Global & Galactic Energy Update, 30 Nov 2021

Global & Galactic Energy Update, 30 Nov 2021

Kerry K

  • Sovereignty – no more ‘blaming’ or expecting others to ‘fix it’
  • True Earth, the ‘new’ reality is anchored, yes, but…
  • you can simulate the ‘old’ memory (recreate in your experience)
  • You have to become PRESENT, am I in my Power, in my Sovereignty, to have to allow the newness within you to meet the new reality…
  • The false Self is a habit…
  • You cannot demand sovereignty from anyone; you need to CLAIM IT.
  • We are losing punishment, blame, shame, the need for vengeance, justice — you LIVE justice
  • You can be in the same room with someone else who is existing in another reality
  • Your FREQUENCY is the key to perceive the new reality
  • There is no judgment involved…
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Loxahatchee Walk-about

Great White Egret perched in Bald Cypress, photo by Eliza Ayres

Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve Walk-about, 30 Nov 2021

It was another relatively chilly start to a late autumn day in SE Florida, with brilliant sunshine in the forecast. I gathered my camera and pack and headed out the door, climbing into the Kia for a drive through the heavy commute traffic… always a delight, not. Still, being well-versed on how to get to my destination, I had no trouble negotiating the mass of cars on the busy roads.

Loxahatchee in the morning light, photo by Eliza Ayres

I was headed to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Preserve, located off of Florida SR 441, a four-lane highway running parallel to the rest of civilization on the border of the farmlands and what’s left of the Everglades in this northern section. My first visit to Loxahatchee was in Spring 2017. I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to discover the advertised wetlands were both diked and subdivided into large rectangular plots, instead of being more natural in appearance. The landscaping has altered somewhat since I have lived in SE Florida and certainly since my last visit. It would seem the caretakers of the wetlands are attempting to make it a more natural setting for the wildlife — primarily birds, turtles, and alligators, but it still lacks the wild appeal of the nearby Everglades.

Heron sampling some of the local fish, photo by Eliza Ayres

On this particular day, I probably walked over three miles, all of it on the roads that follow the dikes and canals. There were plenty of birds present, just not a huge variety… at least what I could spot in my spontaneous bird-watching. I did see several herons and Great White Egrets busy among the reeds hunting for a meal. One of the Great Blue Herons caught a fish while I was on the scene. Then, there were the Common Mud Hens, some Tri-colored herons, some Limpkins, a woodpecker, and some smaller unidentifiable birds in flight. I also noticed several small flocks of bright green parakeets, an alien species who have made a home in SE Florida much like other sub-tropics like the python. Florida’s subtropic climate makes it appealing for many species which really don’t belong…

Monk Parakeet – an invasive species, cheerful & colorful
Alert Egret Hunting, photo by Eliza Ayres

The temperatures started out in the upper 50’s and then into the upper 60’s by the time I left the preserve. The sunshine actually made the temperatures feel warmer as the subtropical sunlight is quite intense. I had on a long-sleeved shirt and jeans so didn’t get sunburnt with all of the exposure. Winter… and it is now ‘officially’ as of today or tomorrow… the dry season in Florida. Season starts soon and with it the flow of snowbirds and vacationers flocking to the beaches and further clogging up the highways… Still, today, until I returned to my car, I only saw one other person and he was one of the workers at the preserve.

Pileated Woodpecker in a Palmetto, photo by Eliza Ayres

Loxahatchee also has a boardwalk hike through a small chunk of cypress swamp, but I did not visit it today. There is also access to a long bicycle/walking path and boat access to a nearby chunk of Everglades — which I do not think is contiguous with the Everglades to the southwest of Miami.

Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres

Since it was a somewhat chilly day for reptiles, no turtles or alligators were sighted. I have seen both there in the past… There was also more water noted in the marsh sections than on previous visits.

I also stopped at a nearby fruit/vegetable stand which sells local produce, some grown right next door to the Preserve.

It was an excellent outing altogether. I plan to go on some more soon now that the weather has moderated.

