On the Connection Between Thor Han and Elena Danaan — Galactic Anthropology

Thor Han Eredyon ( ソー・ハンとエレナ・ダナンの関係について ) During an interview with the Japanese Miyoko Sano, Elena Danaan gave a clear account of her connection with Thor Han (1). You can say they go back a long way, and across the galaxies. In the video excerpt below, she explains it all: how their souls once originated in […]

On the Connection Between Thor Han and Elena Danaan — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

The story of Elena and Thor Han is a beautiful one, but not without its challenges. Take the time to obtain a copy of Elena’s book or listen to her videos. Starship commander and Terran archaeologist, bound together by their origins in another universe… connected together by bonds of love, devotion, and service to others.


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