Tazjma: The Dance of Shiva, the Transformer

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The Dance of Shiva the Transformer

by Tazjma

Note to Reader: Why do I continually re-post articles and messages that are years old, written originally by my sister Tazjma? Through nine years of blogging, I have noticed a pattern with readers, new and old… reading ‘channeled’ pieces rather than pieces written by the author from their heart and experience. There is great wisdom here coming from one who spent an entire Great Year reincarnating upon this world, more than I can present being a recent walk-in. I often look in wonder and no little confusion at the actions of human beings here, how easily they seem to be programmed if a lie is repeated often enough and coming through ‘official’ channels. I see through most of it, with great ease. However, I do not know of everything that has been hidden from humanity, just the gist. Brace yourself. The unvarnished truth of what humanity and this planet has been made to endure for centuries is about to be fully revealed in the grand apocalypse… which is Greek for unveiling.

Humanity has been put through the fires of destruction to the very brink. Some of the more courageous have peeked over the edge and have seen something very different than what has been generally portrayed.

In writing this introduction, I was reminded of a day Tazjma and some companions spent hiking to the top of a rocky steep ridge. The summit was nearly flat although tilted, granitic diorite, an ancient intrusive now stripped of its protective layers of earth and vegetation. Yet, as my sister peeked over the edge of this batholith, there was a stubborn, crooked tree clinging to life in a crack created years ago by its own roots. Life survives, even in the most difficult of circumstances. And life wins eventually if it can endure. Humanity is learning that it has the necessary determination to survive whatever comes. Just in what form that survival will take will be determined by both the individual and the collective. Focus on your own journey now so you might lend a hand eventually to those who are struggling to comprehend the vast transformations currently underway world-wide. Be the tree whose roots go deep into the earth and whose branches reach for the sky. Know your own power, strength, and determination to dig deep and to live each day to the fullest.

~ ~ ~

Now, onto Taz’s story:

During this lifetime, I’ve gone through cycles where I would study intensely spirituality and then I would reach a plateau, drop everything and pursue a different course. Right now I am in the process of taking in new information from several sources, all at once. It does seem that our lives are accelerating, to the point where it almost seems overwhelming. At the same time, simultaneously, it seems that nothing is happening, that all is remaining the same. It is not; huge changes are looming within and around each of us, just some of us are not willing to look at them and to respond.

I have responded because I can hardly do otherwise; it is how I constructed myself before coming into embodiment. The “I” that I refer to is my soul; each of us selected our birthdate, our parents and family, our body type, our gifts, our race and country, and what the major events of our lives might be, as reflected in our natal and progressive astrological charts.

However, despite the preparation, things are changing more rapidly than was anticipated in the planning sessions before birth. What has changed? We have changed, we, the wayshowers who came here, those of us who have dedicated their lives to transmute the negative energies of this world for the sake of their brothers and sisters who have been lost in an endless cycle of rebirth and reincarnation.

For myself, I have learned that I am an old soul. I knew this already a long time ago. It is something that you just know. Typically the title means one who has had a great deal of experience being a human, living on this planet. It doesn’t mean that I am a saint, a prophet, a healer or a teacher. I am and have been here, again and again, for centuries, doing the work, not always succeeding, but always persevering. Being an old soul does not give you any special qualities. Sometimes old souls become very arrogant, very tired of being here. They can lie about themselves and avoid doing the work, the dharma that they came to do. However, they cannot escape the wheel until the work is completed, all lies are exposed, all is forgiven and ascension a reality, accomplished and done.

I have been wondering why I am exposing portions of my life to the gaze of others, on purpose, spots and all; now I begin to understand. By being “real” and forthright, I am attempting to let others begin to comprehend what it takes to ascend. It is not a road of roses, fluffy love or cherubs. Demons lurk in shadows, people wish you to become their guru or teacher, vigilance is required to not succumb to temptation and let go completely. Ascension comes only to those who are balanced in their bodies, energy centers and rays, who have the needed self-discipline to undergo and pass the tests that come, sometimes daily, sometimes moment by moment. This is not to say that the path of the initiate cannot have beauty and joy as well as challenge, but challenge is certainly there every day, every hour, every minute, from breath to breath.

This past month I found myself challenged by some old demons, criticism, doubt and fear. These are demons that have made up the foundational structures of the third dimensional world in which I have spent most of this life. As of the great shift last December, those constructs have been withdrawn from the planet. However, the structures still remain, however fragile, held together by the thoughts of the ones who wish that world to keep on going forever. It is up to each one of us to extricate ourselves from the constructs, from the fear, the doubt and judgment that we, ourselves, have used in our life due to conditioning and an attempt to fit in to the world in which we found ourselves.

It has been a strange world, filled with anger, lust and violence. I have never felt comfortable being here, yet here I remain and as a consequence, have to deal with the hand dealt to me at birth… the hand I dealt to myself, for myself, in order to grow and learn about self. Accepting responsibility for one’s situation in life is not a popular move in our society. All too often we find it easier to play the victim and blame others for what is or is not happening to us. During those rare occasions when we are “on top”, we sometimes become the victimizers. This is a common pattern that humanity has followed during the past centuries, but it is not a natural one, rather it has been imposed, often by old souls or those members of what has been expressed as “Dark Team”.

Now, in some of the new age groups and alternative media sources, it has been popular to criticize those men and women who are in high stations, wealthy and powerful. It is easy to criticize our leaders for we have never done what they are doing or have we? Actually, if you look at a few of your past lives, you will probably find that, yes, you have done all those things and more. I am not excusing the behavior of these people of wealth and power, only attempting to point out that it is quite foolish to judge others. Unless you walk in that person’s shoes, you cannot understand their dharma and what they came here to accomplish.

What can we do then to change the world? Well, first we must change ourselves by being willing to look critically at our own actions. This past month or more, I have found myself falling into a pattern of criticizing the actions of a co-worker. It is a pattern that is common, all too common in the workplace. While it is true that her work ethic is not like mine, it doesn’t mean that it is okay for me to criticize her. It means I need to look into myself and see why I feel I need to criticize her, to see the pattern from which this particular behavior emanates.

I actually know why I criticize those that I am not comfortable with, as I grew up in a family where I had a mother who was critical of others, especially me. So I saw it as an acceptable way to move through the world when I was feeling insecure about my own status. It is not acceptable, however, for one who wishes to ascend in this lifetime or in the next. And it is a pattern that needs to be deleted from my being, pulled out, examined and transmuted. It probably stems from lifetimes of being an obedient wife to strong, dominate men; self-hatred and resentment are often driven into the flesh when one cannot possibly speak up without fear. Now that some of that fear of instant destruction is dissipated, the old wounds leak out as criticism of others. It is a fear that is common to those who have been victimized and have taken the resulting self-hatred into their bodies.

There are many other groups of people who are working together to change the underlying energies of this world. During the great shift, something huge did occur. The structures of the third dimension began to be dismantled. They are going, although it will take some time for the outplaying in the physical to become apparent. What will happen and is happening now is that the basic foundation of each of our worlds is also coming undone. If we chose to resist change and do nothing different, we will find ourselves swiftly losing ground and being drawn down into the astral plane, where all the thoughts that have ever been thought but never acted upon exist still.

Think a moment about that – all the murderous thoughts of mankind, all the lecherous thoughts, all the loving thoughts, every thought that has not been acted upon still exists. And what you dwell on, day by day, where you put your thoughts and resulting actions, is where you will find yourself, either in heaven or hell, and there will be no one but yourself to blame. And yet, hope remains even for those who are so lost in self-hatred, guilt and fear that they cannot even begin to attempt to move from that miasma in which they find themselves.

Hope remains because there are people who came here to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear so they might understand and know all there is to know about the darkest corners of the third dimension. They have walked through the valley without compass or map, shorn of their mastery, knowledge and wisdom, but always following instinctively a course set out for them before birth, and encouraged by inner knowing, the silent voice of their higher self and guides. This is the dharma chosen by the few who have come here to free their brothers and sisters from darkness, not for fame or abundance, but out of a deep, deep love for Life and humanity.

In order to be able to assist others, they must first undergo strenuous tests of character. Can they rise above the duality that exists in this world? Can they master every thought, every act of creation in every moment that they walk upon this earth? Can they arrive at a point of neutrality, the still-point, where the voice of the heart is louder than the voice of the collective? This is the work of the initiate, not to escape to a fairy land of love and roses, but to work in the darkest places, to work without thought of reward and treasure or high position, to work out of love, from a place where heaven dwells within and yearns to be revealed to all.

You are such a one, although you may not deem yourself worthy. It is for you to choose your course. What direction do you wish to go, what path do you wish to follow? What voice do you wish to listen to, the loud voice of the mob or the still, quiet voice of the soul? It is your choice, every moment of every day, moment by moment, to keep the inner balance, to observe, to be neutral in the face of whatever comes before you. Can you do this?

Well, I certainly can’t answer those questions for my readers, only for myself. I will try my very best to do these things for my brothers and sisters, no matter who or what they are and have been in this world, because I have walked in their shoes, through lifetime after lifetime. I have fought and died, been killed and victimized, have done many things that I am not proud of, yet have returned to balance the account and pay the debt. I am here because I chose to be, here and now, during the beginning of a new world and epoch of this world, a golden age that is yet beginning, first in our hearts and then in full bloom. When? Only our actions and thoughts will determine the timing of this new age. Only our acceptance of self as divine, as well as the acceptance of all who are here with us, will bring in the new age, into full physical existence and beauty. Will you stand there with me when the shining crystal cities finally manifest upon the surface? It is your choice and your work to do.

