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Pleiadian Spirituality

Here is a question posed by one of my readers:

First thing I will state, I am not an authority on such matters, yet, I have been brought up as a Pleiadian rather than a Venusian, so tend to adhere more to the spiritual practices of my Father’s people, the VaCoupe Family.

Chris writes…you say you are not a spiritual teacher nor a priestess. So, are priestesses in higher dimensions spiritual teachers? I’m curious about their duties, since I have a sister who believes she was a high priestess for her star race but doesn’t remember much about what she did.

First of all, spiritual practices will vary even amongst the Isles (planets) of the Pleiadian Federation, which is what I call the Pleiadian star ‘cluster’.  The federation is a vast swath of space with many star systems and thousands of isles, large and small.

In most of the main Isles of the Pleiades, we have both priests and priestesses.  Several of the larger isles have very ancient Temples sited upon them, which tend to draw pilgrims from all over the multiverse due to their high light frequency and the palatable sense of the Presence of the Divine Feminine.  A few of the isles (of which I am currently aware from this perspective) also have spiritual schools, either associated with a large Temple complex or part of a university.  The city of Arconia on the Isle of Medina has a university that draws students from all over to study spirituality.  Temples like the ancient Temple of Groche on the Isle of Maia, and the great Shemont on Medina, also have schools included within their complexes.  Even some of the smaller towns and villages might have schools dedicated to teaching young girls in their primary schooling, until they decide to go onto university or to attend a spiritual school for training towards becoming a priestess.

The Pleiades leans more towards worshiping the Divine Feminine Essence of our Father/Mother God, although some of the isles practice more of a Buddhic slant to their spiritual practices.

Now, are priestesses teachers?  Most assuredly, teachers, healers, and counselors.  So, are priests, who also often serve in the role of teachers for advanced subjects like mathematics, the physical sciences and the like.  Priests also often serve as secretary or personal assistants for lords and ladies, although a person doesn’t have to be a priest to fulfill such a role.

Now, I am focusing primarily on the fifth dimensional physical existence within the Pleiadian Federation.  We certainly have great ascended masters and ladies who resonate at a much higher frequency and do spiritual meditation work at a very high level, many communicating in a collective voice with Pleiadian starseeds on Earth, especially during this transitional period of Earth’s history.

The Pleiades has a High Priestess for the entire Federation.  She is called by the title of ‘The Shekinah’ and serves for a specified period of years.  The Lady is neither a queen nor is she mated during her time of service as the office is quite demanding of one’s physical and spiritual energies.  The Shekinah also oversees all of the temple schools and other high priestesses. 

One former Shekinah of the Pleiades is now the High Priestess of Terra, the Lady Amethyst, Archeia of the 7th Ray, Violet Flame, and Divine Complement to Lord and Archangel Zadkiel VaCoupe.  Both Amethyst and Zadkiel serve out of the etheric Temple located above the island nation of Cuba. Lady Amethyst also happens to be the Sister to Lord Ashtar, High Commander of the Ashtar Command.

High Priestesses typically perform similar duties to a Mother Superior of a convent, although in the Pleiades, priestesses are allowed to mate and have children and still serve the Divine Mother.  Priestesses are able to choose whether or not they wish to mate and cannot be compelled to if they do not wish it.  A young woman who finishes her senior studies and is made a priestess is given the title of ‘lady’ no matter what her original breeding or family.  Priestesses often marry very powerful men as being highly-trained and stable individuals they can act as strong counselors and helpmates for their husbands.  It is a great honor to become a priestess in the Pleiades, although not one I have been eager to take on myself.  I would rather be a Shaman.

The priestesses act as teachers and guides for the young, healers for those who require counseling, and act as counselors for those who hold important positions within the Federation.  Priestesses usually lead their congregations in daily community meditations consisting of chanting, prayers, dancing, and singing.  It does depend on the isle.

I hope I have given my readers a sense about some of our spiritual practices in the Pleiades and how important spirituality is to all peoples there.  Through our devotion to spirit, we have evolved from the fourth dimension and into the fifth, and in some cases, much higher. 

Go in Peace,

I AM Sundeelia

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Sanat Kumara: Be like an oasis in the desert

Hibiscus, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sanat Kumara: Be like an oasis in the desert

via Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

I AM Sanat Kumara, co-Regent of Venus along with my Divine Complement, Lady Venus. I long served as planetary logos for the Earth, from the holy city of Shamballa, home of the Ascended Masters and connection to your sister world, the neighboring planet of Venus. Through the ages prior to the great Fall of Man, I have played many roles and presented many faces to many cultures. Some know me as Ahura Mazda; Skanda, the warrior son of Siva (Shiva); and to some I am known as the Ancient of Days. Whatever my name, whatever face that I present to your consciousness, I am one with you within the secret sanctuary of your Heart.

I have come to offer my thoughts, my counsel and my encouragement, along with those of my brother, Ganesh, the Great Divine Director (aka Lord Chananda Gia). We are one in our purpose and dedication to the evolution of this planet and to its inhabitants. Long ago, I decided to commit myself to the mission of holding the light for the evolutions of Terra. Leaving my home on Venus, I came to this darkened planet arriving in the place prepared by those who preceded me, Shamballa. Of those who read these words today, some of you are among the first to arrive with me from Venus, one of the 144,000 of high Venusian masters, committed like myself to the welfare of the inhabitants of our sister planet, Terra. We did not wish to see her destruction as happened to at least one other planet in your solar system, the planet, Maldek. Once a giant Earth-like planet, all that exists of Maldek (aka Tiamat) today is the rubble field of asteroids lying in the space between Mars and Jupiter. Instead, we chose to dedicate ourselves to the mission of aiding humanity into returning to a state of self-awareness where they would be prepared to re-take up the mantle and stewardship of their own planetary home. That great day now approaches. Although there is some way still to go, the moment approaches when enough self-aware beings upon this planet will be ready to assume conscious stewardship of the planet and the future of humanity.

What mission have you chosen to undertake? What commitment have you made? How do you approach your daily life, with a sense of defeatism or an ever upwelling of optimism?

Perhaps you do not know what your mission is yet? Perhaps you are unwilling to look with clear seeing at that which you would deny, simply out of a sense of feeling unprepared, unconvinced that you are worthy of such an endeavor. You see what you choose to see. You feel what you choose to feel. You can change your outlook in a second, with a simple change in perspective. How do you choose to view your world? Are you one who sees the glass half empty or half full? Know that you have the power to create your own reality and how you will play in it; it is all up to you. Accept the power that dwells within you; it is real, more real than the hologram in which you play today.


The power that wells up from within emanates from Source. Like a spring in the middle of a desert, it finds its way to the surface through the barrier of your denial and worms its way into your awareness. You cannot deny the power of Love as you cannot deny the power of your solar body, the Sun, to warm you with its rays. It simply is, as you are. You are the world. You are the creator of your world. You hand yourself lessons every day to test yourself, to see if your awareness has grown or whether you are still in denial of your beauty and power. It is up to you to decide whether or not if you learn from those lessons, release all self-judgment and condemnation and move forward with resolve to come into greater awareness or to retreat into greater self-denial or darkness.

Those of us who have worked so long in the fields of this world, cultivating self-awareness among its inhabitants, starting up new modes of thinking and being, we would hope that you chose to come into greater alignment with the one who is your true self, your Soul. In keeping a deep-seated desire to renew your connection to your Soul, you will also come into connection through the Bridge of Light, with your Higher Self. This Self consists of those who you called the Ascended Masters, angelic beings, archangels and others who dwell in the realms of Light.

Not all chose to leave the Realms of Light to descend into the various worlds of this universe that had been darkened by the miscreations and misalignment of some. There were many who chose to hold the balance as their brothers and sisters and twin flames descended and then fell into the lower, heavier depths of the third dimension. They chose to remain behind so that they could take up the role of mentor, teach and guide to those struggling to see through the mists of the astral plane surrounding your world.

Now understand, dear ones, although you walk through the darkened valley of the third dimension, you need not keep clothed in the darkness of spirit that haunts those who chose to deny self, who chose self-condemnation and self-hatred. This darkness is twisted and warped and often directed outward to those appearing as “other” or “different”, whether this difference exists in lifestyle, sexual preference, religion, culture or physical appearance. You can choose, consciously, to release these self-imposed bonds and to step free, into self-acceptance, self-love and through your sincere efforts, into service to others through living your own life free of boundaries, self-imposed or imposed by forces outside of yourself. You can choose to be in this world, but not of it, not controlled by anything outside of your own consciousness (although truly you are the only One partaking of this experience).

Along the way on the path of rediscovering those parts of your being which you thought lost or perhaps as never belonging to yourself, you will learn more about your world and how it works. The departing third dimension worked with rigid structures and boundaries; expressions of “never”, “always” and “must” ruled the daily life of the masses. You learned to follow the teachings of those “outside” of yourself, most often those individuals closest to you in daily life, your parents, teachers, religious leaders, and friends. You were taught to conform, to fit in, to follow the guidance of your elders and of elected officials and professionals. You were taught out of the ability to think for yourself, to feel your own feelings, to act on your own intuition. You were encouraged to fit in, to conform and to be whatever was considered “normal” in your culture and society. It mattered not that other people living next to you in the same city acted in a totally different manner than what you were taught was “right”. They were different; therefore, they became the enemy.

Your leaders and those shadowy figures who acted as your leaders’ puppet-masters, the Illuminati and controllers, sought to control all deviation within society, all sense of revolution, to stifle any drive towards independence. Those of you who thought or acted independently from what was considered the norm or accepted ways of being was targeted for persecution, torment and sometimes destruction and death.


Beyond what you have been presented in your modern world, there existed before a world that was very, very different, but the ways of the ancestors were also covered up when they didn’t fit the paradigm desired by the controllers. Ancient libraries and sacred sites were destroyed, burned, pillaged and buried in a desire to blank out the past and to destroy the roots binding the people to the earth, to the sky and waters.

Still, cycles move on and now the Light grows brighter on Terra, burning away the dross of the last couple of centuries of darkness and destruction. The ties with the ancient past of this world are being recreated through the avid exploration and efforts of scientists who have moved beyond the existing paradigm in their determination to understand why certain facts and discoveries do not fit what has been accepted in colleges and universities as being “truth” for the past century or so.

The continuous cycle of violence and war that has existed for several centuries worldwide is now being revealed as being coordinated by a small group of people, interconnected by a web of secrecy, determined to keep the populations of countries and continents at war with each other so they can, as a whole, be kept under control. War and tools of war, chemical and biological warfare, have been used by the armies and corporations of the planet against their own kind, humanity, in a bid to do the will of their masters, to eliminate the surplus population so the survivors would have more. These acts of self-destruction are now in the process of being revealed, first in alternative media sources, but more and more in mass media sources. When the sleeping giant of the populace really understands the length that these plans for mass destruction and control have been in existence, it may take a while to release the anger, despair, grief and outrage that will emerge from the astral body of humanity.

As the light and energy emanating from cosmic sources penetrates and breaks up the rubble of the structures of the departing third dimension, the light penetrates into the waking consciousness of the general populace, waking them from their lengthy sleep of denial. They stir restlessly, no longer able to dismiss what they can see with their own eyes, feel with their own heart, and hear with their own ears. The world is changing and with it, each person must choose their own way, by going forward or remaining stubbornly in place, willfully by denying self-consciousness, by denying their connection with their multi-dimensionality.

Will you choose to go forward or will you choose to remain behind, striving to hide from your own light and power? The choice is yours. It has always been yours; and we will abide by your wishes for yourself. It is your responsibility to choose. Your refusal to choose is a choice to remain in the three dimensional world or at least to attempt to cling to what is known, for the third dimension is going way. So… it is inevitable that you will, eventually, join up with your fellows, and find your own way onto the path Home, back to the fifth dimension and the Realms of Light. How long that journey might take is up to you.

This planet and the great being that ensouls her, Gaia, is committed to the path of return. The ones, who volunteered to assist in her return, the light workers and wayshowers, the star seed, as they have been variously called, are also committed to the path of return. They walk the path not for the first time, but as ones who have mastered other paths and dimensions in their “past” or other lives, which exist simultaneously in the ever present Now. It is sometimes hard to explain these concepts in terms of human language which is by custom and intent limited in its ability to convey spiritual realities. Spirit exists within paradox. All things exist within the One. You have believed that you are a separate being, but in truth you have never left the Garden. Yet you still must release the false beliefs, allowing for the healing of your physical body and ascending slowly through the vibratory levels until you can handle the lighter frequencies of the fifth dimension.

You exist in many worlds and dimensions all at once. This is truth and will ever evade the ability of the rational mind or ego to understand the paradox that is presented. Just feel into the awareness of this and decide for yourself whether it is true for you today. Just because it may make you feel uncomfortable this morning, does not mean that you cannot learn to accept this truth as your own in the “future” present moment. You will come into self-awareness and awareness of your connection to all life in your own time and in your own way.

Oregon Butte 034

As a spring in the desert waters the oasis and acts as a place for all to gather to rest from their journey and to gain strength for the next step, so you, too, can act as the waters of life, giving your light and presence to all who you encounter during your daily life. How you interact with people, how you honor your inner guidance, how you work to strengthen and rebuild your inner connections to Soul and to your Higher Self, will reflect in how other people view you. They may not understand what it is that you are, but they will instinctively react each according to their own level of self-acceptance and self-love. Those who still exist entirely in a world of self-deception and avoidance will not be able to look you in the eye, yet they will gain sustenance despite themselves. Those who are further along the path of return will view you as friends and companions on the same or similar journey. They will greet you with great relief and joy as you gather at the water’s edge and perhaps accompany you as you move on again to the next oasis.

We stand with you, ever at your side, as each one of you prepares to walk the walk across the bridge of light to reconnect with Spirit, with your Higher Self and full multi-dimensionality. You are in the process of returning into fully conscious awareness and experience of your self-mastery. It is a journey that takes concentration, dedication and desire. It is not a journey to be undertaken for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of the many.

We serve to raise humanity back into the light, but you need to make the last steps of the journey at your own pace, step by step. We can only guide, counsel and teach. The rest is your own, to master and to accept as being truly what exists already within each of you, Love and Power and connection to the Will of God. Go with our blessings and with our love. We bow to the divinity that exists within each one of you; Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Sanat Kumara

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The Great Divine Director: A Brand New Day

via Tazjma VaCoupe

Dear ones, we join you, again, on a brand new day for humanity and for your little planet, Earth. Do you feel any different? Does anything that you see look different? Probably not, unless you are open to the awareness that something has changed. That something is someone – you!

You have changed although your physical senses have not quite communicated that knowledge to your mind in a comprehensive fashion as yet. It will, when it figures out that the old ways of perceiving the world around you no longer are valid. It must and will adjust and begin to see the new world which you have now entered with new eyes, eyes that are enhanced with inner vision and wisdom of your soul and monad. You are now entering or re-entering the world from which you emerged as spirit, as an ephemeral being of “mind” stuff and entered a fetus at or just before birth. What has been true or believed to be true in the physical world is now in the processing of morphing before your senses.

And it is not so true that the physical world has changed; it is that you are now able to expand your perception (or will be soon!) beyond what was able to enter into your awareness through your limited physical senses. No longer will you be limited to five senses (hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell) but these senses will be enhanced and enlarged to what has been considered psychic senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and intuition). You will no longer be dependent on those avenues of the five senses to perceive and judge what is going on around you.

You will begin to “wake” up to the fact that your physical senses have been limiting, rather severely, your perception of what is really all around you, now. You are in the process of expanding, of becoming more of what you truly are, an extension or part of creation. You will soon discover that you are not limited to existing within the interior of your skin; that you are not and never have been limited to a single body. You are part and portion of Source that has taken on an individualized awareness so you might experience God as being God, so that you might experience All That Is as being first separate and now unified with your awareness.