Wading Great Blue Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved. Eliza Ayres,

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The Primer on 3D to 4th/5th Density Relationships…

The Primer on 3D to 4th/5th Density Relationships, Sex & Intimacy – Prepare For Your Future – Part 3

Merrily Milmoe – Super Soul Solutions

Elena Danaan, a multi-talented professional archeologist, epigraphist, artist, best-selling author, shaman, and multi-lingual official emissary for the benevolent Galactic Federation of Worlds returns for Part 3 – sharing what she knows about 4th/5th Density relationships, sex & intimacy.

Along with… Merrily Milmoe, Intuitive Holistic Health Practitioner, Bodyworker, QHHT Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Instructor, EMT trained, and Big Picture Researcher will also be sharing about 3rd – 4/5th Density Relationships by synthesizing Lyssa Royal’s channeling of her Higher Density Pleiadian Self – Sasha.

* Explore New Relationship and Sociological Principles as we transition from 3rd Density to 4th & 5th Density. This is the third of a six-part series covering 7, 8 & 9 New Principles of 18 total.

* Listen directly to 4th D Pleiadian Sasha’s words as she very specifically talks about Relationships, Sex & Intimacy on her planet.

* Specific information from Pleiadian Cmdr. Thor Han on how to protect yourself sexually if your partner has had the jab.

HTTP:// = Merrily Milmoe website

Part I:

Part 2:

Note to Readers: These videos are the first three of six (6) parts to this discussion.

I have not listened to the entirety of this series, but it appears quite interesting…

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Jason Estes: The Breakaway

Jason Estes: The Breakaway

Kerry K

Interesting discussion…

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Anunnaki ETs in the Bible

What Did Jesus Know?

The Fifth Kind

What If the Elohim Stories of the Bible are not God stories, but records of our ancestors’ contact with the Anunnaki. 🔵Check Out Our Official Website 👉 – A race of alien beings not from this world. Did Jesus know this? 🔵Paul’s New Book: “The Scars Of Eden” U.S👉 U.K 👉

Note to Readers: More than one extraterrestrial race has reached this planet… at least over a 100 races have had past dealings with this blue-green world.

This man, Paul Wallis, is a minister, but he thinks out of the box of religious dogma…

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Elena Danaan Interview, 27 November 2021

Topic: Elena Danaan – Author of 7 Books & Contacts with Galactic Federation of Worlds

Turn the Page with Janine

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James Gilliland: Social Engineering and the Controlled Narrative

Ships over Atlantis, artist unknown

Social Engineering and the Controlled Narrative

By James Gilliland, 27 November 2021

During the freezing wet weather (typical Pacific Northwest mid-autumn weather; wet and stormy), I have spent a lot of time indoors watching UFO documentaries, NASA, “never a straight answer”, Moon and Mars mission documentaries. We (the Americans) have had 70 years of censorship and coverup, social engineering at its best with experts that are either completely ignorant or deceptive when it comes to UFOs, the Moon, Mars and the rest of the Universe. This includes other dimensions (4D – 11D). 

When you have the knowledge that UFOs are real, ours and theirs, the knowledge of the multitude of civilizations that have been coming and going the past 500,000 years setting up colonies and building megalithic structures. When you know their cultures, some of the off world visitors personally by name, this all becomes a very bad joke. When they (the experts) say ‘we are looking for life on the Moon and Mars’ they fail to mention we have shared colonies (and military bases) on the Moon and Mars (and other moons within this solar system, as well as some isolated ‘colonies’ outside the solar system) with other ET races since the 60’s (actually well before this if you take into account the Germans — Nazi renegades from Antarctica — had bases on the Moon and Mars in the 1940’s…). This has been part of the secret space program joined by the Earth Alliance and Federation of Worlds.

Think about this next time they show you a NASA blue space rover that looks red due to filters, (it was) most likely filmed in the Nevada Desert. They can’t show the blue because people would go ‘wait, if the sky is blue, it is either filmed on Earth or there is oxygen and water on Mars!’ The Moon landing was filmed in the Nevada desert and NASA is nothing more than window dressing to cover for extreme technology (hundreds if not 1000’s of years in advance) (with)held from the public mainly with Lockheed Skunk Works, Area 51, Groom Lake, other sites above and below 51 like Utah’s area 52 where the cool stuff is hidden. Alaska and Pine Gap, Australia, are other major launch sites out of sight from most people. Most of these facilities have massive underground complexes known as DUMBs, deep underground military bunkers. For those who believe there is no hanky panky, Wikileaks just released the filming in the Nevada desert on the Moon landing finally putting an end to that conspiracy, which is now fact. (There are DUMBs located under every military base on the planet, under the oceans and all are or were connected by tunnels facilitating high-speed trains for movement of secret cargoes including kidnapped humans).

