Go Into Fear or Go Back to Basics…

Baby Food Talk and Fear Janine Steffens on TTP News

Turn the Page with Janine Steffens

There’s a TON of manipulation going on right now. Do your own research. My mom didn’t have pre-made baby formula… I grew up on powdered milk as a kid. Why do we have to rely on commercial products?

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Scorpio Super Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse…

Scorpio Super Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse…

PAY ATTENTION to these Symptoms TODAY!! [Total Lunar Eclipse|BLOOD MOON]

  • Triggers – negative thought towards an experience…
  • Points of awareness of what is blocking our transformation
  • What kind of beliefs or programs do you contain or hold about a word, a person, an experience?
  • How do you feel NOW?
  • You can let go of something you are not even aware of…
  • Triggers, reactive behaviors are preventing forward motion
  • Live more consciously, in the flow
  • Lunar eclipses are powerful
  • Strong need to do something which you have been putting off?
  • Do your beliefs support your vision?
  • Who would you be like without your fears?
  • Are you procrastinating on doing?
  • Are you feeling anxious?
  • Why are you not doing what you want to?
  • Maybe we are afraid to step into the Unknown — Pluto can assist us in recognizing our subconscious patterns and beliefs.
  • Choose the unknown potentiality…
  • Trust in the potentials…

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Elon, Twitter, Bots by Bioclandestine

Just how many bots are there REALLY?

Elon, Twitter, Bots by Bio Clandestine, 15 May 2022

While I’ve been locked in on the biological situation in Ukraine, I haven’t provided any recent updates on what is happening with Twitter.

I’ve said it since the beginning, Elon’s moves and counter moves are too highly calculated and methodical to be a happy coincidence. Not only is he taking over the machine, he’s exposing it on a global stage.

For those who are unaware, the Twitter deal is on hold, as Elon is is demanding proof on the amount of bot activity on the site, as this will lower the amount of true human engagement and therefore the amount of possible/target revenue. Which would lower the value of twitter and therefore lower the offer from Elon.

What Elon did was genius, and also further confirms this is about more than money. He offered a number so outrageous, knowing full well that there was heavy bot activity, knowing he could make them agree to terms, and then later get the buying price lowered while simultaneously exposing Twitter for using false accounts to manipulate public opinion.

A conventional businessman would have made them prove the bot activity before the offer price, but Elon is not in this for profit. This move he just made CONFIRMS he is looking to expose a greater conspiracy here. His moves and counter moves are calculated 10 steps ahead of the enemy. Sounds a lot like US MIL to me. I mean, Elon is quite literally their highest paid contractor.

Twitter’s most recent claim is the site has less than 5% bots. Elon is not so sure about that. Different bot-monitoring entities estimate anywhere up to 15% of all Twitter activity is from bots.

Now let’s just middle it and take the 10% for simplicity’s sake. Google alleges Twitters user count is around 290 million users. Meaning roughly 29 million accounts are fake. 29 million accounts, being used by entities looking to sway public perception and drive narratives.

This is how they fool sheep into supporting their insanity. They prey on natural human emotional group-think tendencies. Monkey see, monkey do.

A human, and most animals, naturally aims to be accepted and in the “group”. They are terrified of being ostracized. So when weak minded sheep see a post with 10k likes, they are naturally inclined to WANT to be on the side with the majority, regardless of their actual views.

With 30+ million bots out there, the public could be manipulated into; giving away all their freedoms, ignoring natural immunity, believing men can have children, supporting nazis, slaughtering unborn children, vote for Joe Biden…

Get the picture?

Here’s another excellent article relating to the current chess moves over the dilemma: To Twitter or Not to Twitter:

~ ~ ~

Ah, heck… another mini-essay:

Note to Readers: Maybe it’s my Scot-Irish ancestry, but I’ve always have been someone to question everything and anything, especially those news items and opinions being thrown around on MSM. Did I believe in the whole virus thing? No. Do I believe in whatever a celebrity posts on Twitter is true? No. Do I follow anyone… yes, but not on Twitter and I weigh things before I go along with them… and continue to weigh whether or not a piece of information resonates with me. If I get a nagging feeling that something is not adding up, I adjust, accept that I was momentarily taken in and let go of whatever is bothering me. Those readers who have been with me for a long time know well of what I speak. I have reworked this blog and Blue Dragon Journal until they no longer resemble what they did before and I will continue to do so, as this is a creative endeavor… even though I am not being particularly creative with my writing at this moment.