Source is always changing and expanding, and as such, desires to experience those portions of itself by temporarily feeling separate from it. Such an experience is now ending and the cycle of return to an awareness of wholeness is beginning. If our words confuse your mind, feel them in your heart. You have never truly been separate from Source and from each other; it was only a temporary state of feeling separation so you might know for Source what it feels like. Now that it has experienced the state of separation, Source desires to flow with the cycles and move into unity. Within this Universe, all is now in motion to begin that dance of unity, with the web of love, to re-unite and flow together. The cycle is vast and this Universe is but one among many. You have much “time” to experience new worlds, but first you must open to a new way of experiencing your own individualized awareness of the world around you. First you must open to each other, as brothers and sisters with one and another, and with all life that surrounds you within your environment.

We know that with the opening of your new senses and a renewed sense of connection that you, as a people, as humanity, will begin to understand that you are truly connected to your planet. You will intuitively understand with your heart and finally, understand with your mind, that you are dependent on your mother, the Earth, for your sustenance as a foundation of your physical existence. You are also dependent on each other, as human beings, for company, support and community as you move forward and reclaim your precious mother and begin to clean up and repair the damage that has been done to her in your moments of collective delusion.

Did you think that you could escape to some other beautiful world when you have nearly destroyed this one? No. You need to understand that each of you has a responsibility to work with the planet, to find ways, new ways to renew and allow healing to be accomplished. With the gifts that will be unfolding within each of you, we know that you will discover new and even old ways of being that are much more healthy for your own bodies and that of the earth. You will re-discover and use technology that has been long suppressed by those who did not wish to work with the remainder of humanity, with those who deemed themselves somehow special and different. You are all special, but you are all members of the human race and inhabitants of a precious water world of unparalleled beauty, which will once more take her place as a living jewel of the Universe in which you all are a part.

There is much healing to be done between disparate brothers and sisters, but soon enough you will find that you can no longer use the games of polarity and duality; you will come together, you must come together as one people, one being and part of the universe and creation that surrounds you.

Know that as your awareness, inner and outer, expand, that you will truly sense and begin to understand and “see” the connections that already exist between each of your physical bodies. You are not separate beings; you have never been separate beings, but have long lived in a state of thinking that you are separate. Your thoughts have been mirrored back to you through your feelings of being separate, open to being hurt and harmed by “others”. There are no others that exist separate from your own individualized awareness. That awareness will be undergoing a huge expansion until there is an understanding, intuitive and cognitive, of the reality of your unity and connection to each other and all life.

Much change lies before you in this new world into which you now find yourself. Your friends and neighbors, perhaps those who you once saw as enemies may all appear to be unaware of the changes going on within, but we tell you that they are. There is an appearance of chaos in the world because this inner awareness is coming forward within the thoughts and consciousness of all humanity. Foundations, laws, institutions and ways of being once thought to be unchanging and immutable are now being discovered as being rigid, unforgiving and unable to adapt to suit the changing world. As the minds and hearts of humanity expand, these institutions will change or disappear. New ways of being and living will come forward; all will be in a state of flux for some time as you go forward into a brave new world of unity and love.

It is up to each of you to open to the new energies that are all around you. Plants and animals are instinctively a part of these energies; they never left the world of nature, of connection, love and light. There will be changes in the appearance of your world as it adjusts to the expansion of your energies and awareness for your consciousness is a vital part of this world. It is your thoughts that give form to what you see and experience around yourself. Change your thoughts and the perceptions of those thoughts and you will change your world. You are capable of far more than you currently believe. You are more than you currently believe; in time your perception will expand to incorporate greater expansion of awareness as you move beyond reliance upon the limitations that have been formerly your experience in the lower three dimensional plane. Now, as you move into the fourth dimension and beyond, your senses will naturally expand and your experience will change. Be willing to open to those changes and to trust in the process.

Listen within to your guides, to your heart. Reason with your mind, but do not seek to limit yourself to what you have known before. You will be able to expand your knowledge by tapping into the vastness of Divine Mind. As you learn to trust, you will be able to know what you need to know when you need to know it because there will be no more limitations existing in this new world unlike your limited beliefs and conditioning from the old world.

There will be a period of adjustment that is necessary before you are able to navigate confidently through this great new world, but we know you find much to discover, much to amuse and delight your senses and much to share with each other.

Go with our love. We are ever in your heart of hearts, within the eternal Now.

Thank you, Great Divine Director

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Lake Wallowa, NE Oregon, photo by Eliza Ayres

Lord Chananda Gia: Climbing Up the Spiral Staircase

by Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

It is Independence Day in the United States of North America (originally published on the 4th of July, 2013). All over the planet, people are coming together and declaring their independence from the decaying and corrupt systems of control that have dominated your world’s geopolitics and international relationships for some time. People are stepping forward outside the box of socio-indoctrination, outside of religion, outside of public education, outside of science, outside of mass media, and into themselves. People are waking up from the fearful dream that has been brought to you via your media sources in order to keep them in submission and unable to fend for themselves or to work together for a better world.

It is time to let the dark secrets that every individual, community and nation carry within their collective unconscious, within the vast astral body of this planet, it is time for these secrets to be brought into the light and allowed to dry and scatter in the wind of change. For change is upon you whether or not you are prepared for it or willing to release your fears so that you may go forth and claim a new way of life.

We are here among you. We walk with you throughout your day. We exist within your heart, within your connection to the unspoken voice of your soul and I AM Presence. When your heart is lifted up by the smile of a friend, the laughter of children, the antics of a beloved pet, by the sight of a beautiful garden, by the untrammeled beauty and grace of wild creatures and places… we are there. And we stand beside you in unguarded moments of doubt and confusion, waiting ever for you to reach out to us, for assistance, for guidance, for a simple blending of our love with yours within your heart.

On a day like this, it is a good time to ponder what is independence, what is freedom? What is it to you? Is it the ability to vote for your leaders? Is it the freedom to speak your mind to whoever and whenever? Is it the freedom to carry a weapon with which to defend yourself and your family? Is it the opportunity to have a public education provided to your children? Is it the freedom to eat a holiday meal with loved ones without fear? Is Independence Day just another day in a mundane life? Or is independence and freedom an opportunity to step beyond the limits of the old paradigm and into the vast unknown, unquantifiable regions of the fifth dimension. Is it the time to step out of an illusion and back into the reality where each of you is a light being and already walk in mastery, wisdom and beauty?

Each of you, both those conscious and those who remain in denial of the vast changes sweeping the planet, are now embarked upon a sacred dance up the spiral of evolution. Your species is about to be completely transformed into something unexpected and quite beautiful; words are not capable of describing what is to come to past. And each of you is a part of the change and challenge that exists within this period of transition and transformation. For those of you who have consciously chosen to step forth, you are more aware, yet all who live on the planet are aware in their feeling bodies that time is being squeezed into shorter increments and the tempo of change is increasing. What once took thousands of years to come into being has now been compressed down into minutes. Each of you is living through the effects of hundreds, if not thousands of lifetimes, during the period of a day or a week. No wonder the most sensitive among you feel exhausted and worn out by the effort of just holding a body form intact.


As the frequency levels of the planet increase, due to the barrage of cosmic rays, coronal mass ejections and plasma filaments from your own star, there are those who are choosing to depart from human form. Do not judge them. The oversoul or I AM Presence and the soul choose the path for each individual, what is to be experienced, what opportunities or challenges to be confronted, at least in general.

For each, there is a choice now: to leave, to flow with the tides of change, surfing on the edge of the wave or to be the wave, to be the pioneer, the wayshower, the gatekeeper for those who follow. Each of you has their own traveling papers as it were, internal codes to be followed as they open up within. Do not be surprised if those who appear to be asleep around you suddenly wake up, even as those codes come online. It is so for the plant as it patiently lies in the ground in the form of a seed, waiting for the warmth of the sun to activate the codes that will start new growth. Then, as the plant grows, it continues to change its shape, transforming until culminating in a flower or fruit, only to change into a seed, again.

Cycles and spirals of cycles are upon you all, in an ever increasing tempo. Yet, you can discover calm and serenity within even as you dance to the sound of your own drumming heart, even as you step forth first hesitantly and then with greater confidence, the ancient sacred dance of evolution. The dance will take you both out of your limited sense of self and into your unlimited multidimensionality. It is time to declare your independence from limitation, from social conditioning, from having to listen and obey the voices of others. It is time to regain sovereignty over your own being, over your body, and over the future of your world.

Control is meant to come from within and to act as a guide not a deterrent to creativity. The masculine energies are meant to give structure while the feminine energies flow, spiral and curl, expanding and contracting as the tides move across the planet. With a balance of these energies within your own being, an acceptance of both the dark and light aspects of your own self, there emerges a new willingness to allow others to be true to their own inner voice and guidance, as well.

Humanity is coming into a period of beginning to understand that it is a collective being, made up of individuals, but living together on a planet that has a special place in the Universe. Together you are creating and building the first step for the entire Universe to step upon, as each level and dimension of being rises in level. Your skies will be enlightened by two suns. Your climate will be moderate the world over. There will be no polar ice caps or great frozen wastelands or even deserts.

Arid places will bloom, again. The seas will rise, some islands will be inundated but other lands will rise up above the seas as volcanoes channel the energies of the expanding planet. Your planet is a dynamic changing being as are you. Accept the possibility of change in your life and look forward to the opportunities that come your way. There is no way that you can fail upon your journey. We have seen paradise return to the earth as we live in the eternal Now and can see all things as they play out simultaneously. You contain the same ability to see in this manner within each of you. Open to an awareness and acceptance that you are both a simple individual and a grand being of light, grounded and powerful, capable of great things, wonders and potentials.

Right now, there are those who dismiss our words, either out of fear or a desire to hold onto what is known. This attitude of denial will no longer be possible. The voice of the collective is coming awake; it is the roar of a lion and will not be ignored. The powers that controlled your world no longer can hold back the tide of change and transformation. Their time is over; it is your opportunity to declare your freedom from domination and to allow yourself to respond to the call within. Discover what it is that brings joy to your heart and follow that siren call. It will transform your world if only you trust and have faith that within you lies everything you need.

Atop Mt. Howard
On top of Mt. Howard, photo by Eliza Ayres

The explorers go first, breaking trail and forging new pathways. Next, the pioneers arrive, building community and forming new groups who will explore together ways of living in harmony with nature and her cycles, rhythms and flow. Next will come the weavers, those who will weave together new ways of being in community across the entire planet.

Teachers and students will exchange roles, leaders and followers will do so also as the needs of the collective and individual change and evolve. New patterns will emerge to form a beautiful fabric of a new society, one that engages everyone, and brings abundance, opportunity, beauty, grace, wisdom and strength to all, no matter their location or place upon the planet. No one person will be greater or less than another; all will be special in their own way, supported by the collective and encouraged to explore their own gifts both for their own benefit and growth and that of the community at large. It will be a new world and it exists within your heart and dreams already.

Step forth, lightly, upon the spiral dance, beneath sun and moon, following the trail laid out by your ancestors and the elementals, by the ascended masters and star warriors. You are in the process of embarking on a whole new way of existence, one that is free from worry and fear, one that is free and independent from control, one that is both ancient and timeless. We stand with you, guiding and lending you our support when it is called forth, but each of you must take the first step on the way to becoming more of your Self.

See the spiral steps before you and do not hesitate to listen within as the heavenly songs of angels call to you, engaging your attention and intent to embark or continue on the journey home. We will be there to welcome you home, dear ones, our brave brothers and sisters who willingly forgot who they were for one moment in eternity, in order to bring a world back into the light. Our blessings go forth to all.

I AM Lord Chananda Gia, the Great Divine Director, and serve the Will of the Mother / Father God of your local Universe and the Creator who is all things, both seen and unseen.

Go in peace. Namaste.

Copyright © 2012-21 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  Recordings and/or videos of this written material is no permitted.  http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/ and https://sunnysjournal.com

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Brunette Angel

Sundeelia: Law of Grace

Note to Readers: Inspired by one of the quotes below, I decided to write an essay on Grace, that lovely and mysterious dispensation that is sometimes granted to those who might feel they don’t deserve it, but who have surrendered and appealed to Heaven for help.

Merriam-Webster defines Grace in part as unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification. Unmerited means ‘unearned’.  Hence grace gives someone something that has not been earned by their own works but by their surrender to something greater than themselves.

The Law of Grace

“The law of grace supersedes the law of karma. If at one point we realize that we have done wrong and have truly learned our lesson, we may find ourselves dealing with the intervention of grace. This is when we can ‘dodge’ the corrective action of karma because we have come to realize that what we have done is wrong, and we go to work fixing this. However, grace is not an excuse to avoid our responsibilities and make up for them later. It only comes to us when we have truly gained understanding, and we move to use that understanding in our lives.

Awareness of grace can come to us when we are facing a difficult situation and we call out for help. At that moment, it may feel as if someone has lifted an enormous weight off our shoulders, or we feel as if everything is going to be all right. It can come to us at a time when we feel down and suddenly, we find the strength to continue, or in a moment of inspiration. Opening ourselves to grace can make our paths easier to travel.” ~ Edgar Cayce

Grace is a Divine dispensation of mercy.  It dissolves karma, creates miracles and can change matter.  Our soul has accepted the opportunity to incarnate on this planet to learn about and experience emotions and a physical body.  We also have free-will in order to create our own life in a place where every thought, word and deed manifests.  We can invoke the Universal Spiritual Law of Grace to transmute our debts, change emotional feelings, heal relationships and the physical body – however, we must be ready to receive it.  We created all of our situations with our consciousness and we must learn the lesson/s before we ask for grace.  We can offer grace to others through our compassion, mercy, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  Whenever we open our hearts to another, we too receive an inflow of Divine love. Compassion, empathy, mercy, unconditional love and forgiveness are Divine qualities which confer grace. Every time you open your heart with compassion, the love emanating from you grants someone else grace.  A change of attitude may take place or the release of a deeply held fear or even a physical healing. The more grace we offer, the more in turn we receive.  ~ author, Lorene Camacho, translated by: Joanne Walmsely, http://universalspirituallaws.blogspot.com/2010/09/spiritual-law-of-grace.html

The Law of Grace has similar workings to Forgiveness; it dissolves karma, creates miracles, and can transform your life.

From this perspective, I can recall an incident in Tazjma’s life when she was suffering from the after-effects of getting a divorce from her husband.  She had moved clear across the state, took up residence in a strange town, was living in a dismal basement apartment during the Autumn and felt very alone, depressed, almost desperate.  She chose to attend a church service at the local Unity Church and heard a sermon from the minister suggesting that if you are in need to call upon God for help.  So, she went home and did just that… and almost immediately, she felt wrapped up in the energetic arms of an Angelic being.  She started crying and went on crying, releasing all the self-incrimination and judgment and let go.  After a while, she climbed into bed and still felt the warm presence surrounding her like a warm blanket.  She went to sleep.  This brief experience helped her in the days, months, and years to come feeling like a golden moment when she knew and experienced the Truth that we are not alone.  She called upon God for help and help came.  It felt like Grace to her and gave her the needed strength to continue on with her own Path, despite what anyone else had to say about the matter.

Grace comes to us when we realize that we have stepped out of alignment, when we wish to redeem ourselves, where we can be honest enough to realize we may have made a mistake, or we simply need to face up to the circumstances that we have brought upon ourselves as a consequence of our decisions and choices.  Grace can grant us the necessary peace of the heart to give us strength to continue to rectify our lives, to forgive ourselves for making a difficult choice that may have upset other people.   