Do not think for a moment that being an ascended master and in charge of this planet is a bed of roses. Do not place these beings on pedestals and worship them. For these brothers and sisters who are a step or two ahead of us in their evolutionary process, do this work out of love for you, each one of you and out of a love for creation, for all life. They are each an aspect of god, as you are. They do the work out of love as you do. Open your hearts and mind to them and seek out their counsel, for although they are not perfect, they are wise in the ways of humanity, for they too have walked the path through the valley of the shadow and have emerged on the other side. They are not your saviors, but they are your friends and will guide and mentor your progress if you permit and only then for they follow the universal laws, the law of free will and the Law of One, where the many are one and the one are many. All life is sacred in the eyes of the sacred laws, all life, even the most humble of beings, even me, even you.

Why the “Shiva” in the title? Well, Shiva is an aspect of God that breaks down all that is false. Shiva does his dance as the destroyer to expose our demons and to allow us to transform and rebuild. Shiva is now dancing within my being, and transforming me, each cell and each thought. Right now it is a process of bringing to light all that is not of the light that must be let go and released, which means every fear that is secreted within my flesh through my own actions and thoughts within this lifetime and as a result of genetics and blood karma. Shiva dances through me and awakens the mistress within to respond to his advances. As masculine and feminine come into balance, so I come into mastery. I must learn to accept all aspects of duality in neutrality before I can come before Sanat Kumara and enter Shamballa, and so I will endeavor to do this, for all life, so that heaven can come to earth and dwell in men’s hearts.

Namaste; go with my blessings and love, my sisters and brothers.

Eliza Ayres

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The Angels: Living with Paradox

via Tazjma

Note to Reader:  This piece was written by Lady Taz in 2015, now six years ago. Everything said here is now being echoed by others who have also ‘woke’ up to the reality… the realization that they are more than what they appear to be or have been told to believe for their entire life (lives) here on planet Earth.

Like me, anyone has the ability to break free from the false Matrix that has been woven about this planet for thousands of years by an alien force, both physical and non-physical. You do require the ability to create, something that is not a part of the genetic make-up of the opposition. No, they constantly repeat the same patterns, use the same inverted and perverted symbolism and numbers, and continually breakdown what is good and wholesome in favor of what is dark, destructive, violent, and divisive. They are afraid of those who are filled with Light. They are afraid of YOU.

So, now onto the message received by Tazjma from her Angelic mentors and companions:

❤ ❤ ❤

We are here alongside you in the eternal Now even as you step into a new sense of self. You are re-membering who and what you were, are and will be beyond the temporary boundaries of the flesh that you wear.

You are not your body.

You are not the ideas and conditioning of your childhood and culture.

You are magnificent beyond words and yet few of you have any conception of your true nature.

You ARE a fractal part of “God”, that unknowable essence of Creation that brought this world and trillions beyond trillions of others into being.

What are you?

Are you a man, woman or child?

You have been all of these and have lived in many races, tribes, countries and cultures. And yet these definitions do not encompass the real You, the one that exists outside of time and space.

Are you black, white, brown, red or yellow? The color of your skin does not determine or define or limit the real You. Flesh is but an envelope sealing in the corporeal material… what appears to be solid, yet is not, that makes up your temporary home on this planet.

Are you a star seed, a way shower, a gatekeeper… someone who is just waking up… someone who is still asleep? These are conditions and labels that have nothing to do with the real You.

Step beyond the need to label, to define, to limit, to divide, to section off… one from another, individuals from groups, groups from other groups. Step beyond duality, the need to defend yourself, your family, your country from an enemy “out there”.

All that you see is a part of your body. All that you are unable to see with your physical body is a part of your body… that body that exists outside of form and limitation. You contain within the Universe and the Universe contains you within itself.

To live in Unity with Self, your multidimensional Self, is to accept the existence of magic and to live with paradox. Not all is what it seems.

The chair that you sit upon is not solid. It is a whirling spiral of electrons and protons, united by magnetic forces and taking the appearance of solidity within a collective hologram.

You are here, now, because you have chosen to be here, for a specific purpose or many.

You are more than your past lives. You are more than your existence in other dimensions and star cultures. You are more than the summation of your days here, within this lifetime.

What you see as “the world” is a result of a collective consensus. That consensus is changing, altering and transforming. How quickly the changes come depends on your input, your intent, your willingness to expand your consciousness to see, feel and be more every day. This is a process that is both individual and collective. Let us say here that some of the collective have decided to step out of the collective consensus and to act as way-showers for those who will follow, in their own way and with their own timing.

You have NO conception of how powerful you are.

You are not alone, either. You are about to be joined by those who have watched over your evolution for untold centuries and years.

Everything that you think you know, what you have been told is a lie. Only you can determine what you DO know, by going within and taking stock with the true compass of your being, the intuitive voice of spirit that speaks to you through heart and body.

The voice of spirit is soft and gentle. Many people chose to ignore the nudges, the whispers, the gentle tugs at the heart strings.

Those people who are listening often appear to do things in opposition to what is generally acceptable in society. This is because they have chosen to no longer identify or to be defined by the brittle boundaries of the collective. They are reaching for what cannot yet be seen or felt by those who listen to the loud voices outside.

In your society, love has been defined as being accepting, selfless, conditioned on getting something in return (gifts, devotion, etc.). Love is far more vast and complicated than a simple emotion or feeling.

What is the force that binds planets and stars together? Love.

What is the force that keeps the galaxy rotating around its center? Love.

What is the force that brings life into being and destroys the form only to bring it into a higher frequency? Love.

Love is.

As those who have been called to move into a higher way of being on your planet seem to separate and go their own way, leaving family and friends behind, understand this, beloved ones, that they have received the Call of Love, the call to serve Gaia.

Gaia is at the center of a determined and preordained effort to bring light and freedom to this Galaxy. Many there are the worlds that have been darkened by the shadows that have disturbed your world and impeded the ability for humanity to evolve more quickly into a fully conscious galactic civilization.

Many of the individuals who are now moving into greater service for Gaia are in training for other roles, in other places, timelines and worlds, far beyond your skies. Let them go.

There is nothing in your world that is permanent, which can remain the same forever. To think that it is possible to retain a friendship or relationship “forever” is to limit your choices as you grow and change. This is especially true now. It also does not mean that the particular relationship cannot undergo changes and transitions and transformations if each individual or members of a particular group can allow the changes to occur organically and without judgment.

Paradox exists and you will come to know it better even as each of you strives to come into a renewed balance between the masculine part of self (logic, rational) and the feminine (creativity, intuition). You can use both on the path and will need to, as the masculine lends strength and boundaries to the creative process that might otherwise scatter before the winds. It is when one energy dominates and seeks to repress the other that imbalance occurs.

So it is with the return of the essence of the Divine Feminine to your planet that it appears chaos is ruling the day. Lives and institutions are being turned upside down and sideways… yet it is a personal choice for each individual as they decide to flow with the changes and transformations or to resist.

Your ancestors knew that the physical world is subject to cycles. There is an end to all things, but there is also a beginning to be found within the end. This is paradox and it is becoming your new reality.

The energies of the Cosmos are flowing and crashing upon the shores of your world, causing the break-up of entropy. The destructive forces of creation have been unleashed. You may not understand that it is for your benefit to let go of all that no longer serves you. It is a necessary part of growth and expansion into a higher frequency range. That which belonged to the old energy will no longer function in the new.

Perhaps you have lost a loved one recently to disease. Perhaps you have lost your job. Perhaps you are feeling confused, lost, at a loss for words and sense of direction. What to do? Where to go? Where should I turn?

You know the answers even though at first you may not like them, for the silent voice that emanates from higher self pushes and tugs at you to expand. Whether or not you obey and commence the transformation is determined by you… at least at first. For when change is resisted from within, it will manifest from without.

What you are seeing in your world is changing, coming apart at the seams. What has been hidden is now being revealed. Where there is still darkness is being shown. Many are the revelations to come, many unpleasant as much has been hidden from the general populace. And yet… all of you are in this together. Much will be demanded of you in the days to come. Much will be dependent on how you choose to react or flow with the changes that are here… not just coming, but here now.

The definition of “life” as lived formerly within the rigid paradigm of 3D is no longer. You can re-create yourself and re-member the wholeness of what you are in the greater part of your Being. Allow the energies of heaven (the higher dimensions) take anchor in your flesh and transform your consciousness, waking you up to what exists beyond this narrow and limited view of the Universe. By anchoring to heaven and earth, you become a conduit of powers of creation.

These powers can only be used by one who has surrendered the little will (the ego) and lives by the laws of the Universe, which are not the same laws to which you are now subjected. You lose yourself to become your Self. You join the One and become the Many, while at the same time retaining an individualized consciousness. Paradox. This is unity consciousness. This is love. And this is but one step on the way to reuniting with ALL THAT IS.

Feel the way through the words that we have used. Your language is limited, by design, to fit the paradigm from which you are now emerging. You have not yet mastered the language of the Stars or the ability to convey your thoughts through images and symbols. You will arrive there, eventually, even as you surrender the life that you have known before for another one, a new way forward beyond the limitations of spoken speech.

Will you step through the Doorway that leads to the Infinite? It is your choice.

