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The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity

The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity ~ ~ ~ Note to Readers: Oh, was I ever wrong about what is going on in our Galaxy. Yet, things are looking up for Humanity on Terra (as Earth / Gaia) is called … Continue reading

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Deconstruction of the False Self

Eliza: Deconstruction of the False Self Okay, we’re getting down to the nuts and bolts of this interior deconstruction of the old false self, removing the cloak of being somehow different than the rest of humanity, as in ‘better’ or … Continue reading

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Dear Readers: I will be closing down both of my blogs for an indeterminate time. Thank you for your past support. Eliza

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Eliza:  Metamorphosis Well, due to the recent changes I’ve made on this blog, my readership has dropped drastically.  Oh, well.  I’m focusing on my inner journey right now and that’s what is important to me, not attempting to satisfy the … Continue reading

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Under Construction by Eliza Ayres From my previous post, “Stepping Into the Unknown”, you will begin to realize that I am currently undergoing a process of deconstruction of all that formerly informed me. Now, that can be a confusing concept … Continue reading

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Stepping Into the Unknown To the shock and dismay of some, I just decided not to publish the book that I so slavishly worked on for four years. I understand now that much of the information upon which I based … Continue reading

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Eliza: Cosmic History Dear readers, I wouldn’t be so egotistical to think that I knew all of Cosmic History as there is quite a lot of it… as you might guess.  And it is all very complex.  Yet, I can … Continue reading

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