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Eliza:  Metamorphosis

Well, due to the recent changes I’ve made on this blog, my readership has dropped drastically.  Oh, well.  I’m focusing on my inner journey right now and that’s what is important to me, not attempting to satisfy the micro-attention span of people looking outside of themselves for something that will feed their ego.

Yes, that probably sounded rather rude, but we’re getting raw here and so I expect I’m going to offend some, perhaps many people’s sensibilities. 

Yes, I’ve had a whole set of walk-ins enter into my consciousness, soul-braid into my awareness, become a part of my life here.  However, you know what counts right now, especially if you’re one of the human beings who wants to ascend?  Being authentic, dropping the ego defenses, letting go of the labels, the belief systems fed to you by an assortment of various authorities in every walk of life.  Basically, I am coming into self-acceptance, being a Light Being undergoing an ascension process and embodying all of my Light here on this beautiful planet.  Wow!  It is a process, not an overnight occurrence, so, right now, there is a lot of debris to release and that includes former attitudes, beliefs, about myself and others.  Mainly, it is a process of getting to know my true Self, which is more than what this humble body can possibly hold.  Learning to drive a car is a lot easier.

One of the areas where the greatest offenders are located… those who are not being authentic and real has been in the spiritual movement.  Everyone who is labeled as an authority seems to think they have permission to tell others what to think, how to perform meditations, to do mantras, to have a guru, what to eat, what to wear, to collect crystals, how to always be radiating positivity… basically suppressing your own humanity in order to fit into the expectations of what a spiritual ‘person’ is… which is anything but the truth.

Real spirituality is simple, which does not imply that being real and spiritual is an easy process.

Given that every human being on the planet has been exposed to the misaligned energies of the planetary body herself, tilted at some 23 degrees off-center for several millennia, every human body has had to align unconsciously with that misalignment.  Then, you add religious dogma that implies that we all born into sin, so straight off each human from their very first breath taken has several strikes against them already.  And there has long been the expectation that you should fit in, by doing and being whatever, your local environment, family, friends, and co-workers feel the most comfortable with.  Whether or not you’re comfortable being there in the midst of these unspoken burdens is totally moot… at least to the general consensus. 

All of those expectations are being thrown out the door, trashed, released, burnt-up through transformative energies that are now being bombarded upon this planet by Cosmic Light and benevolent extraterrestrials who are here to guide and assist.

Note that I said ‘guide and assist’, not save.  Our ET cousins are not here to be our saviors.  To let yet another alien race/races, benevolent or otherwise, to take over our planet, is to continue giving our power away to others.  We already do that enough in life here on this earth plane.  The benevolent ETs know better, for some of them have interfered in the past and have become karmically entwined with the human race of this world, which is one reason they’re here now.

Another reason, the friendly ETs follow the Prime Directive, which was presented to the public through the Star Trek series.  Recently, Michael Salla and Elena Danaan, made a presentation on YouTube which outlined each part of the Prime Directive.  It’s basically a policy of non-interference unless permission is given. 

Through my life here on Earth, I have taken a path that didn’t fit anyone’s expectations.  There have been times when I have had to compromise myself in order to make a living, but within, I have always kept in touch with my inner guidance.  I totally realize that few have been the individuals who have understood or appreciated my willingness to follow my own inner compass.  It’s been a pretty lonely existence until now.  So, what has changed?  I have found ‘my tribe’. 

I think I have mentioned a few times that I recently joined the Plasma Light Tribe that is led by Kerry K.  (see for further information).  Within the safety of the cocooning light presence of the Tribe, the members are given the opportunity to share their experiences, break-throughs, revelations, issues, whatever comes up in the midst of living life on a rapidly transitioning planet.

I’ve never done well with groups, at least until now.  What is shared in our weekly Friday calls and other meditations, is enlightening.  All of us, inside the tribe… and outside, are undergoing an accelerated ascension process, only some of us are becoming more conscious of doing so.  At the same time, we are all experiencing the challenge of surrendering, letting go, allowing the Galactics who are working with us to guide us through an intense process of metamorphosis, as we are stripped off our false self (the ego) and begin to embody the Cosmic Self within our human body.

For me, it is no longer wanting to be elsewhere, whether it be back on the ships or home in the Pleiades.  Now, my focus is being here and NOW, rediscovering being present within my body, feeling it, being guided by those feelings, getting out of my linear analytical thinking mind and simply BEING.  This is a whole new experience for me and I’ve been at this sort of stuff since the 1970’s, in and out, around and about. 

So, I’m not going to focus on telling stories about life in the Pleiades anymore.  I may decide to publish my book (four volumes) later when I have some funding, but it’s not reality.  It’s a story.  Yes, through the process of writing, I underwent some massive purging of old trauma.  I did the same through writing about some of the adventures of Tazjma, my earlier walk-in.  Right now, I’m not sure just who I am, only I am really excited about the process I am undergoing.

When you enter the Plasma Light Tribe, you are giving permission to the Galactics who work through and with Kerry K to also work with you.  Much of the work is on the unconscious level, but as the layers of the false self are shed and let go, the work becomes more conscious.  I am so looking forward to being conscious while visiting the ships, remembering what I learn there, not sleeping through the experience and forgetting everything.  Downloads, data dumps, uploads… lots of things are happening on an interior level, so I have to take care of my body right now, which means good nutrition, lots of rest, and light exercise (walking and stretching), and TONS of water.

Humility, honesty, and courage are honored by the Galactics.  You can’t fool them, as they can read your frequency in seconds.  Honest intentions and a willingness to just step into the unknown is highly valued.  There has to be those who are willing to go before the rest of humanity.  I was told that I am a wayshower years ago.  It’s not something I have wanted to claim, but I know it’s true.  Why else am I living alone, unmarried, with no children… but still growing, looking deeply within, seeing what I have clung to in terms of beliefs and programming, including and especially certain kinds of metaphysical teachings I have picked up through the years of undergoing this journey.

I think I have been awake most of my life and during those of those decades, I have not really shown the world who I am, inside, the real me.  Well, I am now stepping forward into the Light and I am not alone.  This time I am supported by an entire group of generous, heart-warming individuals who are bravely stepping out of their former little boxes and being their true expansive and magnificent Cosmic Selves, here on planet Terra, as we enter the final years of the ascension window and bring in the New World by embodying its frequencies within our own bodies. And I am loving it!

The contrast in how I felt a year ago and now is tremendous.  I know, I trust the inner guidance I have been receiving.  It’s up to you, dear readers, to do the same for yourselves if you so choose.  In becoming a Galactic human being, we are being asked to be adults, responsible for our decisions, capable of embracing change, and being willing to be real in every part of our lives, whether in private or out in public.  For me, as an empath, the latter will be the more difficult, but being given the opportunity to teach myself how to arrive at zero point, a non-physical point of neutrality where I am no longer triggered by people or events in my world, I will be able to move through whatever circumstances arrive in my life.  This is so empowering and exciting for me.

Basically, everything that made life a living hell or at least uncomfortable for me for decades is being turned around due to the interior gifts and powers that I am now being able to utilize.  Namely, my empathy… I do not have to take on other people’s energies or even my own emotions, but let them flow through me.  My telepathy will be helpful when I clear more of the residue from my physical body and open up more to the clairs (clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, Claircognizance, et al).  There’s lots to do, but all will unfold as I continue to let go of the need to control or dominate the process.  This requires letting go of expectations, yours and those of other people.

