Eliza: Golden Hour Revisited

Crepe Myrtle

Greetings, everyone. I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been taking some time off from blogging, since I have been feeling a bit of burn-out. I also joined Kerry K’s Plasma Light Tribe and have been taking advantage of the massive library of meditations and weekly Friday calls for her patreon group. In short, I have been enjoying immersing myself into an experiential atmosphere rather than writing anything.

Despite not being the best of meditators here, I have found it easy to follow Kerry’s guided meditations. She doesn’t tell you what to see, feel, think or believe — a nice break from the typical ‘you need to do this’ stuff found many places on the internet.

Right now, I am going to continue to enjoy this well-deserved break.

You know, people often ask me questions that really are not mine to answer. I would encourage everyone reading these words to realize that the answers you are seeking are to be found within your own being.

Discovering the calm center within will aid in providing a safe haven as we continue to navigate choppy waters during this transitional period. It’s your choice and your responsibility.

I wish everyone well. Autumn is approaching or at least the Equinox. I got outside this morning to observe a blazing sunrise as I began my daily morning walk. Beautiful. There are many beautiful things to observe beyond politics and intel.

For now, go in peace.


P.S. One more thing: This morning I was greeted with, “Greetings, my Beloved!” It was Commander Aiden greeting his mate, Lady Sundeelia. Lately, I have been wondering just who I am these days. I guess he would know better than anyone else… and he answered my question, as well. Sunny is back… if she actually ever left. Hmmm, being here on an ascending planet is difficult enough; this confusion just adds to the adventure, I guess. Sigh. Still, I am doing well, despite all of it… gaining some perspective and distance from what I was told/taught then I first arrived on these shores. I am a very different person than I was just a short year ago and will continue to adjust, change, transform, and grow. Love to all, ~Sunny

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Great Blue Heron

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2 Responses to Eliza: Golden Hour Revisited

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Eliza, good to have your post, and yes to the burn-out, I’m feeling the same, and yes to a well-deserved break. And welcome back, Sunny, if only for a little while. I remember reading years ago that as the ascension process continues, we’ll be able to shift back and forth between the third and higher dimensions and consciously know it. Dreams are playing a huge role in my “shunting”. For quite a while now I’ve been realizing that we’re over halfway through the challenging fourth and contacting the fifth, though it’s not all that blissful for many of us as we’re shunting betwixt and between. Love to you, Eliza, and to Sunny, too! B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      By choosing to concentrate on working on myself at this time, this will be of benefit to all, even beyond my small readership. Now is the time to focus on self, not out of a sense of selfishness as in ‘me, me, me’… but ‘us, us, us’, Unity consciousness. For what one person does in working on realizing they are the Light and then exuding that Presence out into the world, the wholeness of Creation will benefit from the warmth shed by the sunshine of self-awareness… of Wholeness that has always been there, just hidden away beneath a bushel of learned self-denial and self-judgment. Anyone can choose to focus on their own journey, to drop the need to seek information outside of themselves and to really come to arrive at the realization that all you seek is within. Our Brother, Yeshua, told us that the Kingdom lies within us; now, it is up to us to truly believe this within every fiber of our Being and to show it without prejudice or self-incrimination as being Truth. When we know the truth of who we are, everyone around us will begin to feel different about themselves and begin to respond even though you utter not a word. By loving ourselves, knowing ourselves as the Light, as the presence of Divine intelligence, we become the embodiment of everything we have ever secretly desired. Just be yourself, as you are now; be the Presence, for you are One with Source energy when you surrender fully to this transformation without reserve. And so I am… doing just that by letting go for the time being the need to teach and instruct through my writings. Sitting with myself, in silence, listening to my breath, going deeply within to where there is no more mind chatter and I can catch a glimpse of the totality of Peace that exists within the center of each of us, the Zero Point, at One with All. ❤

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