A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality — Galactic Anthropology

Disclosure happens on many fronts. Within the framework of Galactic Anthropology we keep up with developments relating to the interaction between all kinds of species, now, and in the past (and a bit from the future). We also follow the experiences of all kinds of people who have been part of Secret Space Programs and […]

A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

According to the latest information drops from our Galactic Scribe, Elena Danaan, long suppressed technology is now being built inside Luna, our moon, by the Earth Alliance. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has hand-delivered blueprints for technology that can be used both on Terra and in our space fleet.

Technology is about to take a quantum leap ahead. Even within a decade or two, we may not recognize our planet.

First, the Deep State is being deep-sixed, taken down, removed from power so there can be no further interference in the evolution of our race, Earth humanity, the Terrans.

Events are moving fast, faster than we realize.


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