Again, I will reiterate, if what I share here no longer resonates for you, the reader, then feel free to go elsewhere.  If there are some questions you might have, send me an email:

Please note that I will no longer be publishing new articles to Blue Dragon Journal.  It has become an archive for my older writings.  I do appreciate those readers who have stuck by me through thick and thin, many alterations in direction, probably quite a few of them confusing and even upsetting to those who failed to have their own unspoken expectations met by my writings here.  Given the sudden drop in readership, I totally understand there were many who were attracted by my former writings on the Pleiades.  Given what I am becoming aware of today… lately, those writings are not based on the true facts of the Pleiadian star cluster of today.  In the future, as I work more closely with the real Galactics, depending on what that work consists of, I may be able to share more regarding the developments here and elsewhere.  However, I am not a contactee and do not have an implant that allows me to receive messages from the Galactics right now.  I do have telepathy and have ‘chats’ with various Family members and friends, but most of those communications will remain private for now. 

The process of turning from a crawling worm into a butterfly involves a process where the physical form of the caterpillar is completely dissolved and transformed into the graceful and delicate form of a butterfly.  Dropping the old shell of Earth human beliefs, programs, and mental constructs is a similar process, perhaps not quite so dramatic, but is definitely life-altering.  For I have discovered my true purpose in being here now… and will keep it under my hat for the time-being.  Sometimes, alchemy must take place within first else the outcome is affected.

So, enough for now.  If you have any questions regarding the Plasma Light Tribe, I would encourage you to go to Kerry’s website and or just listen to her frequent teachings presented on YouTube.

Much love,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

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Sunny is Back!

Sundeelia is a rebellious, stubborn and independent sort of walk-in; it’s part of her appeal and her nature. She is naturally a catalyst who enjoys breaking through old worn-out paradigms. And she has graciously joined with Eliza’s consciousness for the duration, whatever it takes to move through the ongoing ascension process here on planet Terra. For the duration, we are One, allowing for the expansion of our inner consciousness, here and at Home.

To bring any of my readers who haven’t been here for awhile, you might be in for a bit of a shock, for the blog content has been much reduced in size. I have removed all recent channeled pieces (see why here: here, as well as older pieces from Blue Dragon Journal. For now, I am retaining BDJ as an archive for the earlier works of both Tazjma and Sundeelia. I will not adding any more material to BDJ. If you care to remain here as a reader/follower to read my most recent works, be sure to sign up. If not, it’s been a pleasure having you here.

I will warn my readers in advance that I am currently undergoing an accelerated ascension process, one that can be quite exhausting for this older physical vehicle. These days, I require a great deal of rest for we are all shedding and processing while we sleep. The ‘dark’ is releasing itself from our bodies. Yes, you heard (read) that correctly. As the portion of humanity that is ascending rises up in frequency, the dark is being dissolved by the Light without much input or effort from us. The dark cannot withstand the Light and its effects on our consciousness and our physical bodies. If you are suffering from a profound sense of exhaustion, this is one reason why.

Since I am committed to evolving and expanding my consciousness while present here on Terra, this blog will perhaps reflect a bit of my inner changes. So, be prepared for anything or nothing, as I may also take extended ‘vacations’ from writing depending on what is ‘going down’ in my personal life. Changes are anticipated; timing is unknown.

We’re in for a bit of a bumpy road, but how the transformation of our planet and our ways of life here, will affect you as an individual will depend solely on the quality of your own consciousness and your willingness to embody Presence. This endeavor takes the embodiment of your own individual soul essence. Those who will walk upon the New Earth, will be frequency-specific with the resonance of the planet, which has already ascended into 5D. Humanity is just catching up!

Keeping this short and sweet like dark chocolate. Bye for now,

I AM Sundeelia

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

❤ ❤ ❤

The Light Warriors

P.S. In case anyone is wondering about the sudden reappearance of several older posts, they were originally slated for the trash bin. However, I decided to republish them hence their placement on the blog a ‘new’ or recent posts.

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Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms

Blue Dragon Journal

Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms

“Sadness is what makes us human. The human condition is a condition of tremendous heartbreak. The more we understand about human life and the life of the people around us and what people have suffered, the more heartbreaking it is. And the thing about a broken heart is, maybe you can’t mend it. But — only a broken heart can truly love others.“ ~ Reggie Ray ~

One can view human existence as constant heartbreak or an opportunity to truly develop that wondrous marvel, compassion.

Compassion comes, often, as a result of having gone through much struggle yourself. Struggle and adversity can literally crack open a formerly sealed and tightly closed heart. Learning from your experiences and seeing the struggles of others, you can more aptly see what can be done to assist… not from a place of superiority, but from a place of humility and…

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Sundeelia: The Dark Before Dawn


Sundeelia:  The Dark Before Dawn

Sometimes the chaos within matches the chaos without… in the world; and sometimes it is simply a symptom of something still unknown to your own consciousness.

This morning I woke up well before the breaking of dawn.  In my heart I felt such a great sense of loss.  It felt painful, as if I had been abandoned.  In the blindness of the moment, I harangued against the circumstances that brought me to these shores…even while I realized that it was I who volunteered to come here.  Emotions, I am learning, do not always make sense. Yet I came as a place-holder, an observer, and chose to place a small portion of my soul essence into a physical vehicle that still had a modicum of use – in other words, there was still some battery life to the body.  This may seem an extreme detached point of view, but we as Galactics view bodies differently than do most humans.  Being from another star system, we also do not normally experience the intensity of emotions of which Earth humans are capable.  So, it was a shock to me to feel as I did this morning.  It felt like the great dark that comes before dawn and the thunderstorm that shook the house mirrored what I was feeling within.  For once I understood and felt what it is like to be human… at least what humanity has been forced to endure for untold centuries.

Earth humans have been programmed to see the body as the beginning and ending of their world.  When the body dies, their life ends.  We know better.

In the Pleiades, the mother, father AND the child co-create the body temple as a vessel to hold a portion of the soul essence of the Soul who has agreed to embody in the family.  This process of co-creation weaves strong bonds of love and respect between all the members of the family, including aunts and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers, sisters and brothers, and cousins.  For when a child enters OUR world there is a reason and purpose.  The soul involved has chosen a specific course and the patterns to follow during the course of the incarnation.

Among the more advanced souls who embody and those who act as parents, there are often long-lasting bonds stemming from other lifetimes, sometimes as spouses, relatives or friends.  The connections are sensed, the bonds created and sealed long before the child steps forth in light body from within the womb of the mother.  Although human babies are born weak and tiny, the children of the Pleiades have the appearance of an Earth child of some three to four years.  And they are fully awake and communicating telepathically with all their family members, including the extended family who also present, eagerly awaiting their birthing.  Family is everything to the Pleiadians.

And so, it was with great dismay that upon waking up that I was experiencing a great sense of loss and abandonment.  It was as if I had been left behind upon this bizarre planet.  It was not a good feeling for one who has been brought up, nurtured, protected, guided, taught and trained to work in cooperation with others, many of whom are relatives.

I was feeling deserted and was beginning to feel what humans experience as the sense of separation that you have felt as a species, as if you have been barred from Paradise, from your greater family of the Stars, from your Creator and especially from each other.  If anything, these moments of despair gave me a greater sense of compassion for your sense of loss that humanity as a collective as had etched upon their hearts for millennia.  Yet… you are not alone and you are not lost.  The sense of separation is an illusion placed upon you by your unnatural controllers, those who exist in the unseen worlds beyond the power of the human eye or other senses to see and know.  Yet they are there and have been known by the priests of old as the Archons.  They have their minions upon the planet through whom they work.  And your planet was invaded more than once by those who do not have your welfare at heart.  In fact, it is questionable whether or not they have hearts for they are ones who long separated from the Light and now seek to steal it from humanity, in the form of blood and sacrifice.