There have been off-world civilizations coming and going since Terra, what they (the Galactics) call Earth, became solid after a hot gaseous plasma ball ejected from the Sun, found a cradle orbit and began cooling. There were ancient technologically advanced civilizations flying by Earth before it solidified, saying one day that it is going to be a beautiful planet. We have been so socially engineered by the controlled narrative most can’t even conceive of this. The lies have gone on for so long the liars believe the lies are scientific facts and the recycled ignorance is factual. All you have to do is apply a little critical thinking and research to see the controlled narrative for what it is: a massive ongoing deception. Once realized, admiration for the ‘experts’ will fade rapidly. Just as there is a disclosure movement, there has been firmly in place a nondisclosure movement. It is time to get the posers out of disclosure.

The ‘experts’ say over 80% (of UFOs) can be explained as natural or known objects (like weather balloons?). It is actually the other way around. All it takes is one (object) to be authentic to blow their theories about distances being too great and Earth being the only life supporting planet in this galaxy let alone this dimension. There are tens of thousands of sightings a year by credible witnesses, pictures and videos. Then, there are the integrity and morally-challenged shills injecting CGI into the mix, as well, to distract from the truth. Disclosure is coming, it will come from the skies and there will be a lot of people with egg on their faces. It is already underway.

So, when you see the American flag waving in the wind on the moon, the studio lighting falls from the sky, the Stanley Kubrick edition, you might want to ask yourself ‘just where was this filmed?’ If they lied about this, what else did they lie about? We are not saying we did not go to the moon with archaic risky technology in a massive operation to hide the fact we already have anti/counter gravity, fuelless energy and never needed the fire crackers they call rockets. Many deadly launches and reentries could have been avoided. We are saying we have been on the Moon (Luna) and Mars (Terra 4) before Apollo. This is all window dressing to hide the dark NASA (NAZI) and Lockheed Skunk projects (the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned us about…).

Ben Rich, head of Lockheed said. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine; we already know how to do. We now have the technology to take ET home. No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars.”

Was ‘the Space Force’ an attempt to make these technologies available? If successful, we would take a quantum leap in evolution. Did the controllers put a hold on it?

The whistle blowers involved in the secret space fleet have verified this, along with ‘20 and back’ programs, saying we have been going back and forth to the Moon and Mars colonies since the late 60’s. So, what have we created since then and are we limited to our solar system? Not according to the whistle blowers. So, when you see the experts trying to’ figure out’ if UFOs exist, they are neither experts and most likely deceptive, morally challenged compromised individuals participating in the controlled narrative. They are censoring technologies that would result in a quantum leap in evolution for Humanity and the Earth. This includes healing technologies, “med beds”, frequency healing technologies that would seem like magic (to most people).  (These are) technologies that could regrow limbs and regenerate organs, restoring our DNA aligning with the undistorted divine blueprint in the Etheric body, your whole and healthy perfect self. Think about this when you see veteran’s missing limbs, and children in the cancer wards needlessly suffering. Loved ones whose pain, suffering, and death could have been avoided. What kind of people would keep this hidden?

It is time to stop the deception, the controlled narrative, hold the agencies and experts accountable, including the film industries for promoting the lies. At ECETI, we have demonstrated contact for over 36 years. We have close relationships with spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors. This includes ultra-dimensionals (4D and higher). This has been documented with photographs, videos and giving redundantly the exact time and location the ships would appear. We have photos and videos of ships appearing in every size, shape, and color. Many are tree-top level, some flying through the trees with over 200 eye-witnesses watching them power up and display clearly, they are not satellites or any other known man-made objects, as proven using their (scientific?) own data. 