We are the Angels and we bid you well on your inner journey of self-discovery.


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Stars and Storms

Do you see Vega in this bunch?

Stars and Storms

Hurricane Season Has Arrived

Storms first: Here in SE Florida, we are now receiving the first bands of rain and wind from Tropical Storm Elsa.  Finally, our ponds are going to fill up and more besides.  We had a long drought here over the winter (dry) months but not anymore.  No worries, folks.  We Floridians, old and new, are used to hurricane season and deal with whatever is dished out.


I haven’t been in a writing ‘mood’ of late, although I have been editing on my 4th book. 

I received an interesting comment from some fellow today claiming to be the Pleiadian prince from Vega.  I looked up where Vega is – second brightest star in the Northern Skies.  Vega is in the constellation of Lyra and is a lovely huge bright star, 25 lightyears from Earth.  The Pleiades are located on the opposite side of the Orion Constellation and are themselves in the constellation of Taurus, over 130 parsecs from Earth.  There is no Pleiadian prince of Vega as our territory although vast certainly doesn’t encompass over 300 light years in distance.  Lyra is also not the birthplace of the Pleiadian peoples… IMHO, a whole other falsehood I have witnessed passed around for years on the Internet.

This interesting fellow then claimed that my description of the mothership, The White Winds, was all wrong.  That may be so, but I worked on the damn thing – did he?  I have indicated on my Welcome page that if the information given does not resonate, then leave it.  I will not tolerate grandstanding on my blog.  Period.  And, dear fellow, if you read these words, your ‘comment’ was deleted.  This isn’t a forum or a place to claim supremacy over anyone else.

I am not a channeler.  I am telepathic; there is a difference.

So, if you do not agree with the information, I put forth, then start your own blog… anyone who comes here.  There is no way possible from this perspective to be absolutely sure of any information received unless you are a fully conscious contactee like Alex Collier and those people are rare.

The ‘governments’ of the Pleiades are representative, i.e., the people represent themselves.  We do have lords and ladies but those titles are given due to soul evolution.  We may or may not have ‘princes’ in the Pleiades but they are planetary, not Federation-wide.  There is, to my present knowledge, no ‘prince’ or ‘king’ of the Pleiades.  There is, a Lord of the Pleiades, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, but he does not rule the Pleiades.  He serves the people of the Pleiades and of Earth. 

So, that’s my update and rant for the day.  Guess I will watch the rain pitter-pattering on the street outside my door…

Much love and kisses,

Sundeelia VaCoupe Mathdis

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Violet Sword

Sundeelia:  On Alchemy

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I know about the Violet Head Chakra.  For some reason, the question caught me by surprise and I mumbled something about the Golden Head or Crown Chakra… and knew I needed to clarify this for myself.  Then, this morning in reading telegram messages from a group, I came upon the quotation from Alex Quinn, a prominent British lightworker who has (as of now) a YouTube Channel and participates in forums with other prominent lightworkers (quote below).  After the quote, I will go on and give some information regarding the Violet Flame and the Crown Chakra.  Mind you, the information is ‘out there’ and can be found in a 30-second search online.  Yet… there is a TON of information ‘out there’ and sometimes it is difficult for a newly awakened lightworker to plow through it (which is an exercise in the use of intuition, critical thinking and discernment).  So, onto the Alex’s quote:

Alexander Quinn on True Lightworking

[Forwarded from GGTrust]

As a light-worker, one of your special abilities, is that you are able to alchemise dark into light. Many Starseeds and light-workers at the moment are saying, “I’m only interested in watching / listening to high vibe info. That’s all I can handle; I’m going to block everything else out and live in a bubble.”

The problem with this, is that you are not only doubting your own light indirectly, but relinquishing all opportunities to become one of the masters conquering the world of duality which we are still very much in. Jesus didn’t say, “I don’t like that dark place; I’m going to ignore it for as long as I can.”

The masters were in balance. The dark things didn’t trigger them because their light was so grounded. They didn’t fear the dark because they knew wherever they walked, the darkness would run.

Whilst permanent love and light is nice and fluffy, it is also another illusion that will slow you down confronting your own darkness stopping shadow work. If you can’t confront the darkness in the external world, there’s a strong chance, it’s because you haven’t confronted it internally.

I love you all, and you are doing an incredible job. As we come out of the illusions of 3D, don’t create more walls for yourself in a reality that is barricaded away from all the truths in the world that are coming up for healing that will surface regardless.

You ARE awakened souls. When all the truths come out about the world we have been living in, the newly awakening souls are going to turn to light-workers. If your response is, “Sorry I’m only high vibe, I’m not dealing with you”, then you have forgotten in part, why you are here.

When you are balanced, you become a master of duality. You don’t need to pick and choose what information you wish to dismiss because you will be beyond that. The new star-seeds will need you to help address their darkness when all the truths start coming out at the end of this summer. This will further ask you to examine the external, and their version of it, directly giving you the tools, which inadvertently help you alchemise what’s inside that is wanting to come up for dismissal. There is a plan, and it is great, it is bigger than you can imagine and it is divine.

It’s the ego that lives in a world of permanent love and light, keeping you protected in a box that stops growth. The higher self is saying, “Let’s explore these dark things, because the rewards and pay off are going to be beyond who you are now. You are going to be much bigger and hold more wisdom as a result so let me take your hand… Just have faith. Take the leap. Take the jump, the comfort zone isn’t your highest learning time line; let’s get you somewhere far more amazing!”

~Alexander Quinn

Hindu names of the Seven Primary Chakras. For further information: https://www.brettlarkin.com/chakra-colors-what-do-chakra-colors-mean/

Now, on to the essay:

First thing, traditionally in esoteric science, the chakras are assigned specific colors.  What is a chakra you might ask?  Well, it is an energy center within the etheric body that corresponds to an organ within the physical body.  The energetic or etheric body is the blue print of your physical body.  There are energy centers all over the physical body which correspond to the acupuncture points known to Chinese medicine.  Take the time to look up this information if you’re new to this concept.  It’s been around for thousands of years, but has been brushed aside by modern Western medicine that uses synthetic pharmaceuticals, drugs, to ‘heal’ the body of its ailments… but, in truth, adds to them by bringing foreign substances into the body that interfere with the body’s natural abilities to heal itself.

Okay, we have established that energy lines and centers exist.  The crown chakra is Violet in coloration, although sometimes it appears to be like a rainbow as various rays enter the body upon the command of the occupant.  The gold that I referred to above is symbolic of the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence.  It is the 10th Ray, one of the aspects of Cosmic Light (see the 12 Cosmic Rays page on this blog).  When you are receiving information from your intuition through your body, you are receiving a portion of the essence of the Golden Ray.  The man called by some, Jesus the Christ, embodied this Ray and others, including the Ruby Ray, the most intense aspect of Divine Love, which burns away all darkness before it.  Whether or not you believe that Yeshua (as I prefer to call Him) lived or not, whether he was the Son of God or not, his story is the story of a lightworker who fully embodied his soul (the Holy Spirit or Feminine essence of his inner being) and conquered all darkness within himself and came into such a degree of mastery as to overcome Death itself.

Yeshua, Jesus, was not a Christian.  Neither were his original followers.  The teachings of Yeshua were not in alignment with the philosophy and power agenda of the Roman empire that initially persecuted the newly formed sects and then embraced it, deleted and manipulated the writings to purposefully downplay or obsecrate the reality that any man or woman could reach the same level of mastery as did the Anointed One.  I remember driving around the backroads of Idaho while in the midst of an intense argument with Yeshua about him being the only Son of God.  I knew that we all had the potential to become like him, to master the physical self (the ego) and surrender to something greater, to embody the Soul or Higher Self within the physical body, and in doing so, overcome Death.  Yeshua underwent the 7th initiation whereupon his physical body was dissolved and became Light.  Due to his degree of Mastery, he was able to briefly show himself to his followers and then departed.  Yet, Yeshua (Aramaic, the language of Jesus) himself told his followers: “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am.”

As I read this quote, I see what Yeshua was really attempting to say.  He was working with alchemy, consciously working through the steps of initiation to overcome the darkness within (signified by the overweening human ego), bringing attention to the darkness without (at the Temple, healing the untouchables of the current culture in which he lived… the foreigners, the ill, the lepers of his age) and alchemizing or changing his inner unseen bodies (etheric, mental, emotional) with the intensity of the initiations he was undergoing in an extremely short period of time.  The man… and yes, he was a man born of woman, seeded by a man, his father, Joseph… was an example for all time of what the true Path of Initiation consists, the destruction and immolation of the small self and the putting on of the Divine and fiery garments of the Higher Self, the Christ Self.  Man became a god… an Ascended Master and in so doing, gave us all an example of what each one of us can accomplish.  And he did so by not lingering in a misty fairy land of love and light, but by tackling and confronting the inner devil of the ego that attempted to convince him to surrender his will and determination to it.  As above, so below; as within, so without, goes the ancient hermetic saying.  Yeshua embodied that saying in all of his being, as an example for all of us, NOW.

Even the last two words, I am, have a different meaning if you know the true Name to whom he was referring, the I AM, the Name of Source Energy.  It has been my understanding that Yeshua was referring to his Father, Lord Sanat Kumara, Logos of the Earth, Regent of Venus.  Yet, the phrase, I AM, can refer also to the non-physical, beyond manifestation essence of Source, the ineffable, unknowable, all-present Divinity, the Ein Sof, the emanator who created the Universes.  Yeshua, as an Initiate, would not be making claims that he was the only son of God, knowing full well from his Essenic upbringing that the soul or the Divine nature of God can be embodied by any man or woman capable of carrying the inner heart flame… which is, incidentally, not the case with all of humanity now residing on this planet… a topic for another article.