My intense feeling of abandonment stemmed, in part, from the fact that much of my soul essence has been drawn back to the Ships.  We are on stand-by.  Events are now taking place, events that I cannot speak of… as this portion of my consciousness is not privy to the plans… that would not be, in any event, shared in case these communications are being monitored by the Enemy.  They are…as are those of anyone who dares to share communications that do not favor the plots of the globalists.

If it seems like I am a bit paranoid, I am not.  I come from a family that contains members who, in previous incarnations, fought in the original Star Wars.  We KNOW the Enemy and they are here.  They were once defeated and will be again and this time driven from this Galaxy forever.  They are the Belials who entered this quadrant of Creation through the constellation of Orion.  There they overturned and conquered the friendly and gentle inhabitants of the Belt planets and made the star of Rigel their own home.  From Rigel, they entered this solar system and took over a huge earth-like planet, Tiamat, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter.  This planet was blown up and now all that remains of her is the Asteroid Belt and the comets.  This is not the first planet that these interlopers have blown up.  The real Star Wars was much, much worse than the movie series.  Much, much worse and I was there during the last days when the Queen of one of the Pleiadian Isles (planets) defeated the Dark Lord of the Belials and the Pleiadian Command augmented by Sirian and Ashtarian fleets took down thousands of enemy vessels in one day.  The enemy has no cause to love my family or the Pleiadians who have lived in peace for over 100,000 years now.

I am NOT of this Earth.  I wear one of your bodies, but I did not have a hand in its creation.  If I had, it would look very different, but we work with what we have as we are also a practical people.  We enjoy working with our hands, building and flying star ships, growing food and raising families because we enjoy physical life, even those among us who are evolved to the level of Archangel and above.  We are Family.

My sister reminds me to keep Faith, to remember who I am, that I am NOT alone.  And you are not alone, my Earth cousins. Our cause, our fight is yours.  We are with you.  Call upon the Angelic hosts to assist you and it will be so.  May I remind you that the Pleiadians ARE the ones whom you call the Angels?  We do not have wings or halos.  Some of us are of flesh and blood as you are… although our bodies are much more beautiful and refined.  And some of us exist in Light Body form, capable of projecting our awareness to where it is needed in an instant.  Still, we prefer our organic, living ships powered by giant sentient crystals, each ship an entity made up of ship and crew.

So… with the sharing of these words and releasing these feelings, I feel much better.  The emotional body of this physical vessel still contains some remaining trauma that requires release.  I need not know the cause, only realize that in releasing the tears, I am setting my sister, Lady Taz, free from any future obligations to reincarnate upon this planet of lies.  She had served long and well and deserves peace.  So do you, dear cousins, for your toil here has been long and bitter.

Your planet is now in the process of ascending back to her nature state of perfection according to her Divine Blueprint.  So, too, will all those humans who remain with Her, those who are able to keep abreast of the increases in frequency and vibration.  Those who cannot will leave, mainly through the process of death as their bodies will be unable to adjust accordingly to what is being required.  This includes those who have served the controllers, those who have committed great wrongs against humanity and other life forms, including the planet herself.  And those who are unwilling to look into their own inner darkness, to find redemption and release through the use of the tools that the Divine have granted to mankind during this time of transition.

The release of this planet from darkness and low density will bring great change to the entire quadrant of Creation that presently exists here.  Great times for Earth (Gaia) and her people are just ahead.  The promises are great, the rewards greater for all those who succeed in keeping the Faith and holding Hope ever within their hearts, with unconditional love (Charity) to all those who have harmed them and their world.  For it is not in your hands that the punishment of the wrong-doers must come, but from the unrelenting Laws of the Universe that these beings have violated time after time through their abilities to manipulate time, space and the effect of karma.  Yet the time of reckoning is at hand and many of these dark lords and their minions will find themselves before the Lords (and Ladies) of the Karmic Board before they are forever removed from this Universe through passage in the fires of the Great Central Sun.  Their energy will be recycled and used to create brand new souls who will endeavor to move through the cycles of evolution, this time without the impediments placed upon former civilizations such as your own.

While the fight is still on, mind that you gird your loins with the Shield of Michael found on a separate page on this website HERE.   The use of this Shield will notify the agents of the dark, both embodied and disembodied, that you know of their presence and it will give you the strength and protection to see it through the days ahead.  Be strong, be vigilant for the Dark are and so must you be.  Do not think that you can look away and not see the darkness for what it is.  Face it.  Face down your own fears and be the fullness of the divine being that exists within your own Heart Flame.

We are the Eagles of Archangel Michael in form.  We are the Ground Crew who volunteered to be here for the last days.  These are the last days of darkness.  Go and fare well.


Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdid

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this article.  Permission is NOT given to change it from the original form.  No videos permitted.

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Intracoastal Waterway, Central Florida, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Anticipation and Fulfillment

Living in several different planes of existence or at least being aware that a goodly portion of your consciousness is ‘elsewhere’ is a rather odd experience.  Just two nights ago, I was communicating via telepathy with an elder of my extended Family, who wanted to make sure I understood our relationship.  He is the Twin of my beautiful and gracious Mother.  Neither Being will be named here; what’s the point anyway?  No one would believe me.

From my observations in being here, in the world but definitely not of the world, I have noticed just how hemmed in Earth humans are by their shared belief systems.  Whether the belief is based upon a religious, politics, or cultural bias, doesn’t really matter.  When a person’s opinions are based on a belief, there is little room or desire to push beyond the limitations of said belief(s).  What is more evident is that only those persons who are courageous and resourceful, who are comfortable in being themselves, usually manage to break through the unseen barriers of human programming and discover there is a whole new world beyond.

Yet, I am not going to focus on criticizing the world.  I’m here as a visitor, an observer, living quietly a rather simple life on the surface.  However, simultaneously, I have periodic access to at least two other story-lines of my soul’s development, one concerning my lifetime as Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe and my ‘now’ life as Sundeelia.

Why the anticipation?  Well, nearly a year ago, I was mated (married) to a fine man, Lord Aiden Mathdis, who happens to be the Lord of Jolf, a small town located on the coast of Maubene, one of the twelve continents on the Isle of Medina, my home planet in the Pleiades.  As sometimes happens in love matches such as ours, I became pregnant within weeks of getting mated.  Soon, we realized that I was carrying twins, something that often happens in my father’s family.

Located close to the great star Electra, the Isle of Medina is a desert planet, although it does have freshwater oceans.  The ‘continents’, known locally as ‘isles’ are smallish.  Maubene is one of the larger ones.  In the center of the continent there is a vast desert plain, rather similar in appearance to the area around Tucson, Arizona.  Like the deserts of the Southwest, the deserts of Maubene are filled with life, both flora and fauna.  The rock-filled and sandy acres are dotted with an assortment of cacti of various shapes and size, ranging from giant Saguaros to tiny ground-hugging cacti.  There are also other tough desert plants, ranging from ground covers to the trees and shrubs that cling to the edge of the few rivers in the area.  Beyond the town of Medina, dark rugged and barren mountains rise up, dominating the center of the continent.

Rugged foothills surround and protect Jolf, a pretty town filled with squat white-washed abode and sandstone buildings, reminiscent in style to the Pueblo Revival architecture commonly found in parts of New Mexico and Arizona.  High garden walls protect beautiful gardens overflowing with an assortment of flowers, vines, shrubs, and trees, that can grow in the gentler coastal climate which is moderated by the nearby sea.  Lord Aiden and I reside in a sprawling house that is several thousand years old, simple yet comfortable in design and function. 

