Eliza: Soul Stirrings

Lily, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: Soul Stirrings

Oh, I am beginning to feel the flow that I get when messages want to come through.  This is not a channeling, just my own thoughts on the current energies, how I am doing with my ‘walk’ into the unknown… and whatever else comes up.

This morning as I emerged from the house, I was greeted by a sky streaked with copper, gold, and coral highlights on the blue-gray clouds.  I prefer to take my walks just at sunrise.  It is the coolest time of the day here in SE Florida.  The humidity was still high, but the temperature @ 73 degrees F (22.7 C) was pleasant for a walk.  Since the northern regions of the United States are already receiving early snowfalls, to be able to walk outside in shorts and a tee shirt in mid-Autumn is a blessing.

As I walked further, I noticed a pinkish tinge to the clouds lingering above further inland over the peninsula.  And as I continued, the color tones gradually transitioned to golds and cremes.  By the time I returned home, the sun was completely up above the horizon.  The clouds had taken on a more ‘normal’ appearance, greys and taupe cloud bottoms rimmed with bright white and iridescence from the still rising star.

Many people fail to see much less feel gratitude for the beauty of our planet.  This attitude will change, eventually.

I have managed to learn a lot about my true self during the past couple of months.  One cannot, however, encompass or encapsulate the vastness of our Self in few words.  We’ve all been programmed to define ourselves by different labels.  I have done this myself, calling ‘me’ a hypersensitive person (HSP), an empath, a walk-in… a star seed… I think you see where I am going with this.  Labels do not, cannot define the wholeness of our Truth.  Words fall short.

No, I am not someone’s ‘wife’ or ‘partner’, mother… I have not had relatives in my life for many years, except for a few people who were told they were related to me via our mutual star families.  I have recently… well, more than a year ago dissociated from most of those folks.  I no longer resonated at their level of belief and programming.  I am not endeavoring to judge these individuals, but I am certain that if anyone of them reads these words, they will be triggered.

More recently, I have finally stepped out of believing in a fantasy that was presented to me by another person, who was one of those claiming to be a star sister.  None of what was presented was truth.  It no longer resonates or serves me to continue to believe the… whatever you want to call it… information that was presented by those who were inculcated into a belief system that their egos fervently clung onto.  When I sought to left the ‘system’, I was attacked.  Shame and blame was piled upon me, although from a distance, not to my face.  I shut down all comms and resolutely went my own way.  This is something I have had to do quite a lot during this lifetime.  The sensation of being rejected or misunderstood is well-known to me; I have no problem releasing a belief or person whose beliefs no longer resonate… who is attempting to control my freedom and prevent me from realizing that I have been manipulated and/or conned, perhaps not intentionally, but just as surely as if I was a guinea pig in a scientific experiment.

Mind you… everyone on the planet has undergone similar experiences, those who are honest with themselves.  Trauma has been a shared experience for humanity.  Everyone has been lied to, traumatized, manipulated, programmed… and some people have voluntarily handed their rights and freedoms over to others in order ‘to be safe’.  Just how safe are you when you voluntarily allow someone to inject poisons into your body?

There is a naivete contained within a large portion of humanity, a reluctance to step out beyond what appears to be safe.  Often, too late, we discover that the so-called safety comes with a steep price, sometimes at the cost of your own life, livelihood, or the welfare of your family.  With freedom comes responsibility, which means you have to look out for your own welfare, make informed choices, and question EVERYTHING you ever encounter in life.

Fairly recently I let go of the notion that I am a Pleiadian, whether a walk-in or a starseed.  I actually do not know my most recent planet of origin unless it is the Earth herself.  Before I was told by someone that I was a walk-in, I was in the process of remembering lifetimes spent on Terra in all manner of civilizations including Atlantis, Egypt, Albion (ancient Britain), France, Japan, India and others.  Different stories coming from the mythologies of various cultures resonated with my being.  So, I would imagine at least a portion of my soul essence has been on this world for a very long time.

As from what star race my genetics derive… well, I am Light Being currently wearing an earth-suit, a vehicle that carries within its blood the genome of 22 races, 21 of those being extraterrestrial.  Since most of my body’s current genetics are (on the surface) white Northern European, I probably carry within a predominance of Pleiadian genetics… and others as yet unknown.  I do know that I resonate with the Selosi who became the Telosi (the Shining Ones or Sidhe of Irish tales), with the Nordic traditions, with Lyra, and so on.

Since letting go of my former notions about the Pleiades, I have come to learn that there are malevolent Pleiadians and benevolent Pleiadians… and some who are a bit in between… The reality of these opposing factions within the Pleiadian star cluster has long been represented by such contactees like Alex Collier (he has a website where you will find many of his early presentations).  Alex works with the Andromedan Council or as Elena Danaan has described it, the Zenae Council from the Andromedan Constellation (not galaxy) a collective of very high frequency Beings who monitor Terra and other worlds.  You can find out more about the Zenae/Andromedans by listening to some of the more recent videos of Elena Danaan and related material from Dr. Michael Salla.

