Eliza: What is the Opposite of Love?

Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: What is the Opposite of Love?

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~Carl Jung~

First, one needs to look at what ‘love’ is to figure out what is its opposite in terms of archetypes.

From my perspective, Love is.  Still, the simplicity of that statement is certain to have some skeptics asking for something more substantial than just my opinion.

Well, from my experience Love is what binds humans together.  No matter what our appearance, gender, religion, culture, place of origin, nationality, species… love brings us together.  Love unites.  So, what divides us?


What is the favorite tool or methodology currently being used against bringing people together?  Fear.

Scary scenarios, scenes of violence and destruction, degradation, twisting and perverting natural laws and behavior, violating moral codes, casting aspersions on truth-tellers… all of these things are currently being used to create division between people.


The tiny minority of those who are descendants or minions of an alien race are losing their grip on society, on humanity, so they use the same tools they have always used in any world they have attempted to control and/or conquer.  The intentional creation of fear in people is what is utilized. 

How is this done?

Through the promulgation of an incessant din of repetitious lies put forth on the airwaves, in newspapers, magazines, movies, music videos, any and all media sources.  One might ask, is this a new thing?

No, it is not, although this method of using propaganda is actually more subtle than attacking a planet outright as also been done in the past.

Propaganda and lies have been used against humanity ever since the alien race arrived on the scene and took command of the evolutionary process of the human race here on the third planet from Sol.  The how, when, where, and why of this interference can be discovered if one is willing to put in the time to study, expose, and explore the secrets that have intentionally been kept from the people.  That is not the intent of this article. 

The positively-aligned extraterrestrial races that are supporting the ascension of humanity on Earth regard this world as the ‘Planet of Lies’, acknowledging the grim fact that nearly everything taught to the children, pushed in the media, repeated in the colleges and universities, cited by the authorities… all of this ‘information’ is, ultimately, based on lies and constructs with an agenda.  So, what is this agenda?

The ultimate agenda is to control humanity, a much reduced humanity, a humanity that has been tagged like sheep, connected up to artificial intelligence networks designed to control and surveil every thought, action, intent.  And whose intent is behind this Orwellian wet dream?  About 3,000 people world-wide.  And why?  They regard themselves as superior beings than the remainder of humanity.

It has been suggested by some alternative sources that some of these ‘people’ are reptilian hybrids.  Perhaps they are, but is that yet another lie?  I can’t answer that question from this perspective.  One would have to be a pathologist and study the physical bodies of these beings… which would probably just prove that they are wearing human vehicles or bodies.  What is clear, is that these people or the consciousness currently housed in some human bodies fear humanity.  Bottom line, folks; these erstwhile controllers fear humanity.  Why is that?  What is so special about Earth humans?

Other sources who have studied human DNA claim that there is within the genetic make-up of Earth humans at least 22 unknown, potentially off-world or extraterrestrial influences.  Why else would there be such an incredible diversity of humanity?

Earth is different.  There are many races of humans here.  Did they all come from the same place?  I would venture to say, ‘No, it’s not possible.’  So, where do they come from?  Well, the ones who will eventually have to answer that particular question are our distant cousins, the extraterrestrial races who all contributed a bit of their genetics in order to create this test species of humans, a rather unique blend with great potential.

How can we learn about such things?  By using two methods, physical research and meditation, going within to receive information, Light, illumination, clarity, wisdom.

Frankly, anyone on this planet can use their inner senses to great benefit if done with purity and humility.  God is not mocked.  Powerful gifts are not granted to those who intend to abuse them.

So, how have the erstwhile controllers managed to remain in power for so long?  Smoke and mirrors.  Intimidation.  Blackmail.  Blood rites.  Invocation of dark energies.  Superstition. Deliberate censoring of information.  Constant wars and annihilation of indigenous cultures, peoples, and their beliefs.  Degradation of the sacred Feminine and sacred Masculine.  Book burning.  Censorship and attacks against creative individuals.  Deliberate destruction of the environment to create climate change, starvation, drought, fires, floods, and earthquakes.

Fear and the creation of fear has been used for centuries against the people, the common people, who are regarded as being ‘useless’ eaters, less than cattle, to those who would keep and hold this beautiful planet as their own private hunting ground.

So, what can those who are awake and aware, or are becoming aware of these insidious and diabolical measures being initiated by the erstwhile controllers… what can we do?  Do we fight, flee, ignore these threats, fall into fantasies of love and light, give in or do we stand up, proclaim our sovereignty and declare, individually and together, our intention to be FREE? Well, we do have a choice whether or not we are actually cognizant of that point.