Again, why the anticipation?  Now a mate, for the first time in any of my embodiments, I am about to become a mother.  Yes, Lord Aiden is about to become a father and the proud parent of two beautiful boys, Raimundo and Adario Mathdis.

Yesterday, I stopped writing this essay and now I can announce that as of this morning, Aiden and I are the proud parents of two beautiful dark-haired boys who have violet-blue eyes like mine own. 

How do I know this?  Well, when Tazjma left four years ago, she also gave birth within a day or so, just this time of year on Terra.  And today was four years to the day when I fully walked in… appearance day we call it rather than birthday.  So, I have some experience on how a birthing feels, with the happy anticipation of participating family members who have arrived to witness the birth.  In any family but especially in my husband’s, an ancient family of high light lineage, any birth is highly anticipated and an occasion for the expression of great joy… which is what I was feeling, both emanating from myself, my husband, and my close relatives.

When I woke up in the dark of early morning, I was aware of the Presence of my parents, Uncle, and several cousins who were connecting with me, sending me love.  Having felt into a distant birthing before, I recognized the frequency of what was occurring for ‘me’ far away – a sort of remote viewing, simple telepathy and intuitive knowing. 

The method by which Pleiadians now give birth is rather unique and benefits the mother.  For several months the parents, father and mother… and the soul of the incoming child (in our case, two children) connect and work out the general appearance and soul contracts for the child, what gifts will be brought in, as well as the general life plan.  Then, when the child’s Light Body has formed up into the etheric the child steps out of the woman’s womb in Light Body.  After about two or three days, the physical form precipitates out of the Light Body.  At birth, a Pleiadian child will appear to be three or even four years old in Earth terms.  Each child is fully conscious and retains memory of important soul connections and ‘past’ lives.  For the first three years of the child’s life, the mother is the most important person as motherhood is regarded as a career in the Pleiades and those women who choose to be mothers are highly honored.  Each child is carefully conceived, co-created consciously, and much loved. 

So, it happened… surrounded by loving family members, my two sons appeared entering the world of men.  Once more, I have two of my beloved soul mates in my life, although now I have changed genders.  One son was once a beloved and wise adopted uncle.  The other was a distant cousin and brother-in-law, brother to my first mate.  I am exceedingly happy to be the conduit for them returning into embodiment.

With this birth, I am now a mother for the first time ever.  I have been a father many times, but this is now, for me, an experience from a totally different perspective.

So, I have shared a bit of what goes on in the background even while a small portion of ‘me’ lives here on Terra observing the transitional period which will eventually lead to the Golden Age (the Satya Yuga) in 2032.  Life is ‘interesting’.

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

© All Rights Reserved.  No videos or recordings are permitted.  Eliza Ayres, and

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Similar in appearance to my Pleiadian Sister, Tazjma VaCoupe Dino

Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else?

Here’s another topic suggested by my friend and long-time reader, the Arcturian starseed:

‘And following on that thought came… there’s been a lot of talk about “taking our bodies with us,” when we ascend. And that doesn’t make sense to me, especially as we age (I mean, I don’t mind leaving this particular elder vehicle behind at all!) but what does make sense is consciously relocating while we’re here. In other words, we don’t die in the 3D sense, but instead consciously choose when to leave by shifting our consciousness out of our bodies to where we next want to go.  (For me, home to my mate and my Arcturians.)’

All I can say in reply is, “Brilliant!”

For this insight of my friend addresses some deep human programming here, the belief that you begin and end where your physical body exists.  Sorry, folks, I’m about to burst your little bubble, especially all those ascension teachers and faddists who believe if they just perfect the body to the point when the carbon-based cells can magically translate into crystalline structures, they will be able to step into the world of the fifth dimension and never have to worry about getting ill or dying, again.

Where do diamonds come from?  What happens when water is cooled and becomes ice?  Crystals form in both cases.  Compressed carbon becomes diamonds, eventually.  Water becomes ice crystals.  Now, just how much water is contained already within that fragile physical body?  Hmmm, about 80% give or take a percentage.  Seems to me that your earthy body is already crystalline, although currently in a somewhat liquid, squishy form.  Now, I’m not a scientist as I have mentioned before, but this is a question or observation I have made more than once while here.

As a walk-in, I am NOT here to ascend this physical form.  It is borrowed, like an older car.  I take care of it, but I have absolutely no intention of taking it Home with me.  I already possess a perfectly good vehicle at Home, one that is decades younger, fitter, tall and… well, I used to be slender, only just carried a set of twin boys and am now in the process of nursing the lads until they can successfully eat food on their own.  You know, like an Earth-human mother, for we are fully human, although our bodies do not have a skeleton like yours.  We have cartilage instead of bones, making our bodies stronger and more flexible.  My Father’s people are taller, too.  He stands well over eight feet in height; I stand at about 7’8” in height or 233.68 cm, slightly taller than average height for a woman in our family, although some of my aunts and cousins are over eight feet in height, as well. 

Knowing that, why in the heck would I want to drag a 5’8” Earth human vehicle Home with me?  I mean, really, people!

Now, even in the Pleiades there is much variance in form and function among our ‘people’.  We consider every sort of five-pointed star being (one head, two arms, two legs) as being a humanoid.  It doesn’t matter what their head looks like… they’re a human being in our thinking and acceptance.  We understand and live unity in diversity and sometimes that diversity is very, very real in forms. 

For example, we have what I have come to call the great Felines, beautiful, intelligent beings who have tawny hides and manes, slightly jutting jaws with magnificent canines, slightly growly physical voices, and who range from tall slender like cheetahs to massive Leonine beings standing on two powerful legs over nine feet in height.  Of course, all of our people are now telepathic, but occasionally we utilize our voices to communicate especially when on board our ships. 

As I understand it from this perspective, the Pleiades also contain many sentient animals including whales and dolphins.  They do not have human forms, but we can and do communicate with them if the occasion calls for it.  There are also a dog-like human species, but I don’t have much conscious recollection of their particular appearance.  We also have humans ranging in size from three feet tall to over nine feet tall… humans that you wouldn’t blink at should they pass you by on the street in San Francisco, except their eyes are larger and often times a deep rich blue in coloration.  Our Felines have beautiful golden eyes rimmed with black like the big cats of Earth.

Anyway, why should I want to take this older Earth human vehicle Home with me when I leave this place?  I don’t, even if it (with a portion of my consciousness within it) manages to ascend in frequency somewhat before that time.  As I said, I am a walk-in… a portion of my consciousness entered the body and remained as it was deserted by the former occupant.  Both my sister and I totally do not identify with being the body.  Instead, we identify with being consciousness that has taken up residence within a body vehicle for whatever duration our mission here (or at Home) requires. 

Therefore, the idea that some believers of New Age notions have of physical ascension is rather moot to me, unimportant, beneath consideration.  Yes, if you are a member of the portion of humanity who will ascend (you are ascending right now) your body will need to incorporate and deal with the high frequency light that is bombarding the planet right now.  You will be living in a slightly finer body in a still very physical world as the Earth human genome is designed to be able to function within a wide range of frequencies.  You will still require a home to live in, food to eat and will probably have a job or tasks to do while you are living on the planet.  You are not going anywhere, at least until you let go of the body vehicle and return from whence you came if you are a starseed.  The timing of this departure is totally dependent on your individual soul contract (which can be altered if necessary).

