Ascension IS Happening


Ascension is Happening

Forwarded from New Earth Rising

Note to Readers: As if in answer to my essay on Timelines… there you have it, the Keys to the Kingdom… Heaven brought to Earth with the frequency of 5D and above. It’s your work and your goal. Perform the miracle of the Ages, by being the Masters you truly are within… As you align with your purpose, focus on your heart and clear your mind of all doubt and fear of your self-worth, you will simply know what to do. All that you need to manage this journey with ease and grace will come forth through the agency of your own quantum DNA, in which is stored all of the knowledge that ever was upon this planet and beyond. You are the Ones you have waited for…

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2 Responses to Ascension IS Happening

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes! Thank you for posting, Sundeelia, and bravo, Light Warriors. As so many alternative sites are saying, “Hold the line… in this case 5D timelines ; – ) … and keep the faith.” Much Love, Altea


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