Vidya Frazier: Questioning the Truth in New Age Teachings

Vidya Frazier: Questioning the Truth in New Age Teachings

There are reasons to question some of the teachings that have come out of the New Age Movement. First, are certain teachings even relevant anymore, now that we’re shifting into a much higher dimension? And secondly, are there perhaps actual misleading concepts woven into some of the teachings that have been purposely inserted to keep awakening humans weakened, disempowered and in suffering?

Although new age teachings have been extremely helpful in helping us to learn about spiritual realities and how to awaken to higher truths, it’s important to discern which teachings we can validate with our own experience and which ones we have simply accepted because someone has offered them as truth. And it’s important to be aware of questions that have never truly been answered for us by the teachings – like why a benevolent and all-loving God or Source would allow such suffering to occur in humanity throughout the ages.

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Note to Readers:

Archons and DNA, wars, famine, poverty… who are we? Darker hidden force controlling people through other people. Shifting frequency. The Archons are 4th density beings; they cannot ascend into 5D. They infiltrated the New Age teachings which has become the “New Cage” movement.

Folks, it isn’t all about “love and light”… We need to clear the darkness, too.

  • the idea that humans are “imperfect”, weak
  • people have been kept in ignorance by the elite and dark off-world forces
  • spiritual groups have been specifically targeted
  • Awakened people are a threat to the control
  • Inner critic – Archonic implant
  • Infiltration of spiritual teachings
  • who you are as a powerful spirtual being
  • many religious teachings are erroneous – original sin, etc., infiltrated or created by the dark forces
  • many of the New Age teachings have been infiltrated, too
  • Subscript that there is something “wrong” with ourselves… that we are somehow to blame if we are suffering — by creating our own reality, can’t find our way out of poverty, developing a feeling of inadequacy if you aren’t “successful”, self-judgment trap, teachings that we have to become vegans, celibate, make sacrifices, service to others rather than to ourselves
  • Extension of Source… why do you have to remind yourself of this? Meditate everyday, etc. We are blamed for our weakness or ignorance.
  • Focus on “love and light”
  • Does “evil” actually exist?
  • Forgetting or overlooking the power of the dark force
  • Stuffing negative emotions into your subconsciousness — which will erupt
  • Your natural connection to Source has been tampered with
  • Reincarnation / Karmic wheel teachings
  • Wheel of Karma was created by the negative beings to provide them with looesh, etc.
  • Recycling human souls over and over… preventing most people to evolve spiritually…
  • Few people remember their past lives
  • Strong souls have also been clearing generations of “karma”
  • If God is benevolent, why have innocent people die in war, plagues, etc. — these things are blamed on human imperfections
  • Soul agreements
  • We have been led to believe that our imperfection are our fault… instead of having lived numerous lifetimes in a controlled environment

Good listen… Question all beliefs that you currently hold.

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