Yes, it is sweet to have an opportunity to live within a body, to walk around, to be able to hug your loved ones, to do physical tasks like gardening, building things, constructing plans, living on a starship, being a scientist, a teacher, an administrator, a counselor, a priestess, shaman, or humble artisan, whatever piques your fancy and can best utilize gifts and talents brought forth from other lives lived in other places and epochs.  It is why we choose to come back, live out our lives, then consciously drop the body, rest between incarnations, and are born, again. 

Some Earth humans who are destined to ascend may not be able to do so with their current physical forms that are unable for one reason or another to adapt to the higher frequencies.  These beings will go out of body and then, when there are sufficient parents available to bring in children, will incarnate in a more conscious fashion than most human children have managed to before due to the existence of the Veil of Forgetfulness.  The general frequency will be at least 4D and with every succeeding generation, will inch higher as individual and collective consciousness continues to climb slowly higher.

Now, I understand that there will be those who believe in the coming Solar Flash that will magically transform the entirety of humanity into 5D beings.  In my humble opinion, a few humans may physically survive such an occurrence, although it is much more likely that a high percentage will instantaneously go out of body due to their bodies inability to adapt or reconfigure its frequency.  As I am not a quantum scientist, I could be very wrong, but… we’ll see, won’t we?

Bottom line, the emphasis in ascension should be the embodiment of your consciousness within the body, allowing your soul essence to enter into your body, a process that entails cleaning out enough space for the body to be a safe environment for the soul essence in which to reside.  If your intuition insists you become a vegan, then do so.  However, your diet isn’t the only deciding factor whether or not your soul finds the body vehicle compatible with its essence.  There is the matter of tackling the clean-out and exposure of all mental and emotional debris, suppressed trauma, pain, wounds, unbalanced emotional issues, etc.  There are at least four elements involved with ascension:  physical healing; emotional healing; mental healing and alignment/connection with guidance from your I AM Presence or Higher Self or spiritual mentors.  Focusing just on the physical form will not cut it in the long run.

Now, I am going to shock people.  I eat meat.  As a high-frequency being living in a lower frequency body I seem to require denser food just to stay grounded.  It is easy for my consciousness to go floating off to the Pleiades while I am writing and performing my active meditation remote viewing writing process.  To be able to live and function here among lower frequency beings, I require a bit of an anchor, so heavier food in small quantities does the trick, for me.  It may not fit all people, but I am not all people, am I?  My sister ascended even after she ate chicken, turkey, and fish as protein sources.  Remember, it’s not about the body vehicle; it’s about the consciousness within the body vehicle.  Tazjma worked very hard on releasing old trauma and pain from many lives lived here on Terra, before she could successfully ascend Home.  Performing spiritual bypassing… avoiding confronting the dark within, will not serve those who claim to be initiates.  Hmmm, that would make another excellent topic to discuss in another essay.

Anyway, consciousness is energy.  Energy is eternal.  As an individual intent on ascension, it is important to address the release of all misaligned energy within your consciousness… which is what I am doing here, rather than at Home, as the frequency on Earth is actually lower than what it was in the Pleiades when I experienced the original trauma.  The clearing process is actually faster here as the trauma is more apparent.  Just look around and truly see the suffering.  The suffering can be relieved if the initiate realizes that it even exists.  Another topic for discussion.

When I was granted permission to come here, I knew I would not remain for long.  As I have oft repeated, I am merely a placeholder for one who has already successfully ascended.  The original occupant who was born, incarnated, into this vehicle already long departed at age three, having consciously chosen to withdraw for unknown reasons.  The switch-over was done per soul contract between the soul of the youngster and my sister, who then walked in and discovered herself standing in front of a bathroom mirror holding a toothbrush in her hand and not knowing her name.  I would imagine it was bit of a shock, but being well-trained and highly intelligent, Tazjma adjusted. 

It was a major shock to me, too, when I arrived and fully took command of the body vehicle.  Suddenly, I felt intense anger, rage even, shock, grief, a sense of separation from family and Home… I knew I had to work to do and eventually discovered how to go about it after taking some time to adjust to just being here on Terra. 

Anyway, when I leave, my consciousness will simply depart, the silver cord will be removed and this portion of Self will re-braid with the remainder of ‘me’ that is already in the Pleiades.  There may or may not be a short period of adjustment, but to my loved ones it will feel that ‘I’ am now more ‘there’.  When this process will take place, I do not know for sure, although it may become more apparent to me later.  I do know that I have been highly successful in performing some major clearing work here via my writing project.  I have had the opportunity to observe humanity making choices and undergoing/enduring a major transition and splitting of timelines (another topic of discussion…).  This has been highly educational for me and a rare opportunity to be in a world but not of it, giving me more insights on the inner state of being of the human collective here.

Now, I will end this essay.  I hope I shone a light on an interesting and somewhat controversial subject.  It may be one that I address further in another essay as I gain more insights on the topic.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  I wish you all well.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this written material is not permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres,

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Goddess of Justice, Radiant Rose Academy

Sundeelia:  How is Karma Balanced?

“People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That’s not the idea at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. To the degree that you didn’t understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, you’re given this gift of teachings in the form of your life, to give you everything you need to open further.”  Pene Chodron, Buddhist Master

Here is another suggested topic based on what I have shared about what I remember from a couple of past lives:

Chris:  I think I might be correct in assuming that you incurred in negative karma with your own self by sacrificing yourself for others, due to the Universe mandate that we have to care for our welfare first. So, in this case you were putting others’ welfare above yours and this created karma. So, my first question is, how did it balance out with you healing from trauma caused *by others* as opposed to by your own self again?

If and when you read the books that I hope to publish this year or next, the answer above would be answered. Still, I will attempt to convey what I have learned about myself through the process of writing out these stories of a man called Raphael DeAires Kantor.

Karma can be positive or negative.  Nevertheless, it is simply energy and depending on our choices, we incur karmic imbalances throughout the course of any lifetime.  When I chose to reincarnate upon a tribal isle in the midst of a galactic war, I put myself into the midst of potential danger.  My family was nomadic and traveled upon the deserts of Morova, one of the Isles of the Pleiades.  We were attacked in the night by raiders looking for young slaves.  My parents and older extended family members (cousins, aunts, and uncles) were all killed.  There were three small enemy ships involved in the raid.  Since I knew how to telegraph an ancient battle language via telepathy, I was able to contact someone who was listening to the ethers, who contacted men who could aid in freeing me and my young relatives (a sister and two boy cousins) from the slavers.  Yet, due to the disturbance in my life, I grew angry and resentful when I found myself stuck in a boarding school with complete strangers unable to travel upon the vast reaches of the desert with my family. 

Yes, it would appear that I experienced trauma due to the ‘actions of others’ but those others were acting as a mirror for me. During the course of that very short life, I was rebellious, willful, angry, and stubborn.  I wasn’t focused on being of service.  Perhaps I just didn’t have the time allowed to come into balance in that life, but it was a time when my home world was under frequent attack by men who came from the sky with evil intent to disrupt our lives.

“The word “karma” means “action,” not “fate.” In Buddhism, karma is an energy created by willful action, through thoughts, words and deeds. We are all creating karma every minute, and the karma we create affects us every minute. It is common to think of “my karma” as something you did in your last life that seals your fate in this life, but this is not Buddhist understanding. Karma is an action, not a result. The future is not set in stone. You can change the course of your life right now by changing your volitional (intentional) acts and self-destructive patterns.”

With this quote in mind, it is clear to me now had I not run away twice from adults who were attempting to keep me safe, I might not have died so young.  The impulsive urges within compelled me to place myself in danger, truly a self-destructive pattern. 