Yeshua in meditation and communion…

So, what does this have to do with the Violet Crown Chakra?  For answers, study the potential movement of the Kundalini, the Snake Goddess that arises within the Initiate as s/he undergoes their initiations and moves up the spine like a Caduceus (double entwined snake on a pole) to reach the Crown, and then descend to the Third Eye or pineal gland and open it so the initiate can commune with his own Divine nature, the soul, the Higher Self, and other corresponding Masters.  An opened third eye enables the initiate to see through lies.  Is there any better reason for the erstwhile controllers to attempt to feed humanity poisoned food, water, and air than to block the potential of losing control of an awakened citizenry? 

For a long time, I thought the opening of the third eye allowed a person to see into other dimensions, to visualize non-physical beings (non 3D beings) or to see elementals, fairies, etc.  Yet, another lightworker told me that not all people see the same way.  I was thinking it meant clairvoyance, the ability to perceive energies, auras around people and so on.  I can, to a certain degree, see energy fields, but not usually particular colors beyond the faintest.  There are other clairs, like clairsentience, which is more of what I experience personally, clear feeling, an empathic knowing when I encounter a certain kind of energy or frequency.  Then, there is clairaudience, the ability to hear non-physical ‘voices’ within your head.  Can you see why psychology has been used to make people uneasy about hearing other voices?  Creating distrust or fear around natural phenomenons has always been the agenda of the controllers.  Yet, we have to move beyond the lies and see into the purpose behind the lies and the intentional manipulation of humanity that has existed through the long ages. 

Tazjma, my sister, experienced feeling two different kinds of voices in her head while she was experiencing what psychology refers to as a mental break and what indigenous shamans refer to as a psychic awakening.  One voice felt invasive, attempting to create paranoia within her.  Derisive and condemning in tone, the voice sought to overcome my sister’s consciousness, compelling her to act in ways that were out of her ordinary existence.  As she began to understand that this voice was attempting to cajole and beat her into madness, she began to fight back.  When she returned home, she contacted a spiritual healer who told her that an entity had taken up residence in her mental body.  After a few healing sessions, the entity was successfully removed, yet my sister was then faced with the realities of having lost her job and being outright rejected by those who had only weeks earlier embraced her as a friend or at least an acquaintance.  It was the first of many such rejections and a bitter lesson about the weakness of a mind-programmed humanity that does not wish to venture forth and embrace the unknown territory of initiation and Spirit.

Next, after the energetic clearing, my sister experienced the second voice, the still, silent voice of the soul that began to speak to her.  She began to channel messages and wrote them down, but ultimately, rejected this voice due to fear and feeling that she needed to concentrate on the outer world, on making a living, appearing normal.  She did not want to get locked up, again, in a psych ward because she was hearing voices or doing odd things like leaving home in the middle of the night and driving to Idaho to camp out without being fully prepared.  It took years before my sister could successfully overcome her fears and it happened as a result of her efforts at writing.  At the behest or suggestion by a long-time email pen pal, she was encouraged to begin to write for the public or at least those few people who might stumble upon her new blog.  In the first month of blogging, there were ten readers.  Then, she began to post channeled pieces on her blog and on Facebook.  The numbers of people reading the channeled material suddenly exploded.  She began to understand that her writing was her way of overcoming the fear of being known for who she was within.  It was her way of overcoming her fear of accepting her power, the God-given gift given her to express her inner nature and thoughts and in doing so, inspire others to do whatever their inner natures decreed.

Without being cognizant of what she was doing, my sister was utilizing the Violet Flame of transformation.  From a quiet introvert on the surface, she became like a fiery Lion with her words, bringing hope and inspiration to some.  Eventually, she came to the notice of other starseeds and was told of her true starry origins and that she was going to be returning home within mere months.  Talk about wrestling with inner demons.  Tazjma had to overcome all or nearly all the mind and social programming of lifetimes of existence upon Terra… all within a matter of months.  However, this process of transformation, initiation, had been ongoing for lifetimes of service to the Flame of Freedom, to the Violet Flame, for the ultimate freeing of humanity.  What she managed to do within a short life was only one example of what can be accomplished by all those who resonate to those same experiences.  Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death is the current path of initiation because it takes trauma and pressure to push and cajole the human persona or ego into submission, either to the dark path of materialism and devolution or into the light path of evolution, soul-embodiment, ascension, returning Home to Heaven, within and without.

Tazjma was a walk-in, a well-trained walk-in, primed before her last embodiment here at Archangel Michael’s etheric Retreat over Banff, Alberta, Canada.  She was 66 years of age when she finally ascended Home, 33 years longer than what it took Yeshua to accomplish.  She did not leave in a cloud of glory and the acclaim of many followers.  No, she left quietly, in the late afternoon, when I became aware that she had left and now I was in charge of the vehicle that she had vacated.  It was a great shock to me and a joyful occasion for her and the rest of our starry Family at Home. 

The one thing that can be taken from observing the process that Tazjma underwent is to realize that she, like Yeshua, was an Initiate of the highest order, one who had served the Flame of Freedom during nearly every lifetime she lived here.  Yet, she had to overcome the same mental and emotional weaknesses that have prevented so many from overcoming the fear of being different.  The fear was real.  Those who were different in all societies were most often attacked, subjected to criticism, being ostracized, rejected, persecuted, maligned, and even killed, sometimes most cruelly.  Yet, like others, she persisted in doing her inner work, learning to listen to her inner guidance, recognizing the value of the nudges received from intuition, defying and moving beyond the criticisms of others to become, to embody her soul fully.  She followed her own inner guidance, which she called her inner GPS or compass, zigzagging through various teachings, instruction, books, lectures, channeled messages, videos, taking what resonated, leaving the rest and incorporating new understandings as her mercurial mind absorbed new information, always expanding, changing, altering, coming into greater and greater internal balance.  She became the personification of the symbol of her birth month, the Scales of Libra, the scales of Justice, Freedom, Liberty… balance.  And for all of her suffering here on earth, when she returned, she was created, uplifted to be initiated as a Lady of Light, an ascended Being like the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.  Her many lives here were counted as one life there.  She will not return, again.  

So, do I know about the violet Crown Chakra?  I would have to say, ‘Yes’.  I could have left it at that, with a simple reply, but no, this essay wanted to come forth and so it has.  Take what serves and leave the rest.  I do not request that you believe anything that comes forth from my fingers.  If you do not currently resonate at the level of this essay, you will not understand it… yet.  I am not implying that it is all the wisdom that can be had.  Hardly.  I am not such an egotist to claim I know all of the secrets of the esoteric knowledge or wisdom.  Alchemy is a process of change, becoming different, altering your essential nature.  This process is currently working through the whole of humanity, this planet, all life, and the Universe.  It is an individual work of the ages; it is a collective work of the ages, a transformation of life as we have known it, the end of an age and the beginning of a new one, the Age of Aquarius.

The Violet Ray or Flame is the Ray of Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation, Alchemy, Ritual, and the Ray sponsoring the advent of the new Golden Age or what is now called the Second Renaissance, wherein there is beginning a flowering of the true creative nature of the Children of God upon this planet, Terra. By utilizing the Violet Ray, an initiate or lightworker can alchemize all darkness within, those things that are hidden, emotions and thought forms that have been suppressed within the closet of the subconscious to be dealt with ‘later’ by the personality of any one individual, initiate or just regular person. The crown chakra of the Initiate will show to the clairvoyant to be a combination of gold and violet, the beautiful balance of the Holy Family, the gold of the Christ child, the pink of the Divine Feminine, and the blue of the Divine Masculine, the violet being an alchemical blending of the two essences through the internal sacred marriage of human consciousness and the embodied Soul. This is the essence of alchemy, the true path of all initiates, those who wish to ascend consciously to higher frequencies, the bringing of heaven to earth, within our own physical human vehicles.

And now, I must end this essay before it becomes another book. I send love and blessings to all of my readers, new and old.

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.  For those readers for whom English is a second (or third, et al) language, there is a translator in the side column.  Select whatever language suits and the entire text will be instantly altered, like alchemy!

❤   ❤   ❤

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Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Ships Over Atlantis – yes, we were there…

Pleiadian Starships – How Are They Built?

Keep in mind I am not a trained engineer.  My involvement with starships is with crystals.  I am what you call a Crystal Master.  My walk-in here on Terra is not that part of ‘me’, so don’t expect her to wake up any crystals.  Now, how are crystals utilized by our ships?

In another article, I mentioned our ‘little’ people, the Elementals.  They are not dwarfs or genetically impaired.  They are merely small human beings.  Elementals have their own skills and values and often live in colonies.  They also work on our ships, especially in areas of the ships that present difficulties for taller individuals, like engineering in the engine rooms.  Elementals also work in the nutrition department where meals are prepared and in stores, where uniforms and other garments are made for our people, as well as other departments.  So, what do Elementals have to do with crystals?  There are some Elementals who are gifted with the ability to communicate with and grow crystals.

