Intracoastal Waterway, Central Florida, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Anticipation and Fulfillment

Living in several different planes of existence or at least being aware that a goodly portion of your consciousness is ‘elsewhere’ is a rather odd experience.  Just two nights ago, I was communicating via telepathy with an elder of my extended Family, who wanted to make sure I understood our relationship.  He is the Twin of my beautiful and gracious Mother.  Neither Being will be named here; what’s the point anyway?  No one would believe me.

From my observations in being here, in the world but definitely not of the world, I have noticed just how hemmed in Earth humans are by their shared belief systems.  Whether the belief is based upon a religious, politics, or cultural bias, doesn’t really matter.  When a person’s opinions are based on a belief, there is little room or desire to push beyond the limitations of said belief(s).  What is more evident is that only those persons who are courageous and resourceful, who are comfortable in being themselves, usually manage to break through the unseen barriers of human programming and discover there is a whole new world beyond.

Yet, I am not going to focus on criticizing the world.  I’m here as a visitor, an observer, living quietly a rather simple life on the surface.  However, simultaneously, I have periodic access to at least two other story-lines of my soul’s development, one concerning my lifetime as Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe and my ‘now’ life as Sundeelia.

Why the anticipation?  Well, nearly a year ago, I was mated (married) to a fine man, Lord Aiden Mathdis, who happens to be the Lord of Jolf, a small town located on the coast of Maubene, one of the twelve continents on the Isle of Medina, my home planet in the Pleiades.  As sometimes happens in love matches such as ours, I became pregnant within weeks of getting mated.  Soon, we realized that I was carrying twins, something that often happens in my father’s family.

Located close to the great star Electra, the Isle of Medina is a desert planet, although it does have freshwater oceans.  The ‘continents’, known locally as ‘isles’ are smallish.  Maubene is one of the larger ones.  In the center of the continent there is a vast desert plain, rather similar in appearance to the area around Tucson, Arizona.  Like the deserts of the Southwest, the deserts of Maubene are filled with life, both flora and fauna.  The rock-filled and sandy acres are dotted with an assortment of cacti of various shapes and size, ranging from giant Saguaros to tiny ground-hugging cacti.  There are also other tough desert plants, ranging from ground covers to the trees and shrubs that cling to the edge of the few rivers in the area.  Beyond the town of Medina, dark rugged and barren mountains rise up, dominating the center of the continent.

Rugged foothills surround and protect Jolf, a pretty town filled with squat white-washed abode and sandstone buildings, reminiscent in style to the Pueblo Revival architecture commonly found in parts of New Mexico and Arizona.  High garden walls protect beautiful gardens overflowing with an assortment of flowers, vines, shrubs, and trees, that can grow in the gentler coastal climate which is moderated by the nearby sea.  Lord Aiden and I reside in a sprawling house that is several thousand years old, simple yet comfortable in design and function. 

Again, why the anticipation?  Now a mate, for the first time in any of my embodiments, I am about to become a mother.  Yes, Lord Aiden is about to become a father and the proud parent of two beautiful boys, Raimundo and Adario Mathdis.

Yesterday, I stopped writing this essay and now I can announce that as of this morning, Aiden and I are the proud parents of two beautiful dark-haired boys who have violet-blue eyes like mine own. 

How do I know this?  Well, when Tazjma left four years ago, she also gave birth within a day or so, just this time of year on Terra.  And today was four years to the day when I fully walked in… appearance day we call it rather than birthday.  So, I have some experience on how a birthing feels, with the happy anticipation of participating family members who have arrived to witness the birth.  In any family but especially in my husband’s, an ancient family of high light lineage, any birth is highly anticipated and an occasion for the expression of great joy… which is what I was feeling, both emanating from myself, my husband, and my close relatives.

When I woke up in the dark of early morning, I was aware of the Presence of my parents, Uncle, and several cousins who were connecting with me, sending me love.  Having felt into a distant birthing before, I recognized the frequency of what was occurring for ‘me’ far away – a sort of remote viewing, simple telepathy and intuitive knowing. 

The method by which Pleiadians now give birth is rather unique and benefits the mother.  For several months the parents, father and mother… and the soul of the incoming child (in our case, two children) connect and work out the general appearance and soul contracts for the child, what gifts will be brought in, as well as the general life plan.  Then, when the child’s Light Body has formed up into the etheric the child steps out of the woman’s womb in Light Body.  After about two or three days, the physical form precipitates out of the Light Body.  At birth, a Pleiadian child will appear to be three or even four years old in Earth terms.  Each child is fully conscious and retains memory of important soul connections and ‘past’ lives.  For the first three years of the child’s life, the mother is the most important person as motherhood is regarded as a career in the Pleiades and those women who choose to be mothers are highly honored.  Each child is carefully conceived, co-created consciously, and much loved. 

So, it happened… surrounded by loving family members, my two sons appeared entering the world of men.  Once more, I have two of my beloved soul mates in my life, although now I have changed genders.  One son was once a beloved and wise adopted uncle.  The other was a distant cousin and brother-in-law, brother to my first mate.  I am exceedingly happy to be the conduit for them returning into embodiment.

With this birth, I am now a mother for the first time ever.  I have been a father many times, but this is now, for me, an experience from a totally different perspective.

So, I have shared a bit of what goes on in the background even while a small portion of ‘me’ lives here on Terra observing the transitional period which will eventually lead to the Golden Age (the Satya Yuga) in 2032.  Life is ‘interesting’.

I AM Sundeelia Mathdis

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Sundeelia: Being Embodied

Sundeelia: Being Embodied

How is everyone doing these days?  Silly question, I guess.  It’s definitely a test of self-mastery to retain any sense of sanity given the disruptions in our ‘normal’ way of life.  I know I have had to cut back on listening or watching disclosure videos.  I’m not being an ostrich with my head in the sand… no, hardly.  I’ve been aware of many of these things for a very long time that are only now being revealed to the public.  The information has been available for a long time if you bother to dig or go outside the MSM box of mind-programming.  For one thing, I became aware of the hypnotic effect of television 15 or so years ago and haven’t watched it since.  Sure, I watch YouTube, but not the ads, mainstream news or talk shows.  Get an ad blocker app if you don’t enjoy watching ads on your computer.