In my next life, I was determined to change my ways, but again I was plunged into circumstances that were beyond my control at least initially. Yet, what I was eventually to arrive at was a self-acceptance of my own gifts, my own inner being that was unsullied by some of the harshest treatment given to a child short of killing it. 

As an adult, I had to learn to utilize and to accept the powerful gifts I had unwittingly honed during my captivity, as I strived to simply survive in the midst of tremendous and nearly overpowering darkness and threat against my very existence.  I wanted to live and so I armored myself with Light, creating a nearly impenetrable energetic barrier that prevented my being overcome by the darkness.  In the end, as an adult, due to my earlier suffering and trauma, I knew the heart of darkness.  I could decipher and detect a whiff of darkness in the heart of any man or woman who stood before me.  I knew the darkness for the deceiver it was and I was not afraid to confront it, within others, but most especially within myself.  I chose to take responsibility and actively and consciously worked to root out my own self-doubt, my anger and resentment, my rage at being used by others, including members of my own family, blood and adopted.  I learned valuable lessons of self-acceptance and self-knowledge, admitting that some of my earlier decisions and choices may not have appeared wise or safe, but the consequences of these choices and my willingness to expose my inner doubts and fears, allowed me to become an authentic human being.

So, yes, I had been traumatized.  I had been used, but in the end, I used the power of the Light within to resolve and dissolve my fear, my self-doubt, and to determine my future despite having been victimized in the past.  I learned how my own choices led to others becoming the instruments of fate to bring my self-awareness into full consciousness, so I was no longer reacting and projecting my fear, doubt, and self-hatred out upon others.  I learned how to use my inner light to expose all (or certainly much) of the darkness or shadow that was within my unconscious mind.  As the darkness within was exposed to the Light (information) of my intent and focus, it dissolved and freed up the part of me (the traumatized child) so it might be incorporated into the adult self, the self-aware Self.  I recognized what I had done to myself through my choices and how others acted as instruments of Fate that allowed me to make yet another choice:  Do I remain in darkness and fear, hiding from the Light?  Do I resist the Light and seek to project my fear and blame on others?  Do I continue to wallow in victim consciousness or do I step up, expose my own inner shadow, do the work, and reclaim my own power?  Do I learn from my mistakes?  Do I take the realization that I have arrived at regarding certain occurrences or choices I have made in this life or another and see what I could have done differently?  Have I gained wisdom through my suffering and thereby chose to move beyond it?  Or do I continue to deny, resist, act out, blame/shame others and act the victim?

Violet Flame Sword of Transmutation and Freedom

I chose to expose my own inner fears, my inner shadow, to take responsibility for my own healing.  I accepted that while my earlier choices had drawn me into painful experiences, I learned from these experiences and emerged stronger.  Perhaps it took me years to arrive at a sense of inner balance and self-acceptance, but the work it took to reach that feeling of inner peace was worth all of the pain.

And due to my own experiences, I learned much about the nature of the inner man, the lengths that men will go to avoid self-reflection and self-examination for fear that they will be cast out if they show who they truly are inside.  Yet, this fear of Self is a chimera, a paper tiger, powerless to destroy you unless you allow it to do so.  Are you a victim of your own fear of the unknown parts of your very being?  Do you believe what others tell you rather than rely on your own inner guidance?  Are you so unsure of your inner innate intelligence (Light) that you continually choose to run away from it?  Or are you like me, willing to dive into the inner turmoil and see it dissolve, fade, disappear as the Light exposes what is truly there within you… a powerful, creative Light Being of limitless potential.  It is a choice.  Ultimately, it is your choice.  Expose the darkness within or continue to be fearful of the dark, both within your own being and outside of you.  It is one and the same, a lack of information… that is all that darkness is, a simple lack of information.  In terms of your own inner shadow, it is those areas of your self that you have been unwilling to examine, to investigate, to expose.  Who are you really?  Who am I?    

I consciously chose the path of achieving self-knowledge and self-awareness.  No, I wasn’t perfect… I am still not perfect but I am determined to gain as much self-awareness as is possible during one singular life time and to use that self-knowledge for the benefit of others, for my family and my people.  This quest of mine is worth a little pain and discomfort.  It is certainly worth my effort, focus, and intent, for in freeing myself of inner darkness, I shine more Light into the world, into my own life, and into the lives of others.  I have become a conscious Light-bearer, holding my torch of self-acceptance, inner wisdom up in the face of the darkness that has threatened to dominate this world.  I am not afraid for I have seen the true face of the darkness and it is nothing before the Light, Source creative energy that is naturally intelligent. 

Choose to shine your Light out upon the world, but understand that in doing so you will aggravate both the shadow within yourself and the shadow without, that resides in ‘other’.  Do not fear the shadow, for when you raise up your Light… when you turn up the light switch, the darkness will dissolve, disappear, for it has no power unless you willingly consciously or unconsciously give your power to it.  Once you resolve to take back that power, the dark will never, ever be able to hold sway over your Light.  It is powerless to do so as it is an illusion, unreal, without the ability to create.  It steals your power (through making you fearful) to make itself powerful.  Remove its ability to control, to dominate, to lie to you, to place yourself under a misapprehension of the truth.  Gaining self-knowledge, self-awareness, and a connection to your own inner wisdom will grant you the necessary courage and endurance to overcome any obstacle that comes your way… if done with humility, and acceptance of Grace.

You do not become a powerful Light Being to lord it over others.  You become a powerful Light Being to serve others and in doing so, you serve yourself, your future, and the future of humanity and all Life.  You do the work of the Creator for it has granted you courage, intelligence, hands, and a heart to do the work of self-evolution, as an example for all who come into contact with your Presence.

Go in Peace.  Shine your Light, your true light that has become evident to yourself as you do the work to excavate and dissolve the shadow material from within your own being.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved.  Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.  Author: Eliza Ayres,

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Sadhguru explains Karma: Good Karma, Bad Karma –

Below, Kelly K offers her perspective:

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Sundeelia: Solstice Greeting

Daylily, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Solstice Greeting

So, just moments ago, I completed the 25th chapter of my fourth book.  Now I still have editing and formatting to do, but the primary job of writing is done.  After nearly three full years of writing, I have decided to end the story.  It certainly wasn’t the end of Raphael’s life – he lived a long and full life – but the story covered the parts where Raphael experienced trauma, struggled, then healed, and finally succeeded beyond all expectations placed upon him as a young recently orphaned 14-year-old boy.  We could all do so well, if we gave ourselves half a chance.

It is with a sense of sadness that I leave the writing process.  I will be writing a short epilogue, but the book is basically done.  In the process of writing it, I have truly become a writer.  Hopefully, soon… sometime later this year or next, the first book will be able to be published.  I plan to self-publish to start with and next have to explore my options in that direction.

Since I have basically finished my first and primary project which brought me here as a walk-in, I will soon be free to pursue my other interests, including photography, painting, and traveling.

I apologize for not writing anything new on Sunny’s Journal, but I was caught up in a writer’s fever working through the last chapters of this last book.  If you’re a writer, you’ll understand.  If not… well, anyone who is creative will also understand. 

The times they are changing… maybe not fast enough for some and too fast for others.  I chose back in March to stop posting intel reports from various sources.  It was apparent then that the ‘process’ was taking longer than anticipated.  Rumors abound, but those in charge behind the scenes are managing to keep most of the information hush hush right now.  We’ll know when we are meant to know… and that’s when most of what has been happening is over.

Now, I would like to encourage my readers to send me suggestions for topics.  I can’t guarantee that I will address them all, but I will see what my time will allow.