Grace can arrive in the form of a sudden insight, too, that clarifies and eases the mind, lifts the spirits, and creates a change in attitude, which will, in turn affect our outlook on other people or circumstances within our own lives.  Grace can arrive in the form of a change of heart… altering the possible outcome of an incident from something potentially severe to something more benign.  Grace can lend one strength and courage to face whatever is bothering them.

According to Tony Evans, the overriding Law of Grace… gives you the ability to either override or to work through adverse circumstances in your life? We all face things that seem difficult to overcome: problems, pain, frustrations, people. Sometimes, it looks like we are being overridden by that which appears to be out of our control. What grace does is it comes alongside of us either to override something or to take us through something that seems to be overwhelming. You take the law of gravity which holds us down, and you take the law of aerodynamics which lifts us up. It doesn’t cancel the law of gravity, but it does override it so that we can fly in an airplane even though the law of gravity is still working. ~ https://tonyevans.org/the-overriding-law-of-grace/

According to Christian philosophy or thought, Grace comes only when you have accepted Jesus Christ.  Not being a Christian or adhering to such a limited outlook, I would prefer to attribute the unmerited gift of Grace to divine intervention from one’s Higher Self or even Source energy.  Not everyone on this planet is a Christian.  Jesus himself wasn’t one, either, nor were his early followers, but that is a topic for another essay.

When you open yourself up to listen to something or someone other than your own ego, you allow the flow of Light to come into your world, Divine Intelligence, as well as Love, compassion and empathy, for yourself, your circumstances, your choices… and perhaps can begin to see there is an alternative way to perceive the world around you.

Most people outside certain esoteric circles do not know that to receive assistance from benign beings like Angels, you must first grant permission for such intervention to take place.  Angels and other benign higher dimensional beings follow Cosmic Law and do not interfere where they are not wanted.  Ignorance of Cosmic Law is not an excuse.  Once you have declared in humility your need, the help is there instantly.  Depending on your own sensitivity you may or may not feel the comforting energy, but you will begin to feel differently, more hopeful. So, in a time of need, spend a little time within, ask for help in getting through the difficult transitions that many people are facing these days with tremendous and often unwanted change being thrust into your life, especially if you are at all resistant.  Let grace soften your way forward when you have momentarily lost your way.

Additionally, grace is one of the divine qualities of the 6th Solar Aspect of Deity, the Ruby-Gold Ray: Divine Grace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Peace, and the Manifestation of the Christ. After his ascension, Lord Sananda (Jesus/Yeshua) was the Chohan of the Sixth Ray, so perhaps it is interesting that Christians feel it is necessary to accept Jesus the Christ as their Savior in order to receive the dispensation of grace within one’s life… only Christ Consciousness is Universal and not limited to Christians… Lady Nada is now the Chohan of the Sixth Ray.

I send my love and blessings to all.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, photo by Eliza Ayres
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Similar in appearance to my Pleiadian Sister, Tazjma VaCoupe Dino

Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else?

Here’s another topic suggested by my friend and long-time reader, the Arcturian starseed:

‘And following on that thought came… there’s been a lot of talk about “taking our bodies with us,” when we ascend. And that doesn’t make sense to me, especially as we age (I mean, I don’t mind leaving this particular elder vehicle behind at all!) but what does make sense is consciously relocating while we’re here. In other words, we don’t die in the 3D sense, but instead consciously choose when to leave by shifting our consciousness out of our bodies to where we next want to go.  (For me, home to my mate and my Arcturians.)’

All I can say in reply is, “Brilliant!”

For this insight of my friend addresses some deep human programming here, the belief that you begin and end where your physical body exists.  Sorry, folks, I’m about to burst your little bubble, especially all those ascension teachers and faddists who believe if they just perfect the body to the point when the carbon-based cells can magically translate into crystalline structures, they will be able to step into the world of the fifth dimension and never have to worry about getting ill or dying, again.

Where do diamonds come from?  What happens when water is cooled and becomes ice?  Crystals form in both cases.  Compressed carbon becomes diamonds, eventually.  Water becomes ice crystals.  Now, just how much water is contained already within that fragile physical body?  Hmmm, about 80% give or take a percentage.  Seems to me that your earthy body is already crystalline, although currently in a somewhat liquid, squishy form.  Now, I’m not a scientist as I have mentioned before, but this is a question or observation I have made more than once while here.

As a walk-in, I am NOT here to ascend this physical form.  It is borrowed, like an older car.  I take care of it, but I have absolutely no intention of taking it Home with me.  I already possess a perfectly good vehicle at Home, one that is decades younger, fitter, tall and… well, I used to be slender, only just carried a set of twin boys and am now in the process of nursing the lads until they can successfully eat food on their own.  You know, like an Earth-human mother, for we are fully human, although our bodies do not have a skeleton like yours.  We have cartilage instead of bones, making our bodies stronger and more flexible.  My Father’s people are taller, too.  He stands well over eight feet in height; I stand at about 7’8” in height or 233.68 cm, slightly taller than average height for a woman in our family, although some of my aunts and cousins are over eight feet in height, as well. 

Knowing that, why in the heck would I want to drag a 5’8” Earth human vehicle Home with me?  I mean, really, people!

Now, even in the Pleiades there is much variance in form and function among our ‘people’.  We consider every sort of five-pointed star being (one head, two arms, two legs) as being a humanoid.  It doesn’t matter what their head looks like… they’re a human being in our thinking and acceptance.  We understand and live unity in diversity and sometimes that diversity is very, very real in forms. 

For example, we have what I have come to call the great Felines, beautiful, intelligent beings who have tawny hides and manes, slightly jutting jaws with magnificent canines, slightly growly physical voices, and who range from tall slender like cheetahs to massive Leonine beings standing on two powerful legs over nine feet in height.  Of course, all of our people are now telepathic, but occasionally we utilize our voices to communicate especially when on board our ships. 

As I understand it from this perspective, the Pleiades also contain many sentient animals including whales and dolphins.  They do not have human forms, but we can and do communicate with them if the occasion calls for it.  There are also a dog-like human species, but I don’t have much conscious recollection of their particular appearance.  We also have humans ranging in size from three feet tall to over nine feet tall… humans that you wouldn’t blink at should they pass you by on the street in San Francisco, except their eyes are larger and often times a deep rich blue in coloration.  Our Felines have beautiful golden eyes rimmed with black like the big cats of Earth.

Anyway, why should I want to take this older Earth human vehicle Home with me when I leave this place?  I don’t, even if it (with a portion of my consciousness within it) manages to ascend in frequency somewhat before that time.  As I said, I am a walk-in… a portion of my consciousness entered the body and remained as it was deserted by the former occupant.  Both my sister and I totally do not identify with being the body.  Instead, we identify with being consciousness that has taken up residence within a body vehicle for whatever duration our mission here (or at Home) requires. 

Therefore, the idea that some believers of New Age notions have of physical ascension is rather moot to me, unimportant, beneath consideration.  Yes, if you are a member of the portion of humanity who will ascend (you are ascending right now) your body will need to incorporate and deal with the high frequency light that is bombarding the planet right now.  You will be living in a slightly finer body in a still very physical world as the Earth human genome is designed to be able to function within a wide range of frequencies.  You will still require a home to live in, food to eat and will probably have a job or tasks to do while you are living on the planet.  You are not going anywhere, at least until you let go of the body vehicle and return from whence you came if you are a starseed.  The timing of this departure is totally dependent on your individual soul contract (which can be altered if necessary).

Yes, it is sweet to have an opportunity to live within a body, to walk around, to be able to hug your loved ones, to do physical tasks like gardening, building things, constructing plans, living on a starship, being a scientist, a teacher, an administrator, a counselor, a priestess, shaman, or humble artisan, whatever piques your fancy and can best utilize gifts and talents brought forth from other lives lived in other places and epochs.  It is why we choose to come back, live out our lives, then consciously drop the body, rest between incarnations, and are born, again. 

Some Earth humans who are destined to ascend may not be able to do so with their current physical forms that are unable for one reason or another to adapt to the higher frequencies.  These beings will go out of body and then, when there are sufficient parents available to bring in children, will incarnate in a more conscious fashion than most human children have managed to before due to the existence of the Veil of Forgetfulness.  The general frequency will be at least 4D and with every succeeding generation, will inch higher as individual and collective consciousness continues to climb slowly higher.

Now, I understand that there will be those who believe in the coming Solar Flash that will magically transform the entirety of humanity into 5D beings.  In my humble opinion, a few humans may physically survive such an occurrence, although it is much more likely that a high percentage will instantaneously go out of body due to their bodies inability to adapt or reconfigure its frequency.  As I am not a quantum scientist, I could be very wrong, but… we’ll see, won’t we?

Bottom line, the emphasis in ascension should be the embodiment of your consciousness within the body, allowing your soul essence to enter into your body, a process that entails cleaning out enough space for the body to be a safe environment for the soul essence in which to reside.  If your intuition insists you become a vegan, then do so.  However, your diet isn’t the only deciding factor whether or not your soul finds the body vehicle compatible with its essence.  There is the matter of tackling the clean-out and exposure of all mental and emotional debris, suppressed trauma, pain, wounds, unbalanced emotional issues, etc.  There are at least four elements involved with ascension:  physical healing; emotional healing; mental healing and alignment/connection with guidance from your I AM Presence or Higher Self or spiritual mentors.  Focusing just on the physical form will not cut it in the long run.

Now, I am going to shock people.  I eat meat.  As a high-frequency being living in a lower frequency body I seem to require denser food just to stay grounded.  It is easy for my consciousness to go floating off to the Pleiades while I am writing and performing my active meditation remote viewing writing process.  To be able to live and function here among lower frequency beings, I require a bit of an anchor, so heavier food in small quantities does the trick, for me.  It may not fit all people, but I am not all people, am I?  My sister ascended even after she ate chicken, turkey, and fish as protein sources.  Remember, it’s not about the body vehicle; it’s about the consciousness within the body vehicle.  Tazjma worked very hard on releasing old trauma and pain from many lives lived here on Terra, before she could successfully ascend Home.  Performing spiritual bypassing… avoiding confronting the dark within, will not serve those who claim to be initiates.  Hmmm, that would make another excellent topic to discuss in another essay.

Anyway, consciousness is energy.  Energy is eternal.  As an individual intent on ascension, it is important to address the release of all misaligned energy within your consciousness… which is what I am doing here, rather than at Home, as the frequency on Earth is actually lower than what it was in the Pleiades when I experienced the original trauma.  The clearing process is actually faster here as the trauma is more apparent.  Just look around and truly see the suffering.  The suffering can be relieved if the initiate realizes that it even exists.  Another topic for discussion.

When I was granted permission to come here, I knew I would not remain for long.  As I have oft repeated, I am merely a placeholder for one who has already successfully ascended.  The original occupant who was born, incarnated, into this vehicle already long departed at age three, having consciously chosen to withdraw for unknown reasons.  The switch-over was done per soul contract between the soul of the youngster and my sister, who then walked in and discovered herself standing in front of a bathroom mirror holding a toothbrush in her hand and not knowing her name.  I would imagine it was bit of a shock, but being well-trained and highly intelligent, Tazjma adjusted. 

It was a major shock to me, too, when I arrived and fully took command of the body vehicle.  Suddenly, I felt intense anger, rage even, shock, grief, a sense of separation from family and Home… I knew I had to work to do and eventually discovered how to go about it after taking some time to adjust to just being here on Terra. 

Anyway, when I leave, my consciousness will simply depart, the silver cord will be removed and this portion of Self will re-braid with the remainder of ‘me’ that is already in the Pleiades.  There may or may not be a short period of adjustment, but to my loved ones it will feel that ‘I’ am now more ‘there’.  When this process will take place, I do not know for sure, although it may become more apparent to me later.  I do know that I have been highly successful in performing some major clearing work here via my writing project.  I have had the opportunity to observe humanity making choices and undergoing/enduring a major transition and splitting of timelines (another topic of discussion…).  This has been highly educational for me and a rare opportunity to be in a world but not of it, giving me more insights on the inner state of being of the human collective here.

Now, I will end this essay.  I hope I shone a light on an interesting and somewhat controversial subject.  It may be one that I address further in another essay as I gain more insights on the topic.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  I wish you all well.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this written material is not permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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The area near Tucson Arizona looks similar to the area where my Family home is located…

Sundeelia:  Remote Viewing.  What is it?

Here is an excellent subject to discuss or at least present my thoughts on the matter.  I do not claim to be a scientist or a psychologist.

Now, one long-time reader writes:

First, because of your books’ chapters, I thought it’s not so much that Eliza is remembering multi-dimensional scenarios, but perhaps more what I would call multi-conscious happenings.

In other words, you are able to locate your consciousness here in 3D Earth AND locate it out of this 3D timeline and into other timelines where, although the tech was more advanced than here in 3D, the folks there were experiencing much the same as what we’re going through here with respect to the Star Wars and spiritual advancement.  So, I guess my thinking is, “This process is more multi-conscious than multi-dimensional.”

To my very perceptive reader who is actually an Arcturian starseed herself, I replied:

How right you are!  As I have been writing this rather detailed series of life histories from the past, I am aware that in light of the time continuum there is no ‘past’, but the ever-present NOW.  So, yes, Lord Delos and Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe exist somewhere elsewhere.”

Now to explain it further at least in my understanding.  This writing project of mine started with a short story written in the summer of 2018, a story that was incorporated into the longer short story of Lord Delos and his lives as a Sirian starship commander.  What started it out was an image/vision received by a now former friend (long story) who told me that I had died in an enemy attack at the same time a planet (a small Sirian moon) was being blown up by an enemy fleet.  After finishing the first story, I started writing about Lord Delos’ second Sirian lifetime, a story which ended up being incorporated into a series called Remembrance:  Stories of the Orion Wars – Sirius (see: https://bluedragonjournal.com/the-orion-wars-lord-delos/ )

As I wrote, I guess I would go into an altered state of consciousness, writing without a plan or outline, just writing.  I could see glimpses of the culture, the way people dressed, their interactions and thoughts.  And I felt the intense emotions of the stressed starship commander, whose worlds were being subjected to daily barrages and attacks from the enemy… a new enemy.  Old, long-suppressed emotions began to surface into my consciousness here and now.  As I remembered the people I lost or left behind due to my deaths, I wept.  I still experience moments of sadness when I think of the beautiful complex culture of Sirius and my Family that I left behind when I died in space and could no longer return to the planet that had been my home for two lifetimes.

My experience suggests that remote viewing is possible; one can look into what we term ‘the past’, ‘present’ and ‘the future’, perhaps not realizing that all time, all events are happening in the NOW.  As you sit there reading these words, you could be experiencing a lifetime as a gallant crusader knight, or a Franciscan monk, or a Druid, or a Roman legionnaire, or a whole assortment of lifetimes.

What drew me at least initially to the life of Lord Delos and that of Raphael Kantor was the intensity of their experiences and the probability that I still had stored up trauma and pain within my Light Body that was being exposed to my present-day third-dimensional consciousness so it might be felt, accepted, loved, and released.  As I continued to write further into the story, especially that of Raphael (90+ chapters, now!) I began to see myself in him, perhaps softened now since I am in a female form, yet I understood him very well.

Raphael was held captive for an entire decade as a child.  Writing about his experiences, I began to understand the issues revolving around child trafficking and human trafficking.  The modus operandi of the ‘enemy’ has not changed in all the thousands of years they have spread across the galaxy seeking to conquer one star system after another.  Human trafficking and dark rituals are their way of breaking down the moral code, blackmailing indigenous leaders into cooperating with them, implanting humans who become automatons doing the bidding of their dark rulers… does any of this resonate with you or sound familiar.  I lived it.  And now, confronted with a similar reality here, I recognize the frequency of ‘the enemy’.  We ‘were’/are fighting the same enemy, only we managed to free ourselves hundreds of thousands of years ago, while your people are still waking up to the painful truth that they were invaded by hostile aliens thousands of years ago… Still, because of our suffering, we understand yours.