Have you ever become aware of how your body speaks to you all the time?  When you see something that is upsetting, have you noticed your stomach clenching?  I once held an unopened letter in my hand that I knew had some bad news in it.  My body intuited the energy being communicated through the paper by the writer.  Recently, you may have experienced the same kind of thing before opening up an email.  Who writes first class letters anymore! 

Our bodies are a marvel of complexity and right now they are under considerable strain given all of the upset in the world.  Most days now I have to take a nap in the afternoon to be able to last the rest of the day.  Of course, I am retired and can design my own schedule while many people face going to a job every day.  So, I guess I’m doing other work of an energetic sort for people who have families and work.

My general ‘mood’ has lightened up quite a bit now that I have more freedom to choose what I want to do, when, and where… not that I can afford to go anywhere right now.  Like I said, I am retired and money is tight.  No complaints though.

Our bodies are working hard these days, even if it appears that you are, as in my case, hardly working.  If you can manage to remain in high frequency as much as possible your body is able to alchemicalize massive amounts of low frequency consciousness, such as what is being revealed about all sorts of things.  This heavy interior load is another reason you might be experiencing an unusual amount of fatigue or even exhaustion.

I am being purposely vague, but low frequency consciousness is anything that vibrates at a low vibratory rate, such as fear, hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, rage, obsession, judgment, controlling, lying, and so on.  How does your body feel when you are confronted by an angry person or someone who wants to control you?  It doesn’t feel very good, does it?

While we are the caretaker and occupant of our human Avatars or bodies. we are not the body.  We are a light being of high frequency who has dropped in to experience living in the third-dimension at a time when the planet is shifting to the fifth dimension.  Some people thought the shift would happen like turning on a light bulb, flick the switch and everything is done, we have unicorns and butterflies.  I remember December 22nd, 2012, when so many light workers woke up disappointed, either in themselves or resentful of others who unconsciously (or consciously) held us back from ascending as a collective.  Even today, over eight years later, only about 35 to 40% of the world’s population can be classified as ‘awake’. Fewer still are aware of the metaphysical aspects of ascension and all it involves in terms of ‘self-mastery’.

Ascension cannot be done all in a moment.  Your body is of earth-earthy.  It is a creation of this planet and needs to adjust to the Light.  Right now, the planet is being bombarded daily by high frequency Light (intelligence) from the Cosmos, from Light Beings and extraterrestrials who are working with the collective, the elementals, and the planet to make adjustment, step by step, bit by bit.  If the so-called solar flash were to occur, probably 90% of humanity would die instantly, as their physical bodies would not be able to handle the shock.  The Galactic beings who are so patiently working with us do not want that to happen.  And we have stepped off of a timeline that would have led us to that possibility. 

Timelines shift as we shift.  We can consciously radiate higher frequencies by remaining in our bodies and letting them do the work for which they were designed.  Even in ancient texts, there was the knowledge the human body can adjust to at least the 7th dimensional frequency… as the planet was also designed to do.  It is possible.

Once we do reach 5D, we’re not going to stop there, but keep on climbing, at least those of us who still remain here on Earth.  It will take ‘time’ as the lower frequencies move slower.  Time is relative. 

So, do what you can to remain in high frequency states and if you slip, do whatever is necessary to re-center and to rediscover your sense of inner balance. Go meditate, go for a walk, listen to music, dance, journal, create something… to move the energy through the body.  Be aware that you have a choice every moment, every hour, every day, whether or not you are grateful to be here.  I am, after much struggle.  Sigh.  And feel better for letting go those things that no longer resonate. Like all who have incarnated here, I, too, have free choice, especially to change from what no longer resonates deeply within.

I send you all my love and blessings,

Sundeelia Mathdis

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

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Sundeelia: Beliefs


Sundeelia: Beliefs

Every belief has its opposite. Best thing is let go of the “beliefs” or rather the need to cling to one over another as that is a perpetuation of duality (good/evil). All life is about experiences and how you react to them, reject them or accept them. If you can keep an open mind, open your heart and realize that not everyone is even meant to be like you, believe like you or live like you, then you can approach the understanding that we are meant to celebrate the diversity of life… unity in diversity. A rich culture is one that allows diversity, with tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. Tolerance does not mean you accept violence and hate directed towards any other person or group or at yourself. It is about allowing others to live their life without undue interruption or unfair laws.

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and

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Council of Nine: Hope

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

The Council of Nine: Hope

Through the darkness of the world, the chaos and confusion, there comes LIGHT. For those who can see, feel or hear its presence, the Light brings hope.

We greet each and every one of you who reads these words as brother and sister. It matters not to us that you do not understand them, as the words present energy and are imprinted within your energy body as you read them. Understanding often comes later, when the intellect gives way to the intuitive understanding which requires no words or explanation to make plain the meaning.

You have a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why would this be? It is because the picture is like a symbol and communicates to the right hemisphere of your brain, the creative side used by artists and poets, where symbols are a language unto themselves.

A whole  volume or book’s worth of information can be encapsulated within one symbol, layer upon layer of meaning. Yet, still as few of you are telepathic, our communications are done primarily through the mode of language.

Pay attention to the visions and intuitive promptings that you receive through your Higher Mind and Heart. This is how your Soul communicates with you.

Inventors and advanced scientists have learned to relax their intellects to allow the still quiet voice within to give them inspiration and ideas that lead to great discoveries. What appears as great attainment is the willingness of the individual to listen and then to follow those promptings.

Did you know, dear ones, that your bodies contain the history of the Universe? Implanted and encoded upon the crystalline particles of your DNA are the secrets of the Universe. You can access them, as you rise in vibrational frequency… but mostly as you allow yourself the time to grow quiet, to still the mind and listen.