Some ascension teachers claim that all of humanity will ascend.  I beg to differ.  In my humble opinion… and remember, this is simply my opinion, only a part of humanity will survive to fully ascend into the Fifth dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension and why should we want to go there?  For one thing, it is a frequency and not a place.  The ‘dimensions’ overlap each other like Russian dolls.  A person who vibrates and holds a frequency of high 5D will not be visible to those who are still resonating at 3D.  Only someone who resonates at a slightly higher level and has clairvoyance can possibly see another being that is 4D or higher.  I might stress that 4D beings can be negatively polarized and are well known to be tricksters.  Those who are naïve about frequency and resonance, and who might be open to ego manipulation might think they are communicating with angels, when in fact, they are communicating with demons and malicious spirits. Then, are all 4D beings negative and ‘of the Devil’ as some Bible-thumping Christians would claim?  Well, no. 

In another article, I already went through how religion has been used as yet another weapon against humanity.  Mankind was to be taught that they were ‘sinners’ and could only find salvation through following the dictates and teachings of the Church.  If they were discovered to be outside the accepted authority of the Church, then they were considered fair game, to be attacked, slandered, tortured, their possessions seized, their families destroyed, their countries annihilated from existence.  Those who were in obedience were still considered lesser beings unless they gave their power entirely to the authorities, whether religious or temporal.  Just have a good gander… through ‘history’ at least as it has been told.  It is a constant sorry tale of one man against another, group against group, rape, pillage, destruction.  Is all of this violence due to man’s ‘sinful’ nature? No. It is a false judgment placed upon humanity by those who wish to retain their control over this planet. We live in a false, artificial matrix designed to suppress, limit, and control humanity. Why? That is a topic for further discussion.

So, who benefits from all of this violence and the fear engendered by wars, destruction, and suppression?  Well, that would be the ultimate controllers of the planet, who have now been removed physically and energetically from this world.  All that is left now are their minions, those who were the low level managers of the agenda put in place long ago by their Draconian and negatively-polarized Anunnaki overlords, the so-called ‘gods’ or extraterrestrials who manipulated human genetics in order to create a slave race here on Earth.

If you didn’t know it yet, fear is food to negatively polarized beings.  That simple fact should be enough for an individual to determine not to continue to fall into fear for in doing so you are consciously allowing yourself to be manipulated.  Just look at how a large percentage of Americans (nearly 32%) have willingly allowed themselves to be jabbed by an untested, unapproved ‘vaccine’ for a virus that has a 99% survival rate.  What?  Where’s the common sense?  Where’s the critical thinking?  Why did these people submit to the general hysteria being perpetrated by an out-of-control media?  Why did these people believe that by wearing a mask or accepting being vaccinated would be helping others?  Pardon me?  How does that help anyone?  IMHO, it is simply a cop-out, to put it bluntly.

Humanity is being sorted.  The division is artificial, but also very real and painful.  Some will survive as fully conscious beings, while others will not.  Those individuals who have managed to ensoul their true beings are resisting the draconian measures being forced upon the people.  This is not an easy fight.  This is not the daisies, butterflies, and unicorns advertised by the infiltrated New Age philosophy.  This is real, a fight for the continuance of humanity as organic, creative beings.  This is a battle for the salvation of humanity, “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places… (Ephesians, 6.12, King James version).

The spiritual wickedness in high places is now being clearly demonstrated, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, by the current crop of global elite, with their insistence on rules for their behavior and rules for the commoners, those deplorables whom the wealthy and powerful regard anyone outside their carefully crafted bubbles.  Only problem is, people are finally waking up and taking offense that someone could possibly consider themselves as superior to their fellow man.  People have yet to understand that the elite are, on one hand, amused to see the reactions and continue to stir the pot of division.  As long as we continue to react, they continue in power.

So, now we return to what is the opposite of Love and know it to be fear.  How do we overcome fear?  By realizing that each one of us is more than what we seem, more than our body, more than our current dreams and yearnings, more than the labels that have been placed upon us by various sources. 

What is humanity?  For one thing, humanity is not and has never been relegated to just one planet located within a tiny solar system.  Humanity exists throughout this universe and beyond, at many different frequency levels.  Humans here on Earth, at least ones without reference to older and wiser wisdom have been indoctrinated to believe a lie, that they are alone in the Universe.  We are not alone or the only species who are sentient.  And most Earth humans are certainly not the highest form of life since they resonate as a collective barely into lower 4D at this time.  Many are the extraterrestrial races that resonate far beyond 4D. 

There is much to learn.  So, how do you go about it?  Do your research.  Ask internal questions and expect answers.  Who are you addressing when you go within and begin to expand your awareness that your current physical world is actually quite limited in its scope, at least that which you believe is the totality of existence? Initially, you will be contacting your own innate Divinity, the energies of the greater portion of Self that is not incarnated upon Earth. The Allness of you cannot be contained within one human vessel for ‘you’ are a fractal, a fragment of the Source energy from which you were originally created and brought forth into physicality.

