Elena Danaan: Return of the Seeders & Anunnaki: History and Current Events

Elena Danaan: Return of the Seeders & Anunnaki: History and Current Events

Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

This show goes live @ 13:00 Eastern Daylight Time, 21st September 2022

Elena Danaan’s new book, The Seeders, is officially being released today on September 21 and covers the stunning return of a highly evolved intergalactic group of extraterrestrials involved in the genetic engineering of humanity. Elena describes her direct contact experiences with key members of the Seeders, especially Oona, who is an Altean member of the Seeders involved in the establishment of the Atlantean civilization.

In this Exopolitics Today interview Elena discusses key topics discussed in The Seeders including their composition and how they intervened over different historical epochs to establish human civilizations. Elena also answers questions about her direct contact experiences with Enki, whose faction of the Anunnaki has returned simultaneously with the Seeders to assist humanity in ‘graduating’ from Deep State control and manipulation.

Elena and Dr. Michael Salla discuss some of the controversy over Enki, whose positive role in historical texts is widely accepted by scholars, while his half brother Enlil was responsible for enslaving humanity and wanting to eliminate it in the Great Flood. Most significant is Elena’s revelation that Enki has passed on the original Adamic DNA of humanity (aka the Holy Grail) to the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which is helping the Earth Alliance incorporate this into medical technology that is about to be disseminated to humanity. Restoration of this Holy Grail of human DNA would to clear away decades of covert genetic degradation by the Deep State and their extraterrestrial allies.

The Seeders is available at Amazon.com in paper and electronic formats and can also be ordered from Elena Danaan’s website at: https://www.elenadanaan.org/the-seede…

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Excellent interview and a tantalizing glimpse into our REAL history…

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