One does not need to be trained in the metaphysical arts or the physical sciences to understand these mysteries. The understanding comes with allowing the wisdom to penetrate and change the per-existing beliefs. As you let go of the need to believe in only one “truth” and allow that truth to expand, your understanding grows. You are allowing the Light to implant and impregnate your being with its essence, which comes from Source. As a result, you are changed forever.

Only those who are willing to transmute and clear themselves so that the old is removed have made the space necessary for the new to enter in. Thus, you have spent years working on clearing yourself of old debris, of out worn paradigms and beliefs. And now, with the hard job of cleaning done, you now take on the job of embodying the new energies, within your being. Remember, always that you are a small portion of the entire population of the planet, but even a small group can act as a catalyst or agent for evolution.

You are becoming wayshowers and lighthouses, beacons of light for others. Through your ability to integrate the polarities within, to integrate the dark and light, to come into self-acceptance, to say “yes!” to your own self-empowerment… you become a living example to those who share your environment and daily life.

You do not need to say a word to these people. You do not need to send them messages of deliverance or to proselytize in any way. Your Light, your joy, your enjoyment of life is enough to act as a message unto those who come in contact with your presence. You have submitted to spirit and the spirit has entered within and remodeled your perceptions of the world.

All of you are at different stages of your evolution into becoming a physical Light Being. The steps and stages are of necessity slower for others, as to go to fast is to risk blowing a fuse and even going out of embodiment. Yet, even if that occurs, you can return, if you should chose, and continue on with the mission of embodying and becoming the Light.

The younger generations who are only now entering into this world can do so because there have been those who have done the work and anchored the light, and can hold the love and compassion within their hearts for ALL life.  Many of the younger ones are starting out at a higher vibrational frequency than was possible even a decade ago, thanks to your work.

Members of older generations can sometimes find it more difficult to change, yet even they can feel the difference when a person smiles with complete authenticity. In that moment, brief as it may seem, there is an exchange of energies and the beginning of a thaw of the fear and frost that may exist as a defense against the world within that elder.

Keep it simple, dear ones. Keep it authentic. If you feel rotten or tired, acknowledge those feelings. Take care of yourselves and rest when you can. Your physical bodies are striving to transform and it requires a great deal of energy in which to do so. Remember your bodies contain their own intelligence and respond to the Light instinctively even if your ego mind resists.

Your feelings are becoming your teachers. Acceptance that you are feeling being, that you have emotions and that you need not fear those emotions or feelings, will assist you to move through any remaining layers of fear that you might have within.

Understand that your bodies carry the memory of ALL your lifetimes upon this planet and elsewhere, in all dimensions and frequencies, in all galaxies and Universes. You are a living library. It is your mission to discover that key.

Each of you is a remarkable and complex being and yet your entire consciousness is stored within a fragment of light called a photon. Your photon responds and communicates with other photons, responding to the information carried encoded in the light. You will know what you know when it is time for you to know… so patience. The process of evolution proceeds and is doing well.

We are here as guides and mentors, aspects of your own “higher” selves, as parts of your multi-dimensionality that exists in all dimensions, vibrational frequencies and Universes. We honor you in your efforts to understand what is happening in the world, as it is what you are creating for yourselves in a collective manner.

You are greater than you know. In the words of one of your prophets and teachers, “Ye are Gods!” Know this, feel this and accept these words as truth, a truth that will unveil itself to you gradually as you are willing to expand and acknowledge your own power, wisdom and love.

We convey to you our blessings and our wonderment at your creativity. We wait patiently for that time when enough of humanity can accept that there is other intelligent life in the Universe without going into fear. Someday we will walk among you and share stories of our mutual experiences. We look forward to this time as you are family, sisters and brothers, who volunteered to go forth into density for the sake of experience.  In truth, you are the Hope of the world, a world in which there will be lasting peace and prosperity, joy and abundance for all.


The Council of Nine

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

@ All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and Include this link in all re-postings.  Permission is given to translate this material into other languages, but is NOT granted to present the material in any form other than the written word (videos, et al).

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Tazjma: On Making Choices and Letting Go

Above Lake Chelan, photo by Eliza Ayres

Tazjma:  On Making Choices and Letting Go

Note to Readers: This is a piece originally written in 2015, but as always with Tazjma’s writings, there is a timelessness about them. I have edited the piece, removing references to ‘teachers’ with whom I no longer resonate.

Everything is frequency, energy. What you understand in life will depend on your frequency level. What are you willing to let go so you might rise up in frequency?

See it as rings or steps on a ladder (depending what type you are climbing) but also as energy. If you do not resonate at least somewhat with the frequency at which someone is communicating, you will not understand that which they are expressing. And it even gets more exciting to realize that you can create within yourself the expectation of meeting ONLY those with whom you resonate. For as you yourself will discover that when you exist and live completely in the fifth dimension, linear thinking no longer exists.

Last night I came to the realization that I had been pushing away people for a long time. While intellectually I understand that I’ve been a way shower for some, a teacher for others… a guide and Sister for still others, I couldn’t, didn’t really accept that as being real within. In remembering what I was feeling last night, I can see that I’ve been pushing people away, out of my life, because I felt that somehow they were after my light.

I know that sounds funny, but I also know that many of you will say to yourself, “OMG, I know what she is talking about! I’ve felt that way, too. And I thought I was being horrible when doing it!”

Judgment is such a human thing, my dears. And it is the first thing that we have to leave when stepping from 3D / 4D into 5D.

We experience these things because we are clearing old energies and belief systems from within ourselves. We are the Universe. We are the Universe experiencing itself. As we re-member and allow, we reconnect to the many levels and dimensions and aspects of our Being that exists NOW everywhere.

So… this belief of mine existed and has existed in my world for years, decades.  I have been, we have all been given numerous opportunities to arrive at an understanding and then to release the belief as it is not needed any longer to support your consciousness within its journey.

This process is expressed as “karma”. What you believe will happen, what you believe about you and others will come around, again and again, until you no longer need to deal with that particular lesson and you let it go. ONLY by letting go and comprehending the gist of the lesson can you take an upward step.