These rather special Elementals are highly regarded individuals, extremely gifted, and even revered.  They have large crystal clusters collected from crystal fields and taken to a warehouse near where the crystals will be placed inside a ship that is being constructed.  Then, they have the cluster carefully broken apart, leaving each crystal point intact… and begin to meditate with the crystals.  These marvelous Elementals order the crystals to grow and grow they do to tremendous sizes.  Each of the points taken from a large cluster is still able to communicate with her sisters, the other points from the original cluster… a characteristic of crystals that will enter into the picture later on.

Now, with the mother crystal of the new ship grown to a great size, the Crystal Master begins to teach the crystal.  She learns what will be expected of her as she acts as storage for solar energy and all information disseminated upon board the vessel.  By all information, I mean every thought, word, action, information received and sent by anyone within the vessel.  The information can be sent from vessel to vessel instantaneously across billions of miles of space.  It can also be stored in Mother Crystals found on each of the isles, often in temples and sometimes in government buildings, such as they are in the Pleiades.

So, when the Mother Crystal of the new vessel is fully prepared, she is placed into the center of the ship, with the mechanism that motivates the ship, raises and lowers, moves it forward and backward.  What would an engineer call that?  A transmission, the gears, drive shafts, etc., anything necessary for propulsion or motivation.  With this central core of the ship built, the embryonic ship is raised into the atmosphere above the building site.  Then, the ship is constructed from the inside outward until a shell is completely built.  Next step is to put the skin on the ship, to seal the atmosphere, put in windows, doors, landing bay hatches and such mechanical openings.  Then the furbishing of the ship begins, the electronics and all the innards are placed into the vessel.  Finally, the ship is outfitted with equipment, computers, furnishings… Next step, the nearly completed vessel is tested during trial runs.

A mother crystal for a mothership like The White Winds can be as large as 100 feet by 40 feet. Mother crystals for smaller vessels are sized according to the proportions of the vessel for which they are being prepared. When installed in their housing and the ship completed, the Mother Crystals of each ship can communicate to their sisters in a form of telepathy. You may ask, how is that possible? Well, it’s rather simple, crystals are sentient. Alive. And have been very misused on Terra.

The energy source for the Pleiadian ships is solar energy, gathered by huge solar arrays and stored in the huge battery which is the Mother Crystal of the ship.  This Mother Crystal is also used as a meditation focus for crew and visitors.  The ship is basically run by Source Energy coming from nearby suns.  The Pleiadian ships never run out of power or experience black-outs.  The basic engineering of the power grid is fairly simple and at the same time, extremely powerful.  Energy is stored in battery banks until it is needed.

The movement of the ship is directed through the main Command Post, which acts in a similar fashion as a major computer terminal. The Operations Commander or one of his technicians enters the coordinates and speed they want the ship to move in and the ship acts.  Another point, our gigantic motherships move very slowly, although they can travel from this solar system to the Pleiades within a two-week period.  And someday, all of our ships will depart this system, our purpose for being here complete.

Out of curiosity since I can’t remember everything I learned at the University Ship while here as a walk-in, I asked a few questions related to the above information:

Are our ships capable of phase-shifting?  Yes. This means that the ships are able to appear to blink out or disappear when being watched by Terrans, either from the ground or in the air.  They are simply (to us, anyway) shifting their frequency, which makes them seem to disappear, when they are actually still present or racing off.

Can our smaller vessels abruptly change direction? Yes.  The materials utilized in the construction of the ships are capable of withstanding tremendous G-force within the atmosphere and there is no such gravitational forces outside the atmosphere.

Are our ships sentient? No.

Are our ships organic?  No.

Of course, there is much more to building a ship of any size, but like I said, I am not an engineer.  

Basically, what Terrans call UFOs are extraterrestrial star ships.  The Pleiadians have thousands of ships, most of them much smaller than our motherships, based within this solar system.  We have been building ships for hundreds of thousands of years, long before there were viable civilizations on Terra.  Some of our ships brought brave emigrants to this planet, long, long ago.  A goodly portion of the indigenous population with heart flames upon the surface of Terra are of Pleiadian or Sirian descent. 

The Pleiadians certainly do not have the only starships within this solar system.  Our allies, the Sirians, Ashtarians (Ashtar Command), the Andromedans, Vegans (from Vega), Arcturians, and others all have vessels stationed within this solar system.  Many are cloaked and many reside in a higher frequency so they can not be seen by most earth-bound technology, although that is changing.  Some of the other star nations have technology that surpasses ours, but we are a practical people.  We use what works and keep it simple.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little survey of what it takes to construct a star ship.


I AM Sundeelia, 2nd Level Commander, R&D, Elexa Spaceport, Maubene

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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Pleiadian Starships

Pleiadian ships are actually gold in coloration!

Pleiadian Starships

Part One

Note to Reader:  The topic for this article was suggested by a dedicated, long-time reader from Oz.  I will dedicate at least one or more articles to this topic as it could fill a couple of chapters.  By no means is this information comprehensive.  I am also quite aware that my source material (written and vocal) is very different from what is ‘out there’ currently, mostly from (some questionable) Pleiadian and other sources.  Realize that any material given through an Earth human is going to be filtered through their human ego consciousness.  What doesn’t ‘fit’ the person’s interpretation or belief systems will be filtered out.  This includes anything that I present, so take what resonates and makes ‘sense’ to you.  Make use of your own critical thinking abilities, intuition, and do your own research!  Those who blindly accept whatever information is fed to them are liable to be hoodwinked or disappointed.

Now, on to the article:

Firstly, the Pleiadians have two fleets.  The Inner Fleet makes periodic cruises throughout the territory claimed and controlled by the Pleiadians.  This region, divided into several sectors, holds within it 500 suns of various sizes, including blue-white megastars, and thousands of isles, ranging from asteroid-sized islets to large Earth-like Isles such as Serana and Airus.  The Pleiades also contains solar isles, where high-frequency etheric beings can live.  All of our isles, large and small, are sentient, alive and aware.

The Outer Pleiadian Fleet is the one which has stationed three motherships within this solar system.  The motherships are HUGE vessels, 3,000 miles (approximately 4,828 km) across and over 40 decks worth in depth.  The motherships were not built for speed, but comfort.  They are self-supporting, containing all that the crew and visitors could need except for some food stuffs like fresh fruit and vegetable powders.  Nearly a million people live on each mothership which is really much like a city in space.

Note:  When I heard someone claim that a ‘mothership’ flashed them, I want to laugh.  The three Pleiadian motherships, should they ever enter the atmosphere would scare the crap out of all the militaries of this world.  Typically, our motherships do NOT enter any atmosphere.  That is what we have shuttles and smaller vessels for…

The Pleiadian fleets also have many smaller vessels, ranging from tiny two-passenger viscars (for short-distance travel only) to huge battleships.  In between there are shuttles, scout and survey vessels, transport vessels, research vessels, and the like.  There are also various levels of fighters, which are used primarily as defense. 

The humans housed on the vessels range from fourth to sixth dimensional beings, in physical form.  Housing on the Pleiadian vessels is simple.  Berths for the crew consist of a small cabin, with a ‘bed’ that can be folded up into the wall.  The beds are similar to futons.  Chairs are soft and will mold to the person’s shape and/or size.  Some of our men are very large individuals weighing upwards to 800 pounds and standing near or over nine feet in height.  Others, like our Elementals stand 3.5 feet to Gargantuans who stand 8 feet tall. Veyans and Kreyans are about 5 to 5.5 feet tall. Most Pleiadian males (beyond those mentioned) range from 7 to 8.5 feet in height. Females range from 6 to 7.5 feet in height. Glass-like tables are used in common areas.  Storage for personal items consists of a couple of shelves, one trunk and some hooks.  Simplicity is key for Pleiadians. Every surface is kept sparkling clean.

The outer shell of the vessels is made up of a form of metal that looks similar to gold, but hard and resilient like aluminum.  There are no seams on the outside of our ships.  When an outside door closes, it disappears. Windows are made of transparent metal.

The motherships have landing bays, one for shuttles and smaller vessels; another one for smaller ships like destroyers.  (Mind you, I am using Earth-based equivalents for describing the ships.  These are not the actual Pleiadian terms.  I don’t remember them from this perspective.)

Our motherships contain several departments including: Command Post, Commanders compartments, Commanders Quarters; Communications (including Data Bank); Engineering; Ship Entry (shuttle bays); Research; Nutrition Production (includes gardens, aquaponics and soil-based); Stores; Exercise Areas, Meditation (chapels), Entertainment, Meeting Rooms; Eagles Quarters, Living Compartments, Guest Housing, Student Housing; School for Crew, School for Terrans.

The great mothership, The White Winds, was the ship on which I was stationed for a decade.  I came onto her as a cadet and left as a Specialty Commander.  I worked in the Communications Department.

The three motherships were designed to allow crews from our smaller ships to take periodic leave, to attend school, to see or participate in entertainment and other special events, and to enjoy the various dining stations situated throughout the vessel. 

All crew are ‘humanoid’ five-star beings, one head, two arms, two legs, and a torso.  I do not have complete remembrance of the various species of humans who come on board to live, serve, or visit, but I’ve been told there is quite a variety.  Still, most Pleiadians are recognizable as human beings, with hair on their heads, large brilliant blue or golden eyes, hair colors ranging from white-blonde to blue-black, heights varying from our three-foot elementals to nine-foot-plus brawny warriors.  The complexions of most Pleiadians also ranges from porcelain white to medium dark (Middle Eastern) browns or what we call tan, golden tan, and reddish-brown tan (Morovians), or yellowish tan (Veyans).  There are some Pleiadians who never leave their home world that are peach-colored in skin tone with white-blonde hair and golden eyes.  We also have Feline Pleiadians who walk upright with furry faces, protruding jaws, huge golden eyes, retractable claws and bodies ranging from tall, slender cheetah-like to huge, muscular Leonines. 

