Eliza: What Does the Future Hold?

Glossy Ibis Feeding, photo by Eliza Ayres

What Does the Future Hold?

Dear Readers, my request for ideas on topics elicited a couple of questions, actually three which were combined into one sentence.  Well, we’ll see what I can make of this…


How we can begin to move forward on our journeys?

How do we connect with our galactic family / tribe?

How can we prepare ourselves in this physical world for what may be up ahead?    

I have to smile at the first question as it suggests the questioner has a great deal of trepidation regarding an as yet indeterminate ‘future’ for herself and humanity in general.  Right now, it is impossible to see ahead when everything is changing from day to day.  Yes, even for one who has been known to have some precognitive abilities, it is hard to foretell and frankly, I wouldn’t want to do so, as that can potentially change the outcome.

So, how do you learn to navigate through the unexpected?  For one thing, life is always presenting us with change.  It is something one has to learn to accept even though it can be very difficult if you refuse to let go of what is past and cling to the old ways of doing things… that may not work well in the new energies we find ourselves within today.

Through my writings and life experience, I have found when change presents itself in your life, you adapt.  How do you learn to adapt?  By learning how to trust your inner guidance.  So, how do you learn that… to trust the Self?  Well, that can take some time and there is the requirement to surrender the expectations and goals formerly set by the ego.  Can you let go of all previous plans and still learn to thrive?  Of course, but it will take some (perhaps a lot) of work, consisting of consciously letting go, dropping the old belief systems that you have to be such and such, go such and such, be seen as a successful person or whatever you have been taught (or learned) to use to measure your progress through life.

Sometimes we cannot fully prepare for what will occur in our life.  Instead, we are forced by circumstance to continually adapt and alter expectations.  I can understand why some people grow nervous thinking that (OMG) the internet might go down someday, their cell phones may not work, or they can’t go where they want to as the roads are disrupted by earth changes.  Certainly, the last year of world events has challenged people to adapt or not.  Some people have managed to flow with the changes and challenges with apparent ease, while others have not.  What makes the difference in how an individual or collective manages change and challenges?

One way to approach such dilemmas is to take one day at a time, respond as necessary when circumstances call for action, learn to trust that you will be guided towards what is the best for you… although many times it won’t appear that way to you.  Still, take some time to look back and observe just how you have managed to deal with the intense fear, psychological warfare and propaganda being directed towards the human collective.  Have you managed well or have you chosen to numb your feelings down with alcohol, drugs, excessive diversions, overeating and the like?  Or have you learned to appreciate what is in your life now?  Can you see the beauty in your surroundings and relationships without going anywhere?  Now that you may be out of a job, can you find something else that draws your interest, piques your creativity?  Can you learn to adapt as the situation calls for flexibility, industry, and determination… grit.  Do you have the grit to endure all of the changes and transitions we are about to enter and have already passed through?  Can you endure more or are you at the end of your tether?  You may just have to take another deep breath and take one more step and then another, without looking too far ahead.  Learn to do what you can and leave the rest for another day.  Perhaps you will find new friends on the way who will have just the right skills to assist you to overcome a problem or an opportunity… Open your hearts beloveds; the Universe loves you and supports you… when you allow the energies to flow through you.

For the second question, I say, first concentrate on learning who you are.  How do you go about this feat?  Learn to listen to the quiet nudges and hunches emanating from your own intuition.  Turn off the television and radio and listen within.  Take a solitary walk in nature, sit under a tree, feel the wind on your face.  How do you feel now?  Are you nervous?  Relaxed?  At peace?  Worried?  If the latter, what are you worried about?  What is going to happen?  Who knows!  Even those who make (sometimes foolishly) predictions cannot tell for sure what is going to happen or how, as the timelines keep shifting.  As humanity continues to ‘wake up’, events that were going to happen, won’t; those ‘lessons’ are no longer required to joggle awake the sleepy ones.  My suggestion is that you learn to be ‘present’ in the NOW moment, which is the only bit of ‘time’ that you can immediately observe.

Now, when you look around, is anything threatening your peace or well-being?  Perhaps you just read about a new (and unjust) mandate being talked about and it upsets you that your rights are being violated (a judgment, whether right or wrong; it’s still a judgment).  What do you do?  If you are in a state of worry and fear, frankly, you won’t be able to think and use your creative and critical thinking cap to come up with a solution to a seemingly insolvable situation.  Yet, is it insolvable or are you just feeling overwhelmed by what is seemingly going on or can you begin to see the desperation behind such moves coming from those who are truly afraid of YOU and the awakened human collective?  When you learn the value of working together as a whole, you will be able as a collective to overcome anything placed in your way. 

Now, I will ask a crazy question… Why should your galactic family or tribe want to contact you?  If you are still residing in a low-frequency state of fear and apprehension, they won’t.  It is when you are willing to move beyond that low vibration and into curiosity, seeking answers to long-held questions and allowing your mind to expand even as you feel into what resonates or does not… when you can accept the possibility that paradox can exist, simultaneously… that the magic can begin to happen.

I will relate a little story of when my telepathic channels opened up rather quickly and unexpectedly.  It was after I had come home from being cooped up in a psych ward – not a pleasant sensation for me as a person who was used to spending a great deal of time outdoors as a hiker and camper.  I heard voices during my mental break… as a psychiatrist would characterize the experience.  However, an indigenous shaman would say that my gifts were beginning to open in response to a need of the hour.  During the experience, I began to discern what voices to listen to and those that meant me harm.  It was a major lesson that still took me years to learn.  I was already channeling in 1995, but consciously turned away from accepting the messages due to fear and what I had to overcome after losing my job, as well as having to adapt to the growing health crises of both of my elderly parents whom I was caring for… life happens, and so you adjust. 