If you are unwilling to let go, the lesson repeats itself. It is as simple and as complex as that… as many lessons and opportunities for learning present themselves to you on a daily basis. It is your acknowledgment of the lesson learned and your successful passing of the tests that will inevitably come as a result that ensures your continued progress along the Path.

We are ALWAYS tested on whether we are still clinging to any beliefs or lack thereof.

Do you still get angry at what passes for politics? Are you disturbed by the death of species? Do you feel that it is necessary to eat ONLY certain foods in order to ascend? Do you feel it is necessary to always “wear” or put on protection when you leave your house in the morning? Do you avoid certain people, activities, places because you feel that they exist in a “lower” dimension or frequency level than yourself?

All of these things are part of various belief systems and act to limit the limitlessness of your Self. And it is up to YOU to work within to release everything that is holding you back IF you want to proceed in activating your light body or Merkabah.

So, here I am, have been “believing” that people have wanted me to join various groups or activities for the sake of my lending them “my” light to the activity. And so, it has played out in this fashion with some of the people that I have encountered, or at least that “version” of them that was vibrating at the same frequency level as my particular belief. It doesn’t matter where you see them, as they are all of YOU, anyway. It is ALL coming from within.

I realize that this doesn’t make sense to the linear rational mind. It’s not meant to… as it comes via the right hemisphere and the Higher Self… which completely bypasses the rational “mind” way of thinking and just “is”.

So… my belief has been succeeding in pushing certain people, perhaps all people, out of my life and keeping me in fear. This is a way to continue living contracted within oneself and to NOT be willing to expand any further. Okay, already. I’m willing and ready to let go of that old, outdated, date past due belief. And if I can, you can too.

Another thing that I’ve just understood this morning… sometimes we need a little clarification in order to express what we are feeling… is that I am a teacher for some and a guide for others. My willingness to share, my need to share is part and parcel of my commitment to act as a way shower for those who are coming behind me along the Path.

I’m not there yet, but I am progressing. And the understandings can come and will come more swiftly the more you are willing and able to let go of old ways of seeing and doing things and embracing the new.

Like a snake shedding its skin, you will be in a constant state of release, release, release. This occurs in cycles. When you reach a certain point of feeling that nothing is occurring, you have reached a void. You can move beyond that plateau, if you continue to look within and see if there is anything there that is holding you up. It’s not about judgment, as in “good” or “bad”; it’s about discernment, as in “what am I ready to see and let go of now?”

What I told my guides last night was, “I’m willing and ready to embrace Love. I want to open my heart completely.” By this sharing of mine, like many others who have gone before me… I am showing to other seekers that it is all about us… and about our willingness to teach others that they, too, have the ability to re-member, to reconnect with the wholeness of our Being as it exists on all dimensions and frequencies. We CAN choose, every moment where we want to play and let go of suffering.

Last year, I was told many things by other people, that I was a forerunner, that I had an open heart / mind, that I was a blended Venusian-Pleiadian star seed, that I was a walk-in… about to walk-out and the like. In the past I’ve been told that I carry great light within, that I’m an ultra-sensitive being on the Rose Ray… that I have this or that on other planets.

It doesn’t matter what I’ve been told, except these were ways that my team was attempting to assist me in remembering that ‘I’ exist elsewhere. I chose to let go of many of those things that were told to me simply because I didn’t “feel” them as being real; so, they weren’t.

We create out of our beliefs and thoughts about our existence. We are creator gods and do create our reality, as an individual and as a collective. Question is… do we wish to continue to exist with lack and suffering or do we wish to create and live in joy, love, light, abundance and well-being? It is a choice, one that each of us makes every day. We just need to acknowledge within that we are capable of making that choice and then taking responsibility for what manifests… and knowing that we can tweak it by letting go of any further blockages preventing the perfection of our creation.

Today, I acknowledge that I am many of the things of which I have been told and probably much more than what has been shared up until now which remains unrevealed simply because I wasn’t ready to hear it or experience it. I am now.

Each of us travels along our Path or journey in our own sacred timing. It is not a race. If we do not ascend within this ascension window, there will be another one opening for us in another cycle. Outside the third dimension there is no time and our souls have the ability to determine “when” and “how” we wish to experience our lessons. It is all set up by our higher selves, which are us.

For a time, I channeled “higher” beings, the Pleiadian Council of Nine, the Great Divine Director, the Angels… in the end; I accept that these beings are all a part of “me”, my full essence that is, even now, being incorporated within my physical body.

As I become aware, accept and allow, I can view those things that I am now ready to release. And with each release, my load, karmic load as some would express, is lightened. At some point, my light body will begin to activate and my world will expand still further. I know that I’m just at the edge and it’s exciting to explore the cliff edge and dangle my feet over it… and to realize that I can fly.

There are some people upon this planet who are waiting for us to catch up with them so we can bring into manifestation the New World for the collective. Meanwhile, we learn to walk a different path than was taught to us in Sunday school, public school, mass media, through newspapers and governmental indoctrination. We leave all that behind and exist in the love that envelopes your consciousness that exists in 5D and higher.

Hate and fear do not exist at that level of beingness. It is not that you do not see what is going on in the world, but you can view it dispassionately and chose to no longer engage in resisting what appears to be darkness or “evil”. These things exist because people create lessons to experience.   When the lessons are learned and incorporated through understanding, the “evil” departs; it is no longer needed as a contrast between what you want and what you don’t want.

Plainly, many people still need to experience the darker energies and yet, as the planet, as Gaia, continues to ascend, these opportunities will eventually cease to exist and only those who have succeeded in passing their tests and letting go of the need to wallow in lower energies will continue on. There are many scenarios that have been shared on how this is going to play out. You can, as a co-creator, determine where and how you wish to play or continue to “suffer”.

“April Blooms”

There is no judgment here as we ALL exist in many dimensions, wear many hats and undergo many different experiences as a part of the consciousness of the Universe.

