Eliza: An Update

Eliza:  An Update

For some reason I actually noted today’s date, June 10th, and realized that if I had remained married to my first and only husband, we would be celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary today.  Our marriage ended abruptly when my husband could not accept me as I was becoming… awakening long before it was popular to be considered (at least in some circles) a lightworker.  I have had to wake up and accept the fact, that although I choose not to be with this man, I still love him to this day and always will. This realization has been both painful and freeing. I chose to follow my own inner guidance; he could not.

For, during the years of my marriage and not being required to work outside of the home, I was given the opportunity to explore the inner realms of Being.  I read books on spirituality, immersing myself in Jane Roberts books, and related material, learning about things I had never thought about or considered before.  I took a couple of spiritual healing classes and relished in being able to feel the warm energies coursing through my body.  I had a session with a spiritual healer, and even had a few readings done by a channeler… and this was back in the early 1980’s.  Indeed, I was a wayshower, although I certainly didn’t consider myself as one.  So intent was I to continue my explorations that I finally realized my husband was not willing to accompany me on this new journey.  What I found enticing and exciting, he found to be terrifying. Unlike those times we spent together hiking, backpacking, and skiing together, wonderful times, he was not willing to take this new journey with me.  So, I came to the fateful decision to dissolve our marriage.  It took several months for me to prepare myself with a secretarial course so I could go to work, again, and then for me to actually decide to move to the other side of the state.  I had cut myself loose from old ties, from the mountains I loved, my friends, family, my husband… everyone.  And set out on an adventure that would eventually find me connecting more fully with soul Family.

Over nine years ago, I started Blue Dragon Journal. On this first blog of mine, I posted various channelings, messages, and essays as I continued to explore spirituality and discover my purpose for being here on Terra. After a while, I started posting the work of other authors and more recently some intel reports. While I am no longer posting intel reports and speculations as to what might happening behind the scenes of our world, I keep note of headlines and listen to some selected reports from trusted sources.  However, on the whole I have focused inward, still working to release those things that continue to trigger me, generally taking responsibility for my feelings and working to come into balance here as I deal with an aging Earth human vehicle.

I have felt the intense symptoms arising from the influx of Cosmic energies coming through our Sun and have mostly dealt with it by resting and napping when tired.  I continue to eat lightly, exercise lightly and am actually in pretty good health right now. 

No, I am not going to take the ‘jab’ – no way in hell.  Yet, I am not going to attempt to discourage anyone from doing so.  It is their choice.  Just remember, despite what the MSM sources say, the ‘vaccine’ is experimental and many adverse effects from said jab are being noted in social media and alternative media.  Still, I refuse to listen to all of the fear porn being put out by both sides.

As for the mass psychosis currently being exhibited by those who follow Leftist politics or philosophy (Marxism) it just appears to be more unbalanced and weirder than usual.  It is quite apparent the Light that is penetrating our atmosphere is driving out the darkness from the corners and recesses in which it has been hidden for centuries upon centuries.  Ascension teachers like Michelle Fielding and Lori Ladd (and others) have spoken about the darkness getting louder before it dissolves.  Well, it is very loud and in-your-face right now.  I am not ignoring it; I just choose not to engage with or against it.  I am truly an observer now, seeing the world through neutral eyes, not attempting to teach, instruct or guide anyone.  At this point, people have made their choices and are just going through the motions.  It is an interesting process to observe.

According to some recent reports coming from Simon Parkes and others, change is coming, is on the horizon, is happening, even as some of us observe the Arizona audit playing out, threatening the MSM and Deep State narrative that Biden actually won the 2020 election.  The dates are unimportant.  Just remember, no matter who you voted for, our freedoms are at stake and considering the side effects of the ‘jab’, the entire future of humanity is on the line, too.  The eugenicists who have it in for real humans are now being exposed.  The decades-long, even centuries-long held plans of the alien forces arrayed against humanity are being revealed, first to those who have done their research, but soon all Earth humans will know the painful truth – our world, this world was invaded by a negative alien force a very long time ago and only now has humanity matured enough to be able to handle the Truth, that they have been lied to by everyone and everything in their lives for centuries.  Welcome to adulthood.  It will get better… soon.

So, I just thought I would bring my readers up to date on what’s going on in my world… not much if you’re looking in from the outside, but quite a lot inside.  Welcome to my world as I travel on the inner planes of imagination..  It’s better than watching television – no ads and an unpredictable plot line.  I now find it almost impossible to watch old movies – they are so dumb.

Much love and thanks to all,

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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