X22 Report, Ep. 2984, January 29, 2023

Ep. 2984a – Biden Admin Has Lost The Economic & GND Narrative, The Fed Panics Over Crypto

Everything the [DS]/[WEF] has told us about the Earth and the climate agenda has not come true and the people around the world see this now. The people are pushing back against GND agenda. The Fed is panicking because they know if people see another currency, it is game over.

The Deep State has been pushing climate something for decades.

Ep 2984b-[DS] Pushing Antifa,Chaos,Civil War,Trump Counters The Narrative By Mentioning The Military

 The [DS] is now panicking, the truth is coming out and the evidence and facts are showing the people of America who the real criminals are. The [DS] is now trying to create as much chaos as possible to distract from what is now dripping out. Antifa, Soros, Biden, etc., are all in play now. Trump counters their narrative by mentioning the military. The people are with the truth teller and the military will back the people. The storm is coming and the storm is going to hit the [DS] hard. 

The STORM has arrived.

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Nate — The Clock is Ticking

Nate – The Clock Is Ticking

Dan Bongino

More dot connecting…

Is Joe Biden a foreign agent? Did someone flip on him?

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A Message that will Change Your Life – Jonna Jinton

A Message that will Change Your Life – Jonna Jinton

If I could only leave one video behind me after my time on this earth, I would choose this one. Because I believe that every human on this earth can at least find one message in this video that goes right through their barriers and reaches the soul.

This video contains everything that I’ve ever wished to share and give through my videos/music/art.

It opens our hearts and give us space to heal. Because it makes us understand that we are not alone in this world. We are not as different from each other that we might think.

Together we have the power to create a more loving, peaceful world through compassion and understanding. And watching this video at least make me feel like a wave of hope and light.

I’ve cried rivers while editing this video. Just working on this video has been like a healing journey for me. I feel so deeply grateful in a way that I could never express in words.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU everyone who contributed to creating this video. It’s been an impossible mission to go through every single video, and I wish I could fit all of your videos in here. But please know, that I am so grateful for every single message. And I will continue to share your videos in the end of my future vlogs. So even if your video could not fit into this video, it might be shared later on 🙂


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Interstellar Space Doc 2023 – Advanced Knowledge |

Interstellar Space Documentary 2023 – Advanced Knowledge | Encyclopedia Galactica

The Fifth Kind

Watch the Full Video Now and Ad free on the ALL NEW 5th Kind TV website here: https://www.5thkind.tv/documentaries/… 5th Kind TV presents, A 2023 Space Documentary created by producer and composer Giovanni Lodigiani. Exploring ancient aliens, wormholes, advanced knowledge, Warp drive travel, Space propulsion, the Kardashev scale, alien life and the very nature of out reality.

Is Interstellar travel possible? Could microbes actually be encoded with interstellar messages from some distant race of extraterrestrials? Given that we are now capable of sequencing the entire human genome, it’s not so far-fetched to think that a more advanced alien race could have easily done this in the past. Such microbes might be the perfect media for an interstellar Encyclopedia Galactica…

Notes to Readers:

I will confess this kind of presentation seems extremely backward. There is Life out there, a diversity that we cannot conceive given many people’s conditioned xenophobia. I KNOW there is life on other worlds, including the planets of Alpha Centauri and the Ashkera star system, aka Sirius… and that is just the start. There are billions of species and races in just this Universe… Our own Space Force interacts with intelligent, sentient, highly evolved Galactic races EVERY F**KING DAY and have done for decades.

Good grief, people, get over it.


The Alpha Centauri have had “boots on the ground” here for decades, i.e., men and women living among us. They look like us… well, handsome and beautiful specimens… of humans. They’re here as guardians and to assist in anchoring higher frequencies while living here incognito. Some are assisting our scientists, on the planet and on Luna, our moon, with developing high tech.

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IVERMECTIN THE TRUTH- with JUAN O SAVIN requested RESEARCH PROJECT information 1 29 2023

IVERMECTIN THE TRUTH- with JUAN O SAVIN requested RESEARCH PROJECT information 1 29 2023

Juan O Savin Productions

IVERMECTIN the great drug misaligned slammed and hated by Pfizer the Conglomerated Big PHARMA community because IT WORKS.

