Eliza: We Are Disclosure

Blue Dragon – Artist: Elmore

Eliza: We Are Disclosure

Note to Readers: This is a piece that I originally wrote six years ago before I permanently left Washington State. I had been experiencing difficulties with my internet connection although the phone company denied any problems on their end. Interference? You betcha! Anyway, it is a rather long piece that flowed out like a spring from a mountain side. I’ll give it some study and perhaps write an contemporary updated version as I have changed a great deal after living on the opposite side of the continent… and everything that has happened in my life and others… This was originally posted in Blue Dragon Journal, but I felt a reposting would be beneficial, especially for newer readers… Feel free to comment on this one.

Today I woke up in the pre-dawn hours. The internet was down once again and so I started writing. Before going to work, I had completed six pages of typing in a massive flow. I’m not even sure if it makes sense… Downloads and upgrades are coming at a rapid pace. Let go of everything not necessary in your life so you can take care of yourself in these pivotal days ahead.

As in the early days of ancient Atlantis, there were always those who served as teachers and guides for the people, who taught the arts of culture, architecture, music, art, language and dance, how to plant, how to utilize the forces of nature, how to train consciousness to high degrees of power and control. These were beings that came as volunteers to serve the Light that exists within all beings, through all levels of evolution. These are beings, who like the Serpent in the Garden, gave humanity the gift of self-awareness and the freedom of choice in the pursuit of happiness.

These teachers and guides have returned, along with other Volunteers. Although star seeds and the children of ancient fully conscious galactic civilizations, these beings came forth into embodiment, disguised as humans in respect to the Prime Directive. The Prime Directive, given to humanity in the 20th century through the inspiration of Gene Rodenberry, the creator of the television series, “Star Trek”, delineates the behavior expected of a race capable of intergalactic travel, when encountering a less conscious and evolved species – no interference. So, these light beings came disguised as humans, born from the bodies of women, the same descendants of the Eve who symbolized the feminine gender of the new human species, newly awakened from an age-old sleep of forgetfulness before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, and perhaps even before, in civilizations long forgotten by the descendants of the Adamic race.

The teachers came first to remind Woman of her divinity as women still retain more of the remnants of that native psychic intuition that was known and used by early man so that he might connect with his environment. Through centuries of struggle and subjugation by man, women still clung to and utilized that special ability that allowed them to connect within with their feelings, whether or not they were fully understood by the rational mind. Even man, subject to his desires for physical power and material wealth, occasionally listened to the wisdom of woman when she spoke from her inner sense, perhaps instinctively recognizing the power that emanated from the inner wisdom.

The teachers returned as children so that they might awaken in the midst of humanity and reconnect with Spirit, allowing the Light to awaken the heart fires within, allowing the Over-soul to over-light the embodied one and take up residence in the Secret Chamber of the Heart. These teachers were seeds implanted into the crop, designed to bloom and pollinate humanity with its own spiritual potential, allowing those who were ripened by experience to come into full maturity in preparation for the Harvest. Those who were unripe, who were still in need of experience in physicality, who had not yet completed their lessons or awakened to their own potential would be allowed to go out of form until a new cycle returns allowing them to re-enter into embodiment at the consciousness level at which they departed physical life.

Between lifetimes, there is an opportunity placed before each soul to partake of further education and enlightenment or to simply rest at whatever level it finds itself. The level is determined by the thoughts and beliefs held within. Subject to change if there exists a willingness to release the self-imposed barriers to further expansion, a soul can progress in its inner growth albeit at a slower pace than is possible while in physical form. Such a planet as earth, with its relative density and slowed down vibrational frequency, allowing lessons to take place more slowly without immediate karmic consequence, allows a willing soul to accelerate in their progress and ability to adapt and reconnect to Source. Seasoned souls are allowed to embody into such a dense atmosphere of forgetfulness to act as anchors by which the Light of Spirit can penetrate through the layers of density and enter into the hearts and minds of humanity. And yet, even these seasoned souls must put aside their mantle of mastery for a season and undergo the same Veil of Forgetfulness that was placed around the Earth to separate it from the rest of the Universe, as it is there, upon Earth, that the most intense games of duality are played out.

In anchoring the Light, primarily the Golden Ray of Christ Consciousness, upon the planet, the First Wave volunteers and star seeds have successfully completed the first stage of their chosen missions. For many, including myself, for months, it has felt like a lull, like I was no longer feeling the connection between myself and Spirit, no longer being given the guidance on how to precede, where to go next, what to do. That period of lull, of feeling in the Void, is now ending for some of us, as it happens in waves depending on the level of preparedness and surrender of the individual.

Step by step, the Volunteers and star seeds, the light workers, anchors and gatekeepers have prepared, have reconnected and awakened to their gifts of spiritual intuition, an intuition that is at a higher evolutionary spiral than that utilized by more primitive humans. Yet there is the shared recognition in the presence of a life force energy that all share, without the need for words to express its realness – IT just is… ALL THAT IS … Source energy and exists within all matter in whatever form of expression.