While there are writers and channelers who talk about manifesting whatever you need by thoughts, Pleiadians are a practical people.  We make or have made the clothes and uniforms that we wear.  There is a specific department in Stores for ‘manifestation’.  For us, it is a waste of time and energy to manifest belongings. All garments, especially uniforms are required to be exact and proportioned for the individual who will wear it, whether an Elemental or a giant Leonine human.  Robes and cloaks are made specifically for guests to wear on board as the hallways are kept cool and dimly lit most of the time.  Special garments are also made for honored guests so they may attend events, council meetings, and entertainment on board.

The crew members all wear short soft boots on board or calf-length white boots for special occasions. Boots or footwear are a must on board due to electrical conductivity issues. The uniforms consist of a silvery-white stretchy metallic fabric and are made for the wearer since sizes and shapes of crew members vary.  The elementals wear long green tunics over their uniforms.  Other crew have cloaks or robes depending on the occasion and their department.  Identification is woven into the upper left chest, marking name, title, and ship.  Comm links are worn on the upper hand.  We do not implant our people with artificial intelligence devices.  Crew members usually have a change of uniform, a regular and dress cloak, and possibly a robe with their house color (Family) if they happen to be a lord on their home world.

There are several eating areas located throughout the ship, as well as areas to eat, rest, nap, chat, or meditate in the gardens.  The core area of The White Winds is several decks in height, with numerous balconies filled with hanging gardens giving the huge room a lush, soothing appearance.  There are also a series of rooms that can be rearranged to create a huge seating area for special occasions, entertainment, and large Council meetings.

One thing you will notice if you are able to physically board a Pleiadian vessel is the feeling of LOVE permeating the atmosphere of the entire ship.  LOVE is the particular focus of Pleiadians, not what Terrans understand as love or physical attraction, but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that emanates from God Source, from within and through our very being.  Pleiadians are assisting our cousins, Terran (Earth) humans as many of your population (those with heart flames) are ‘our’ people.  We have not been aiding humanity for thousands of years in order to conquer or ‘save’ you, but to guide and mentor you energetically.  Our efforts at manifestation are dedicated to projecting LOVE to Terra and Her people… you!  We are here to assist in the ascension or rising up in frequency of the planet and its inhabitants, even as we began to ascend after the ending of the Pleiadian phase of the Orion Wars hundreds of thousands of years ago.  We rose in frequency from low 4D to 5D and in some cases, 6D.  A few of our most evolved souls resonate at 7D-9D, as well.  We serve out of LOVE; we act out of LOVE; we are LOVE.  Beyond 8D, the beings are non-physical… but capable of dropping down in frequency to be briefly seen on board ship when attending ‘events’.

Our ships are physical ships.  In the next article, I will briefly describe how these great ships are built.


I AM Sundeelia, 2nd Level Commander, Elexa Spaceport, Research & Development

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted. There is a translator available if English is a second language.

Below is a wonderful video with Alex Collier describing the Andromedean ships and people. It is a real eye-opener, coming from a long-time contactee…

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The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another

Gem Lake

The Sirians: In One Door and Out Another

via Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Dino

Note to Readers: This piece was written in 2013 before Tazjma knew for sure that she had lived in the Sirian Star System. Today, she is still related to the Sirians through her Mother. I dedicate this to all of our Sirian starseeds who are contributing to the ascension of Terra and humanity. ~ Sunny

We are here.

And who is there?

The Sirian emissaries.


We come in answer to your call, as you came in answer to Gaia’s, so long ago. You are entering an intense transitional period as truly the last remainders of the old begin to disintegrate, much to the dismay of some and the joy and jubilation of others. Where do you stand?

What do you truly want to exist in a world of your own making? Have you given any thought to this? Or are you blindly following the same habitual patterns of behavior that you have etched out through a lifetime spent bowed beneath an unseen but definitely felt control matrix? Or have you lifted your head and sniffed at the wind; yes, it has shifted. The light is cracking through the layers of melancholy, bringing hope to those who can still dream.

Imagination is the key to making it through the transitional period, that and an ability to observe and make choices. Know that you have a choice now on how to approach any situation. You do not need to rely on the “steady and tested” for those methods will no longer pertain; the frequency levels have changed. The old can no longer function and continue into the new energies.

Change will become the only constant companion in a world filled with flux. Cycles are ending and new ones beginning. As the transition is made, there will be earth changes and disruptions in weather patterns. You will not be able to continue to rely on past knowledge of how things are done, as they will no longer be effective. The ability to adapt and to sense and decode the frequencies will become a valuable gift to anyone sensitive enough to feel the change in the air.Know that the only thing you will be able to count on is the wisdom and knowing that emanates from your own heart center.

You may find books, newspapers, social media and other communication sources making no sense or even becoming irritating to your sensibilities. You are not quite exited out one world and not quite entering the next, the classic betwixt and between experienced before waking up and after having dreamed. Yet we tell you that this is a time of power when you can most strongly connect with your internal wisdom, the great library of knowledge available through soul connection and through listening to your own body. Your bodies are living libraries of light, encoded into the facets of your DNA, the portions that are just now beginning to come online. Do you “feel” any different, beloveds? If you take a moment to tune in, you may discover that, indeed, you do feel different.

Perhaps your dreams are changing. You are still in the process of purging elements that will not pass into the higher frequencies. Much of the work is done in the multidimensional dream realm and beyond this physical world, but you are fully participating even if you are not aware of what is happening behind the curtain as yet. When the time is right, you will awaken, first gradually and then more quickly to becoming fully conscious of the various layers in which you already experience life. You will be amazed to realize that you are quite an extraordinary focus of the ALL THAT IS.

Our scribe can feel a sensation of being carried along by a strong river current if she closes her eyes for a moment. It is a strong, calm, smooth current moving her forward and upward. In letting go of expectations and plans, she is allowing the process to unfold organically, in the timing of her Soul’s desires for her.

Have trust in the process of ascension. Your body is naturally responding to the rising frequencies of the planet as it is a part of the planet; the Earth is its Mother. Your body vehicle is not you. We hope you have come to this realization for yourself. You are consciousness, pure energy; your body serves as a temporary abode in which you dwell for the purpose of exploring physicality on this particular planet. You exist in many other shapes, dimensions and frequencies throughout the Universe; you are multiplied many times over, yet retain consciousness.

Humanity is moving into realization of the unified field of consciousness. The shift will occur in the general populace as change becomes too apparent to be ignored. Those who have anchored their light bodies into their physical vehicles will be the ones who act as wayshowers and gatekeepers for the lost and confused. Many will have questions; know that you will be able to answer them, even just to say “Seek within and the answer will come.”

The ancient cultures of the planet contain much wisdom which has been partially hidden and overlooked by a materialistic society, but much of that knowledge will be applied as the world’s approach to living is simplified, out of need and a desire to let go of anything that abuses other people, animals and the planet itself. Wisdom and ways to adapt will also come through those who have brought their gifts into this lifetime, to be used for the good of all, not for the benefit of a few.

If you have concerns that you are lagging behind, let those fears go. Each of you has your own inner timing. Learn to let go of the concern. Use mild forms of exercise, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and yoga to release bodily tensions. Rest and eat light foods. Spend time with animals and in nature. Go for walks. Seek the simple pleasures of life. Spend some time in creative activities and share laughter with friends and family members. Laughter carries a high frequency and eases hearts who hear it.

We are here to assist and guide. Know that all humans have the natural, inborn capacity of telepathy. You can listen and connect with your guides and mentors if you just allow some time to become accustomed to the fact that you are communicating with beings that you may not see. If you tune in, however, you can feel the connection through your heart, as a warmth and comforting energy. Use this feeling as verification that you have connected with beings of high frequency. And remember that you are sovereign; only those beings who you invite in can communicate with you. If you do not resonate with the message received, discontinue and ask that the beings depart. The cosmic law pertains to any being, seen or unseen.

We understand that many are concerned about their livelihoods and the state of the economy. We will not make predictions or give you dates. Just know that within a year, your world will be greatly changed. Where the last year has been spent purging much of the old, the next year will reveal that the world has, indeed, shifted into a brand new territory. No maps of the old will suffice, but you will find your way forward using intuition and the compass of your heart. Go forth with love in your hearts and peace in your minds. The Universe supports and loves you and will provide for you what you keep foremost in your mind. Dream big, command your space, be the Masters you are.

We honor your efforts and stand by your side, ever vigilant, ever helpful, as you enter one door and go out another. No, your rational mind will not understand, but we know your heart will. Follow ever the rhythm and beat of your heart center; it will guide you well.


Thank you, dear Sirians.

Copyright © 2012-21 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any material on this website without express and written permission from its author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Eliza Ayres and http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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Sundeelia: Solstice Greeting

Daylily, photo by Eliza Ayres

Sundeelia:  Solstice Greeting

So, just moments ago, I completed the 25th chapter of my fourth book.  Now I still have editing and formatting to do, but the primary job of writing is done.  After nearly three full years of writing, I have decided to end the story.  It certainly wasn’t the end of Raphael’s life – he lived a long and full life – but the story covered the parts where Raphael experienced trauma, struggled, then healed, and finally succeeded beyond all expectations placed upon him as a young recently orphaned 14-year-old boy.  We could all do so well, if we gave ourselves half a chance.