There is certainly a lot to learn about our suppressed history, our galactic origins from Lyra and other worlds, the presence of extraterrestrial colonies here on Earth (most are inside the planet), the constant contact that our various cultures have had for millions of years with many different races, and our more recent status as a prison planet.  The latter condition was due to the Pleiadians who were attempting to corral their enemies, the Ciakahrr Reptilians here within the solar system, creating an artificial 3D matrix by frequencies emanating from ancient huge computers located inside the artificial satellite we call the Moon.  Oh, yes, there will be quite a bit of cognitive dissonance experienced by the public when some of the information is finally shared openly.  Those who will possibly experience the most difficulty are those who are for whatever reason unable to release their former belief systems, about themselves and about nearly everything they have ever believed as truth in their lives.

Some of this information regarding our past history is available on the Internet if you dig, despite all the attempts at censorship.  The truth cannot long be hidden, not now.

Within this past year, the Dark Fleet (Nazis, Reptilians, Orion Greys, malevolent humans from other star systems) have been run off the planet.  Their bases on Antarctica and underground (Dulce, Area 51, under most military bases world-wide, under oceans, beneath Mt. Shasta, etc.) have been cleansed.  Human slaves, children and adults have been freed.  Some of the children were hybrids, the living victims of genetic experiments being done by Reptilians and Orion Greys (and other malevolent Grey races from another dimension).  These children and adults have been rescued and taken off-planet to be placed in cultures that are more accepting of diversity of species.  Many of those rescued are being healed of their trauma and wounds taken during their captivity.  Those children who have lived underground will probably have to live elsewhere as they have never had to adapt to the radiation of our Sun.  Suitable placement will be found for all.

The Galactic Federation has been instrumental in purging our planet, the Moon, Mars, Ceres, and other worlds of the presence of the malevolent Reptilians and Orion Greys.  Now, it is our turn to reclaim what was stripped from us through genetic manipulation long ago, through trauma experienced during the destruction of other worlds (Maldek, where the Asteroid Belt now exists between Mars and Jupiter), and trauma from the destruction of humanity’s original homeland, the planets of what is called the Lyra constellation.  Our souls have retained a shared karmic memory of trauma, flight, from many worlds as the vast Reptilian empire sought to conquer and pillage all those worlds they came upon after entering into this universe through a portal existing between dimensions.  This trauma has lasted millions of years and will not be healed overnight.  Still, it is time to take personal responsibility, going forward, as we release all the darkness and embrace the Light of Presence, that has not left us although we were temporarily cut off from it by the genetic manipulation and energetic and unnatural suppression of our consciousness.

Terra has a brilliant future before her.  Humanity is on the verge of becoming an acknowledged galactic race.  The Galactics already acknowledge us as such; now it is time for each one of us to embrace the idea that a Star Trek future lies before us, one in which there will be no more wars, pestilence, controlling institutions, poverty, or want.  Creativity will be encouraged.  The stars are our future.  A cleansed planet is our future.  New systems that support life are our future.  Now it is the time to step free of the former limitations of belief systems, that someone else has the right to tell you what to do, what to think, how to act… No, you are a sovereign Being encased within an Earth human body. You carry within your body a legacy of the stars.  Expand through the inner connection you have a right to experience as your sacred inheritance from your starry and terrestrial ancestors.

Dream time is over.  It’s time to wake up, sleepers.  Step forth out of the cage and breathe in FREEDOM!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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8 Responses to Eliza: Soul Stirrings

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Eliza! I’d like to ask if you still resonate with you having an angelic background.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Chris – All Earth humans have an Angelic origin, so, yes… that is certainly part of it. The cradle of humanity, at least in this quadrant of Creation, was the constellation of Lyra (as it is known on Terra). The great star system referred to by the early humans as Man, was home to at least four different races of humans. Since the Lyran wars when the Ciakahrr Reptilians invaded the resource rich worlds, the human race… those who survived scattered in a great Diaspora to many star systems… it’s a long history to relearn. The Lyra constellation and its attendant worlds contained more than human species. Anyway… yes, the ancient humans were actually created by the Archangels and Elohim and given a God spark as part of their Divine inheritance. Humans do not live on the planets of the Man system anymore as those worlds were stripped of their resources including their human inhabitants.


  2. Jet says:

    dear Eliza, for a few years now I follow your blog and so your life experiences and your channelings. I was always very interested in everything you wrote because there always was something new, a different perspective, a beautiful insight or something really unknown to me like you leaving your body and another walking in, and out again and then you back again to your never normal life. I believed (in) you and observed you as you being an older sister whom I love very much because of her authenticity, honesty, boldness in going where you never had gone before. Your writings are beautiful whether they are real or happen to be not real at all, it did not matter. not for me. I understand it must have been quite a ride these last years, but I learned so much from your sharing all this and I enjoyed it so much, not as a faraway nice story but as a participant in you going before me and show me and teach me. I want to thank you for everything you shared, also the pictures and your beautiful art. I want you to know this before you perhaps say goodbye for good. You made a difference in my life. much Love

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza Ayres says:

      What can I say, beautiful Jet, but thank you. I am not going anywhere just quite yet. ❤ Eliza

      Liked by 2 people

      • Jet says:

        Well, I Think you cannot be without writing, sharing, being such a wonderful example? I do hope so! Authors and artists like you, musicians, their works are my lifebelt, the marrow of me being able to exist and growing from there and loving that..


  3. No One of Consequence says:

    Dear Eliza – Thank you!!!


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