Right now, Gaia is a focal point, a lynchpin in the evolution of THIS universe, which is graduating as a whole into a higher dimension. As a part of the human collective, we are here to teach each other how to unfold and let go of whatever darkness remains within and to integrate our understandings of who and what we are now capable of doing and being. There is much beyond this, which I cannot express now in words as I haven’t begun to understand it… and yet I do.

I feel that our world is on the edge of an amazing paradigm shift and it will come to be all in a moment… the moment when we realize that we are the ones whom we have been waiting for, all along. We are the ones who will and are opening the doors to heaven.

Heaven is already here. Heaven exists and there are people on the planet today who walk in those energies, who are experiencing being in other places and dimensions even while their physical bodies are walking on the earth. Someday, everyone who is on the planet will be able to move freely via their light bodies. We aren’t there yet…but what an exciting thing to visualize.

We are the light beings. We are the Angels. We are the ascended masters. We are the ETs or galactic star beings. We are our own saviors. We are our higher selves. We are the gatekeepers, the movers and shakers, the way showers, the teachers and guides. We are human, we are divine, and we are the carriers of Christ Consciousness to this planet and beyond.

Rejoice, beloved ones, for you live in a time of miracles and you are a miracle in your being.


Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, and Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.

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Ascension IS Happening


Ascension is Happening

Forwarded from New Earth Rising

Note to Readers: As if in answer to my essay on Timelines… there you have it, the Keys to the Kingdom… Heaven brought to Earth with the frequency of 5D and above. It’s your work and your goal. Perform the miracle of the Ages, by being the Masters you truly are within… As you align with your purpose, focus on your heart and clear your mind of all doubt and fear of your self-worth, you will simply know what to do. All that you need to manage this journey with ease and grace will come forth through the agency of your own quantum DNA, in which is stored all of the knowledge that ever was upon this planet and beyond. You are the Ones you have waited for…

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Sundeelia: The Dark Before Dawn


Sundeelia:  The Dark Before Dawn

Sometimes the chaos within matches the chaos without… in the world; and sometimes it is simply a symptom of something still unknown to your own consciousness.

This morning I woke up well before the breaking of dawn.  In my heart I felt such a great sense of loss.  It felt painful, as if I had been abandoned.  In the blindness of the moment, I harangued against the circumstances that brought me to these shores…even while I realized that it was I who volunteered to come here.  Emotions, I am learning, do not always make sense. Yet I came as a place-holder, an observer, and chose to place a small portion of my soul essence into a physical vehicle that still had a modicum of use – in other words, there was still some battery life to the body.  This may seem an extreme detached point of view, but we as Galactics view bodies differently than do most humans.  Being from another star system, we also do not normally experience the intensity of emotions of which Earth humans are capable.  So, it was a shock to me to feel as I did this morning.  It felt like the great dark that comes before dawn and the thunderstorm that shook the house mirrored what I was feeling within.  For once I understood and felt what it is like to be human… at least what humanity has been forced to endure for untold centuries.

Earth humans have been programmed to see the body as the beginning and ending of their world.  When the body dies, their life ends.  We know better.

In the Pleiades, the mother, father AND the child co-create the body temple as a vessel to hold a portion of the soul essence of the Soul who has agreed to embody in the family.  This process of co-creation weaves strong bonds of love and respect between all the members of the family, including aunts and uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers, sisters and brothers, and cousins.  For when a child enters OUR world there is a reason and purpose.  The soul involved has chosen a specific course and the patterns to follow during the course of the incarnation.

Among the more advanced souls who embody and those who act as parents, there are often long-lasting bonds stemming from other lifetimes, sometimes as spouses, relatives or friends.  The connections are sensed, the bonds created and sealed long before the child steps forth in light body from within the womb of the mother.  Although human babies are born weak and tiny, the children of the Pleiades have the appearance of an Earth child of some three to four years.  And they are fully awake and communicating telepathically with all their family members, including the extended family who also present, eagerly awaiting their birthing.  Family is everything to the Pleiadians.

And so, it was with great dismay that upon waking up that I was experiencing a great sense of loss and abandonment.  It was as if I had been left behind upon this bizarre planet.  It was not a good feeling for one who has been brought up, nurtured, protected, guided, taught and trained to work in cooperation with others, many of whom are relatives.

I was feeling deserted and was beginning to feel what humans experience as the sense of separation that you have felt as a species, as if you have been barred from Paradise, from your greater family of the Stars, from your Creator and especially from each other.  If anything, these moments of despair gave me a greater sense of compassion for your sense of loss that humanity as a collective as had etched upon their hearts for millennia.  Yet… you are not alone and you are not lost.  The sense of separation is an illusion placed upon you by your unnatural controllers, those who exist in the unseen worlds beyond the power of the human eye or other senses to see and know.  Yet they are there and have been known by the priests of old as the Archons.  They have their minions upon the planet through whom they work.  And your planet was invaded more than once by those who do not have your welfare at heart.  In fact, it is questionable whether or not they have hearts for they are ones who long separated from the Light and now seek to steal it from humanity, in the form of blood and sacrifice.

My intense feeling of abandonment stemmed, in part, from the fact that much of my soul essence has been drawn back to the Ships.  We are on stand-by.  Events are now taking place, events that I cannot speak of… as this portion of my consciousness is not privy to the plans… that would not be, in any event, shared in case these communications are being monitored by the Enemy.  They are…as are those of anyone who dares to share communications that do not favor the plots of the globalists.

If it seems like I am a bit paranoid, I am not.  I come from a family that contains members who, in previous incarnations, fought in the original Star Wars.  We KNOW the Enemy and they are here.  They were once defeated and will be again and this time driven from this Galaxy forever.  They are the Belials who entered this quadrant of Creation through the constellation of Orion.  There they overturned and conquered the friendly and gentle inhabitants of the Belt planets and made the star of Rigel their own home.  From Rigel, they entered this solar system and took over a huge earth-like planet, Tiamat, which once existed between Mars and Jupiter.  This planet was blown up and now all that remains of her is the Asteroid Belt and the comets.  This is not the first planet that these interlopers have blown up.  The real Star Wars was much, much worse than the movie series.  Much, much worse and I was there during the last days when the Queen of one of the Pleiadian Isles (planets) defeated the Dark Lord of the Belials and the Pleiadian Command augmented by Sirian and Ashtarian fleets took down thousands of enemy vessels in one day.  The enemy has no cause to love my family or the Pleiadians who have lived in peace for over 100,000 years now.