It is with a sense of sadness that I leave the writing process.  I will be writing a short epilogue, but the book is basically done.  In the process of writing it, I have truly become a writer.  Hopefully, soon… sometime later this year or next, the first book will be able to be published.  I plan to self-publish to start with and next have to explore my options in that direction.

Since I have basically finished my first and primary project which brought me here as a walk-in, I will soon be free to pursue my other interests, including photography, painting, and traveling.

I apologize for not writing anything new on Sunny’s Journal, but I was caught up in a writer’s fever working through the last chapters of this last book.  If you’re a writer, you’ll understand.  If not… well, anyone who is creative will also understand. 

The times they are changing… maybe not fast enough for some and too fast for others.  I chose back in March to stop posting intel reports from various sources.  It was apparent then that the ‘process’ was taking longer than anticipated.  Rumors abound, but those in charge behind the scenes are managing to keep most of the information hush hush right now.  We’ll know when we are meant to know… and that’s when most of what has been happening is over.

Now, I would like to encourage my readers to send me suggestions for topics.  I can’t guarantee that I will address them all, but I will see what my time will allow.

Now, I wish all my readers, new and old, a Happy Solstice, no matter where you are on our beautiful planet.  It’s now winter in the Southern hemisphere and a hot summer in the North.  Here in Florida, the nights and days are now in the 80’s and extremely steamy – not my favorite weather.  TG for air conditioning.

This has been quite an adventure for me, writing about a lifetime spent hundreds of thousands of years ago, written through a process similar to remote viewing.  I didn’t plan the story; it happened, emerging out of my fingers some times like a flowing river and then, at other times, like a bumpy ride on a boulder-strewn 4×4 trail, slowly and painfully.  When I go back to re-read the chapters (over 100 now) I marvel at how my writing style has matured.  No, I’m not Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, or Robert Heinlein… but I am a writer.  Tazjma wanted to write ever since she could hold a pencil.  And she did write, but not this much… a complete story of someone’s life… lives, if you include the short lives of Commander Delos Gia.  Tazjma found her way into my story as Commander Tazo Gia, as did several other people whom I know today… both at Home and a few here on Terra.  Their privacy will be respected.

So, now I’m going to take a day or so off… unless I feel like writing some little article.  Thanks to all who have made suggestions for topics. 

I AM Sundeelia (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

P.S. Just received a ‘Happy Anniversary’ greeting from WordPress. It’s official, I’ve been blogging now for nine years! Thanks to Eric who initially encouraged me to write and share!

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Council of Nine: Divine by Nature

"Snowy Summit", acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20", Eliza Ayres, 2015.
“Snowy Summit”, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″, Eliza Ayres, 2015.

Council of Nine: Divine by Nature

We are the Council of Nine, one of many councils involved in the evolution and transition of planet Earth.

Today, you enter another new phase. The subtle energies of stars and planets has moved into another set of signs. These cycles continue often beyond your awareness, influencing your life. It is for this reason astrology was once considered a science, one of many. It will be that when once again science and esoteric knowledge re-discover that their seemingly disparate perceptions of the world are indeed mutually supportive in essence.

There is so much for you to re-learn about your world. Those tribes whom your leaders have called primitive resonate more closely to the rhythms and seasons of the planet than the populations cooped up in the large unnatural cities. Your forefathers were “encouraged” to leave the soil behind and find “jobs” in the urban settings so you could more easily be controlled by the wealthy and powerful few. In truth, many former peasants and people of land and forest were forced out of their former abodes through the process of clearances and through the destruction wrought by war and pestilence.

Now your world is going through another huge transition, from one paradigm to another. There is resistance in some quarters, as those who have long planned to take over your world, find that their plans are running awry. World War III was scheduled to have already taken place and yet your world is only plagued with the pernicious attempts of these determined, now frightened ones who deem themselves superior to the rest of mankind.

What has once been hidden from the world, is now being revealed. Various whistle-blowers and courageous journalists and reporters in alternative media are pulling aside the curtain that has hidden the secret manipulators and controllers of your world. You are now passing through the period that has been known in the sacred books as the Apocalypse, the unveiling of ALL secrets, individual and collective.

Even as your world goes through its unveiling process, each individual is undergoing the same process. As waves of cosmic rays penetrate the atmosphere of your world and enter your bodies, your multidimensional DNA is coming online… at least in those persons who are in the front lines of those responding to the new energies.

There are those on your world who carry within their beings extraterrestrial DNA markers. These beings embodied as humans, have become known to some as star seeds. Lisa Renee in her brilliant work has called these persons frequency holders, ones who can adapt to and successfully anchor the increasingly higher and faster frequencies which are profoundly affecting your world.  These individuals act as transformers for the rest of humanity, stepping down the intense energies much like an electrical transformer, stepping down a higher voltage to a lower one so the physical body doesn’t blow a fuse.

Your bodies are electromagnetic in nature. They naturally respond to the impulses of galactic and cosmic rays, which are designed to transform your natures into something as yet unknown to humanity. You are becoming galactic humans.

Your DNA is largely misunderstood by science. Those scientists who have studied your DNA have been confused by their findings. Do you know that human DNA apparently contains fewer genes that are found in a duck or some plants? And while humans seem to share the same DNA as other animals, there is a difference with human genetic markers.

Most of your DNA appears to be off-line and has been described as “junk” by confused scientists. Yet, the pioneering physicists are beginning to understand that what appears to be “junk” and useless in its apparent inert state, is simply not “turned on” or triggered… and that it appears to exist simultaneously in more than one frequency level. In short, human DNA, unlike any other animal DNA on the planet, is fully multidimensional in nature. And there is are extraterrestrial markers within its make-up that speak of a history of genetic manipulation by off-worlders. Each of your bodies, your very essence has been altered by those who seeded humanity upon this planet many millions of years ago and “upgraded” the species some 100,000 years ago.

We encourage you to learn more about the special god essence or divinity that was purposefully planted within your DNA by your Pleiadian cousins so that some distant day in the future you would step forth in the full power of your divine nature as fully fledged galactic human beings, divine man in embodiment on Earth.

That time is upon you. The forerunners of your race are already passing through their initiations and successfully incorporating a new sense of beingness, activating gifts and graces once only known by a few isolated initiates in hidden mystery schools. Their growing resonance to the higher frequencies allows their bodies divine (multidimensional) DNA to respond and become more active and evident as body changes, changes in awareness levels and the altered and upgraded abilities to adapt still further.

Each cell of your body is sentient, aware and responds to how you treat yourself and others. Indeed, your cells cannot distinguish the difference between yourself and other as the intelligence that enlivens them also connects them to other beings, to the planet, even to the moon, the sun and the stars beyond. This intelligence has been called “love” and is the underlying energetic force that binds the worlds together, be them small or huge.

As you come to understand self, to accept self as you are now, to even “love” yourself and to treat yourself kindly, your body responds in kind. The DNA within your mitochondria responds and begins to blossom accordingly, transforming your body, allowing the ancient shadows within to be released and cleansed. Those persons whose bodies can allow these changes, undergo cleansing and purging, experiencing those various symptoms that have become known as ascension “flu”.

All pockets of resistance, whether at a microcosmic or a macro-cosmic level, are in the process of being uncovered. That which cannot adjust to the higher frequencies will move out of embodiment. This pertains to both human and animal species.

Some plants and animals have fulfilled their purpose for being here, to support the evolution of humanity and that of the planet. Other plants and animals will be “discovered” as the energies increase in frequency and they are revealed to have been “here” all the time. What has not yet been expressed in these cases is that the frequency level had to reach a certain level BEFORE they could be seen and “found”.

In truth, many worlds or dimensions exist simultaneously upon your world. Human beings currently understand little of ability of lifeforms to exist in physical form in higher frequencies, into the fourth and fifth dimensions. These dimensions do not exist as a layer cake, divided off from each other, but are truly interwoven and support each other. Even so, the various layers or divisions of your DNA do not exist separately from each other, but are now found to exist in bundles, interwoven and resonate to the whole, within and without the body structure itself. Your body exists within a yet unseen world of color, energy and sound. More of “you” is found outside the body than within as your true nature cannot be contained within one small physical vessel. You are truly made up of star stuff and far more precious than you can yet imagine.

The indigenous elders, the keepers of long-hidden secrets and portents, are now beginning to open up and share their knowledge with the world. These people, within their secret societies and verbal traditions handed down from generation to generation, have carried the knowledge that our ancestors were far greater than we are today. Likewise, some forward-thinking scientists investigators and researchers are discovering secret lodes of ancient ruins containing artifacts and engineering that we are incapable of reproducing as the methods of construction have long been forgotten. Much of what was known by humanity in the past is being revealed as the sands of time are pushed aside to uncover hidden secrets, both within the human heart and within the earth.

Humanity is awakening to the realization that it knows very little of its past. And what it does know has been heavily subjected to suppression, subversion and misrepresentation, on purpose, by those who sought to keep humanity under control and in the dark. Yet as more people become connected to the worldwide “Web” of the Internet, knowledge that was once suppressed or limited to only a select few, is now being shared and spread to those who would have had little or no exposure to it within the confines of the education system available to them.

