultures and star systems. Even as a child, I was reading science fiction and fantasy.

The information is ‘out there’, but you will have to look it up for yourself. Also be aware that there is plenty of disinformation available, so it is important that you learn to discern for yourself what material appears to be correct. If you make a mistake, well, you’re a Light Being who has forgotten your origins, purpose, and galactic history, much like the rest of humanity on this planet. Be willing to let go of what no longer resonates and move on like I have felt compelled to do recently.

Please be advised I do not regard myself as a Teacher, ascension guide or a spiritual reader. However, in reading the material contained within this blog, you may discover hidden gems that may assist you on your own journey. Nothing within this blog needs to be believed, followed, or used as dogma. As a member of the Family of Light, I have no desire to gain followers or influence people. Learn to think for yourself and question everything you encounter.

Please note, also, I will be periodically deleting any material that was not originally authored by me, usually about two to three weeks after posting. It is not my intention to make this small blog an archive for the works of other authors.

Sunny’s Journal was named for one of the walk-ins who has added some of her soul Light to my present incarnation as Eliza. Sunny was an Earth nickname for Sundeelia Kumara. I’m keeping the title for the time being although I don’t particularly resonate with Sunny’s story any more.

Eliza Ayres

UPDATE: Blue Dragon Journal is currently off-line and will remain so until further notice. NO ONE has any access so don’t bother to send me an email requesting it. Sept. 6th, 2022.


Marsh Lily, photo by Eliza Ayres

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