I am NOT of this Earth.  I wear one of your bodies, but I did not have a hand in its creation.  If I had, it would look very different, but we work with what we have as we are also a practical people.  We enjoy working with our hands, building and flying star ships, growing food and raising families because we enjoy physical life, even those among us who are evolved to the level of Archangel and above.  We are Family.

My sister reminds me to keep Faith, to remember who I am, that I am NOT alone.  And you are not alone, my Earth cousins. Our cause, our fight is yours.  We are with you.  Call upon the Angelic hosts to assist you and it will be so.  May I remind you that the Pleiadians ARE the ones whom you call the Angels?  We do not have wings or halos.  Some of us are of flesh and blood as you are… although our bodies are much more beautiful and refined.  And some of us exist in Light Body form, capable of projecting our awareness to where it is needed in an instant.  Still, we prefer our organic, living ships powered by giant sentient crystals, each ship an entity made up of ship and crew.

So… with the sharing of these words and releasing these feelings, I feel much better.  The emotional body of this physical vessel still contains some remaining trauma that requires release.  I need not know the cause, only realize that in releasing the tears, I am setting my sister, Lady Taz, free from any future obligations to reincarnate upon this planet of lies.  She had served long and well and deserves peace.  So do you, dear cousins, for your toil here has been long and bitter.

Your planet is now in the process of ascending back to her nature state of perfection according to her Divine Blueprint.  So, too, will all those humans who remain with Her, those who are able to keep abreast of the increases in frequency and vibration.  Those who cannot will leave, mainly through the process of death as their bodies will be unable to adjust accordingly to what is being required.  This includes those who have served the controllers, those who have committed great wrongs against humanity and other life forms, including the planet herself.  And those who are unwilling to look into their own inner darkness, to find redemption and release through the use of the tools that the Divine have granted to mankind during this time of transition.

The release of this planet from darkness and low density will bring great change to the entire quadrant of Creation that presently exists here.  Great times for Earth (Gaia) and her people are just ahead.  The promises are great, the rewards greater for all those who succeed in keeping the Faith and holding Hope ever within their hearts, with unconditional love (Charity) to all those who have harmed them and their world.  For it is not in your hands that the punishment of the wrong-doers must come, but from the unrelenting Laws of the Universe that these beings have violated time after time through their abilities to manipulate time, space and the effect of karma.  Yet the time of reckoning is at hand and many of these dark lords and their minions will find themselves before the Lords (and Ladies) of the Karmic Board before they are forever removed from this Universe through passage in the fires of the Great Central Sun.  Their energy will be recycled and used to create brand new souls who will endeavor to move through the cycles of evolution, this time without the impediments placed upon former civilizations such as your own.

While the fight is still on, mind that you gird your loins with the Shield of Michael found on a separate page on this website HERE.   The use of this Shield will notify the agents of the dark, both embodied and disembodied, that you know of their presence and it will give you the strength and protection to see it through the days ahead.  Be strong, be vigilant for the Dark are and so must you be.  Do not think that you can look away and not see the darkness for what it is.  Face it.  Face down your own fears and be the fullness of the divine being that exists within your own Heart Flame.

We are the Eagles of Archangel Michael in form.  We are the Ground Crew who volunteered to be here for the last days.  These are the last days of darkness.  Go and fare well.


Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe Mathdid

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this article.  Permission is NOT given to change it from the original form.  No videos permitted.

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Divine Portal

Sundeelia:  On Timelines

One of my readers suggested another topic, namely timelines.  I will say up front, I am no expert on the matter, yet I will give forth what I know right now.

Here is the question:

Picking up on living in uncertain times, I was just wondering whether with timelines there is a point of no return as it were, so that when a certain point is passed a timeline cannot be changed no matter what?

As I was sitting outside in the patio eating a bit of lunch, listening to a mockingbird singing his territorial anthem, my consciousness relaxed enough that I began to visualize waves of energy before my eyes.  This repeated as I was attempting to take a nap to rest a sore hip… to no avail, but I did see the waves of energy as the room in which I was lying began to disintegrate slightly into flowing patterns.  When you witness this phenomenon for yourself, you begin to comprehend how everything around you is energy and that our world and the roles we play in it are like actors on a stage, a frequency stage, a hologram.

So, what is a timeline?  I was unsuccessful in finding any logical definition other than how the term is currently used in speech, especially among those who are both channelers, energy workers, healers, and astrologers.  Basically, it is a stretch of seemingly linear time that leads to a particular and desired outcome, reflective of those who are participating consciously or unconsciously. For lightworkers, it is ascension; for our erstwhile controllers, it is world domination.

In my humble opinion, timelines can and do continually shift.  This is a result of the shifting of the collective consciousness of humanity, as experienced by individuals and large groups.  The entire planet is currently undergoing a massive dark night of the soul.  Faced with the official narrative involving fear and control, people are being confronted with the darkness that has always been there but ignored, unseen, or misunderstood.  Humanity at large is beginning to shift as the darkness refuses to ‘go away’, but continues to be exposed, largely due to the efforts of people who standing up and speaking out against ghastly inhumane mandates involving lockdowns and an agenda that has been drawn out of the closet that shows very intentional plans involving the use of vaccines, censorship, digital tracking/passports and the like to control all movement. In fact, those who bother to do their own research and reading are finding out that every aspect of life, including your own bodily functions is the target for those who would prevent the ascension of humanity.

Those who have taken the vaccines are losing their connection with their souls.  They will not ascend.  Through their fear of the unknown ‘enemy’ with its label of a virus, they have made their choice to forego ascension at least for this round and perhaps many more – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of years in linear time. 

