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Eliza:  Metamorphosis Well, due to the recent changes I’ve made on this blog, my readership has dropped drastically.  Oh, well.  I’m focusing on my inner journey right now and that’s what is important to me, not attempting to satisfy the … Continue reading

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Sunny is Back! Sundeelia is a rebellious, stubborn and independent sort of walk-in; it’s part of her appeal and her nature. She is naturally a catalyst who enjoys breaking through old worn-out paradigms. And she has graciously joined with Eliza’s … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms

Originally posted on Blue Dragon Journal:
Sundeelia: When Compassion Blooms “Sadness is what makes us human. The human condition is a condition of tremendous heartbreak. The more we understand about human life and the life of the people around us…

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Sundeelia: The Dark Before Dawn

Sundeelia:  The Dark Before Dawn Sometimes the chaos within matches the chaos without… in the world; and sometimes it is simply a symptom of something still unknown to your own consciousness. This morning I woke up well before the breaking … Continue reading

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Sundeelia:  Anticipation and Fulfillment Living in several different planes of existence or at least being aware that a goodly portion of your consciousness is ‘elsewhere’ is a rather odd experience.  Just two nights ago, I was communicating via telepathy with … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Physical Ascension or Something Else? Here’s another topic suggested by my friend and long-time reader, the Arcturian starseed: ‘And following on that thought came… there’s been a lot of talk about “taking our bodies with us,” when we ascend. … Continue reading

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Sundeelia:  How is Karma Balanced? “People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That’s not the idea at all. The … Continue reading

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Sundeelia: Solstice Greeting

Sundeelia:  Solstice Greeting So, just moments ago, I completed the 25th chapter of my fourth book.  Now I still have editing and formatting to do, but the primary job of writing is done.  After nearly three full years of writing, … Continue reading

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Channeling and Why You Should Not Do It by Sundeelia Now that I have stepped aside from publishing my book on the Orion Wars, I am also adding that I am stepping away from ‘channeling’. Over the years of being … Continue reading

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The Battle for Earth and the Solar System by Sundeelia Note to Readers:  This rather passionate comment (see below) was elicited from me in answer to a question a reader had about channeling which I will address in another essay. … Continue reading

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