So, with enough Light anchored upon the planet, the inner workings of intuition and understanding are beginning to ferment within the hearts of humanity. They are stirring collectively, coming awake after a long, deep sleep of forgetfulness, engendered by the passage of the Solar System through a part of space where there was less light, less information available. Now through the Cycle of Return, the doorway of Ascension has arrived, creating a passageway for those souls who are prepared to pass through, rising up in vibrational frequency along with the world, their physical Mother. It is a moment of choice and a separation of experience or timelines. Some people are not going forward. It is a time of choice, a choice that comes from a soul level, a willingness and commitment to awaken at the appointed time, even if it is inconvenient in respects to human ideals of success and achievement.

Humanity has arrived at this moment of choice, this window or passageway of opportunity through the Law of Cycles. It is a window that opens… and closes. There are some who are going forward, continuing to work on themselves and to rise in frequency, following and sometimes even leading the projectory of the planet, as it ascends into 5D.

And there are those who are nearing the choice point, whether to stay or leave, who are being shown the darkest secrets within their own hearts, through the actions of others. These are people who are still students of life, of consciousness. They do not yet realize that their projections are not dissimilar to watching a movie upon a screen. Yet the movie they are viewing is the outplaying of their internalized thoughts, of self, of life and of others.

The mirrors that people have to show themselves what is going on inside are bright and shiny these days. And all these folks can do is see the mistakes that they feel they are committing or those which they are projecting upon others, so there is guilt, shame and blame. I have known all of these levels of self-hatred and fear intimately, even through this lifetime. Now, even as witness to these feelings, I find that I have released myself from feeling a sense of responsibility for these individuals’ pain, yet I understand it because I have walked that dark path.

Having come out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death fairly unscathed, although not entirely, I feel for the lost ones, but know it is not yet their time to commit to the Path of the Initiate, to the way of ascension. Their consciousness is like an unripe fruit not yet ready to be eaten and enjoyed. Their hearts are closed. They feel pain and either internalize it or project it upon others. Shame and blame fill their lives with misery.

One cannot reach these individuals except through acts of kindness and embracing their pain with love, not taking it upon you, but by transmuting its effects through the use of the Violet Flame.

It has been said that humanity is currently transmuting the effects of the fall of man upon Atlantis and Lemuria, but of late it has been brought to my attention that mankind is far, far older than even those ancient kingdoms, millions of years old. Hence the job, clearing the grids and making the planet habitable for the continuation of life is a big one. We need not feel that we have failed in our efforts to bring salvation to the masses. They ARE waking up, enmass, despite all efforts on the part of the controllers to keep the state of mass consciousness in a state of permanent somnolence.

Light is information. Being the Light, being the source through which the regenerative fires of Spirit flow has been the mission of the light workers upon the planet, during this cycle of awakening. We are not the Source itself; we are its instruments, its hands and feet, its voice. We are Disclosure to a humanity starving for love, filled with paralyzing self-hatred and confusion.

When the cleansing fires of Spirit find their way through the blockages and relight the flame on the altar within, the individual wakes up. The mind is suddenly cleared. The heart begins to open and feel, once again. There is an acceptance for a need to change.

The desire for change is sometimes directed towards the actions or inaction of others, still projecting outward into the world that which is unbalanced within the psyche, within the damaged emotional and mental bodies.

Slowly or quickly, the understanding emerges that change must come from within, through a conscious reconnection with Spirit, with the Source of all being, the Nameless source that moves the wind upon the waters and stirs the flames upon the sacred chamber of the Heart.

It does not matter if one follows the dictates of religion for religion was set up at first to guide men when the sacred teachers of humanity began to withdraw, near the bottom of the most recent cycle of descension. Religion was to serve as a guide to inform humanity the way to reconnect to Source, but instead has been used as a tool, as a weapon to punish and divide humanity from its many parts, into separate nations, tribes, families and individuals.

Now is the time to let go of those belief systems that dictate tell humanity that they are not worthy of God’s love unless they do this or that, make prayers at certain times of the day, eat certain foods, keep from those who are different, who do not follow the prescribed code of ethics and behavior. Religion has become a way to massively project the shame and blame that humanity has already internalized as a result of the perceived failure of previous civilizations.

Yet, in its ignorance and perhaps through its inability to listen or even to reach the level of comprehension of the ancient secrets of life, humanity has suffered through the consequences of the violation of the Law of Consequence and Effects, otherwise known as Karma. Humanity has also forgotten that it has the ability to rise above the Law, once its own divinity is recognized and accepted, allowing for the complete transmutation of ancient wounds and miscreations, most especially the misuse of the sacred fire, the kundalini energies that are the source of creation sealed within the body at the base of the spine until awakened.

Through the process of transmutation, the individual moves next to transformation, as they become new in their own eyes. Old patterns, beliefs and conditioning are consciously removed, released, and transmuted. The dark within, the lack of information, the unwilling or willing ignorance is allowed to dissolve into the light as it shines into every dusty corner of the unconscious.

The presence of remaining ignorance or darkness can be traced through the field of the body, through the feelings that rise seeming from nowhere, but actually stem from within the collective unconscious shared by all humanity.