We also have an extremely censored knowledge of the real history of Earth which is a succession of colonies established by off-world beings which had to start over as primitives due to pole shifts, great floods, in-house wars with extreme technologies and other natural disasters. This is the origin of the bearded gods and goddesses mentioned on temple walls, in ancient text and clay tablets as well as many religions (IMHO, ALL major ‘religions’). They ruled for thousands of years as documented by the reign of the Sumerian Kings (one such race, the Anunnaki from Nibiru). They interbred with Earth humanity to create the demigods. This does not eliminate God/Creator/Great Spirit; it only adds to the magnificence.

It is time to ask the question ‘how big is your God and how limited is your perception and description?’. Is God the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. Is it the Creator, the supreme intelligence within all Creation, the unified field in which we all exist? Do other advanced civilizations exist in this unified field having more access to knowledge and power? Is God the cosmic glue? Is LOVE the ultimate power in the multiverse that holds it all together? Or is it a little old man with a laptop taking notes with a lightning bolt waiting to punish the wicked? If so, did God have a mother? Acting outside of Universal Law punishes the wicked (the regressives) and it is by their own hand; it is called action/reaction or karma.   

Back to censorship, a good example of this censorship was with the program ‘Ancient Aliens’. One would think they would be extremely interested (in our material). All this information of our ancient past was given, ships appeared exactly when and where John Vivanco, Peter Slattery, and myself receiving guidance independently told them ahead of time. Despite the fact the episode was filmed at the ECETI Ranch all of this was censored and cut. All you saw of me was my hand grabbing for a camera. The bottom line is you cannot depend on Hollywood or the UFO community to give you the truth. That was never their goal, they are controlled narratives. It is all about promotion, selling episodes, and tickets, (all) while staying within the accepted guidelines. 

Many of the most well-known publicized people in the field or keynote speakers got there by staying within the controlled narrative. If you veer outside of the controlled narrative, you will be black-balled, censored and pushed aside, not to mention (being subjected to) constant character assassinations by the morally and integrity-challenged narcissists lacking in character. If they cannot assassinate your character, the next level in the past, was the use of deadly force (murder).

This is the reason the spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders have not made contact with the masses. It is also the reason low-level contacts of ill intent have influenced and infiltrated many of our governmental agencies, mainstream and social media in a vast social engineering program based on disinformation, lies and deceptions. (the previously unrevealed influence of a secret alien agenda, ostensibly led by the Orion Grey Alliance, but overseen by the Ciakahrr Reptilian Empire, besides other alien influences; there are competing agendas).

The spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders are looking for intelligent life of strong moral character (emotional/spiritual maturity). Contact will happen when leadership unifies and are of strong moral character in service to their people. There are leaders that display these characteristics; they will be the first to be contacted. Some already have been. This will break the camel’s back concerning disclosure when they come forward; some already have come forward. We cannot depend on governments, Hollywood, even the UFO community for contact. We have to do our own research, rise to the occasion, initiate our own contact.

Qualify the contact, (stand in your divinity and sovereignty when requesting contact). Allow only spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders, in service to the Creator within all Creation. Know that just because you are dead (disincarnate) does not mean you are enlightened and just because you’re an ET does not mean you are benevolent (especially the little Greys, who are, for the most part, organic clones under the hive mind control of the regressive Reptilians).

There are many in error working with malevolent beings of ill intent. By their fruits, their lifestyles off the stage, how they treat others and name dropping associations you will know them. Narcissism, arrogance and service to self are their displayed qualities. The Earth has a long history of interaction with benevolent and malevolent beings. The idea that all extraterrestrials are benevolent is extremely irresponsible and historically incorrect (this is also an INTENTIONAL psychological operation by the regressive Greys and complicit Earth humans — CIA and other 3-letter intelligence agencies — designed to confuse). Discernment is necessary in the physical and non-physical worlds. There have been planetary liberation forces (the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Earth Alliance) removing the malevolent extraterrestrials (regressive alien races). This (removal of regressive alien influence) is almost complete other than regenerate hybrids (the so-called ‘Illuminati’ and other secret societies and cults), which are a little more complicated. Yet, they (these reptilian/human hybrids) are not frequency specific to the planetary awakening and healing process (Having more reptilian DNA, they have difficulty ascending in frequency above 3D). Some call them ‘the controllers’. You will know them by their lack of empathy and compassion, with a disdain for Earth humanity (qualities consistent with regressive Reptilian agendas, beliefs, and attitudes. In other words, they are aggressive low-frequency bullies). 