Various channelers like Paul Wyrostek, Magenta Pixie, Lorie Ladd, and Michelle Fielding (and others) continually mention timelines.  They also remind us that it is our particular frequency and resonance that will affect our own individual timelines.  In other words, you will experience something quite different from another person who has made other choices, especially when those choices are based on fear or any other low vibrational emotion.

The recent channeled piece from the 9D Arcturian Collective via Daniel Scranton addressed, in part, timelines.

“We are giving you what we can when we can because we have a sense of what you are ready for and what will ruin certain surprises that you have in store for yourselves. We also never know which timeline you are going to choose for yourselves, because you have that option. You can choose what you are going to experience, and many people do not realize that. There are some very simple truths that you all must accept if you have any chance of navigating your life’s journey with joy, freedom, and creativity. One of these very simple truths is that you are going to see your vibration reflected back to you in some way, shape, or form.”  ~ Daniel Scranton ~ Predictions, Timelines & Simple Universal Truths ∞The 9D Arcturian Council (

I do know that timelines continue to shift and will continue to shift until the 100th monkey effect comes into play.  Still, given that some people are choosing fear over optimism in the future, that the timelines for these people will be very different than for those who are endeavoring to raise their frequency, forgive themselves, learn to love themselves, learn to meditate and listen to the subtle messages of the intuition, as well as those who are drawn to work in natural surroundings.

The matrix within which we have been functioning is profoundly unnatural and is in the process of crumbling before our very eyes.  With that collapse of the delusional dreamworld, the remaining members of humanity will naturally resume life that is more in attunement with the environment.  Simplicity will become a way of life.  The quantum software residing within humanity’s DNA will naturally unpack packets of information that has been stored within the human genome for millennia.  The malicious tampering of the genome will be undone as the ten strands of ‘junk’ DNA are reconfigured into the physical, responding to the rise in frequency.  Unbelievable gifts and inner knowledge will naturally unfold and be revealed… but only to the descendants of those brave souls who have had the courage to stand up in disobedience to the barbaric mandates being forced upon some citizenry.  It has never been more important — for the survival of humanity — NOT to endeavor to fit in and please those who are currently in authority and appear to have power over you. They do not have your welfare in mind when they concoct their insidious and diabolic plans.

For those who know themselves to be starseeds, you will be the wayshowers, going before the masses, carrying the torch of freedom and the sword of Truth.  Through your example, you will inspire others to begin to question the old guard’s narrative, pushed through the main street media (MSM).  You can stand up and face off the fascist multinational companies, the petty politicians, the illiterate and arrogant ‘educators’, the misled physicians, and the ones in any position of authority who allow themselves to be bought and manipulated by greed and lust.  Utilizing your intuition as your guide, renew your adherence to an inner code of honor, nobility (that has nothing to do with a bloodline, but everything to do with a moral code) and integrity, become the example you wish others to become.  It is up to each one of you to exude, radiate your love, your compassion, your inner joy, your optimistic outlook, and your vision for the future that you wish to create NOW.

So, will there ever be only one timeline left?  I would say, ‘No, as there are over 7 billion people on this planet’, but even one person can affect a multitude of others simply by learning to accept themselves, to honor themselves, and to do it with humility and graciousness, without ego, without an agenda.

We have all seen the example given by Mr. Trump, just how many people he has affected.  What if more people gave their dreams such a tremendous focus that the world began to change around themselves?  What is possible?  Who knows, until you apply yourself, put yourself to work, and make the changes you want to see begin to happen… first within your own heart and mind, later translating to inspiration for others, until… oh, my gosh, what really happened?

The human collective is very powerful, but not unified yet on a conscious level.  When and if it ever reaches that level of awareness, nothing, I mean nothing will stand in the way of humanity.  And you will be welcomed into the Galactic Society then with open arms.

I will, no doubt, not be here to see that great day happen, for my life in the Pleiades will be calling me back.  I am here as a temporary visitor and observer.  However, while I am here, I hope that I am instilling in those who will listen, some degree of hope for the future, which will be, for at least a portion of humanity, very bright indeed.

Much love and blessings to all.

I AM Sundeelia.

© All Rights Reserved, no recordings or videos of this written material are permitted.  Eliza Ayres, author. and

~   ~   ~

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Baby Wood Storks with Rad Feathers, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  On Gratitude

Gratitude: I can certainly appreciate aspects of benevolence in Mother Nature, for example, for which I’m grateful, and I’m grateful to those folks, like yourself, who put themselves out there via websites etc., but again I’ve never seen a discussion with respect to what gratitude may mean to Starseeds who remember more loving existences, or for that matter the billions of people who suffer extensively because of the malevolent control.

Here is yet another topic for discussion: ‘Gratitude’.  First remember, you don’t have to agree with me.  Whatever I share may not resonate at all, so I would encourage you to do your own explorations, inner and outer, as guided.

So, what is gratitude?  As a noun, it is the state or quality of being thankful or grateful.

Actually, this is a topic that elicits a giggle from me.  Do I sense a few frowns of judgment out there in virtual reality land?  Well, let me explain.

By now, if you have been reading my essays, you will know that I view myself as an adult walk-in, someone who did not incarnate here on the planet, but who is now walking around wearing one of your earthly ‘meat’ suits or physical body.  I can tell you… with that giggle… that my first days after fulling taking command of the body were quite the shock.  Before that, I wasn’t totally seated in the driver’s seat so not really in resonance with the feelings of the body.  And I wasn’t grateful at all for being here.  I was angry, upset, exhausted dragging around an older vehicle which I was not yet accustomed to dealing with… and I desperately wanted to go Home.  Home is, of course, 6D/7D, which feels extraordinarily different than the low frequency resonance of the Earth plane.  No, I really wasn’t feeling grateful.