There are those who have come here to act as transmuters, to take it upon themselves to work with the energies, to place Resurrection Pillars, to free souls trapped in blocked portals, to adjust grids and clear the energies in physical locations.

There are those who have come to act as the transformers, to step down the energies of the Cosmos, as they bombard the planet with ever increasing waves of Light, emerging from Deep Space, even outside our known Universe through massive black holes and through our own Sun that acts as a transformer for our Solar System.

There are those who have come to teach, to share their gifts of sensitivity to the unseen worlds, who can hear the voices of animals and plants and stones. These are the ones who truly understand the connections, although unseen, that all life shares no matter what form it takes on. All is energy. All is vibration and through sound, the heart is healed of its pain. Through frequency, the unseen wounds are revealed so that they might be mended and made whole again.

And yet there are those amongst humanity who resist the Light, who turn away in mockery, of self or of those whom they see as holding up mirrors, mirrors in which they see their own inner darkness. This is a stage that the unprepared, unripe consciousness must past through on its way to enlightenment, as it is a stage where the deepest level of forgetfulness is experienced.

These tortured souls seek to numb themselves or to ascribe their pain to the actions of others, so they attack outwardly all that they see as being different than their own miserable selves, despite any outward signs of success and power.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a lack of information, either through a willful denial of the existence of another way of being or through the outward manipulation of those who have given their power up to authorities, whether symbolized by family members, spouses, teachers and leaders.

To break through the crust of ignorance is the decision of the seed as it pushes through the soil warmed by the spring rains and angled rays of the Sun. The awakening soul is like a seed, feeling the essence of an inner power pushing it upward, stretching beyond previous limitations into an unknown world of color and beauty and power.

The seed that is successful is one who responds to the call within, who seeks to listen to the instructions given in the moment, to move instinctively in accordance to the feelings being experienced, to attune to the unspoken instructions as the codes embedded within the DNA begin to fire and perform their assigned duties.

We are the seeds. We respond to the inner fire, which is a reflection of the Great Central Suns, stepped down through the great suns of Arcturus, Sirius, the Pleiades and finally to our own Sun, warming the hearth of inner being, bringing life and movement to the inner thoughts, releasing all ignorance and misunderstanding discovered within. As our own individual nature awakens to the presence of the Sun within our Heart, we become its students, reawakening to the realization of what we are and what we shall become as the information, the light is absorbed and allowed to transform our bodies from unhardened coal (carbon, 666) to that of the Diamond light (crystal).

Following the Prime Directive, that an advanced race will not interfere with the evolutionary process of a more primitive race without permission, our Volunteers have embodied within humanity, to transform it from within. It was a project conceived long ago in Divine Mind and carried out in painful steps through the dark centuries. Adjustments have been made, more volunteers added like yeast to the dough, allowing fermentation to take place, for the light to creep into unexpected places, allowing for expansion to take place within the hearts and minds of humanity, as now it strives to break free of its self-imposed shackles.

One cannot be enslaved unless one has given up individual power. Humanity has forgotten that it is consciousness and a mind cannot ever be enslaved unless it begins to accept that it deserves to be shackled and controlled. The mind can be fooled into self-hatred, directing its life energy against itself or against others as directed by those who wish to divide and conquer. A mind once freed of its self-imposed need for self-punishment will begin to discern the lies, the conceit, the arrogance of those who are afraid of what they sense within, cold, featureless darkness, the wastelands of the heart devoid of Spirit.

So long have these lost ones been separated from Source, so far have they fallen from the pinnacle of Grace that they, too, have forgotten their divine origin, for all have emerged from the One. In truth, there is NO separation; it is a belief, a misbegotten belief engendered during the lowest point of descent during the descension process. All can be reunited with the fire and light of creation, but first there is a step that must be taken, that of surrender and self-acceptance. And these angry, spiteful ones are afraid to let go, afraid of the judgment they fear will be theirs upon their admission of their misguided actions.

This mind-set of fear is the epitome of ignorance and darkness, for Source does not judge its creations, the fractals that have emerged through its expansion throughout the Multiverses.

Source seeks experience of Self; there is no judgment of the level reached by the creations. And when the deepest level is discovered, even the lost sheep are recalled back into the fold, to be transformed and renewed, placed into new form, breathed out into the Void to experience once again all there is to be found.

Even the darkest soul can return to the Light. Forgiveness and grace belong to all who follow the path back to Source, however which way is followed.

Humanity has chosen to ascend with ease and grace, but first there will still be an outplaying of the karma of those who resist. As you play witness to this chaos and upset, find it in your heart to forgive them, for they know not what they have done in turning away from the Light and seeking to live in permanent separation.

In the days to come, I intend to practice on releasing what rises from within to be dissolved and transmuted. There is no more time to dawdle or sit on the fence; you either commit or not. Strive to free yourself of as much baggage as possible and brace for the incoming waves of energy. Like winter waves on the shoreline, they are beginning to crash even higher than before, breaking up all resistance before them. The world, the Matrix of 3D/4D is going down, to be replaced by a more serene 5D world, for all life upon this world.

See you there…


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com


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    More than 18 millions of years when Maldek was destroyed, and before that.


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