This has been such a CON that hundreds of thousands that could be living a normal life are now dead. The statistics tell the truth. All in this excellent program.

A couple of things JUAN O SAVIN has worked on are concerning the VAX and the GRAPHENE Shed that can be a long term illness that only recently we have had the Technology to cure. We can look forward to the resolve of this Plandemic against we the People but are still dealing with the big money BioWeapons that we now know are ALL OVER THE WORLD. There are players in this battle that have come to light and in a recent program posted here: where Juan has requested the Digital Warrior research these “nuggets” posted on 1 16 2023 from the Truth Tour Juan O Savin states, look at Rapid City, MI and The Van Andel Institute and Ukraine.

And… a Vitamin Company had the ingredients that Mimic hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. https://rumble.com/v267m5k-juan-o-savin-current-crisis-looms-clipped-truth-tour-1-16-2023.html

Here is my research.

Juan O Savin just said look at Rapid City, MI and The Van Andel (edited) Institute and Ukraine.


And… a Vitamin Company had the ingredients that Mimic hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

Specifically, this is the way IVERMECTIN works (and the “natural mimic Compound”). As the mechanism of action is pretty simple. It grabs hold of (binds) to a receptor on the outside of the parasite, gets inside of it, then shuts down the nerve to muscle impulses. It essentially paralyzes the organism to death. It doesn’t do this to humans because it can’t get past the blood-brain barrier. Its action is very selective, it does not have any affinity to our brain cells, so if we take the drug it seeks and destroys the parasites living in the intestines, it does not attack the brain.

Here is a recommended link to purchase the product. Know that it is a very reliable source from someone known and trusted to the community. I will include this link in the description as well. IT IS NOW OFFICIAL APPROVED: The National Institute of Health (NIH) has approved Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. The link has been removed so we are still being CENSORED. https://brooksagnew.blog/ivermectin-report/

More links available on the Rumble channel.

Note to Readers:

Bottom line — the plandemic was about two things: 1) killing people, and 2) making billions of money.

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Exploring the Russian Dimension — Galactic Anthropology

Triggered by the recent resurfacing of decades old memories of our future by Rebecca Rose (1) I feel the urge to explore the Russian component in all this. Could it be that somehow there are new pieces of the puzzle to be found in the Russian territory (2)? In order to provide space for this […]

Exploring the Russian Dimension — Galactic Anthropology

Notes to Readers:

To be fully accepted as a Galactic society, we have to trust each other. The United States, Russia, and China are the largest and most militarily powerful nations on the planet — they must lead the rest into true and lasting peace and acceptance of our Unity in diversity.

Also remember, while the Movie is still playing, these nations are playing their roles of being opponents when in fact they are allies in the war against the Deep State.


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Russia Backed Into Corner. Will They NUKE The West?

Russia Backed Into Corner. Will They NUKE The West?

David Nino Rodrigues

Greetings to all Black Sheep Patriots!

~ ~ ~

Related, below, a new piece from Q The Storm Rider:

Approaching the Near Civilization Death Event

As we come closer to the Near Death of Civilization EVENT -> M.A.D., Mutually Assured Destruction…

It is highly expected (the Event), as throughout the United States, major cities like New York Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Albuquerque are all installing and testing new Civil Defense Sirens, Air Raid Sirens. The military is also upgrading their Tornado sirens/air raid sirens in different parts of the country.

(Editor’s note: note that ALL of the above-mentioned cities are run by Democrats who want WWIII)

As we edge closer to nuclear events, the foretold (by K. Schwab) massive cyber attacks, and the ten days of darkness that has long been predicted, ALL branches of the military are, at the highest levels, practicing the procedures and protocols for the United States going under overt Military control and Command (per the Laws of War procedures by the Department of the Defense) .

