Eliza: Stepping Into the Unknown

The Fool

Stepping Into the Unknown

To the shock and dismay of some, I just decided not to publish the book that I so slavishly worked on for four years. I understand now that much of the information upon which I based the book (the skeleton or bones of the work) are lies or intentional misinformation presented through a former ascension teacher. I am not blaming her. She was a tool manipulated through her ego to believe what she was being told through channeled material. And I accepted this information for the longest time as truth, until I realized it was anything but. I was duped like most of humanity here has been duped, lied to, by the dark controllers of this planet. The difference between myself and this other person, persons, as there are still those who believe these falsehoods, is that I have been willing to step to the brink, face my fears, and step over the edge like the Fool from Tarot.

By being willing to step consciously into the Unknown, I am exhibiting a certain quality called courage or to put it more crudely, showing I have some iron-clad cajones. It takes guts to admit that I was conned into believing much of the information that I have previously shared on this blog was true. Some of it was, just how much I really don’t know. At least by my admission that I believed a lie, I am confessing that I am quite human, capable of making mistakes. There is yet another step beyond that one, something that people often want to side-step because it makes them feel uncomfortable and that is the ability to learn from our mistakes and to accept responsibility for those mistakes as being learning opportunities. This next step is what I am now undertaking, by admitting myself to have been taken in, arriving at this rather shocking realization, and then moving through it and beyond into the as yet unknown.

I am a spiritual person, but recently ‘being spiritual’ has become faddish in some circles, an applied spirituality complete with accessories and glam. In other words, modern spirituality is anything but honest. Like every other system on this planet, it has been infiltrated, inverted, and perverted. Everything the dark touches gets corrupted. This has occurred within the spiritual circles, especially in the adherents and leaders of so-called ‘New Age’ movement. What has been called spirituality has been largely designed to fool people, to distract them from the necessity of being real, grounded, and embodied fully into the fullness of their own raw humanity.

I admit to having suffered from the delusion that somehow I was separate, special, better than the rest of humanity. The real truth of the matter is that all of humanity is special, unique, different than most of our extraterrestrial cousins ‘out there’.

Yes, I am a starseed, a walk-in, whatever, all of these names are merely labels designed to build up the ego. I am not here to enlarge or gratify my ego or to follow any one. Long ago, I rejected both having a guru and being one for others. Yes, I am currently working with Kerry K, an ascension guide, but she focuses on guidance, not dogma. She is not leading me into ascension, but granting me and others a place where we can safely perform self-exploration without judgment. It is up to me and the Light that moves through me, on how fast I make headway in releasing the lies, programming, and paradigms that have kept me and others from fully moving into self-acceptance and self-love.

One painful lesson I have learned while here is that one cannot truly another human being until they love themselves first. I think I have always known that truth, within, which has prevented me from remaining in a relationship where I had to compromise myself, i.e., live a lie for the sake of appearing ‘normal’ or well-adjusted. Adjusted to what? The inverted Matrix in which we have all lived, anyone who has incarnated or lived upon this darkly controlled planet.

So, why do I wish to continue my self-explorations, my ‘self-growth’? I don’t know. I just feel this inner nudge, call it a compulsion or drive to do so. Perhaps it is something in my DNA that is being activated by the increasingly intense bombardment of Cosmic Light upon this planet, upon this solar system, which is driving out the dark.

If you keep up with the work of Michael Salla and Elena Danaan, you will know that the Dark Fleet has been driven from its sanctuary in Antarctica. Through the work of the Earth Alliance and our friends in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, humanity is now in control of its own planet. Still, each of us has to do our part by allowing the process of ascension to work on us and through us. Letting go of the old belief systems, the old paradigms of control is part of that cleansing and renewal.

I have known for a long time that I was a pioneer. I have been told that I am a wayshower, a front-runner for humanity. I volunteered to come here, to incarnate, and to integrate with a greater part of my Self, by accepting the presence of walk-ins. Not everyone can do this kind of work. Perhaps it is due to my genetic lineage here that allows me to take the risks that have proven to be, for now, unacceptable to others, like my former husband. So, I step into the Light and allow the old beliefs, the old lies and half-truths, the inversion of truth, to be stripped from my consciousness and shed the sludge of the ages of control here on Earth.

Someone has to mark out the path for others to follow when it is their turn to ascend, to release the remaining remnants of darkness from their own being. And I go not alone. There are many others who resonate at my level and well-above, those whose bravery inspires my own.

I AM Eliza, a human being among other human beings, but so much more. What I AM so are you. Open your eyes and know that now you stand upon the New Earth. You are not going anywhere physically, but are rising up in frequency… for New Earth is not a place but a frequency, one that has always been here. When we are fully awake, we will see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this blue-green planet upon which we live.

And we will know each other, as a collective, as record keepers for the entirety of this Galaxy and beyond.

Again, I reiterate my decision to not do any more channeling. It is time for people to connect with their own inner guide, not to seek reassurance from the words of others. Sometimes that reassurance is simply more glossing over or side-stepping of our duty to be real, grounded, and whole, to embody our soul essence within our human form. I will be working with my guides and mentors from an level playing field where they have accepted me as I am and I have accepted and taken back my own power. Our spiritual mentors do not wish to be regarded as gods or above humanity. They greatly admire humanity and are watching with great interest as we undergo our impending ascension, even as some of them have already undergone their own. We are all different, unique, like snowflakes. Let us rejoice in our unity in diversity and learn to live in peace with one another.

I AM Eliza and I greet you in the dawning of the New Earth.

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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