Years later, after spending over two years communicating with an email pen pal from England, I responded to the urging of my friend to begin a blog.  After a few months of hemming and hawing, I started Blue Dragon Journal and her writing career as a blogger.  After writing a few entries, I suddenly was receiving full channeled messages from an assortment of entities.  Fortunately, for me, I had absorbed the earlier lessons on how to discern whether the presence was a positive influence or a negative one and so managed to write quite a lot of beautiful material. 

So, we learn to adapt.  Circumstances change and do so within minutes – you can see that for yourself by watching the weather station.  Hurricanes and tornadoes can undo one’s life and expectations within seconds.  So can earthquakes and volcanic eruptions… lessons that people living in areas frequented by such occurrences must learn to adapt and prepare as best they can.

So… is your galactic kin going to contact you?  Well, first you need to contact and connect with your inner self, something only you can do.  Step aside from the fear of the unknown and learn to look within.  Every person has things to overcome, to release, to transmute, to transform.  Change begins within.  If you can manage to change your outlook on life, you will encounter new things that will expand your world view well beyond what you experience with your physical senses.  Your galactic friends and family exist beyond and above 3D/4D… so you have to put the work in to raise your frequency so that you might begin to touch theirs, lightly at first, and then as you gain more confidence and trust in the sensations, you continue to open… always remembering to protect and shield from unwanted entities.  Those foolish ones who just say open up and accept anything are asking for trouble… a lesson learned by my sister nearly three decades ago.  Shield and then trust the shielding and the sincerity of those who truly wish to reach out to you.

The third question:  How can we prepare ourselves in this physical world for what might happen?

Again, this question implies fear of the unknown, some trepidation involved as the questioner is wondering what is going to happen.  No one can be truly and absolutely certain what may happen in the future.  All we know is that all of the planet is going through a transition, from one level of energy to another.  Everything that is of the ‘old’ energy is being systematically dismantled and removed.  This includes old systems that you grew up within, were indoctrinated to accept as part of your world-view, whether or not you ever fully accepted the beliefs or still held deep within your being, questions and yearnings for what was not expressed in this world.

What are the things you long for when you see what is being brought forth into the Light?  What are your inner yearnings?  Do you imagine a world filled with goodness, kindness, where all people can prosper and live together in peace and harmony?  Or do you fear that you and everyone you know will be locked into an endless nightmarish existence for now and evermore?  Do you realize the power of your own thought, that your attitude can determine where you will end up?  It’s up to you to determine your future NOW. 

What can you offer your people?  What gifts have you brought into this world?  You do realize, don’t you, that this isn’t the only life you have lived, that this is not the only world you have walked upon?  Where you get to, and how hard it is to arrive at the as yet unknown destination will be determined by you and solely you, your grit and determination, your unsinkable attitude, undiminished by hardship, heartened by a simple smile and handshake from someone who was a stranger just a moment ago.  Recognizing the universal nature of human consciousness despite color, gender, creed, education, or financial status… being human is a gift.  Accept it as such.  Being here and being faced with the unknown is a test, a tremendous test and testament of the courage and adaptability of the human race.  Within each of you resides a divine seed.  It is up to you to discover its existence, to water and feed that seed, to make the connection with your Spirit, and to connect with each other.  When you come upon a place where you will have to make a decision, if you have an open mind, that can accept things seemingly outside the parameters of your current level of experience, you may surprise yourself as you find it within yourself to come to just the right decision or person who can assist.  Angels exist everywhere; it’s up to you to find them and then to acknowledge with your gratitude and give thanks for the generosity of the Universe.  And be on your way.

Enough for now.  Perhaps I have given a few people something to ponder.  Choose to step outside of your present level of comfort, find things that require you to stretch, whether it be your mind, your beliefs, or your current understandings.  Then, you will learn to be able to adapt to whatever life presents… in the moment as it arrives on your doorstep, not before it gets here.

I send forth my blessings to all.


@ All Rights Reserved.  Videos and recordings are not permitted.  Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

P.S. Any other topics?  I find this an interesting challenge for my writing and communication skills, LOL!  Let me know if anything is making any sense, too!  I write via flow of consciousness, without planning, although I do edit for spelling and grammar!

❤ ❤ ❤

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6 Responses to Eliza: What Does the Future Hold?

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

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  2. goldensunrise17 says:

    I think these messages here give me more to ponder than anything else I read anywhere.
    Thanks for writing them, I look forward to every single one,
    Picking up on living in uncertain times, I was just wondering whether with timelines there is a point of no return as it were, so that when a certain point is passed a timeline cannot be changed no matter what?
    I hope that makes sense!

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  3. DiosRaw says:

    Great article.

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  4. I came very late to your site (Jan 6th) and began reading daily then. Your posts have been a HUGE guiding light, resonating with all I have been learning since 1999, when I truly began my own spiritual journey. Thank you SO MUCH for all you have shared and for opening up to us with great clarity and honesty. I can only imagine the slings and arrows hurled your way. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for enduring as long as you have to give us amazing gifts.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Well, thank you, Blues Cat. Actually, few slings and arrows make it in my direction as I use daily AA Michael’s Shielding (found on Blue Dragon Journal page).


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