Trump is also preparing the United States for the oncoming Event and has been dropping information regarding building a Missile Defense Shield over the United States much like Israel’s Iron Dome. Trump is trying to tell you that RUSSIA and CHINA are about to attack North Korea, and we are coming very close to the event. (Editor: I thought they were going to attack Taiwan…)

(However, you must remember as I have been telling for so long, the World Military Alliance is STAGING this event. These events will lead to the downfall of the [DS] military inside the Pentagon (black hats at the highest levels), inside SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States), the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Justice (DOJ), etc.

This long-awaited event leads to investigations of the Military into who was responsible for the world conflict and massive misinformation that triggered a Near Death of Civilization Nuclear Event.

The investigations are the doors leading to Military tribunals.

Military Intelligence White Hats will come forward from all the different military divisions, departments, and will give detailed information on DARPA, and the [DS] operations connected to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Pentagon, Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc., all who acted as the facilitators of the greatest Crimes Against Humanity DS events and agendas. These crimes connect NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the United Nations, Davos and the World Economic Forum, William Gates Foundation, etc.

There are no dates, just events. The only way is military.


In the future, as Trump will make a public world peace treaty with Russia, China, and North Korea.

TRUMP will be the biggest part of the puzzle in STOPPING the nuclear full-destruction event. It will be clear to Anons, Patriots, and World Freedom Fighters, that Trump, Putin, Xi, and Prince bin Salman were ALL working together to bring down the Deep State in their countries, together, through the massive, world-wide military World Alliance operations.

Together through the massive MILITARY WORLD ALLIANCE OPERATIONS…..


And only then will TRUMP and the world return to peace and a real digital Gold-backed U.S financial system be in place and connect to the rest of the world in the GOLDEN AGE.



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The Most Dangerous Man in America? George Soros

George Soros – Follow the Money

Defender of the Republic

The man behind Antifa, BLM, numerous foundations, and NGOs… that drive the globalist agenda.



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Brought to You by the Rockefellers


Corbett Report (2013)

“As Americans fret about the Obamacare website and wonder how the country became enslaved to the highest healthcare costs in the world, we turn back the pages to look at how the modern medic…

American medical industry is broken. This report was done pre-plandemic, too.


Take a moment to review and understand how the sheer evil is all tied together with our own [usg] right in the middle of it all. We have been infiltrated since 1871…ramped up remarkably in the early 1900’s, and primarily with John D Rockefeller and the introduction of a new type of medical community.

We’ve talked about all this before, but I’d suggest you search above for Rockefeller to see multiple videos and exposes on how out medical system was created and corrupted beyond belief. We know the “system” was created to make us sick, and then medicate us which in reality mad us sicker. Think about the ads on TV for all these new meds that pop up everyday that have literally dozens of dangerous side effects. Remember too, rhat today’s medicine is a white lab coat [authority] walks into your room, you tell them your symptoms, they push a few buttons on a tablet and a prescription pops out. That’s not medicine. Only medical processes are the BP, and Pulse they take. The rest is FRAUD.


Note to Readers:

In case you haven’t connected the dots yet, the American Medical system/industry is OWNED by the Rockefellers, who are Khazarian Mafia. The system was developed to create patients, not to heal people. Start investigating how to heal yourself, to eat a better organic diet, to exercise, rest, drink clean water, reduce or eliminate white sugar from diet, take appropriate vitamins/minerals and avoid doctors unless you happen to break a leg.

The plandemic was designed to eliminate 90% of the population. If the first one, pandemic, didn’t work, they had plenty of other variants and bioweapons being prepared, especially in Ukraine, but not just there.

Do you… can you really trust doctors anymore? Certainly not blindly. Trust your gut (intuition).

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Michael Jaco

The Nazis of the world are going to continue their games until they are taken down. Russia will probably invade Eastern Europe and take down NATO. Politicians who are compromised are going away… etc., current events and developments from Michael…

4.2 earthquake off of Malibu — 14 km. Probably clearing out a DUMB… Lots of earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire around Pacific Ocean…

Have an earthquake plan.

Lots of heavy weather, snow and rainfall in U.S. Heavy snowfall even into the northern mountains of Mexico. Climate change is cyclical.

31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. UK, US and EU have declared war on Russia… proxy war by the Deep State to protect assets in Ukraine. It takes years to master operating an Abrams tank.


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