So, yes, this is an exercise whereby my consciousness expands and lands at a specific time and place (time does exist in a sense as each planetary body and solar system has its own time spiral or cycles, even as time does not exist but is quantum.  Welcome to my world, one filled with paradoxes.)

Recently, I took time to reorganize and, in some places, to rewrite and edit my long story, so I wasn’t writing new chapters for a couple of months.  When it was time to begin an entirely new chapter, it took a while to sink back into the required consciousness and focus to take up where I had left off, back with Raphael, now mature, a man with a large family, acting as regent for the Pleiades a couple of years after the death of his adopted father. 

I will confess that I am often surprised by what comes out of my fingers while I type.  My writing style is more stream of consciousness, although I do edit and sometimes rearrange wording to make it more legible and easier to read, especially as I anticipate many people who have English as a second language to eventually read these stories. 

One thing I hope to convey is the fact that Pleiadians are humans, very human, indeed.  Yes, they have evolved far beyond what they were in the days of Raphael Kantor, from fourth dimensional beings to at least fifth dimensional physical beings, with many of their more highly evolved leaders, ladies and lords, resonating at up to 9D.  We have physical bodies although if you are still resonating at 3D/4D, you probably will not be able to see us should we stand in front of you.  The dimensions have doorways.  To enter a higher dimension, one must have the proper ‘key’ or resonance/frequency.

In the story, I speak about frequency quite a bit.  There are spiritual and psychological truths woven through the story.  It wasn’t planned; it just happened. 

So, a portion of my consciousness (about 8-10%) resides here on Terra in a 4D body with a 6D consciousness.  Raphael was at a similar wavelength or frequency therefore I can see him and feel his emotions and thoughts.  It is as if I am there as I am writing.  And I find it soothing now to reread the story as it reminds me of Home, my real home, the Pleiades.

Meanwhile, the rest of my consciousness (of which I am currently aware) now resides on my home Isle, the Isle of Medina (planet) which is part of the solar system of Electra, one of the bright blue-white stars of the Pleiades.  So, in effect, I am aware of three parts of myself… and others that I have but touched upon.

It is unfortunate that Westerners in general are not aware of the notion of ‘past lives’ as I am living it.  I prefer not to do remote viewing for others right now as I am still focused on finishing up the story of Raphael.  No, I am not going to write about his entire lifetime as he lived about 1,200 years in Earth time.  The years I have covered are the important ones where he suffered and recovered, healed, and excelled in becoming a powerful leader within the Pleiadian Federation.

I am also aware of the rest of me and catch glimpses of her life once in a while.  My mate, Lord Aiden, checks up on me nightly, energetically (I feel his presence in my heart center) and sometimes telepathically if there is something that needs to be conveyed.  This particular lifetime is a happy one, although not without the occasional challenge.  Yes, we are very human and still experience soul lessons as required.

So, yes, I do remote viewing, but not the type that has been utilized by the C.I.A. or the Russians to spy on their enemies.  I have used it as a way to research and locate old pockets of hidden trauma and pain, whose time it is to release so I might rise in frequency at Home and continue to serve my people to best of my ability, given my particular gifts and talents.

I hope this aids those who wonder at the detail of the stories… if not, ask questions, make comments.  Share if you have had peeks into your ‘past’ lives or lives being lived perhaps upon a starship or on another planet somewhere in the stars that we see at night when the sky is dark and clear.

I AM Sundeelia.  Go in Peace.

© All Rights Reserved; no videos or recordings of this material are permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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Looking towards the Eagle Cap Wilderness, NE Oregon, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia: Topics

I have two new topics in mind, one inspired by a YouTube video from Kelly K and another by a saying found on Telegram. The topics are: 1) Are you Selfish or Self-respecting (or something like that…) and 2) Grace… the Law of Grace.

If you have any questions or subjects that you would like me to consider using as a topic for one of my essays, please submit them to my email @ bluedragonjournal@gmail.com. Or put a comment under this post.

Thanks to those who have submitted comments. Writers do appreciate getting some of feedback on occasion, otherwise it feels like I am writing just because I enjoy writing.

Take care of yourselves. This is a rough trip for just about everyone, rather like Class 4 rapids down a river at flood stage on occasion.


P.S. Remember, I will not answer personal questions about an individual’s starry origins.

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Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Evolution or Devolution

And now, to a more sobering topic, devolution or evolution… or?

👉 ‘That’s why there is no “middle path” and no “sitting in the fence” during this Time of Transition. As many esoteric and spiritual teachings have hinted at: “there is a way up and a way down” [Hopi]. The splitting of humanity is at full force which has also been prophesized. The choice is up to each human being. But it’s not just a verbal choice or choice by action. The choice is also determined by the level of being/soul embodiment of each individual.

It’s a choice on a soul level, yet not everyone has a soul developed enough to “move up” in this current cycle. The choice between people taking the jab and who doesn’t also reflects the level of soul embodiment, hence people’s “true colors” are being revealed even of so-called “spiritual teachers”. A truly embodied individual would reject the jab for obvious/common-sense reasons.

Every choice matters and has karmic consequences. Yet. there is no judgment for all there is are lessons over lifetimes and lifetimes.’ ~ Bernard Guenther

Perhaps to some readers, this seems a depressing or anxiety-inducing topic, yet it is a topic that is currently confronting the entirety of humanity thanks to the psychotic ultra-rich tiny minority who has decided to rid the planet of 90+ percent of humanity.  Yet, in the long view, these interlopers in the karma of the collective are acting as instruments of fate, allowing all members of humanity to make a choice, a soul level choice, whether to continue on evolving here on Terra or to be removed and taken to yet another third-density world, there to continue on with their soul lessons. The worst of the worst will ‘ascend’ to a negatively polarized fourth density planet there to work off their karma until they, too, are given an opportunity to fully return into the Light.

Mind you, this is not a judgment on my part, as each individual makes their own choices, despite all views to the contrary.  As an elder, I could be fearful of my own demise as I have had bronchitis in the past and along with it, very high fevers for an entire week or more.  Yet, during this entire nerve-racking ordeal for humanity, I have barely even had a cough or sneeze and it wasn’t because I chose to go around wearing a mask.  I only wear a mask when entering into one of my local grocery stores.  I do not and have not gone to many other stores except occasionally, like every six months or so to get staples like printing ink and paper.  I buy any clothes I need on-line from reliable sources.  I have only entered one restaurant during the past year and ate outside without a mask.  It has been, I must admit, a rather surreal experience.

From the beginning of the mass hysteria, that was purposefully hyped up by a captive (owned) and manipulated press and MSM, social media, et al, I felt this was yet another hoax.  I was correct although it took time for the evidence to come out and only did in drips and drabs for those who knew where to look – which did not include the majority of American people who were addicted to watching television and clung to their cellphones, being bombarded by negative energy waves 24/7.  Since I once worked in medical records and have lived on this planet for seven decades, I knew the ‘virus’ was not real.  The goal of the globalist elite who were pushing the false narrative was to frighten people into taking the ‘vaccine’.  The whole scenario was always about control; panic the lemmings – those who are incapable of critical thinking and feeling their own intuition – and boom, you have that portion of the human collective controlled, dominated, and manipulated by their own fear.

Why the fear?  When a body is dominated by the ego, the ego works overtime to protect it from all dangers, real and imagined.  When the soul is embodied, there is little to no fear of the consequences of dying in this world, for there is the sure knowledge of the continuance of consciousness even though the body vehicle perishes.  I have never had fear related to the ‘virus’ nor to the ‘vaccine’.  Utilizing my common sense, I know that if viruses are real, they are known to mutate and create variants – at least this is a narrative given out by scientists and medical ‘authorities’.  In my opinion, this is simply another narrative being put out to create more fear among those people who have not successfully embodied their soul essence within the course of this or other lifetimes. It is, after all, a process that takes lifetimes to successfully complete…

In the news that has managed to trickle down, it has been proven by both Russian and Italian doctors that there is no CV virus.  Rather, it is a bacterium that has been exposed to radiation. When it gets into a bloodstream, it begins to affect the proteins within the body, eventually causing blood clots to form, blocking the ability of the cells to obtain oxygen, and so the body dies of system-wide oxygen-starvation.  If the individual already has a body compromised by a pre-existing health condition (created by the inability of the individual to clear old trauma and pain) and they accept questionable treatments and control-driven narratives without using their ability to think on their own, they may succumb to the imagined threat, fear itself. The bacterium cannot harm those who have strong spirits, strong immune systems, and pay no heed to the ‘official’ narrative, but continue to heed their interior guidance system, the intuition and common sense. There are, also, inexpensive viable treatments other than the questionable ‘vaccines’ that are being offered to an unsuspecting and fearful public.

I am not a medical doctor or health provider.  Along with my training in medical records, I have used my own experience, common sense, and intuition to inform me that this whole virus situation was a hoax with an agenda.  It has been very successful for the perpetrators, at least initially, for a large percentage of various populations have either willingly chosen to take the vaccine or have been forced to by either their governments or their employers.  Whether one takes the perspective that a person had no choice and was forced to take the vaccine, i.e., they were ‘a victim’, doesn’t matter.  In the end, the person did make a choice by being in a country or situation that compelled the end result.  Of course, for the most part ‘the choice’ was unconscious, driven by fear of the unknown, fear of dying, and just fear.

We… the Pleiadians and members of the Galactic Federation of Light, have always known that a percentage of humanity would not be ascending at the end of the last Great Year (26,900 Earth years).  How?  We have the ability to look through Time and the Akashic Records of each individual and the human collective on Terra.  Do we look at the Akashic Records of each individual?  No, it is not required; we can see the frequency and vibration of the individual through their actions.  Many have chosen to be sheep, led blindly to the slaughter, bleating that they are victims and have been betrayed.  If anyone betrayed them, it was their own willingness to believe whatever was handed to them by outside authorities.  Those who have questioned the ways of the world since childhood or early adulthood, will inherit the Earth.  Those souls who are of tender-loving hearts, innocent… the Meek, will inherit the Earth.  Not the prideful, angry, vengeful, arrogant intellectuals… not they, despite their avoidance of the vaccine, for their frequency and vibration will determine whether or not they survive the rising frequency levels of the planet and the constant bombardment of cosmic waves of high frequency rays that penetrate all, including the depths of the planet.

The betrayers have betrayed themselves through their hatred of humanity, their fear and loathing of the common man and the planet herself.  They mock God.  They close churches.  They lock people up in their own houses.  They cause small independent businesses to fail and go under.  They lie about everything and anything. They create draconian rules out of thin air to justify their hatred and willingness to abuse the innocent and vulnerable old and young of our people.  Their hate is their own self-judgment, hatred being the lowest vibration in contrast to unconditional love.  Every time they hate and despise the people, they are judging themselves, as we all act as mirrors for each other.  What they see in the mirror of consciousness is their own sorry selves; it is self-hatred and jealousy of the creative essence of true humans.  For the reptilian races are unable to ascend beyond the fourth dimension; so, they are jealous of the divine essence of humanity, the divine God seed that was placed into mankind long ago by your progenitors, the star races of the Sirians, Pleiadians, Ashtarians, Vegans, Andromedans, and others.

Those persons who have embodied their souls (it is not automatic or achieved in one life) and have listened to the still small voice of their own intuition, who are grounded in common sense, and use critical thinking to determine their choices… they will do well, whether or not they physically survive what is coming.  Physical survival does not matter… which is, for some of my readers, perhaps a shocking statement.  I have conscious memory of at least four of my lives and I am still here, present, conscious, and obedient to the inner Laws that guide my heart.

The Christian Bible, a much edited book, does contain certain jewels of wisdom:

 “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.” Philippians 2:12-16 (my emphasis)

For all the dour prophecies, a portion of humanity will survive, whether it be the much-prophesied Solar Flash (that David Wilcox still insists will happen), the vaccination, climate change (a minor ice age is more probable than an over-heated planet), other earth changes, damage from space or whatever is in store for the survivors… humanity will endure.  It has always been so. 

Earth, Terra, has always been a crossroads, for individuals whether they be of the negative or positive polarity.  It is a place of choice: come into the Light (embody your soul essence) or remain in the Shadow (fear).  Until you have suffered enough to realize that only you as an individualized consciousness have the power to change your world, you will continue on the lower path.  Will you go to a dark planet at the end of this lifetime?  That is a question to which the answer depends entirely on your frequency level.  More like as not, you will simply go to another third-dimensional world that is appropriate for your level of soul evolution, there to repeat again (and again) the lessons failed in this lifetime… and every other one that you have lived upon this world.  For the frequency level of the individual depends on their entire karmic load, whether it be of Light or darkness, light or heavy.  Karma is neutral; what is unbalanced must be rectified and come into balance.  No personal judgment, from God or man is involved.  All is energy.  All is frequency.  All is vibration.  Tesla knew this; now, you know it, too.

When I first arrived here, I was appalled by the level, the very low level of frequency I felt emanating from many of the people here.  Since then, I have observed changes in some of the population, as people have continued to wake up. According to Michelle Fielding, an experienced spiritual coach, over 50% of humanity has successfully woken up (as of late April 2021).  Still, I have also observed the stubborn unwillingness of many to open their eyes to see that they have been lied to through every stage of their lives here, for centuries upon centuries.  Cognitive dissonance is not a new phenomenon for humanity, but something that has dogged the slave race created by the Anunnaki, the alien race who landed here over 250,000 years ago and managed to manipulate a portion of humanity, intentionally dumbing them down, limiting their genetic potential, with the intent to use them as slaves and as food.  If you are curious about the real history of humanity then seek it out.  If I can find such things on the Internet, so too can you.  Part of humanity are descendants of the slave race; the other part are descendants of some of the star races that sent migrants to this world through various spans of time.  You figure out what is what.  Many currently incarnated humans are actually a mixture of both, slave race and the descendants of the starry races. 

Since becoming more aware of what people have dealt with here, lifetime after lifetime, I have developed a greater sense of compassion for humanity.  Still, I see with the eyes (inner and outer) of an observer from elsewhere.  I am not incarnated here.  You can believe it or not; doesn’t matter.  Your opinion doesn’t change fact or the Truth.  You know it true if you feel it in your heart.  Spirituality is as simple as that.  The heart speaks and if the mind listens, you will do well despite outside appearances and circumstances.

The energies support the continued evolution and soul embodiment of a significant portion of humanity, a fact that should gladden the heart of any spiritual seeker.

According to one unidentified source:

The energy has increased throughout 48 hours ‘window’, leading to further light waves in the planetary field, and bringing forth new breezes of the uplifting drifting Solar Diamond shine.

It can be called like ‘Tender emanation’, characteristic of May month energetic vibrational tone; it emanates and beams qualities of highest Universal love over the planet and into Hearts of those, who are traveling higher in their individual ascension.

The Ruby Ray of unconditional Love, and Divine (Source) Mother takes their infinite presence, playing notes and colors through ‘Tender emanation’, in order for Humanity to rise stronger in the Calling of Heart and Changes. We have Divinely beautiful background from work during this linear month.

It supports all areas of creativity, music, art, arts of the Heart.

It supports creations of the New, or in the way of shifted “thinking”, actions, dedications and more.

(from Telegram notation, source unknown)

Those who hate, those who lie, those who hold jealousy in their hearts will react with panic and dismay in the coming of these higher, purer, finer energies.  Seek thee the way of the true seeker and go within and make thyself right with God, with Source Energy, with yourself.  It is a choice.  It has always been a choice.  It is called free will, a gift from your Creator, but one that demands that you release the darkness, embrace it, accept it, transmute and transform the doubt and fear into Love and Light, returning back to balance and being willing to live in the NOW, without fear or expectation, just acceptance.