I just noticed Bio Clandestine’s work a couple of weeks ago, with all the Twatter on Twitter. So, I am putting up a few of his/her things. There is a newsletter if you want to pay, which I don’t… not right now. Tight budget.

So, I just get the tidbits by digging around a bit. We all need to do our own sleuthing now for information. We’re not just blindly accepting what other people tell us, especially when they arrogantly demand that we accept without question whatever is being put forth by so-called authorities. All of the fake information about the C19 is case in point… just how fake is still leaking out slowly into the consciousness of mainstream normies and that shit is about to hit the fan… but wait, there are more dark secrets lurking in the wings about to be unveiled. This is the Apocalypse, a Greek word that means “unveiling” not the end of the world. Perhaps the end of their world, the psychopathic vision of control-freak wet dream world desired by a tiny group of really odd ‘people’.

Right now, every human institution and system has been highly infiltrated by factions and factors that are not friendly to humanity. Learn to just say, “NO!” to all of it. Without your compliance, all the well-laid out generational plans of the elite will come to naught. It’s called the Law of Free Will. If we are informed, we have the right to refuse. Even if we are not informed, our right to be informed has been violated and those who have perpetrated the violation will be punished… by the karmic reaction to their own actions. Energy always returns to equilibrium, eventually. Right now, the world is in the midst of a near-death experience, coming to the precipice, to the end of the playing out of the dark energies of the Kali Yuga. Someday, we will all wake up and the air will be washed clean of pollution, of chem trails, the birds will still be singing, but their voices will resonate within our hearts… And then we will know that we have fully entered the new world… 5D.

I’m not on Twitter, probably will never be on Twitter, and could give a crap about Twitter, but some people believe everything they read or listen to… the emotional appeals, the persuasive arguments, the attacks… I just walk away. And put limits on this blog by shutting down comments on work that is not my own.

I understand that not everyone is going to agree with everything that I put up… and frankly, that is a healthy attitude, but be willing to go somewhere else if it doesn’t. Question why you are being triggered by something or someone… It’s not always something within yourself… which is an excellent reason to get to know yourself, to accept yourself, and to be honest with yourself. You are the only focus of consciousness here Now and will eventually (or now) be able to see yourself in others, as a living mirror of the Consciousness of the Universe. However, seeing yourself in others doesn’t mean to be willing to blindly follow whatever they are spewing forth. Be not a follower; be your Self, even it doing so makes other people angry or upset with you… especially then! Being authentic is not meant to always be accepted by others who are refusing to deal with their own inner darkness and triggers, and still projecting their self-hatred out upon those who surround them in life or disagree with their opinions and beliefs. I’ve encountered that kind of attitude quite often and those people are no longer a part of my life… no matter who they have claimed to be.

I didn’t come here to be perfect… I came here to experience 3D life from the inside, so I could transform myself, understand, accept and overcome all the pain, karma, trauma, and whathaveyou that has been experienced within these quantum realms since Hu mans were seeded into this quadrant of Creation.

Many are the rooms in God’s mansion… and I am still studying and experiencing this one… for now.


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David Wilcock – Latest Show – Why Are All These Crazy Things Going On NOW?

David Wilcock – Why Are All These Odd Things Happening NOW? (3 hours)

Divine Cosmos – David Wilcox

  • The Universe is Consciousness.
  • The body is not needed for consciousness…
  • The Universe is made up of photons… energy… electro-magnetic, holographic
  • Law of One
  • synchronicities, common way in which God is communicating with you (ah, yes… happens all the time!)
  • Seeing repeating numbers all the time (11:11, 2:22, 4:44, etc.)
  • Universe is a conscious Hologram
  • The Logos
  • Jesus… the Mind of our Universe in human form
  • Jesus had to fulfill his contract that he had with God the Father; personality transparency, he became the Logos…
  • Personality transparency – do the work, discipline the personality
  • Know Yourself, really taking time to understand who you are and how you became this…
  • Seeking love in the moment
  • Dealing with trauma, are you going to behave the same way or are you going to change your reaction now?
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Current events, disharmonious
  • You cannot comply your way out of tyranny, psychopaths do NOT have empathy and never will
  • Global structure is made up of psychopaths and want to punish life, especially the innocent
  • We are in the midst of breaking up of this dysfunctional relationship with the psychopaths
  • Accept Yourself. Get real with yourself. How do you feel about what is going on the world now?
  • Self-acceptance is NOT conditional on what others think about you or events within your life
  • Become the Creator. Humble, transparent, able to accept others as they are…
  • Reunifying with Conscious Consciousness… with Source, with the Creator
  • The Universe supports your eternal consciousness…
  • Adepts are not combative, do not argue, they are not triggered
  • Reincarnation
  • Trinity of Father, Son, AND Mother
  • You could also achieve a degree of personality transparency…
  • How can I make myself happy, healed…
  • Disassociation
  • Service to Self or Service to Others
  • etc.

