Alex Collier Webinar, Notes from Jan. 13, 2023

Notes from January 13, 2023, Webinar with Alex Collier

  • The White Hats have their hands full right now…
  • Changes to the monetary system are arriving soon às migration from centralized banking to Quantum Financial System (QFS) or equivalent.
  • After the 2020 election, the Fed pulled out 2.7 trillion from the central banking system and changed the fractionized banking system, dropping from requirement for banks to hold 10% of assets to 0% reserve.
  • Most of the big banks were already in bankruptcy
  • Since November 2022, the FDIC has not been funded by the Democrat-controlled Congress
  • Ukraine has received a lot of the trillions removed from the banking system
  • Congress doesn’t want the public to know that their savings accounts and CDs (Certificate of Deposit) might not be backed
  • Checking accounts will probably migrate over to the new financial system (checking mirrors)
  • The Rockefeller-controlled medical industry is screwed due to their actions taken during the Covid plandemic, insisting their employees get vaxxed, wear masks, social distancing, etc.  The Western medical industry has participated in one of the largest crimes against humanity ever recorded.
  • Several health-related companies and hospitals are being bought up by Trump.  They will reopen and will be utilizing new healing modalities including med beds.
  • The farmlands being bought up by Bill Gates will be seized and given back to the People
  • Starlink is a totally White Hat operation w/Elon Musk as its public “face”.  When the times comes, the White Hats will take over Starlink and use it for the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) across all media, including covert channels… This operation will occur for a specific amount of time
  • We are witness to the controlled demolition and takedown of the Deep State Cabal.  The White Hats are showing us how we have been controlled.  All DS agendas and plans are being systematically unveiled and brought into public awareness
  • During the FAA computer system shutdown last Wednesday, there were 57 air refuelers over the U.S. and fighters.  Monkey Werks suggested that there was an operation going on in the area north of Four Corners (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah) where an “extraction” was being accomplished.  By extraction, Alex suggested it was being done by our ET friends (GFW) although he did not specify.
  • Biden and his top secret documents – hmmm, no secret there; the man and his family is corrupt
  • Ukraine – the U.S. may withdraw entirely from NATO
  • NATO is corrupt (it’s run by DS military and military-industrial complex)
  • Silver Comex has been lying about its inventory levels – the price of silver will be erupting in the near future
  • The “system” or matrix we have been working under began a long time ago when Jehovah began his process of mentoring the Khazarians.  Jehovah was masquerading as the Creator, but in actuality, he was an ET and not a god. 
  • Editor note:  Elena Danaan’s work suggests that Enlil himself masqueraded as Jehovah.  A point that will, hopefully, be clarified at a later date.
  • The system found its way to Rome, then to the Vatican and into private banking run by the ruling families of the Italian Peninsula (Italy did not exist; there were city states).
  • The 13 Black Italian families and their subordinates ran this system up until 2012
  • JF Kennedy attempted to remove the U.S. from the central banking system in 1963 under his Executive Order 111110, creating a silver-backed dollar and charging no interest. Of course, the central bankers would have none of it… and JFK was assassinated.
  • The White Hats had to go underground, changing their strategy, which is what we are witnessing now.  The WHs are using reverse alien technology, including the looking glass tech, to takedown the regressive control system of the Deep State.
  • Disclosure is taking place at a rate and in a manner that allows us to see how the structure was put into place in the first place, stealthily infiltrating systems, institutions, and secret societies.  We or our children will be teaching this history to others so it will not happen again anywhere.
  • We are undergoing a Teaching Moment.
  • Future generations will be living in a Star Trek future, traveling throughout the galaxy.  We will be teachers to other civilizations and cultures.
  • Jehovah was working for Enlil; the regressive Anunnaki adopted the repressive Orion (Nebu) system of control – think the Empire in Star Wars series…
  • Knowledge & wisdom is the Path to balance
  • Truth is transparent, it is REAL
  • 4th/5th density consciousness is about seeing Truth
  • 3D consciousness had nothing to do with the Earth
    • power, wealth, control, ego, Earth less important, people no longer grounded, people started to go “crazy”
    • People deep into 3D consciousness forgot they are a spiritual being having an earthly experience
    • The elite are crazy morons, determined to take out 90% of humanity and enslave the rest
    • 95% of elites are heavily involved in crimes against children, child trafficking, organ trafficking, adrenochrome, off-world slavery
    • The elite have brought humanity to the brink of extinction
    • Disclosure process will NOT hide anything; we have to understand how we reached this point
    • Be responsible for your own decisions & actions w/o being coerced by “higher” authority
    • Watch what you eat and drink – food system deliberately tampered with to weaken humanity
    • Humanity is more sacred than you know — we can make tremendous contributions to the Galaxy
    • Orion Empire has fallen — they fell because they lost Terra
    • Religions are divisive (he goes more into this, but I won’t elaborate here)
    • Learn to observe, not judge, work to cleanse & clear body of toxins (physical, emotional, mental)
    • Terran religions have been manipulated
    • We are in the STORM! The storm of disclosure… arrests. Military tribunals will start later in 2023.
    • Alex feels everything is going to be okay — there will be adjustments to systems, reboot
    • Military technology is 100’s of years advanced to public
    • The White House you see on TV/MSM is a mock-up, a stage set being rented by fake POTUS
    • Only thing real in Washington D.C. is Congress; all other offices are closed, empty
    • Atmospheric rivers being directed towards California and West Coast are drowning the tunnels, DUMBs, flushing out the filth
    • Are you still in fear?
    • Each person has to find their way forward; no one can do it for you.
    • New tech will be available starting four to five months after remainder of DS actors are removed
    • There will be a transition from combustible engines to advanced tech including magnetic propulsion, anti-gravity… roads will be used for walking/bicycling
    • Alex estimates a 20-year transition to new advanced modes of transport
    • In 1996 lecture, estimate of 400 million would be ascending to 5D. Alex does not know how many will be ascending to 4D (Editor’s note: Elena has mentioned that once you reach 4D consciousness, it is faster to rise up to 5D)
    • Rate of ascension will be determined by each individual, how long/fast they wake up and embrace their true spirituality. Free will choice; the WHs do not coerce.
    • More Q&A

There was quite a bit more, but this might give you an idea of the broad spectrum of topics Alex can cover in one of his webinars. 

By the way, the Deep Staters who are captured now will be immediately executed.  They have all participated in crimes against humanity, especially against children.  The Galactic Federation has technology capable of registering your frequency and tracking it anywhere.  Those who are DS players have been marked and are being actively tracked.  No prisoners.  The WHs are not going to waste resources on traitors.  More disclosure regarding what was done with children will be forthcoming…

Enough for now.  Thanks to Alex for his devotion to the betterment of humanity.


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