This interview addresses the quantum effects of the ‘jab’:

I realize that I have dumped quite a bit of thought-provoking material today, but it is what it is.  As always, if this material does not resonate, then go elsewhere.  I do not demand that anyone believe one word of what I manage to get out in my essays.  I am not an authority on life, spirituality, even on myself.  I simply observe, record, and write as guided.  Take it or leave it.

I will say this before I leave, be kind to yourself.  The energies are intense.  You may require more rest than ‘normal’.  You may require an energetic ‘vacation’ (permanent or temporary) from certain friends, family members, or even co-workers.  You may be undergoing tremendous change in your life.  Adjust.  Take care of your health.  Do creative things.  Spend time in nature. Ground.  And most especially, breathe! 

Go in Peace,

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

P.S. For those readers who may disagree with anything I have presented and wish to make negative comments, I warn you in advance, those comments WILL be deleted by me, the editor and commander of this blog. Period.

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this material are NOT permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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Archangel Michael

Note to Readers: I am currently deep into writing the final chapters of my fourth book. No, none of them have been published yet, but I intend to self-publish sometime this year or the next. This has been what I have been doing in the past 2.5 years or so, while maintaining Blue Dragon Journal, writing! Meanwhile, here is a sample from Book Two:

CHAPTER 5 – “Metamorphosis”

Book 2 – The Starship Project

The previous evening, Raphael had been informed by Aiden that his father, Lord Mathdis, and the High Priestess Lady Anna, had made arrangements on his behalf to assist him with his ‘process’.  Early in the morning, Raphael bid his mate and child good-bye for a few days, packed a small bag, and left without saying anything to his companions.  He wasn’t going to take any of the Eagles with him, either.  He just left.  The priestess made it clear that he was going to be kept in near isolation for a few days to allow his personality to settle. 

Raphael reported to the house of Lord Mathdis and was escorted into an isolated room on the top floor overlooking a pleasant garden.  There was a bathing room and refreshments were available if he needed something to eat or drink.

When he had sat on a couple of pillows for a while, there came a knock at the door.  Lady Anna entered in quietly.  She was dressed in pale violet robes.  Her thick blonde hair was plaited into a thick braid reaching to the back of her knees.  She had a serene face and the wise eyes of an experienced priestess.  Raphael couldn’t begin to guess how old she was, but her presence was quite powerful.  He knew he was in good hands.

If truth be told, Raphael had nearly begun to fall into despair when it appeared some of his companions were unwilling to allow him to change.  Coming to Jolf had triggered a process that promised to forever change him.  For when he entered the ancient outpost inner keys were activated; ones which he himself had placed there long ago.  Now, he had an opportunity to do something for his people, some of his friends and his brother, Esturias, did not appear to be ready to accept his dream as being real.  Last night, he was heartened to hear Adario and Lord Mathdis speak up in support of his efforts to re-integrate the personalities and soul essence of Delos and Rigo, so that he might go forward with what he came to do.  Raphael was sorry Esturias didn’t understand him, but like Delos, he did not have time for naysayers now.  He was willingly ready to sacrifice what he was for what he could become.

He stood up and politely greeted the priestess with a bow and a “Good morning, my lady!”

Lady Anna smiled in response and said: “Lord Mathdis said you were a polite young man.  He also told me that you are currently undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts where two powerful personalities of previous incarnations are beginning to blend or meld into your present persona.  You have expressed your dismay that some, if not most, of your friends and companions are disturbed by the changes in your temperament. The process which you are apparently undergoing is rare among individuals who are common everyday folk.  Only those who have incarnated with the determination to do great things will, at some time in their life, go through a similar metamorphosis.  It is the result of your Oversoul deeming it necessary to augment your current personality with those traits that can enable you to move through fear and impediments that would put off those common men.” 

“When I was a young girl and had decided upon my life’s journey, my teacher, a wonderful priestess from the Temple of Groche, shared with our class the story of a prophecy that had been passed down by some of our seers.  Each succeeding generation of priestesses were informed of this prophecy and each generation waited for the coming of the one who would return to help his people.  This man would be one who was haunted by dreams and nightmares, judged by many, considered to be overly sensitive and highly gifted, one who had survived great suffered, yet emerged whole.  And one day, this individual would enter a place belonging to an ancient people and reawaken the magic not only stored there but also held within his own heart.  And he would be forever changed.  In undergoing this outer change, he would also alter the fate of his people who would be, by that time, threatened by strange and frightening darkness.  He and the others who would support him would carry forth a new light and drive the darkness from our lands and the hearts of our people.”

The priestess looked upon Raphael and quietly finished her story: “I have reason to believe that you, Raphael DeAires VaCoupe, are the one spoken of in the prophecy.”

Raphael looked down at his hands lying in his lap, tightly grasped and loosened them.  He looked up at the priestess and said: “How can this be, my lady?”

She looked upon him with compassion and replied: “Sometimes, Raphael, it takes difficult experiences to hone a weapon or a mind.  I see within your auric field records of great trauma and violent ends, yet you are resolved to go forward whatever the cost to your own being.  You are one who carries great secrets within, which when revealed will forever change our worlds.  You came here for a purpose and the time in which the unfolding will take place is now.”

“Raphael, I would like to do a deep scan on you and decipher for myself the three main personalities who are attempting to meld within your outer consciousness now.  Do I have your permission?”

Raphael bowed his head and nodded, replying quietly, “Yes, my lady, you have my permission.”

As a few priestesses had found in the past, the download came quickly.  Within a few moments, the priestess opened her eyes.  She sat there for a few more minutes looking very thoughtful and then said:

First, it is clear you are overlighted by great Beings on the white and golden rays.  In the beginning of this vision, I saw you as a great Lion King with three brothers who designed and outfitted a huge fleet to carry your people far away.  Before you left, you prepared the outpost with samples of your technology and crystals with the plans and specifications to build similar sentient ships.  These things were left to give those peoples who would come later the chance to survive the great darkness that drove you from the worlds from which you originally came, in another quadrant of creation.  After your death in space, your soul eventually returned to the Sirius star system to where you were called by the great soul of your original Father, to whom you were born again.  There you began your task once more, to build a modern and advanced star fleet within the means available at the time.  It took two lifetimes to complete the task, but you finished it.  And now, you have been drawn to this place by clues left by crystals and great masters to once again discover the technology you left here thousands of years ago.  This technology will catapult our Federation into the stars and protect our worlds from the ravages of the darkness that followed you into this quadrant when it was defeated in the higher worlds.  For this purpose, these three personalities must now reblend so all can combine their gifts, knowledge, and experience to complete the task ahead.  While there will be those ahead to question your qualifications, your gifts will be undeniable, both those you carry within and the ones contained on the crystals that were left as seeds of knowledge and wisdom.”

When the priestess finished her speech, Raphael saw she had tears in her eyes.  “My lady, are you all right?”

“Raphael – I am more than all right.  You are here.  I am honored to be able to assist in my small way.  Now I will give you a meditation so you can visualize the reunion of the essence of the two beings who have returned to give to you their experience and knowledge of what is needed to accomplish your mission”, replied Lady Anna.  “Center in your heart and call forth the white column of light that has served to protect your inner being all this life.  Now expand the column and call down the golden light of Divine Intelligence.  Meditate on that for a moment and blend the energies of the white and gold into one column.  When that is completed, call down a column of blue light from the strength and power of the masculine energy of the Godhead.  See each of your personalities blending within these three pillars, melding, yet retaining all their original gifts, knowledge, and expertise so you might utilize them here.  And with a final column of pink energy, bring forth the love of the Mother who envelops you and has given you a body that you might work with your hands and mind in order to bring into manifestation that which you came to do in these times when darkness threatens our worlds and others.”

“I will leave you now to contemplate on these energies and to meditate on the worth of each of these lifetimes, the one when you were a king, the one when you were a commander, and your present one, here and now.  Let these lifetimes and their characteristics and desire to aid your loved ones allow for the successful blending of these energies so you may go forth stronger than you were before.”

With that, the priestess stood up and quietly left the room, leaving Raphael to meditate on what she had shared.  He recognized she had instructed him to bring in the loving energy of the Mother so he might forgive each part of himself for what he deemed as lack.  Intuitively, he blended the energies of the Father and that of the Mother to create another ray, the Violet Ray.  Utilizing this ray of transformation, he could focus on what energies needed to be dissolved within – especially those of a lingering sense of not being ‘good enough’ due to his difficult early life.  He began to recognize the pain and struggle he had undergone was a period of refinement of his essential nature.  All that was extraneous to his world had disappeared or had been taken away and yet all was given again and more.  He had had doubts he deserved the love he had found in the VaCoupe household, even in the arms of his beloved Julia.  And yet, now he began to understand that the purity that existed untouched deep within during the entirety of his trials, was inviolate, and the reality of his entire being.  So, he chose to expand the white light and to purify and cleanse whatever doubts and fears still lingered by applying the Violet Flame of transmutation to allow the energies to rise in frequency within.  All that was not needed was dissolved and what needed was strengthened and made more resilient. 

As he worked and purified his present being, he also expanded his mind and heart to welcome in the purified qualities of Rigo and Delos, their determination to serve and protect their people, to prepare for the future, to lay the foundations for those who would come behind him.  He joined these gifts and qualities into a new oneness within, and blazed the white light of purity as though he was forging a sword by plunging it alternately into fire and water, to strengthen, mold, and direct his reunited energies, intelligence, and will towards this new project.  He let go his concern as to how he would be judged by friends and family for he would be forever altered by this process, but it was for the good of all that he did this, not for himself.  He was needed; the gifts, knowledge, and experience of Delos and Rigo were needed. His own psychic gifts and sensitivities were required, developed out of a need to survive at all cost whatever afflicted his outer body.

Raphael plunged his three personalities into the crucible of transformation.  Like an alchemist, he began to reforge his personality melding together all that was desirable for the mission ahead and releasing what was no longer required for him to simply survive.  He went deep, deep within and when he emerged hours later, the priestess was sitting opposite quietly observing him.

She said, “It is time, Raphael, to feed your body.  You have worked hard today.  With your psychic sensitivities, you are actually flowing more rapidly through this process than even I could have imagined.  Now, eat and then rest.  We will see you in the morning.  If you wish, you can go outside and sit in the garden, but if you can refrain from speaking with anyone.  I will let Lord Mathdis know to instruct his staff to leave you alone for now.”

Raphael began to thank the priestess, but she put up her hand to gesture for silence: “You are still within the alchemical process, so silence is the best place for you now; rest and sleep well tonight, young man. I will return in the morning to see how you are doing.”

She stood up and left the room.  Raphael stood up and had to brace his body as it swayed to prevent a fall.  He went to the table where some refreshments had been left.  There was some fresh tea and light cookies, plus some fruit.  He drank and ate for a while and then felt a pull to go outside to enjoy the last light of the day.  He felt calmer than he had for quite a while and was enjoying the sensation.  When he finally went outside, he choose to sit in the small front garden where there was a bench placed in a quiet corner, partially hidden by flowering vines and shrubs.  With the scent of roses, lavender and honeysuckle coyly triggering memories of other gardens, he fell back into a deep meditative state.

A tall muscular golden Being stood in front of him and said: “Welcome, my brother!” The great Being showed him a river of Light.  Within this river, he witnessed the flow of time, of many lifetimes and the coming of the Founder Races into this quadrant, transiting from the previous one by utilizing the great Central Sun of the region as a portal.  There, upon the tiny isles his people found, they created a great civilization that rose and fell within the cycles of time.  It was time to leave, their king was dying, and the fleet had to be built, so he took it upon his own shoulders to bring forth the genius of his being to design and guide the building of the great ships which would carry his people to other worlds.  For his efforts, he was named the king to follow his father as birth did not determine succession, despite him being the eldest son.  He knew in his heart that the spirals of time would carry him back to this particular isle someday, perhaps wrapped in a different form, so he wanted to prepare a place that could be rediscovered in the midst of a time of great need.  For the great darkness that cut his people’s roots from their ancient home would surely follow to this place, also, and threaten the people who came after when his own were not even a memory anymore.

Then, a great Being who was his original Father, who along with his Mother brought his soul essence from Source called him forth to incarnate within a small star system with a huge star.  They called it Sirius.  It was an ancient civilization, older than their written records.  Again, he was called upon to be the force behind the design and building of a great star fleet, to protect his new people, many of whom being ones he had left behind in the old world that was destroyed by internecine wars.  He was driven from within by a vow he made to protect his loved ones at any cost to himself.  And so it was…

And now, he was a young man, adopted by the highest family in the systems; now, he could fulfill with the blending of the qualities and gifts, knowledge, wisdom, and experience of those lives of service by taking on this new vision and helping to bring it into manifestation along with those whom he loved dearly.

The golden Being looked upon him with fondness and said: “My brother, your mission awaits your participation; do not falter or fall into fear.  You and your vision are protected.  You will discover all you need along the way.  Follow the path set before you and do so with eyes wide open and clarity of mind and purpose.  We are walking beside you always.”  

The cool night air whispered across his still face.  He opened his eyes and saw the moons had risen above the ridge.  It was time to go in and rest for the night.  He sat a moment longer lost in the wonder of what he had seen and felt.  And then he stood up and went into the house of Lord Mathdis.

For two more days, Lady Anna gave Raphael more meditations with which to work upon, focusing on a different aspect of his being.  He spent much of the time in meditation, allowing time for the alchemical process to precipitate the changes from deep within.  As the hours and days advanced, Lady Anna began to see subtle changes in the young man’s outer appearance, so she knew the process was advancing successfully.  She did not discuss these observations as she considered them to be a distraction from what was occurring within his being.  She did, however, update Lord Mathdis on the progress Raphael was making, as each day she performed scans on his physical, mental, and emotional well-being and condition.  For his part, Lord Mathdis updated his old friend, Lord Demetrius, on the ongoing changes occurring within his adopted son. 

On the morning of the fourth day, when Lady Anna arrived at the house of Lord Mathdis, she was surprised to see Raphael sitting deep in meditation outside in the front garden.  The priestess stood there quietly observing him noting all the changes in Raphael’s outer appearance.  As she studied his face, she saw that his physical appearance was now much altered. His hair had lightened considerably in its tone from the golden blonde to a pale nearly white blonde.  The texture of his hair had also changed from curly to slightly wavy.  Even his complexion had altered from the golden tan to a lighter creamy tone.  This morning, he was not wearing his hair in braids, but had allowed it to spread on his shoulders as he sat in the early morning sunlight.

Yet it was when the young man sensed her presence and opened his eyes that she observed the most profound change in his physical appearance:  Raphael’s eyes were now a beautiful sea green lined with a deep violet.  Raphael stood up and bowed to her.  He smiled and lifted his hands up and rotated his wrists as he displayed for her some of the more noticeable changes to his physical being wrought during the integrative process.  He said: “Greetings, lady – apparently the process is complete!  Does this sort of thing happen often?”

“Not always – it depends on the subject and need”, she replied.  She smiled as Raphael’s voice had also deepened to a baritone instead of his light tenor.

As Lady Anna him further, she noted that now the Sirian heritage of Delos was clearly displayed in Raphael’s appearance, the light hair and complexion, and those extraordinary eyes, the blue-green tint being a blend of the Pleiadian and Sirian portions of his spiritual heritage and lineages.  What’s more, there was a subtle growth of golden hair on his arms and legs now; just a hint of the legacy of the Lion King Rigo, what little the priestess could see as he was dressed in his Medinian robes.

He asked her: “Why did these changes occur, my lady?”