With a few years of being here and experiencing at least a limited round of exposure to the world, I have learned to feel grateful for the opportunity to truly take part in a rare occurrence, a planetary ascension of both the planet and its children, Humanity.  Yes, it is hard being here.  And yes, I still have moments when I feel lonely and yearn to be held by my mate or sitting in our walled garden drinking a cold fruit soup for supper.  Simple things.  Greeting my new friends in the little town where we live… you know, doing those things that people do with their friends, neighbors, townspeople, and family.  We are not all that different from you, my beloveds.  We’re human; you’re human.  It is just that we are awake and many of you still sleep amidst a delusional dream brought on by beings who do not have your welfare in mind.

So, what can a starseed be grateful for in being here now during these tough transitional times?  Well, the times offer an exceptional opportunity for extremely accelerated soul growth and evolution.  For each lifetime spent here, performing your service to others, you are chalking up positive life experience, learning lessons.  Even when you occasionally decide to take on a role that appears negative, there is something to learn from the experience.  As fractals of Source energy, all experience is considered valuable.

Being a starseed here on the Earth plane is challenging.  You can be grateful for the fact that you were allowed to be here now, for one thing.  Many apply for positions; not all are accepted.  As I have written before, growth only takes place when you are challenged.  How else are you going to be called upon to utilize the gifts that you brought with you?  If everything was going your way and there were no challenges to overcome, would you come up with new solutions for seemingly insolvable problems or design new alternative methods that are more sustainable for both humans and the environment (without infringing on personal rights)?

Yes, people have suffered here.  This has been a fact of life on this planet for millennia, due to the presence of unwanted alien influences that have (and still are, to a degree) feeding upon the unique soul essence of humanity.  Just this morning, I listened to an interesting discussion (in part) about the rarity of the human genome.  Your genome, the DNA that resides within your body has the potential to save whole races, not just your own.  As a starseed residing in an Earth human body containing that unique and divinely touched genome, you have the potential to be the father or mother of an entirely new natural human.  Now that is something to be grateful for, don’t you think?

As a starseed bringing forth your own unique gifts, you are adding to the gene pool or if you are not a parent, you are adding your higher frequency to the collective, which will, in turn allow others to wake up and also rise up in frequency.  I maintain that starseeds are like leavening for a loaf of bread.  Without yeast or a sourdough starter, you have flatbread… yummy, but not what we’re going for right now.

As a starseed, you have the opportunity and gift of grace to aid humanity simply by being here and now, on the Earth plane.  There really isn’t any other mission beyond your presence being here.  I know that seems too simple, but it is fact.

The starseeds are giving others the opportunity to also ascend.  Eventually, the indigenous peoples of Earth will have their own masters and ladies of Light, but it may take several generations, even thousands of years to arrive there, mainly due to the extreme pain and trauma that has been experienced by the residents.  The presence of starseeds with their healing gifts can aid in that healing process, a very necessary process for anyone who has been continually lied to, abused, degraded, and treated as worthless chattel. 

Despite the difficulties and challenges of being here, I am still grateful that my Father allowed me to come and be a part of this massive undertaking.  It is one thing to observe from afar in a comfortable and advanced starship.  It is another thing entirely to be here on the ground, feeling the energies, learning how to successfully navigate them, dealing with the body and its minor temper tantrums, just everything.  There is a lot to manage just being here and staying alive and sane with the constant pressures of belief systems, the current state of public psychosis related to the covid situation, unjust mandates and ‘laws’ put in place by aggressive narcissistic tyrants.  It’s a wonder that more of you folks just don’t stand up for your God-given rights as individuals.  It is a learning process, taking back your power, learning to listen within, experiencing and experimenting with things that you would not be able to do at Home.  Yes, there are many things to be grateful for here, despite appearances. 

Perhaps some day I will describe some of the very conservative cultures that exist on other planets.  Then, you, too, might be grateful for the opportunities to live and serve on this plane while assisting others simply by being here and putting up with or challenging the established ways of being.  Life on Earth is very different, very exotic to the ways we do things at Home… but you will remember that as your own inner awareness comes back online as you rise in frequency.

Another thing to remember, souls often choose specific pathways of experience, whether to balance energies (karma), to present challenges so they can grow, to experience what it feels like to live in poverty… a multitude of pathways that only the Higher Self has a real perspective from a neutral place.  Yes, people suffer here and that will change as the frequency continues to rise.  A portion of the population will ascend – not all, but enough to guarantee the continuance of the human race… and the starseeds who are here to live into the future will be a part of that great adventure.  Then, too, you will be able to share your gifts and inner wisdom and teach humanity to remember its own unique roots and gifts.  And when you are done with your part of the lengthy mission, you will go Home and discover that the many lifetimes spent here were counted as one Life, for beyond Earth ‘time’ is quantum.  We can go both forward and backward and plug into a timeline that will best enable us to fulfill the mission planned by Higher Self.  There is much to learn, to re-learn, to bring online, to share, to wonder over… especially as the planet Herself returns to Her full potential as a Living Library for the Galaxy and the Universe.

I send you my blessings and love.

I AM Sundeelia.

P.S. During the writing of this essay, I felt a particularly optimistic sense of well-being, rather like I had just sipped some really fine champagne or received some kudos from my Guides. I don’t know… the feeling is just there. Everything that appears so dire now will be fine. Just keep on waking up, growing, being challenged and rising up to meet those challenges like the champions and warriors you all are!

© All Rights Reserved, no videos or recordings of this written material is permitted.  Eliza Ayres author, editor and chief bottle-washer, and

❤  ❤  ❤

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Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms

Blue Dragon Journal

Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms

“Sadness is what makes us human. The human condition is a condition of tremendous heartbreak. The more we understand about human life and the life of the people around us and what people have suffered, the more heartbreaking it is. And the thing about a broken heart is, maybe you can’t mend it. But — only a broken heart can truly love others.“ ~ Reggie Ray ~

One can view human existence as constant heartbreak or an opportunity to truly develop that wondrous marvel, compassion.

Compassion comes, often, as a result of having gone through much struggle yourself. Struggle and adversity can literally crack open a formerly sealed and tightly closed heart. Learning from your experiences and seeing the struggles of others, you can more aptly see what can be done to assist… not from a place of superiority, but from a place of humility and…

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