Humanity is awakening to the fact that the world around them has been tightly controlled. Knowledge is freedom and that knowledge of self and the world has been limited, on purpose. Few are the companies that own the channels of mass media. What is shown or heard on television, radio and newspaper is carefully edited, designed to misinform, to stir up poplar sentiment towards war and destruction of carefully selected “enemies” who appear to threaten a peaceful way of life. The organs of mass media are organs of propaganda and deception, designed to disempower and distract people from engaging and being aware of the world around them.

Materialism has been encouraged to the point that few people engage actively in being aware or involved in their physical settings any more, but remain instead plugged in, either to their phones, television sets or other electronic distractions than walking out side and relating to nature. To extricate yourself from the artificial Matrix, unplug for at least a portion of your day and find other activities to do, whether chores, gardening, going for a walk, a creative activity… something that engages your body and mind and heart.

What was meant to dis-empower the masses, is now serving as an impetus for many to find out still more of what has been hidden away from view.  Questions are being asked.  Why was this done?  Who did it?  Did we give our power away?  Was our birthright as divine beings handed to those who were not looking out for our best interests?  Each individual will have to come to terms with the knowledge yet to be revealed and accept responsibility for choices made in the past and choices still to be made in the future.

Revelations will continue. Information that is both raw, disturbing and shocking will come into general knowledge. The miasma of the centuries, the accretions of damaged psyches and sicker minds is being exposed. Allow the light to reveal and transmute these things, to ease your heart and suffering, to lighten your spirit and raise your energetic levels. Rise up to the occasion of your own ascension that is occurring for you as an individual and as a collective in this very moment.  You can, as individuals who have regained a sense of self, a new perspective on life and an appreciation for the sacredness of ALL life, evolve your world into a paradise, a heaven on earth.  What once was your destiny will come again… and more.

We honor those brave souls who have taken up the burden of physical embodiment on a darkened planet as it moves into a new dawn of enlightenment. Understand that all will not be a bed of roses, sweet-smelling and colorful, for some time as the world-wide cleansing continues. Observe, make choices and take responsibility for what comes into your field of perception. Mature as a being who is willing to accept self and others as a collective humanity.

Learn of and experience first-hand your connections with other life forms, whether in the shape of your beloved pets or the trees in a nearby park. Sense the connectivity that exists between all life and how all life is here now supporting you in hitherto little understood ways. We relish the “aha” moments that each of you experience as you begin to connect the dots and to truly see that you are, indeed, divine by nature.

We pause now in our message, to bid you adieu but not good-bye, for we are ever present and work with many of you during your sleep periods. In the days, months and years to come, more of you will become aware that you are loved and watched over by many unseen friends and family.


We are the Council of Nine, through Tazjma VaCoupe Dino.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Artwork:  “Snowy Summit”, by Eliza Ayres, acrylic on canvas, 2015.

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The Council of Nine: The Advent of LIGHT

The Council of Nine – The Advent of LIGHT

Via Tazjma Amariah Kumara

We are the Pleiadians. We are your sisters and brothers. Long have we watched you from afar, but now we move among you as human beings. We are here.

In our hearts we sing to your planet, which so lovingly supports your race, despite ongoing efforts to destroy her, by those who are not of this world or dimension.

Free your world and yourselves from the tyranny of hate, despair and anger. Turn to one another in an air of acceptance for each of you is entirely unique and individual, yet part of a collective whole.

We understand the pain and suffering in the world comes from ignorance, from lack of Light. You have forgotten your sacred ties to the earth, to heaven and to each other. Release your fears.

Let the dreams of your childhood come back into your adult memory and shake yourselves loose from the need to compete against one another.

There is a profound misalignment in your world, stemming from a deep loss of soul memory of the sacred beginning of the Universe. You have become ignorant of your own beginnings. And your true history has been hidden from you.

Many of you see yourselves as being apart from Source, lost, like a stray cat or dog, or a neglected child or elder. You have never been separated from Source, for the light lives within you, within the secret chamber of your heart. There you are one with Creator, with Source, with Father / Mother God.

Your race once descended from the Light and to the Light it shall return. The path of Return has commenced. The Event of which so many speak is happening Now, as more and more individuals decide to change their lives and seek the sacred within. And as that heart opens, they suddenly can see their neighbors and co-workers with new eyes, their inner eyes, the singular Eye of Wisdom and Christ Consciousness.

The Light illuminates and brings with it divine wisdom. This wisdom has always existed, but has remained hidden during the dark ages after the fall.

We encourage to you to seek out the wisdom that exists in the teachings of the indigenous peoples of the Earth. They have held these secrets close to their hearts, knowing that the wisdom would be needed by all of the people, even as it appeared that the world was dying.

The old world is dying. The world that many of you grew up into and became conditioned to is now in the process of coming apart. Dark forces resist the ever increasing pressure from the light and seek to ensnare the multitudes in darkness and ignorance once again, so their control of the reins of government and commerce cannot be loosened.

It is up to each individual to make the choice whether or not they wish to be free, whether or not they wish to change their lives and then to take the next step.

Your process of transmutation takes on the form of a spiritual journey, where you are divested of your old beliefs. For the sake of your healing, you relive and pass through many transformations as the layers of old sticky energy are removed and released from your energy field. You are undergoing a complete clearing of your individual, familial and cultural karmic patterns, so that humanity will not have to relive their lives in a repetitive negative circle of suffering and misery. You are breaking free of the Wheel.

In a time long lost in the mists of time, humanity lived upon this planet in harmony and grace, in a paradisaical setting in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Some of you remember this land as Lemuria or Mu. While there, humanity had not yet taken on physical form; that came later on Atlantis, as the entire planet descended in frequency.

Once your consciousness was housed within bodies of light bodies, yet as the planet descended in frequency and the vibration slowed down, your bodies took on physical form, becoming heavy and dense.

What you interpret as physical matter is simply vibration slowed down to where it can be seen and felt by the physical senses. In truth, your world is made up of waves of light and sound, dancing at different frequencies. As the vibration slows, the matter becomes dense. As the vibration increases, form becomes light. Sounds can be seen as color and colors emit sound. As your consciousness expands into the higher frequency ranges, you will begin to experience the underlying music of the Spheres, the songs that the planets and stars sing to each other, that even your cells sing to each other in a frequency that is beyond your current physical ability to hear.

Once your bodies are freed of the old programming, you will begin to ascend into the higher frequencies until your physical body is transformed into a magnificent body of Light. This is what is taking place for those among you who are dedicated to the ascension process in this lifetime. These way-showers are re-living the sacred path of initiation that once was hidden from the multitudes.

The path is challenging, but we bid you to remember that everything you do is for the sake of all humanity. Keep your focus on your desire to know God, to embrace God, to allow God’s angels to sing to you, to guide you and to enfold you within their Grace.  Your desire to know and feel Oneness will bring you safely through any challenge that you might face.  Know that you carry great power, wisdom and grace within.

In truth, you are all human angels, long ago descended into this world, a story that will be told elsewhere. You did not fall out of malice or deceit or rebellion, but out of a desire to experience the deepest levels of Creation, that of the lower worlds, of the third dimension. Some of you even descended lower, taking form as the elemental beings, enlivening the rocks, trees and animals. All life has intelligence and is alive. Allow the elementals to share with you the wisdom they have learned. Reflect on the sacredness of the smallest creature and the wonder of creation, which has been brought forth for your enjoyment.

Life can once again become harmonious and gracious, freed from fear, but first allow the purging fires to burn away the dross of misunderstanding and open your inner eyes so that you might look upon the world and see that there is, in truth, no bad or good. There is only consciousness. It is how you choose to judge some experience that ensures how you will continue to draw that same energy to yourself. Let go the need to judge and view the world with neutral eyes, filled with compassion. Allow what you experience and observe to teach you the deep wisdom of Spirit, how matter is merely animated light.

Release yourself from self-judgment. If you feel that you have failed, allow yourself the option of trying over. The angels do not judge as they do not have egos. The ego mind or left side of the brain has reigned long over this last age, but the unification of the two halves has commenced, even as the long deactivated DNA of your cellular structure is lighting up, in response to the incoming waves of photonic Light emerging from the center of the Universe. With the two hemispheres of the brain becoming one, you will contain Unity consciousness.  It is what you are within, deeply hidden within your own crystalline DNA. You are in the process of leaving behind the pupae or caterpillar stage of your evolution and becoming, once again, Angelic Humans, capable of so much more than what you can manage today.

As we look upon each of you, we see your past, now and future. For us it exists in the Now. Each of you has a choice whether or not to go forward into the Light or to retreat and remain in darkness. We love you no matter what choice you make and will remain as guides for those who are willing to explore beyond the comfortable boxes into which you have been coaxed and conditioned by well-meaning but ignorant adults and mentors.

This journey is an individual one at first, but will soon expand to becoming a collective experience as more and more individuals awaken to the startling truth that they are a fractal portion of God, a light being having a human experience.

We greet you in a New Dawn for Humanity and the rekindling of a beautiful friendship between our two races. We are One, as humanity does not exist on Earth alone. There are many races who claim this solar system, this galaxy and this Universe as their home. As your consciousness expands, you will begin to communicate with and traverse to these other worlds. There you will be greeted as long-lost relatives, as indeed you are.

We honor you for your willingness to explore the lower levels of Creation and welcome you Home to the stars.

The Council of Nine, via Tazjma VaCoupe Dino.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com
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