“Your DNA has changed, Raphael, with the reintegration of the soul essences of your two prior incarnations.  You are now physically, emotionally, and mentally a complete blend of these three primary incarnations.  You have gone through this final stage of this process quickly because you were ready to do so.  Congratulations, Raphael – how do you feel now?”

“I feel calmer and stronger.  Much of my concerns about what other people would think have dissipated, although it may be a shock for my friends and family to see me as I am now”, replied Raphael with another smile.  “I actually feel more whole now, like I’ve always missed a part of myself this life.  It will be interesting to see how Julia reacts to my new appearance as she remembers me as Delos, too. My voice is deeper, too, isn’t it?”

The priestess surveyed Raphael’s auric field and saw that it had now changed appearing to be more of a golden white field rimmed with a deep indigo blue.  It had also expanded with the confidence gained by the addition of the stronger personalities.  With the scan, she could also see that the transformational process was now complete.  His personalities had stabilized into one stronger one, which would now enable the young man to face the challenges that lay before him.  The priestess said: “Would you now like to introduce your new self to Lord Mathdis?  This will be your first test.”

Raphael took a deep breath and stood up, replying: “I am ready, my lady!”

Lord Mathdis was taking his breakfast in the courtyard, enjoying the water features and flowers which his son had planted and maintained for him.  He looked up as he sensed the presence of people approaching.  He saw the priestess first and said: “Good morning, my lady – are you here to continue working with Commander VaCoupe?”

Lady Anna gave the lord a great big smile and said, “Lord Mathdis, I am so pleased to introduce you to Raphael DeAires VaCoupe!”  And as she announced Raphael’s new name, she stepped aside so Lord Mathdis could see the young man more clearly in the morning sunshine. 

Lord Mathdis looked stunned.  All he managed to say was: “Commander Raphael – is that you?”

More surprise registered on Lord Mathdis’ features as he heard the deeper voice as Raphael greeted him: “Good morning, Lord Mathdis.  Yes, it is I.  ‘We’ are now one.”

“You’re already done with your metamorphosis?  By looking at you and hearing you speak, it would appear so.  I am simply stunned by this transformation, young man!  Now I can clearly see your Sirian heritage stamped upon your face.  Have you seen yourself in a mirror yet?  Your eyes are a beautiful sea green now!” replied Lord Mathdis.  “We’ll have to invite some of your Sirian relatives to visit you.  They will also be stunned at the change; and what of your mate, Mistress Julia?”

The servant Alexei came out with a tray of fruit.  When he saw Raphael, he stopped and stared for a moment and remembered himself, saying: “Here is some fruit for your guests, my lord.  Would they enjoy some juice or tea for breakfast?  I also have some fruit pudding and smoothies made up for your pleasure, my lord.”

Lord Mathdis stood and took the tray from his servant, “Take a good look, Alexei.  Do you remember ever meeting this young man before?”

The tall blonde servant studied Raphael closely and shook his head, “This man looks somewhat familiar, but I can’t say I know him, my lord.  Is he a friend of Lady Anna’s?”

“Ah, this is Commander Raphael – remember, the man with the golden ship in the town square who startled the entire populace?  This is he!” said Lord Mathdis, as he drew Raphael forward and turned him around.  “Commander – did you know your hair, eyes, and skin tone have changed?  You are truly a new man!  If I had not witnessed what you looked like previously I would have never thought such a thing was possible!”

Raphael drew out a lock of his straightened hair so he could study it and remarked: “It should be easier to brush out now!”

Lord Mathdis started laughing and said: “You are an amusing young man, Commander VaCoupe!  After you break your fast here, we will have to visit your companions over at my son’s inn.  Actually, now you look a little more like your lovely mate and child with their white blonde hair.”

The Lady Anna and Lord Mathdis observed the young commander as he quietly ate his morning meal, while answering a few questions.  It was clear Raphael had finally reached a new pinnacle of calmness and self-acceptance.  Despite all he had suffered prior in this life, he was now whole and more than whole.  His two benefactors were very pleased to have aided him on his way. 

When the meal was done, Raphael went to his room to gather up his scanty belongings.  He kept on his Medinian robes and bundled his uniform into his bag.  He had also decided to officially leave the Command.  He was going to be part of a family business, at least initially.  He would now present himself as himself and not a member of a military force.  When he reemerged in the courtyard, Lord Mathdis and Lady Anna were also ready to accompany the commander to the inn to meet his companions and family.

Lord Mathdis led the small party to the compound gate of the inn. Lady Anna followed him leading the hooded Raphael.  He had drawn a hood over his pale blonde hair to shade his face, at least initially.  When entering the courtyard, Lord Mathdis and his companions were surrounded by the curious men waiting there.  Commander Esturias was the first to speak: “How is Raphael?  I understand he’s been under isolation in your house? It’s been days now! What is going on?”

Lord Mathdis firmly but patiently told everyone to sit back down at the table or nearby benches in the courtyard.  Then Lady Anna led the disguised Raphael into the center of the courtyard where all could see him. 

A light baritone voice spoke, “Greetings, my friends!  I am made new.  I am the new Raphael DeAires VaCoupe.”  Then, Raphael pushed the hood off his pale blonde hair and looked around at the astonished faces of his brother, cousins, Master Pelleur, and the three Eagles present.  Raphael heard a crash of crockery behind him and turned lightly; Aiden had dropped a tray of bowls upon seeing his new appearance revealed.  Then, Sukio led Julia and Jychondria into the courtyard. 

Julia stared at Raphael with his light blonde hair and complexion, and greenish eyes.  With tears starting in her eyes as she murmured, “Delos, is that you?”

“No, my dearest, I am still Raphael, but now a combination or blending of the essences of Rigo, Delos, and Raphael.  This metamorphosis has forever changed my appearance, my very being”, replied Raphael softly, stepping up to her.  He gathered up her small hands and kissed them.  Then he tenderly took his young son into his arms.  The baby took a lock of his loose pale hair into its mouth and pressed his little head to his father’s chest in complete trust.

Julia also took a lock of his hair and examined it, comparing it to hers.  Then, she held his face between her hands and searched his eyes, his sea green eyes that were filled with new joy and laughter.  She next picked up his large hand and stroked his skin and its new golden hair, marveling at the softness.  The two mates sat down together.  Julia sighed and cuddled closer to him, saying: “You are still my love, Raphael.”

Raphael’s cousins, Commander Monteras and Adario Kadish, were staring at Raphael, attempting to find there the old Raphael, but all that remained was the basic underlying bone structure of his face with its broad forehead, high cheekbones, long straight nose, firm squared jaw, and sculpted lips.  His coloring was altogether altered by the metamorphosis process.  And there was a greater serenity and a sense of contained power and presence now emanating from the young man.  He was gently smiling, watching his young son as he jostled him on his knee, the baby chortling and gurgling with glee to see his father, again.

Lord Mathdis was grinning, “Well, are any of you going to speak to the Commander?”

Esturias was still staring at his much-altered younger brother.  He didn’t really know what to say other than: “Raphael – Father is arriving soon — earlier than we expected.  He’s coming directly from Alyona to Elexa.  He will be bringing a few guests with him, including Lady Arla and Master Tzulo.  He said he also had a few ‘surprises’ for you.  He will be here tomorrow midday or earlier.”

Raphael regarded his older brother calmly and replied: “Thank you for telling me this, Esturias.  Now, I would imagine we should gather up our three smaller ships so we can ferry some of our arriving guests to the outpost if they wish to visit it?”

“That is the plan we…er, I discussed with Lord Mathdis, brother”, replied Esturias.  “He has thoughtfully provided us with some hangar room at the landing field outside of town.  We were hoping to be able to fetch the ships today, but weren’t certain what was happening with your…process.”

“You hardly need me to fetch a few ships when you know where they are located, brother”, replied Raphael patiently.  “You did not need to wait for me.”

“We can’t access anything new without you there…Raphael”, said Monteras. 

Raphael shifted his boy to one shoulder and stood up.  He looked around at his companions and said in his new baritone voice: “Well, finally you all begin to appreciate my worth and that I might, indeed, have a purpose in being here now?”

Master Pelleur regarded Raphael’s blue-green eyes and pale looks with wonder and said: “You look more Sirian than Pleiadian now, my friend.”

“Indeed, my small friend, Master Nathan”, replied Raphael with a laugh.  “Except I am much taller and broader in the shoulders than my Sirian kin; still, they might see a small resemblance now of their former commander within my eyes and countenance.” The young commander strode restlessly around the courtyard and picked up a nasturtium flower for his boy to play with.  These were edible, although peppery in taste, with their colorful yellow, orange, and red blooms spilling over the sides of the large blue pots standing in the corners of the red-tiled courtyard.  “Whatever changes have been wrought within my physical being matter little when you begin to understand why I was, in particular, drawn to this place now.  Lady Anna has spoken of a very old prophecy that told of a time which would come when our worlds were going to be threatened by a great darkness.  Lady Anna, could you tell my friends and my brother, about this prophecy?”

Lord Mathdis stepped forward and introduced the lady to the companions: “Men… and my lady, Mistress Julia, this woman is Lady Anna, the High Priestess of our little town.  She was trained in the great Temple of Groche on Maia and has been with us here in Jolf for a long time.  She is well-experienced in all matters spiritual.  Listen to her words!”

Lady Anna stepped into the middle of the courtyard and began to tell her tale: “When it was apparent I would be trained into the Order of the Lily, I became one of many who served the White Ray of Purity as symbolized by that beautiful flower.  The other day, when I was introduced to Commander Raphael, I recognized the essential purity of his being.  I was reminded of a tale told to us by a great teacher of an age-old prophecy long held sacrosanct by the priestesses of the Order of the Lily of a young man who would appear in a time of great need.  He would undergo great changes in both his outer appearance and his inner being as his existing consciousness was augmented by those of at least two previous incarnations.  When Lord Mathdis told me of this young man and his struggles with integrating several personalities into one, I knew the prophecy had come true and the man of whom we had long expected has arrived.  The need is real – our worlds are under attack by a relentless enemy – and help is needed.  And it would come from an unexpected source, from an ancient outpost where once, in another life, this same man planted seeds in preparation for just such a day as this.  He is here and standing in your midst.  Now is the time to unite with him in the great effort it will take to free our people from the darkness that threatens to swallow our worlds.”

The priestess then strode up to confront Esturias: “Raphael is still your brother, but more now, he is the brother of all of our people, and stands here waiting for you to accept him or not.  If you cannot, he will gather others to stand with him so he may accomplish what he has come to do by returning to this isle where he once lived long ago.  The stars took him and the time spirals returned his soul essence, blending it with the one you have known as Raphael, the sensitive dreamer.  His consciousness is now augmented and united with the essence of two great leaders, one a king and one a head commander of a great star fleet, King Rigo and Lord Delos Gia.  They are here, now, within this one you call brother, cousin, mate, companion, and friend.  Will you stand with him now?”

Carlos, Adario, and Master Nathan stepped forward and said together: “I will stand with you, cousin, friend!”

Lantrill and Sukio stood together and said, “We are with you, brother!”

Monteras and the four Eagles also stood, as Tomás said aloud: “You know the Eagles are pledged to protect you, Raphael, so we are with you!”

Then Aiden stood alongside his father and said: “You are not here to be a ruler but to show us the way that we might help our people free themselves from the darkness.  We stand by you!”

“Under my guidance, this young man finished the metamorphosis which started upon his entering the ancient outpost; now it is complete, and I chose to stand with him!” proclaimed Lady Anna.

Then all of the people within the courtyard looked at Esturias, waiting for him to declare himself or not.  Esturias was studying the red tiles carefully, although every once in a while, he glanced up at his younger brother who had been transformed by an act of alchemy he couldn’t begin to understand.  After a few minutes he relented and said, “I do not understand by what process you accomplished this ‘feat’ of transformation and so quickly, but it is obvious even to me that you are here for a purpose, brother… Raphael.  And now, can we go fetch those ships?  Father is going to be here tomorrow!”

“Yes”, exclaimed Aiden.  “I’ll have my cooks prepare some snacks and drinks for you to take on your errand for I sense you may linger at the outpost a bit longer today now that Raphael is free to accompany you once again.”

Esturias nodded reluctantly and asked Raphael where his uniform was now.  Raphael looked at his commander brother and stated clearly, “I am going to formally announce to Father tomorrow that I’m leaving the Command.  I do not to need to be within its jurisdiction to perform the work I came to do here.  In fact, I would be freer to pursue my dreams outside the limitations of the present Command structure.  So, Esturias, as the highest commanding officer present, I am now informing you of this intention.  If Father requires my expertise in doing scans or similar projects, I will pursue these tasks outside of the Command.  I do these things for the people of the Pleiadian Federation, not just the Command.  I, who has watched two sets of parents die in these wars, want to protect as many as possible by assisting in the creation of a highly advanced fleet, but I choose to work within the scope and practice of a family business.  And I do not wish to carry the title, ‘Commander’ anymore save for the fact it was originally granted to me by my mentor and long ago Father, Lord Lyonell.”

“You earned the right to be called ‘commander’, Raphael.  Wear it with pride, even if you are no longer in the Command”, remarked Monteras. 

Okay, we can discuss that later; here comes Aiden with the baskets.  Paul and Felipe, could you get the viscars ready?  And who wants to go this time?  We need Sukio, Lantrill, and me or Raphael can fly one of the ships back”, said Esturias, who was getting restless and impatient to do something besides stare at the results of his brother’s startling transformation.  “Raphael, are you coming?”

Raphael calmly regarded his brother with his green eyesEsturias, who had not served with any Sirians, unlike Raphael and was, frankly, a bit put off.  He liked being the center of attention and these changes in Raphael were working against his attention-seeking behavior.  Raphael didn’t care.  He replied:  “You, Esturias, am not my commander in this; we’re equals.  And actually, without me, nothing would get done, so keep that in mind within the vicinity of the outpost.  Who knows what Rigo has left behind in the way of surprises?  We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what is hidden within the ancient outpost and you have no comprehension of what is hidden within me, brother.”

With that, Raphael stood up and handed Jychondria over to Gareth to watch, along with Julia. First, he thanked Lord Mathdis for his hospitality and Lady Anna for her instruction.  Then, he strode out of the courtyard to wait for the viscars and the Eagles driving them to arrive.  He felt he should have remained alone for another day or two, but events were pushing forward and things needed to get done.

The other men who were going on this trip finally came to the gate, Sukio, Lantrill, Adario, and Esturias.  For once, Master Nathan was going to remain behind.  He didn’t want to have to climb down the steep slope to the beach once again.  Instead, Tomás decided to take Master Nathan’s spot.  Carlos would have loved to come, but decided to stay with Julia and Jychondria.  He wanted to discuss with Julia her impressions of the changes that had manifested in her mate, seemingly overnight.   The two friends joined with Master Aiden, Lord Mathdis, and Lady Anna as they sat down for a short discussion on the changes that had occurred in Raphael.  The priestess reminded everyone that Raphael had probably started changing months ago as the two previous incarnations began to meld within Raphael’s consciousness.  They were merely witnessing the culmination of a long process as the coalescing personalities and their associated physical features precipitated into the physical body after going through the spiritual, mental, emotional, and then the etheric, just before coming into outer manifestation.  So it was with all change; it begins within.  None of the citizens from Jolf knew much about Raphael’s character save what they had themselves witnessed, but truly felt blessed to be on hand for the outplaying of prophecy.

The viscars pulled up in front of the inn and the men going on the outing piled in.  No one was saying much, especially Raphael who wanted to be somewhere else.  Still, he also wanted to investigate just how integrated his personalities were now.  Going to the outpost would surely be the next test he faced.  He sat quietly next to Paul Dominguez as the Eagle expertly steered the viscar over the rolling green shoreline and rocky outcroppings.  At present, there were no storm clouds on the horizon, but the day was wearing on. 