Now, I wish all my readers, new and old, a Happy Solstice, no matter where you are on our beautiful planet.  It’s now winter in the Southern hemisphere and a hot summer in the North.  Here in Florida, the nights and days are now in the 80’s and extremely steamy – not my favorite weather.  TG for air conditioning.

This has been quite an adventure for me, writing about a lifetime spent hundreds of thousands of years ago, written through a process similar to remote viewing.  I didn’t plan the story; it happened, emerging out of my fingers some times like a flowing river and then, at other times, like a bumpy ride on a boulder-strewn 4×4 trail, slowly and painfully.  When I go back to re-read the chapters (over 100 now) I marvel at how my writing style has matured.  No, I’m not Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or Robert Heinlein… but I am a writer.  Tazjma wanted to write ever since she could hold a pencil.  And she did write, but not this much… a complete story of someone’s life… lives, if you include the short lives of Commander Delos Gia.  Tazjma found her way into my story as Commander Tazo Gia, as did several other people whom I know today… both at Home and a few here on Terra.  Their privacy will be respected.

So, now I’m going to take a day or so off… unless I feel like writing some little article.  Thanks to all who have made suggestions for topics. 

I AM Sundeelia (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

P.S. Just received a ‘Happy Anniversary’ greeting from WordPress. It’s official, I’ve been blogging now for nine years! Thanks to Eric who initially encouraged me to write and share!

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Channeling and Why You Should Not Do It

by Sundeelia

Now that I have stepped aside from publishing my book on the Orion Wars, I am also adding that I am stepping away from ‘channeling’.

Over the years of being a blogger, I have noticed a definitive trend of readers being drawn like moths to a flame to pieces presented by myself and other people who have channeled.  It was also like they, the readers, couldn’t help themselves from being drawn to the exotic material and apparent wisdom offered by these various channelers, myself included.

There are degrees of channeling.  I have never been a trance channel, one who consciously ‘steps aside’ and allows another entity to temporarily utilize their vehicle to convey a message.  In my earlier years of channeling, I truly felt I knew the sources who were working through me.  Even then, I was aware this sort of ‘channeling’ was more of a ‘soul-braiding’ where one consciousness lent a concept and the other one, the one in charge of the body recorded the material.  Then, there are other channelers, some very famous and of long duration, who channel only specific entities, like Archangel Michael or Archangel Zadkiel.  Still, one must come to wonder how many AA Michaels can there be or is it a collective consciousness that is conveying the message.  At this point in my quest for understanding, I can not answer this question with any degree of sureness.  Which is why it is important for each person who willingly reads any channeled piece to take responsibility for their decision and to actively and consciously learn to discern the resonance of the piece.  Falsehoods or misconceptions are often buried within channeled pieces leading to the confusion of readers… who is telling the truth here?  Is it this channeler or this one, as their messages seem contradictory!

If this isn’t reason enough for one to take command of their own soul embodiment, I don’t know.  As a portion of humanity ascends with the planet, some are leading the way by gradually coming into conscious interaction with benevolent Galactics.  One of these persons is Kerry K (@KerryK on Instagram, Kerry K on YouTube,  I am currently a member of her Plasma Light Tribe and learning a lot about many things I have had questions about in the past or more recently.

For one thing, Kerry has shared that she often communicates with Galactics and other Beings, Angelic and Celestial.  Being telepathic myself, this isn’t a huge stretch for me to accept.  Besides, Kerry is one of the most honest and compassionate individuals I have encountered on this planet thus far.

Communicating with the Galactics or any other being, extraterrestrial or indigenous (which includes the elementals like fairies, as well as our sentient animal companions, like horses, dogs, cats, and pigs) involves being centered in your own Presence as a sovereign being, centered in your Heart.  Our benevolent friends do not wish to control, dominate, or confound us; they wish to work with us, as many of them have their own karma to work out with us here on Terra.  As for our elemental friends, they exist a part of the consciousness of Terra.  As we ascend in frequency with the planet, their existence among us with be revealed.

Now, these conversations as they are more often quite succinct, with pithy comments that carry a ton of Light codes that unpack themselves in your consciousness… which you can then take and blend with your own inner wisdom and intuitive understandings to convey the message with your own words.  Think of these exchanges as being shared encrypted or zip files.  The information shared appears to be quite condensed as in pithy, but when examined closely, can contain volumes of information.  This is how Light beings communicate, not in lengthy messages.  I shall have to learn to write in pithy form as I tend to ramble on…

So, right now, while we are still in the process of shedding several millennia worth of trauma, programming and misconceived beliefs, now is not a good time to be engaging in conversations with unseen entities. 

When I hear an unsolicited comment inside my head – remember, I am telepathic – I immediately take charge and ask for the being to identify themselves or to dismiss themselves from my auric field.  We are sovereign beings here and need to take responsibility for guarding that sovereignty, to exercise it even when in the presence of beings, we have long regarded as being above humanity.  The Galactics… at least the benevolent ones, do not want to be regarded as superior to the human races; they regard us with much awe, affection, and wish to work with us.

Occasionally, I will hear an inner comment from one of my Galactic Family members, but right now, I am laying down rules of engagement, which may seem somewhat aggressive and presumptuous of me… Yet, who is to know that as a Pleiadian, that I didn’t come from the dark Pleiadians who are in alignment with the Reptilians and Grays within the Alcyone star system?  I don’t think so… yet, I am exercising caution with both friend and foe.  Wolves in sheep costumes can be quite real.  The Dark Brotherhood are masters of deception, manipulation, and dark magic.  It pays to be cautious with all non-physical communications right now while there is still a dark presence on this planet, although it is rapidly diminishing in power and presence as the Light intensifies here and throughout our solar system.

As my own consciousness rises in frequency, eventually I will be able to see my now unseen friends.  For while I have a degree of clairsentience, I am not clairvoyant in the classical sense.  When we are able to see our Galactic mentors, to speak to them face to face, whether in etheric form or physical, we will know with whom we are communicating and it will be via telepathy, a form of communication that does not allow for lies to be spread.  True telepaths can register the frequency of the individual or group with whom they are communicating.  I would venture to say – and I can be wrong – that many channelers do not have any idea whatsoever who they are allowing within their auric field.  Right now, I intend to proceed with some caution and retain control over my own physical vehicle, thank you very much!

Our Galaxy was invaded a long time ago, millions of years ago, by dark negatively polarized forces from several races.  The ancient Lyran wars sent a large part of humanity fleeing the onslaught.  Some came to Terra; others went to Sirius and parts of the Pleiades.  Yes, Cosmic history is complex and we’re right in the middle of it.  Now, is the time to be more conscious about who and what we are.  We are not victims here, despite all the past manipulations done to humanity through genetic experiments, wars, pestilence, disease, and whatever our former controllers could throw at us.  Due to what we have endured, we have become a strong, adaptable race, capable of a wider spectrum of emotions than almost any other galactic race.  And we have within our genome, a God spark, which is currently and actively activating within us, bringing at least a portion of the world’s population into higher consciousness.  We have a bright future ahead of us, but right now, keep grounded and walk through the remaining shadows as they are stripped from our planet by the Light Forces, indigenous and extraterrestrial.

So, for now, I will not be channeling.  I hope to engage in pithy conversations with my Galactic mentors in the future and perhaps share some of them with you here.  And now… I will end this.

Ah, one more thing, yes, it is I, Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis, or at least a portion of my consciousness that now is fully integrated within Eliza’s physical vehicle, and content and committed to be remaining here for the Ascension of this planet and humanity.