There are safeguards to contacting and working with benevolent beings in service to humanity and the Earth (Terra). The mind (are you in fear or looking for a savior?) in which you seek is the mind in which you contact. Know the difference between clever and wise (Reptilians and regressive Greys are masters in mind manipulation and can invade your mind and take it over if you do not stand in your power).

Apply Universal Law (in your own life and dealings). Hold your leaders accountable for straying outside of Universal Law for personal power and gain.

What is Universal Law?

Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. It is Unity consciousness and coming from the heart, in service to humanity and the Earth. The next generations (the children) are the path.

There is an old Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good”.  (James is part Cherokee).

James Gilliland, ECETI Ranch

Permission to share

Note to Readers:  All material enclosed in parentheses has been added by me with the intention of clarifying the narrative presented by James.  If you wish to receive his periodic newsletter, go to the website and sign up.  James has run the ranch for over 36 years and has numerous contacts on and off planet with progressive extraterrestrials.

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Extraterrestrial Contacts with Elena Danaan

Elena Danaan – Exterrestrial Contacts

Stan Mallow

Alien abductee Elena Danaan discusses her book, an Amazon best seller, A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide to Alien Races in her interview with Stan Mallow on Paranormal Yakker. In the interview Elena describes in detail the true story of her abduction and eventual rescue by benevolent extraterrestrials, as well as various contacts she had throughout the years with UFOs and visitors from other worlds. 110 different alien races have visited our planet. Their motives and agendas were not the same. In the interview, Elena mentions those agendas. Advice is given to anyone who might find themselves in the terrible situation Elena once found herself in; that is being abducted, without her consent, by hostile beings. A Gift From The Stars contains inspiring messages of hope for humanity. Elena shares some of those messages with Stan. Elena also talks about the Reptilian Empire, Orion Greys, the Galaxy Federation, the Andromeda Council, teleportation, the Roswell crash, and alliances made in this galaxy with governments on our planet with governments from other planets.

Note to Readers: I did purchase a copy of Elena Danaan’s first book, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”. It has clarified a great deal for me about some of humanity’s galactic roots, what has been happening here on Terra (Earth) and what we contain within as potential. Elena also does periodic Q&A sessions on YouTube. She has also written a second book, “We Will Never Leave You!” with input from Val Thor, an ET who lived on Terra for a while during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower. I heartily recommend Elena’s work.

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Alex Collier – Human E.T.s from Andromeda Constellation

Alex Collier – Human E.T.s from Andromeda Constellation and info on Draco/Reptilians (1994)

This interview and other lectures given by Alex Collier are available on his website:

Alex is a contactee of the Andromedan Council or Zenae Council as they call themselves. Alex gives a great deal of information on the origin of human life in this quadrant, Lyra, AND he notes that humans do not live there anymore since the Lyran Wars. He goes on to describe life in 4th and 5th density culture. Fascinating information that has been available for a long time, although suppressed.

Recently, Alex has confessed that he is Andromedan himself, an envoy (or starseed) to bring a form of disclosure to Earth humanity. He has spent time on Andromedan motherships in full consciousness.

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Disclosure & Beyond – Tony Rodrigues & Laura Eisenhower, et al

Disclosure & Beyond – Tony Rodrigues & Laura Eisenhower, et al

Journey to the Truth – Tyler Kiwala

Tony identifies one of the real names of the ‘Dark Fleet’ in this podcast, the Midden Nacht Wolf. Tony Rodrigues was taken as a human slave in the Secret Space Program based on Luna (the Moon) and Ceres. He also makes it clear that this fleet had numerous names and identities. It was made up of German Nazis and technologically aided by the Orion Grey Alliance and Ciakar Reptilians (according to Elena Danaan). The podcast is two hours long.

Note to Reader: Some of this discussion is conjecture as to what disclosure will look like in the near or distant future…

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