After the hour drive, the two viscars set down as closely as was safe along the coast near the tower.  As he climbed out of the viscar, Raphael looked carefully at the tower.  He began to feel a pull to explore the building so he announced he was going over to inspect it.  Adario and Tomás followed him closely, with Lantrill, Sukio, and Esturias trailing behind.  As Raphael approached the building, he saw a distinctive-looking door, much like the door to the ancient tomb of Lord Lyonille, with a sigil in the middle but no handle.  He waved the men closer to him and then stood before the door, paused a moment in with his eyes close, opened them and made a quick sign with his fingers.  The door opened inward and this time remained open long enough for all the men to enter the structure.

When Esturias passed through the opening, he noticed the spiraling stairway looming to one side.  He was standing on a landing which led to one of the four levels within the tower.  Curious, he ventured into the small room beyond the stairwell.  On the walls were painted bright maps.  He recognized one as being a star chart of the nearby systems containing most of the stars in the current configuration of the Federation, along with mathematical computations on the spatial configuration and location of each system, as well as all the stars, and isles within each solar system.

On the opposite wall, Esturias found there was a map depicting the Isle of Medina with her twelve small continents.  Esturias recognized one of the largest continents as being Maubene.  It was marked on its southern coast with a bright golden nine-pointed star.  From the position of the star, Esturias guessed it marked the location of the outpost.  As he looked about, he began to understand the function of the tower being a command, control, and communications center for the outpost and it was not the only one.  For within the room, there was a diagram of the outpost itself, indicating the existence of at least six more potential towers which had not yet shown themselves.  And there were at least six more hangars from what he could tell looking at the plans.  Besides these basic structures, there was what appeared to be living quarters, a research library, and a great hall for meetings.  There were also smaller rooms that might contain untold treasures of information, including more seed crystals and small instruments that could be useful in building a fleet.  Despite his reservations about the place and project, Esturias could feel a certain amount of excitement building up within him.  He knew he should catch up with the men, so he left the small map room as he came to describe it and began to climb up the stairs until he could hear some voices above him.

Like him, the other men were exploring all available nooks and crannies of the building.  On the second level, he found Lantrill and Adario studying some more paintings depicting stars, but these he did not recognize.  Then, he realized the star map depicted star systems far distant to the one they were located within now.  Perhaps some of the pre-planning for the great space voyage took place in these small rooms.  There was enough room for a circular table that might hold nine to eleven individuals the size of the present day Felines, who were still large men.  There was no table there now, but Esturias could very well imagine it and the discussions that must have taken place there, led by Rigo and attended by Lantrill, Sukio, and him, as well as others.

Lantrill remarked: “This is an interesting place.  I don’t recognize these stars, but they must be a system to where the Lion People were thinking of heading to long ago.  It must have taken a long time to gather all the data and spatial configurations of each system they would pass through or by.  Generations of work I would think.”

“And downstairs on the first level, I discovered a painting of a star chart depicting most of our present star federation, as well as a map of the Isle of Medina, and a diagram of this outpost with all its original configurations”, replied Esturias.  “There’s no guarantee the entire site is intact, but I can tell you it is vast in its proportions.  Raphael was right in his analysis that it would take years, not days or months, to explore the entire site.  And most exciting to me, at least, there are perhaps six to eight more hangars.  I have no idea how large of ships they might contain if any.”

Adario asked: “Have you seen Raphael and the rest?  We better check and see how Raphael is doing in here.”

Lantrill and Esturias nodded in agreement.  Esturias said, “I was the last one in the tower, so I didn’t see where he went.”

“I think he went up to the top floor.  At least he mumbled something to that effect before I lost all sight of him”, replied Lantrill.  “I guess we better climb up the rest of the way and see what’s going on.”

Accordingly, the men began to climb another flight, and discovered a closed door to the next room.  They decided not to attempt exploring it right now as they heard some voices coming from the floor above.  Climbing some more, they emerged onto the final floor, what appeared to be the main communications and control room.  There were three deep set windows circling the tower, giving good sight lines to visually see any incoming ships or to see anyone approaching by land.  On the inland side of the tower (as best could be deciphered by Esturias) there was a great screen where Raphael must have encountered the king and his shaman, Lord Edrus.  Sukio and Monteras were there standing watching as Raphael, seated at the control panel located below the screen was punching at the colored blocks displayed there.  As he did this, the tower began to quiver slightly.  Esturias rushed to the window and saw another tower erupt from beneath the ground.  And then another and yet another, until after about five to ten minutes, all six of the towers soared above the surrounding countryside.  Where it had been a lonely green slope dotted with flowers now stood seven formidable towers, each about four to six floors high.  All the men except for Raphael peered out the windows, while the Eagles who were with the viscars backed away the vehicles so they were out of reach of any other surprises emerging from the underground outpost.

Esturias demanded: “What are you doing, Raphael?”

“I am delineating the extent of the site so we can assign teams to explore it once we find more men who are either Felines or attuned by their light frequency to the site.  That, in and of itself could take some time to discover the individuals we need.  I wanted Father be able to visualize the sheer scope of the work that needs to be done here”, replied Raphael in his new baritone voice, very calmly.  His face was quite serene, but also focused.  He didn’t appear to be entranced or experiencing any visions for the moment. 

How are you feeling, Raphael?” asked Adario.

Rather well, actually – which is as much a relief to me as it is probably to all of you”, he replied. 

Are you experiencing any more visions?” asked Tomás. 

Not at the moment; I just know what to do.  After all, I designed this outpost”, replied Raphael.  “Now that I have more awareness, I realize there are more hangars, as well as an assortment of other rooms within this large outpost.  You forget, this was a launching site for thousands upon thousands of ships, large and small.  It makes Elexa look like a small oases on Morova.”

Esturias said: “We found maps in some of what looked like small conference rooms inside this tower, Raphael.  I found a diagram of the outpost, too.  Maybe you’ll want to see it before we leave.”

“Did you also check the third floor of the tower?” asked Raphael.

No, I did not”, replied Esturias.  Adario and Lantrill shook their heads. 

Then, let’s check that before we fetch the ships out of the hangar.  Don’t worry, Sukio – I’ll fly yours for you!” said Raphael.  He waved his hand across the console and the colored blocks disappeared.  Then, he turned around and walked to the beginning of the steps.  He looked out one of the windows to see if he could see Paul and Felipe.  The viscars were parked a safe distance from the outpost.  He sent both men telepathic directions to return to town as the ships would get there much faster than the viscars could.  It would give them a slight head start while the men inside the tower could do a little more investigating.  Raphael said: “I just sent Paul and Felipe back to Jolf.  They should be there about the time we arrive once we’ve looked around at a few more things since we’re here.  How is everyone feeling?”

Esturias replied: “You know, I found the star charts interesting.  They’re actually painted onto the walls of this place and appear to be highly accurate.”

“They are, Esturias; it took our people several generations to collect all that data and many scouting trips throughout the surrounding systems”, said Raphael.  “We were a people who never did anything by half-measures.”

Raphael paused at the first step and looked around at the room and said: “I’ll come back another time and do some more exploring in this room alone.  There is more to see, but let’s go the third floor.  Only let me go in first, please.”

Raphael led the men down the stairs to the third story landing.  There was a door to the room beyond, one that had a sigil on it.  He closed his eyes and made a sign in front of the door, which opened it.  Then he stepped through the door and allowed it to close behind him.  The room was dim at first, but gradually grew lighter.  On one wall there was a painting of a large Feline being dressed in elegant regalia. It appeared to be of King Lyonille, long before his physical decline.  As he gazed upon the painting, he felt the presence of his father with him guiding him.  Next, he placed his palm on the wall below the painting where there was some inscribed writing.  A small drawer popped open.  There was a carved box within which Raphael drew out.  He was able to open the box.  Within it was a necklace with a large pendant made from crystal; a large ring and bracelet made of the same golden metal that the ships were built from.  At first the ring and bracelet appeared to be too big for his present fingers and wrist.  Both the ring and bracelet were inscribed with the ancient language of the Feline race.  Curious, Raphael drew on the bracelet and was startled when it adjusted to his wrist like it was designed specifically for him.  He tried on the ring and it also adjusted to the size of his present ring finger size.  He placed it on the left hand as he always wore his VaCoupe signet ring on his right hand.  Beneath the drawer, there was a small shelf.  He searched and found a small book, also written in the ancient script.  Raphael didn’t want to take the time now to study these items, so he pushed the book into one of the large pockets sewn into his tribal robes.  He quickly surveyed the room, but didn’t find anything else outstanding.  Returning to the door, he gave a sign which opened for the men who were waiting on the landing. 

Do you want to see a painting of King Lyonille; there’s one here in this room”, said Raphael.

Did you find anything else here?” asked Sukio.

Only some keepsakes from our father, a ring, bracelet, and a pendant”, replied Raphael.  “Come in, brothers, and you, Adario and Monteras – look upon the Father of our people of long ago.”

The men entered the small room cautiously.  Both Sukio and Lantrill felt a subtle difference in the room’s atmosphere than the other ones within the structure.  It felt more like a little chapel than anything else they had encountered.  The three brothers stood before the portrait of their once father.  Then Raphael tapped on the bracelet he wore activating a hidden video system on the opposite wall.  A curved screen came to life.  All the men swung around as the sound came on and a vid showing five men began to play.  Lantrill and Sukio stared at the pictures and understood that the vid depicted what all of them had looked like long ago.  Lantrill and Sukio had not changed a great deal in their appearance, perhaps just being slightly smaller in height.  Raphael and Esturias studied their own appearance, which did not in any way resemble their current physical vehicles.  In the vid, Raphael was the tallest and still had light golden fur with a tawny mane.  Beside him stood King Lyonille, a giant of a man, who was wearing the bracelet, signet ring, and pendant which Raphael had found just moments before.  Raphael realized that these tokens were some of the ancient regalia of the Feline people.  Nothing more would establish his right to claim the outpost for his family than these small jewelry pieces.  Raphael was sure that Lord Edrus the shaman would also recognize the pieces as important.  Although he realized the significance of the jewelry, he didn’t feel it necessary to bring the pieces to the attention of the rest of the party at that particular moment.  It was time to go down to the hangars. 

Are you done looking now?” asked Raphael.

Esturias nodded and replied: “It’s odd to think that’s all of us standing in the vid alongside our father.  It’s rare to see a painting or picture of yourself from another life.  Let’s go to the hangar to get the little ships.  Do we want to see if Monteras has one of the smaller ships?”

Tomás was curious as to whether or not he would also have a ship that responded to him.  He said: “Could we?”

“I don’t see why not”, replied Raphael.  “We better check the smaller ships first then.  Once we enter the hangar, the launching mechanism is on alert.”

Raphael took point being the most familiar with the tower and facility.  He brought the men down to the ground level.  This time, he noted the door was still showing on the outside wall of the tower, but they weren’t going that way.  He made a sign, sweeping his hand across the wall and the door disappeared.  Then, he started down the stairs.  Lantrill and Adario exchanged looks but didn’t say anything.  They were in Raphael’s hands. 

The underground corridor was soon reached, the door opened as Raphael approached.  He turned to the right and headed along the curving corridor towards the old control station.  As he ran his hands along the wall, a ribbon of bright script was activated periodically, indicating what might lay behind the wall.  Another door opened into the control room.  Raphael didn’t hesitate, but walked up to the console, sweep his hand across it and activated the colored blocks.  This time he understood what the various colors meant and told the men:  “The yellow block was the tomb.  I might be able to re-enter it by activating the block, but not today.  The green blocks are for the various hangars in this part of the facility.  There is more than one cluster within the outpost.  The blue blocks are research and development; there should be some interesting artifacts available in those areas.  The orange blocks are for storage or what we now call ‘libraries’ utilizing crystals.  The large violet block is where the Mother Crystal of the isle can be accessed as she was also utilized as a storage device.”

The men gathered around while Raphael was describing the function and meaning of each block.  He looked at them and started explaining the what, how, and why of his metamorphosis.  “I realize some of you are wondering about how it would appear I changed in appearance seemingly overnight.  However, this process actually started about 18 months ago when I first received a download from the Mother Crystal of this sacred isle.  The Mother Crystal is a yellow diamond of gigantic proportions.  The ancient Feline race utilized crystals to storage information.  The crystals can do this indefinitely, but will only give over their information to someone with a correspondingly high light frequency within their being.  When the Felines stored the information long ago, it was keyed into a very specific frequency, namely that of Rigo, one of the personalities that just recently melded with that of Raphael.  When I encountered the Mother Crystal she ‘recognized’ me and gave me the download that would initiate the change in my being.  I did not have any outer awareness of this pending transformation as the download was not activated in its entirety.  Meanwhile, the coalescence of the three primary personalities that could be useful in disclosing this outpost and its long-hidden treasures began, namely combining the attributes, memories, experience, and strengths into one persona made newly whole.”

I didn’t mean to make this explanation into a lecture, but it seems important enough to convey the process to you, so your own psyche can understand and feel comfortable with it as being a natural progression of a potential life mission set up by my Higher Self before this incarnation.  The seeds were planted and began to sprout within the higher spiritual body when the download was received.  My outer mind would not have any inkling that such a process had occurred and I was distracted by the news my mate was pregnant with our first child.  The next step came when I realized my plans would have to change due to the child and a lessening desire within to remain in the Command.  When I was told by Lady Arla about a dream that Lady Claudine had regarding the creation of a fleet of golden ships, yet another download was activated and I suddenly developed a yearning to find out where I could locate the materials for the ships.  I knew of the golden aluminum that was tougher than any other material known to us but had no clue as to where to find it, until I was meditating in the small chapel within the VaCoupe house.  By this time, the transformational process had percolated into my mental body and I became aware of a possible location sited on this very continent, which was finally revealed to be ‘near Jolf’.  Since the town of Jolf did not exist during the time the Felines were stationed on this isle, it was apparent the Mother Crystal knew the exact location due to awareness of spatial specifications having been inputted into the crystal long ago.  When I actually discovered the location of the site where I could find a sample of the golden medal, I became obsessed with coming here.  And the first day I entered the outpost, the transformation moved into my emotional body.  All of you witnessed my strong reactions to being here as I was tapping into yet another download, affecting and reviving ancient memories.  When I entered my father’s tomb, those emotions were strongly triggered which hastened the transformational process, yet I did not have control over the direction in which it was going.  As a result, I seemed to be experiencing alterations in my outer personality as there were three strong-willed personas vying for control of this physical vehicle.  It was then I realized I needed help to allow an orderly progression to complete the process.  I was assisted by Adario and Lord Mathdis acting as surrogates in bringing my dilemma to the attention of a trained priestess, the Lady Anna.  She recognized the symptoms and cited the cure by giving me beautiful meditations that allowed the various parts of my being to coalesce into a new form, the one you see today.  The changes you see in my outer being are merely a reflection of the reordering of my inner being which will allow me to work calmly in the future without being completely overcome or entranced by the overwhelming influence of a powerful presence.  I hope you can now understand what I have undergone.  Know that someday this could also happen to you, but it is only a process that is the response to a great need, and reliant on a previous soul agreement first made thousands of years ago by one named Rigo.”

Esturias looked very thoughtful and then asked: “So why do you look like a Sirian and not a Feline?”

