Eliza: Ego Traps and Distractions


Ego Traps and Distractions

Having survived over seven decades on this interesting planet hasn’t necessarily granted me ultimate wisdom.  Like anyone here, I’m human… actually a Light Being playing ‘human’ here in a meat suit.  Still, I have to deal with emotions and ego, aches and pains, learning how to run this vehicle efficiently, all the while having to see through the various ego traps, astral projections and distractions that are thrown our way as starseeds and wayshowers.

Just this past year I have felt compelled to release a whole lot of nonsense that I took on willingly, although I certainly waffled back and forth with the information given to me by others.  I was told that as a starseed and a walk-in, that my ‘higher self’ was the daughter of a great Pleiadian lord, an archangelic being and his temporary mate, the co-regent of a planet in this solar system.  Okay, big ego hit… and like a hungry fish, I took the bait.  I acted like I was somehow superior to those Earth humans who surrounded me.  In my ‘mind’ (egoic mind) I was more important.  Silly me.

This is a common trap into which lightworkers fall; I am certainly not the only person to go there.  What is sad, is some people refuse to acknowledge their naivete and cling to the story… the very false story… like they’re going to die if it isn’t true.

After coming to the gradual realization that I had been taken in by others who were taken in, I dumped the whole lot.  My ability to cut free from former belief systems always tends to startle people, but the actual process is quite an inner one.  I wrestled with my inner demons for months, even as I was writing a story based in a version of the Pleiades that actually doesn’t exist.  Still, the process of writing allowed me to bring to the surface for viewing all that I had been taught or told and to finally realize… none of it made any sense at all. 

Utilizing a combination of intuition (inner knowing), common sense (what really should work here?), constant questioning (now how is it that I am more important than any other person on the planet?) and logic (well, that doesn’t make sense) and something else… my own creative process… I worked my way free of the delusion into which I had fallen for a few years.  I heaved off the whole fake story, took a deep breath, and have continued soldiering on. Sometimes… always… honesty, self-honesty is the best policy even if you feel like a complete idiot for a few moments. Shake it off… the feeling isn’t permanent and then proceed…

Sometimes the best way to really learn a soul lesson is to MAKE a mistake… As any wise person will tell you, there are no mistakes, there are only opportunities to learn. 

In school, at least what passes for school here on Earth in the United States, most ‘education’ is simply learning to be a parrot, to repeat what you are taught, never to question if something seems to be missing from the official narrative, to accept that your teacher (i.e., your ‘superiors’) always know best.  Well, I was a good student, I learned how to learn in that artificial manner and then I threw most of it, including the expensive textbooks, into the trash where they totally belonged.  Education, as it has been taught in the US is actually indoctrination. Several decades ago… probably about the time I was training to be a teacher… the federal government started getting heavily involved in local schools.  Hopefully, that trend will turn around as people are realizing what is being taught to their children, isn’t what they actually need to become mature balanced adults.

However, I digressed a bit… ego traps are a plenty, strewn along the path of the spiritual seeker, who has learned as many do in this culture, to look outside of oneself for that magical fount of wisdom, that special teacher, ascension guide, book, lecture, retreat, that will hand spiritual enlightenment to you on a plate.

The true Teacher is within, your in – tuition (inner teacher).  In the past, I have had blazing and quiet epiphanies of self-realization that have altered my path, have taken me into another direction, often to the dismay of those who weren’t hearing their own guidance.  And sometimes, I got off on tangents that seemed quite right until I realized they weren’t, at least for me.

Lordie, I’m not perfect.  I’m not more advanced than anyone else here.  Even though I have some gifts that have activated, perhaps prematurely, in some ways they have made things more difficult for me being here.  Being empathic to a high degree can be excruciating when around people who are asleep… so I am working on developing a higher degree of compassion, a more open heart.  Still, for right now, I am happier in my own company than being around folks who don’t get the big picture of what the world is currently undergoing.

Becoming quiet, still, and in presence takes some practice.  We all want answers.  We’ve been programmed to get the answer right off… to please our own ego sense of superiority, to fit in, to seem smart and intelligent… when all it really is allowing our chattering mind to dominate our sense of beingness.

So… meditation, becoming quiet, releasing the need for getting the ‘right’ answer, releasing the need to plan, living in the moment, feeling into the moment, listening to the body and how it feels… is where the seeds of true wisdom are planted.  Planted, not grown… the knowingness happens later and arrives like a parachute dropping into your waking mind when least expected.

A lot of the channeling that I have done over the years was probably sourced from the astral plane, an artificial plane of inverted and chaotic consciousness that hides all kinds of tricksters.  These tricksters work on peoples’ egos… “oh, I am the mate of so-and-so ascended master” or “oh, I’m the only sanctioned emissary of **”… You can see where this sort of thing appeals to someone who does not know themselves.  These distractions can pull a spiritual seeker straight off the narrow path as they either seek self-glorification or seek outside of themselves knowledge from outside sources.

Mind you, outside sources can be helpful, but as tools, guide posts, verification for your own inner guidance.

So, I’ve managed to learn a lot of humility in a short amount of time… about time, some people would say.  Well, I’ve always been a late-bloomer, rather like the asters of fall, the time of year when I was born on this planet.

There is a lot of chaos in the world right now as the darkness that has always lain hidden in the shadows like mud at the bottom of a pond, is stirred up and brought out into the light to be seen. Everyone of us carries this darkness within us, so it is best to be honest, see it, observe, accept it, and release it.  The darkness isn’t ‘you’; your trauma isn’t you; even your ‘emotions’ aren’t you.  Allow them to move through you, rapidly, like water through a series of bumpy rapids.  You are still you even though the beliefs are shown to be untrue.

Last year was an interesting year for me… for humanity… as we began to wake up to various degrees depending on our self-acceptance, self-care, and compassion for our shared humanity.  The year 2022 will advance that growing wisdom if I… and others, learn to go into stillness and be grateful to simply feel the peace and detachment from all the drama.  Wisdom will come when needed and not before.  Like a flower, face the sun and allow it to shine upon you, without judgment or the need to control the outcome.

Meanwhile, you are given permission to disregard anything I share here.  Your journey may be similar or it may be very different than my own and that’s okay.  Unity in diversity.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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5 Responses to Eliza: Ego Traps and Distractions

  1. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    I am honouring you totally for your inner Truth, recognition and much greater clarity. I am hearing you. Heart blessings… Libby


  2. Beautiful post Eliza!
    Many years ago now (over 9 years) your BD Journal blog was a lifesaver for me and my dark night process. I was going through a spontaneous kundalini awakening and having ‘issues’…lol

    One of your readers back then suggested I read a free online book called ‘Biology of Kundalini’ by Jana Dixon.

    It was exactly what was needed for me even though I still had to get ‘healed’ and re/member who I AM.

    All the best to you and Love to All. David Paul 🔆🌹💚


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, David Paul. Writing has been a lifesaver for me, too, as I continue to go in and out of interesting situations. ~Eliza


  3. Beautiful post Eliza!
    Many years ago now (over 9 years) your BD Journal blog was a lifesaver for me and my dark night process. I was going through a spontaneous kundalini awakening and having ‘issues’…lol

    One of your readers back then suggested I read a free online book called ‘Biology of Kundalini’ by Jana Dixon.

    It was exactly what was needed for me even though I still had to get ‘healed’ and re/member who I AM.

    All the best to you and Love to All. David Paul 🔆🌹💚


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