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X22 Report, Ep. 2775, 15 May 2022


The [DS]/[CB] are trying everything to bring us into their new system by using inflation to make us broke and shutting down the supply chains to make us hungry, this is failing because the people know who to blame. 


 The patriots are now moving forward with the plan, the storm is about to start and the wizards (guardians of intelligence) have it all. The people are building the grass roots movement and it cannot be stopped. Scavino sends a message that the next to fall is the Queen. The [DS] is in trouble (so) they tried another [FF] to push gun control. This is not going to work; the people see the truth. Nothing can stop this, nothing.

EVERY INSTITUTION and SYSTEM has been infiltrated… and now, it is ALL being revealed.

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Montauk, Max Spiers, Time Travel, Cloning, Project Mannequin with Dr. Sharmuel

Montauk, Max Spiers, Time Travel, Cloning, Project Mannequin with Dr. Sharnael and Craig Walker

Dr. Sharnael True TV

Interesting discussion… As a child, Dr. Sharnael was involved in the Montauk Project experiments…

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Ukraine Update: Politicians & Celebs & Photo Ops! What Can We REALLY Believe?

Ukraine Update: Politicians & Celebs & Photo Ops! What Can We REALLY Believe?

Tarot by Janine

Interesting perspective. Double agents, tricksters, secret treaties, division of Ukraine into 2 or 3 parts… 98% of MSM news on Ukraine is FAKE!

Mariupol War and Peace

Graham Phillips

Mariupol today (23 hours ago at posting time) and the city in 2014 when it was invaded by the Azol Ukrainian Nazi forces….

St. George

Note to Readers: Basically, nothing you are hearing from the MSM news about Ukraine (or anything else, for that matter) is true. Putin is part of the Earth Alliance. Ukraine is also legitimately part of Russia. Now, the Eastern portion of the Ukraine has been taken back by Russia and will remain Russian. The people are ethno-Russian and speak Russian. Russia also now have new oil and gas reserves, as well as a couple of beat-up Black Sea port cities.

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The Ascension Wave – I FELT it hit me!

The Ascension Wave – I FELT it hit me! The World was PURIFIED… in an INSTANT!!!

Kerry K

A recent vision of the ascension moment, came to me a few days ago, I would like to share it with you and so look forward to hearing your feedback about what I’m sharing. I saw the ascension wave, this time, like a BOOM of clear light, an energy that swept onto the planet and took with it all darkness. What survived, was that which can hold themselves as a solid structure once that ascension wave has swept through them. There are those who were not able to and they left with the wave, there are those who stayed, and they were able to stay because there was already a substance within them that existed separate to the darkness. Those who are/were predominantly darkness without enough life in them, they left with the wave.

Note to Readers: It’s time to focus on the NEW. We do not have to respond to the Dark. That energy is going to be moved off this planet. Wonderful video! ❤

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Their Evil Plans Continue to Unfold – Ukraine Labs, WHO, National Sovereignty


And We Know

More dark secrets are being revealed… despite the efforts of Fake News to the contrary…

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X22 Report, Ep. 2774, 13 May 2022


The people are understanding that Ukraine has nothing to do with the inflation, high fuel costs, baby food shortage etc., the game is over, the people are awake. The [CB] is going to expose the truth via the economy, it will reveal it all so the people can see it clearly.

The Biden administration is lying about EVERYTHING. Ukraine isn’t on the radar of the People. The playbook is TO DESTROY THE WESTERN BANK SYSTEM…


The [DS] is now scrambling, the plan has been accelerated, the people are seeing everything play out. Irrefutable election fraud evidence has been released and the [DS] apparatus is in shambles. Trump and the patriots built the most powerful weapon and they are ready to unleash it against the [DS]. [JB] helps Trump and calls him the MAGA King so Trump uses this to his benefit. The MAGA king is about to return. Game Over.

TRUTH SOCIAL is about to go online for EVERYONE. The liars will not be able to hide behind the controlled MSM, the corrupt courts and police forces, etc. Timing is EVERYTHING!!!

More and more evidence is being gathered… fake news, big tech, and the Deep State are going to be devastated…

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