“Good question – but perhaps that can be explained by saying it is simply a matter of genetics.  My DNA carries a more recent memory of Lord Delos and his form, whereas the Feline form was long ago and I am no longer a member of that species.  The personality of Delos was apparently also thought to be able to contribute to the process of developing a fleet as he participated in a similar manner in the creation of the Sirian Fleet and not that long ago.  Perhaps my higher self decided the memories and experiences of Lord Delos would further enrich the knowledge of Rigo.  I do not yet fully understand why certain physical characteristics were chosen but there is always a hidden purpose within a metamorphosis such as what I have experienced.  And my hair will be easier to brush out now that it is straighter in texture.”

The last comment elicited a laugh from Tomás who had had to help a frustrated youngster comb out his thick curly and very long hair when they first met.  It was an ordeal at times and one of the reasons he often wore a braid or braids; simply to keep his hair from tangling.

“Tomás remembers helping me to comb out these locks after I was first delivered to Medina.  My hair was even longer than it is now, down below my waist as it had seldom been cut during my captivity”, said Raphael.  “And now, I think we can resume our explorations.  I want to take you all next to one of the hangars where the smallest ships were found.”

With that, Raphael swept his hand across the console and the colored blocks disappeared from sight.  Then, he turned and walked towards the right side of the control room, to the door leading to another corridor.  When the group reached the first door beyond, it opened revealing the hangar wherein six of the smaller viscar-sized ships were resting.  The lights activated revealing the golden shapes.  Raphael looked for Tomás and waved him forward, directing him to walk by the ships where they sat in a semi-circle.  Tomás looked at Raphael for a moment and then did what he had suggested.  He approached the ships somewhat cautiously.  Nothing happened as he walked up to the first ship, but when he got closer to the second one, it began to respond to his presence.  The engine started humming and the door opened.  Raphael overtook his cousin and told the ship: “Not now, little one!”  The ship responded by immediately shutting down even as Raphael commented, “The ships respond best to telepathic communication, but be sure you know first exactly what you’re trying to say and keep it simple.”

Raphael swung around, “Okay, we made our point and another ship has found its owner.  Tomás, you’re going to have to take some time and learn how to fly!”

“Okay – let’s head over to the hangar where the three medium-sized ships are stored.  After all, getting those was our main objective of this outing today”, said Raphael as he began to walk back to the exit.  The men quietly followed him today, refraining from making remarks about his behavior and even his altered appearance.  Perhaps it was something about the new-found authority in his deeper voice that seemed to reassure his companions, but Raphael found even a greater sense of inner calm as a result of just being accepted as he was in the moment. 

Since they were going to fly back to Jolf in the medium-sized ships, Raphael headed next to the hangar where those ships were, activating the ribbons of script as he went.  Just before the door, he stopped and illuminated the script written there and said: “Take a good look at this word, men – it means ‘vaynas’ or in our lingo, ‘small ship’.  In the future, we will be finding a few more of these hangars within the outpost.  Okay, enough of this… let’s go fly those babies!”

Raphael stepped into the hangar, the lights illuminated the space.  He walked up to Sukio’s ship, the final one and instructed Esturias and Lantrill to load up their ships.  Sukio and Raphael went into one; Esturias and Tomás into the second ship; and Lantrill and Adario into Lantrill’s ship.  Raphael activated the first ship and soon it was lifting up out of the newly opened hangar ceiling.  The other two ships soon followed as the ‘pilots’ calmed down and focused on their tasks.  Raphael requested his ship to lift up to a higher altitude so he could, once again, survey the site from the air.  This time the towers delineated a stronger outline.  When combined with the patterns he could detect in the hummocks, Raphael began to have a good sense of what was beneath the turf-covered mounds.  He hoped the towers had access doors from the outside or they might have to dig down through the turf to discover other means of entry, especially on the sections of the outpost further away from the coastline and other possible ‘front doors’.

The ships belonging to Lantrill and Esturias emerged from the hangar and so the trio headed off to the landing pad located outside Jolf.  There Raphael saw the two viscars waiting for their arrival with the two Eagles searching the skies for the ships.  He had his ship lower gently closer to the ground and then carefully maneuvered it into one of the open garages located at the edge of the port.  Then, he and Sukio climbed out.  Raphael gave the little ship a departing pat and went outside, closing the doors behind him.  The other ships landed and repeated the procedure until all were secured.  Now the explorers would have a quicker means of transport than the viscars.  The men climbed into the viscars for the short trip back to the inn.  Before they left the landing area, Esturias noticed another sleek ship sitting to the side of the field.  He shouted to Raphael: “That’s Father’s ship!  He’s here already!”

“I wonder who came with him?” asked Raphael.  He began to feel a little self-conscious, straightening his robes and braiding up his hair as the viscar drove through Jolf to the entrance of the inn’s compound.  As the viscars arrived, the front gate opened and a tall, slender white blonde man came out.  It was Jon deAir Kavioush.  He took one look at Raphael’s new appearance then stepped forward to hug his old comrade as Raphael climbed out of the viscar.  Raphael didn’t hesitate, but tears began flowing.  He laughed and then pressed his head into Jon’s shoulder, “I look more like Delos now, but still feel like Raphael!”

Jon held his old friend at arm’s length and studied his face, noting the green-blue eyes and said lightly, “If you weren’t a man, I would have to call you beautiful.  What a remarkable change, Raphael!”

Then Raphael heard a younger voice behind them, “Grandfather?”

Raphael swung around to see who was speaking.  It was Delos-Ramanda and beside him stood Tazo Gia.  It was his two grandsons, Tazo being much the older of the two.  Raphael was beside himself with emotion and leaned over to breathe.  The youngest grandson, Ramanda came up to hug him, “Now you look more Sirian, grandfather!  I love you!”

Then Ramanda stepped away to allow Tazo his turn to greet his grandfather and comrade in arms.  They stood staring at each other for a long time, Raphael just soaking in the closeness of his beloved grandson and former companion.  Jon laughed, “Just hug, you two!  You would think you haven’t seen each other for a lifetime!”

“No, Jon, it’s been two lifetimes”, replied Raphael in his deeper baritone.  “Delos is here within me now.”

“Has it indeed been that long…my beautiful son”, remarked another light baritone voice.  Raphael looked over at the gate.  Standing there was a slender Sirian man of high caste, a personage of great dignity, power, and presence.  It was Delos’ father, Lord Chananda.  And beside the great Sirian lord stood his present adopted father, Lord VaCoupe smiling gently at an overwhelmed Raphael.  Jon and Tazo took his arms and drew him towards his father who gathered him into his arms as Raphael wept, overcome with emotion.  “Let’s take you inside where you can collect yourself, Delos”, said his Sirian father gently.

Raphael looked at his once father, Lord Chananda and whispered, “My name is Raphael now, Father.” 

I know, my boy; I can feel the changes, but there is now more of Delos present, as well”, replied Lord Chananda.  “Now come, there are more people to greet within.”

Lord Chananda gently but firmly steered his once son through the compound gate and into the courtyard beyond.  The other men followed quietly.  Once inside, Julia came up and handed Raphael his young son to hold.  As Chananda came close to the boy, the baby reached out with his arms wanting to be held by his grandfather.  “Now, I have three of my sons back.  My beloved Jychondria – it is lovely to see you in your new body!”

“And this was my older brother and now my uncle”, said Tazo, smiling.  “He makes a beautiful baby!”

“He’s not so much a baby anymore!” answered Raphael as he hefted the growing youngster onto another shoulder.  “And here, Lord Chananda is my Anya-Julia, my beautiful, long-suffering mate of my first child!”

“Yes, we met earlier while waiting for your return”, replied Lord Chananda. “It brings me great happiness to witness the gathering of my family once more!”

My dear mate, there are still more people to greet”, said Julia.  “Come into the garden beyond.”

There were several people seated on benches in the herb garden enjoying the soft sunshine, flowers, fragrance and the play of bees and butterflies.  Raphael recognized Lady Arla who smiled as she saw him approach, but also was studying his auric field to see the results of his transformation.  Then he noticed a tall elegant Feline dressed in long robes who he took for the shaman from the Suriya System, Lord Edrus.  There were also a couple of small elementals seated alongside Master Nathan.  One other person stood up as the men approached.  He was a very tall massive gargantuan elemental, Master Peter Traños, who gave Raphael a quick scan and smiled, reaching out with a large hand to greet him with a powerful bass voice: “Greetings, Commander Raphael – I understand you have been doing a little exploring nearby and have discovered ‘interesting’ things.  That’s an unusual bracelet you are wearing, for instance!”

“Yes, I found this just today, Master Traños, along with a ring and a pendant.  Lord Edrus, welcome to Jolf and the Isle of Medina!  I trust your travels were pleasant?  And Lady Arla, it is so good to see you.  Are you already studying my auric field to see who is present?  Master Nathan, who, might I ask, are your two other friends?  Dear Crystal Masters, I welcome you to Jolf.  We have a lot of work to accomplish between us!” Raphael made a sweeping court bow to the newcomers. 

Lord Edrus stood up.  He was much taller than Raphael.  He pointedly walked over to greet Commander Lantrill and Captain Sukio as they approached the visitors.  He bowed to Lantrill and addressed him briefly: “Greetings, Prince Lantrill; it has been many years since I’ve seen you and your cousin, my son, Sukio.  How have you been?  Could you introduce me to your friend, Commander Raphael VaCoupe?”

“Certainly, Lord Edrus – this gentleman, dressed in Medinian robes is Commander Raphael VaCoupe, adopted son of Lord Demetrius VaCoupe, blood son of Lord TorSeth Kantor, deceased, and Lady Katrina Kantor, also deceased.  I was, personally, the one who rescued Raphael from captivity and certain death at the age of fourteen.  Since then, we’ve grown to be fast friends and comrades.  He is an honorable man, uncle”, replied Lantrill firmly.

Lord Edrus regarded the tall broad-shouldered young man standing before him, with his nearly white hair, unusual green-blue eyes and light complexion and said: “Well, you look nothing like my people, Commander, yet I sense within you a strong affinity and allegiance to the Feline People that you’ve held all your life since my nephew here saved your life.”

“It is so, Lord Edrus.  When I was a Line Commander, I insisted in training mainly Felines since I understood their naturally developed sensitivities and ability to see through the dimensions and to decipher the frequencies as easily as I did myself, my lord”, replied Raphael politely.  “And your two relatives here were my kin when I was Rigo, son of Lord Lyonille.  I have seen his picture, my lord, within one of the towers in the outpost on the edge of the sea.  Only today, I was able to retrieve these three items, which I believe belonged once to Lyonille.  As his son, I did not inherit them then, but other more sacred relics that were passed onto my son when I died long after deep in space.  See the ring, bracelet, and pendant that I drew from beneath the picture of Lord Lyonille.”

Lord Edrus studied the bracelet on Raphael’s wrist, reading the ancient script.  Then he looked into those mysterious blue-green eyes and said: “It would appear you are who you said you are, the reincarnation of King Rigo, the once king.  No one but he could enter the room where these items were kept.”

“We’ll save that discussion for later, gentlemen”, said Lord Demetrius coming to stand by his adopted son.  “Now, look at me…your current father…and let me see just how much you have been altered by this transformation.” Lord Demetrius took his son aside and whispered to him, “I always regarded you as a handsome young man, but now you’re beautiful.  Those marvelous eyes!  I’ve never seen a color quite like them!  Even your hair and complexion has changed, and your voice – you’re now a baritone?  Was that Delos and Rigo’s influence?”

“Yes, Father – they are here within me now.  I feel stronger and more whole than any other time within this life. This transformational process has allowed me to gather parts of my soul essence that had been lost due to trauma. Now, it is like all my suffering has disappeared like a rain cloud when the skies clear after a storm.  And the outpost is amazing, what we’ve seen and discovered so far”, replied Raphael.  “If you wish, we can visit there tomorrow.  I would especially like to show you Rigo’s ship – the one that caused such uproar in Elexa and here in Jolf.  Did Lord Mathdis fill you in on the results of the court-martial of Commander Kadish?”

“He did and more – apparently Lady Anna spent some time with him, Aiden, Carlos, and Julia, explaining the process you just completed.  Do you understand what happened and why, son?” asked Lord Demetrius as he searched his son’s brilliant blue-green eyes.

He does, Lord VaCoupe”, replied Lantrill.  “Raphael spent some time with us while we were in the outpost this morning explaining at length the approximately 18-month process he underwent after an encounter with a Mother Crystal — just where this happened he won’t specify.”

Master Aiden came out into the garden and announced, “My servants and I have prepared some refreshments and fresh tea for our guests.  I invite you now to come into the courtyard and be seated at the tables set there.  This is looking like a true celebration with such a distinguished gathering!  I am so honored to have you all here, ladies and gentlemen!”

Lord Demetrius gathered up Julia so he could escort her back into the courtyard and hold his grandson.  The rest of the considerable gathering filed into the garden court, finding seats and plenty of delightful tidbits and drinks waiting their delectation.  Everyone was just getting comfortable, when Lord Mathdis made an appearance.  He was escorting two young ladies, one whom Raphael recognized as Mistress Lorenna VaCoupe, but the other he had never seen before.  Raphael looked from his father’s face to Esturias, who upon seeing his mate, got up, went over and kissed her forehead in front of everyone.  Then Lord Mathdis brought forward the other lady, a blonde, blue-eyed beauty and introduced her to his son, Aiden, who looked profoundly surprised.  “Aiden – meet your future mate, Lady Brunella Kadish of Airus, a distant cousin to both your new friends, Raphael VaCoupe and Adario Kadish.”

Apparently the lady was a wit and said in a light soprano voice, “My dear Aiden, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you!  I was informed only a few days ago of this arrangement myself – apparently I’m a peace offering for one of our cousins having offended the citizens of your lovely little town!”

“Father!  You couldn’t do that to this lovely young lady!” said an alarmed and suddenly very shy Aiden.  He smiled at the young woman who smiled back.  His father made note of the interchange and exchanged a knowing look with Lord Demetrius whose dedicated assistant, Francis, had arranged the contracts binding these two young people as being betrothed. 

Lord Demetrius said: “My assistant, Francis, who is not here – assured me that the lady in question is quite content with the arrangement.  After all, Aiden, you might be an innkeeper now, but in the days ahead, you will be the Lord of Jolf in your father’s place. Lady Brunella was recently orphaned by the death of her father and would have had to live with cousins, but for this arrangement being put forth by Adario’s father, Lord Pietro Kadish.  The arrangements were ironed out within a few days and now she is here.  Lady Anna has already set aside your family’s charming temple to be used for your matetation ceremony – which will take place in a couple of days!”

“I also assure you, Master Aiden Mathdis, that I am fully trained in running a household.  I can cook, garden, and perform other necessary household chores.  I am not afraid of hard work and I enjoy entertaining people with my singing and playing.  I will enjoy being the mate of a busy innkeeper and getting to meet all kinds of interesting people”, stated Lady Brunella, who despite her youth and beauty, was a very determined young woman.  She was also taking in the extraordinary assortment of guests now staying at the inn and the house of Lord Mathdis.  She was certain her life would prove far more exciting than living with an aging aunt and uncle on Airus as she surveyed the two lords, the tall commanders, the powerful Feline warriors, the Eagles, the small elementals, the giant elemental and the elegant women already present.  “I am very pleased to be here, Master Aiden.  Besides, Master Adario Kadish is my cousin and we are mildly acquainted having met a few times at Lord Kadish’s residence.”

“Then, may I offer you a seat, dear lady, and I hope you enjoy some of the refreshments I and my staff have prepared for our guests”, replied Aiden.  He glanced over at Raphael who already engaged in chatting with his Sirian relatives and Lord Demetrius about their recent discoveries and his own metamorphosis and smiled.  Aiden realized he wasn’t the only one going through massive changes to his life and offered his new lady a plate of fresh fruit.

We’ll leave our gathering to their refreshments.  Yet, there is one more personage or perhaps two who still will make an appearance in the next chapter.  Can you guess who they might be?

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