Go in Peace, my friends.


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

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Star Ships over Atlantis

The Battle for Earth and the Solar System

by Sundeelia

Note to Readers:  This rather passionate comment (see below) was elicited from me in answer to a question a reader had about channeling which I will address in another essay.

The comment was: ‘On September 18th, you stated you were no longer going to channel as you cannot know if information, you’re told is truthful. Something must have happened to open your eyes and I will not ask what that was. However, I am wondering if has it changed your thinking regarding this essay. We can only pray that good will triumph over evil in this and every other world.

My reply was:

A couple of years ago… actually four, I was told that the entire Pleiades star cluster was freed from their enemies. It would appear that this belief was mistaken. If you want further information, refer to the works of Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, and other former members of the Secret Space Force.

At the same time, be assured that the Earth Alliance and the benevolent Galactics who are assisting us (Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Vegans, Lyrans, Arcturians, et al) are winning. According to reports coming from Galactic sources through Elena who is a contactee, the Dark Fleet has retreated from this planet, fleeing from their secret base/settlement in Antarctica with starships, through their portals, and via ships to Argentina.

The remnants of the dark control of this planet (and the rest of this solar system) is steadily being revealed to Earth’s population, including the dastardly eugenics agenda designed to kill off 95% of the planet’s population by using any method these psychopaths could invent and put to use. This is all being revealed as part of an orchestrated ‘movie’ by the so-called White Hats. It’s a bitter pill for humanity to learn just how traumatized, used and abused we’ve been, all of us, no matter your gender, culture, country, race, skin-color… We’ve have all been lied to by all of the authorities and leaders of the infiltrated systems. This especially includes all religions and spiritual teachings. Yes, there are kernels of truth, but mixed with a ton of poisonous lies.

The Light will prevail. Light is igniting the inactive DNA within your own body. I could write an entire essay on just this and perhaps I will. The Light is WINNING, folks. And we are shuffling off the lies, beliefs, and mind-programming that we have suffered under for millennia. Thanks be to Source, to the Galactics, to our own unique presence here in the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is about to learn just how precious and unique we are.

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Firstly, I am here to inform my readers that I am what is known as a catalyst.  If you want to remain coddled in amongst the inverted paradigm under which Terrans have lived for millennia, then you’re in the wrong place.

Humanity is undergoing a tremendously traumatic and turbulent transformation, from being an enslaved race under the domination of negatively polarized alien forces to being freed (or in the process of being freed) from this off-world tyranny. 

When I walked in and joined Eliza’s consciousness in 2017, I was told by a then mentor and friend that the Pleiades had been freed of their enemies, the negatively polarized Orions, long ago by the singular effort of one Lady Claudine, then a queen of one of the Pleiadian isles or planets.  During the course of writing about that war, which I have referred to as the Orion Wars, I was working under the misconception and belief that what I had been told actually had a basis in reality.  It did not, in more ways than one.

In the Bible it talks about removing the scales from your eyes (Acts 9:18): ‘And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.’

Well, recently, the scales have fallen from my eyes.  What I had been told by perhaps a well-meaning but delusional mentor was a falsehood.  For a portion of the Pleiadian star cluster, namely the system dominated by the great star Alcyone is still under the sway of a confederation of negatively polarized Reptilians, Orion Grays, and fallen or Black Pleiadians. 

There were other things that I was told that I now question.  While all of this may seem exotic to some people who are busy attempting to live ‘normal’ lives during these uncertain times, the news does inform me that there are still huge swaths of our Galaxy under either domination by the negatively polarized Reptilians and their Gray allies.  So, how does this affect us here on Terra? 

The whole scenario currently being played out on Terra is being actively orchestrated by the Earth Alliance and several extraterrestrial space forces and confederations.  The lengthy unveiling of the secret agendas of the Dark is to wake up the human population to the reality that Terra has been a captured world. 

Yes, captured and now in the process of being freed, which is an extremely painful transition to undergo for anyone.

If I have learned nothing from my writings over the last four years, it is this: trauma buried is still trauma.  Until it is released, it will affect your life and all future lives whether lived upon Terra or elsewhere.  Trauma remains in your Light Body, the eternal portion of your Soul that goes with you during the transition called ‘death’.  In my writings, I unburied some of my own long-suppressed trauma and revealed it in the form of my writings shared with a select few.

Humanity has become complacent and blinded, hoodwinked by the lies and manipulations that have been done by our controllers, who regarded themselves as being of superior intelligence and blood.  The long-suppressed history of humanity is complex and is only now coming out in bits and snatches as finally some of us can handle it, the story of a people that has long had contact with numerous extraterrestrial races and has been actively subjected to being the guinea pigs of a long drawn-out genetic experiment.  The reasoning behind the experiment varied from a dark agenda to control Terra and its rich resources, including water, gold, silver, rare earth metals, and the human genome.

The writings of the contactee, Elena Danaan, is uncovering some of the realities that exist beyond the atmosphere of Terra and within it.  She has just released a new book which Michael Salla announced on his YouTube channel today:

I encourage those of my readers who are willing to do their own digging and research to read this work, as I intend to, and see for yourself what is really going on behind the scenes as it were.

There are benevolent extraterrestrials working to free Terra from the greedy grip of the Dark.  Yet, ultimately, it will be humanity’s collective responsibility to protect our world and to remain free as the Reptilians and their dark allies regard this planet as a valuable prize and will attempt to recapture it in the future.

The purpose of the ‘movie’ we are all now witnessing is the slow revelation of all these secret agreements, betrayals, and acts of treason against all of the governments of the world by forces who wanted to hang on to their power.  Yet, due to the rising frequency of the planet itself, they have been unable to do this.

Yes, Terra, Gaia, Earth… however you refer to this magnificent water world upon which we have the privilege to live, is regarded as a Living Library.  The extraordinary diversity of life, flora and fauna, and the unique human populations and cultures that exist here have emerged from many sources, both indigenous and extraterrestrial.  Our benevolent cousins who share our blood and wish to see our people live in peace and prosperity are also karmically connected to us, for some of them have lived here and interacted with humanity in its earlier stages of development.  Someday much of this hidden knowledge will be revealed, what has not been destroyed by the minions of the alien controllers in an attempt to hide their presence here.

The Dark cannot survive the onslaught of Light, Divine intelligence.  The Dark is incapable of creativity, which is why they have used human beings to do their work for them… that and to temporarily escape the karmic backlash of planning and committing crimes against humanity.  It is time to confront the remaining minions of the Dark, the ones who have been left behind by their puppet-masters, and to say, ‘No! We will not obey your insane mandates!’ as there are many more humans than the abandoned minions of their dark masters.

Now, is the time for the Human Family to collectively wake up and to take into our own hands and hearts the future of this world.  By keeping the memory of what we have been through to reach this stage of adulthood where we can finally be accepted as a Galactic race, we will never fall again into darkness, fall in frequency.  Terra is ascending and we are going with Her.  The living consciousness of our sentient planet, Gaia, regards us all as Her children.  She is our Mother.

I will bring this essay to an end.  There is more to say, but it can be addressed in another essay.

I AM Sundeelia

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P.S.  Yes, while I live here among you, arrayed in a human vehicle, I am a human among humans and sometimes make mistakes… and break paradigms and belief systems when I finally see them for what they are based upon.  Being a catalyst means I will always manage to upset people, especially those who wish to cling to their delusions.  Cognitive dissonance works both ways.  If you are uncomfortable seeing your belief systems questioned, then you’re reading the wrong blog.  I invite you to go elsewhere and to leave quietly!

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