Humanity is like an orphaned child, feeling abandoned, left outside in the cold, seemingly devoid of any means to save themselves except by prostituting themselves to a cruel master… oh, sorry, been there, done that, not doing that again.

Take your power back.  Your power as a human being is Love.  It is your ability to exude love, to send your powerful love energy out into the world, to bring people together, into harmony, into attunement with each other.  No, this won’t happen instantaneously because everyone needs to clean up their own act, clear their own inner darkness, release outdated beliefs relating to every type of system that has existed within the old energy… the old 3D energy.  Everyone of us needs to ‘lighten’ up the load, the load of garbage that we have taken in as children, the indoctrination given often by well-meaning adults… and some not so well-meaning adults and authorities.  We need to learn to quiet our monkey minds that continually chatter and distract and listen to the still quiet voice within, our intuition, our inner knowing, and relax, knowing that the Divine has infinite patience as we struggle to release every burden we no longer require to cling to, whether that is a relationship, a formerly deeply-held belief, a job, a place we no longer resonate to… anything that weighs you down.

Love has been mistaken for fantasy… oh, if only he loved me; if only I could find my twin flame, then everything would be fine… It’s not a fantasy.  It takes work to slough off the detritus of the ages, however long your particular soul has reincarnated upon this blue-green sphere.  The process takes work, concentration, humility, focus, determination, honesty, and above all, courage.

Frankly, many of Earth humanity are either too traumatized to succeed in the short amount of time still available or they are simply ‘new’ souls, inexperienced and naïve, easily manipulated because they haven’t managed to embody their higher energies, their soul essence into their physical form.  Whatever the cause, humanity is now being divided by frequency and resonance.  Those whose frequency is in alignment with that of the planet’s consciousness will ascend.  Whether or not that will be an actual physical ascension or transformation remains to be seen and experienced. 

Having been a part of a race that was resonating at various levels of 4D many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years ago (in Earth time), I know it takes a long ‘time’ for humans to evolve their consciousness.  The promised New Age will not just magically appear on this planet because of someone’s fantasies.  Bringing heaven to earth will take a concerted effort due to the simple fact that Ages overlap.  While the ‘dark’ or previous age or cycle is in the process of crumpling under its own process of entropy, simultaneously, the new cycle is beginning to surface.  The new cycle, known as the Golden Age or the Satya Yuga, will continue to unfold, to grow and blossom, if those who are awake and aware of energies place their focus on the New World, not upon the crumbling systems of the old.  The old is dust, unusable, infertile.  The new is fertile soil.  Plant a seed in the new fertile soil and let it grow into a strong vision for the return to balance, harmony, abundance, and prosperity for all, not just a few.  Focus on forgiveness of what is past and do not forget the lessons learned.  Focus on self-acceptance and acceptance of anyone else’s right to make their own decisions.  Release the need to correct others and make them believe what you do.  Let each individual decide for themselves their own direction in accordance to what they are feeling or not.  We were granted free will when we came here, the freedom to make ‘mistakes’ and to hopefully learn from them; that is what constitutes ‘experience’.

Now… perhaps my readers have more questions, not personal questions, but ones relating to the content of this or any of the other articles I have written.  If I have an answer, I will reply.  If I do not know any pertinent answer, I will say, I don’t know.  I am not omniscient here.  I know what I know when it is time or there is a need for me to know it.  This is trust in the Divinity that exists within the Heart when you make a conscious connection with Source Energy.  It is a frequency, a resonance, an energetic connection, rather like a lifeline to the one who might feel out of place here on Earth.  It is a way to eventually arrive at zero point neutrality, the ability to observe the world but not to be in it.  Not all people are even close to approaching that degree of self-mastery so do not panic.  It is a process that takes lifetimes to complete.  Those who awaken in this life will awaken, once again, in others.  Those who require further experience to get to the place where they want to awaken, will receive the necessary lessons to arrive at that place of understanding, of inner knowing of what to do when the need arises.  One cannot force growth without weakening the plant.  Creator has all the ‘time’ in the world; you… the REAL you, is an eternal soul and rest in the energetic hands of your Creator.  Trust.  Faith.  Hope.  Place your humble trust in the internal guidance that you will receive if you are open to receiving.  Most are not.  Meanwhile, test the spirits, for not all are kind.

This article is getting quite lengthy and I am not sure if I have actually made a coherent point, but like I have said before, these writings tend to flow out of some undefined place within… like spring waters.  Take what resonates, leave the rest.  If you do not understand what has been shared here, leave it and perhaps come back later when you are nudged.  Perhaps what is meant for you is hidden behind the words; you never know.

Blessings and hugs to all my readers, old and new.

I AM Eliza

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This young man, Aaron Doughty, describes the 3D/5D split that is currently underway on the Earth:

This video was made in 2019, but very relevant NOW.

❤ ❤ ❤

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