Eliza: On Neutrality

BALANCE: Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

Eliza:  On Neutrality

From one of my long-term readers came this suggestion for a topic: “Wondering how you’re doing…… on one hand, it’s all so predictable and very tiring, and on the other, it’s necessary…. I guess. Light versus dark, good versus evil… doing my best to stay neutral, and if you think that ‘staying neutral’ and ‘observing without being affected or judgment’ might make a good topic at Sunny’s Journal, I’d appreciate it.

So, how is EVERYONE doing these days?

As some of you, those who often check my blogs, may have noticed, I have not written anything new for two or three weeks.  Due to the tension, I have been dealing with, emanating from the human collective, my physical vessel has been quite exhausted. I have also been recently informed that the exhaustion I have been feeling is a symptom of the ancient darkness, the old paradigms, the old trauma and pain being flushed out by the intensifying Light bombarding the planet.

The whole purpose behind writing this journal is to aid me, my Oversoul, to be able to finally release some really ancient trauma that I was unable to do while ‘alive’ during other lifetimes due to my responsibilities at the time.  This sort of thing pertains to all people who have suffered, especially those souls currently incarnated on this 3D earth plane.  Terra is an intense school and not everyone is going to graduate, even some starseeds who came here to assist but got lost in the process due to being unwilling to tackle the personal clearing of their emotional and mental bodies.  Until that is done, no matter the origin of the individual, whether starseed or indigenous, the Earth fragment will be required to continue learning lessons at the level of 3D, whether here on Terra or yet another planet suitable to the particular frequency of the individual. 

Now, for those who think it ‘unfair’ that anyone who has incarnated here is required to take more lessons in order to ascend in a future life, keep in mind, I am NOT judging these individuals as having appeared to have ‘failed’.  Cosmic Law dictates the outcome for anyone who is incarnated on any dimension or frequency.  And each soul, without exception, has lessons to undergo and can fall in frequency if the lessons are ignored.  AND each soul has their own particular timing and wake-up call.  It all depends on the original soul contracts agreed upon by the soul BEFORE incarnation.

So, the question submitted above is an interesting one.  Basically, it is: “How does one remain neutral during a time of apparent chaos?”

There is another aspect to the same line of inquiry: “How does one maintain their inner balance so as not to be affected by the chaos… and at the same time, is able to remain neutral and without judgment?”

Well, folks, the answer is quite simple:  GAIN SELF-MASTERY.

There is no magic pill that one can swallow and suddenly become an Ascended Master.  No one, guru, ascension teacher, spiritual coach, etc., can grant you a rise in frequency to the point where you are going to magically float away on a cloud and play a harp for eternity.  No, the earth plane is a far grittier school house.  It takes guts and courage to win through the lessons here.  It takes patience and honesty… an ability to look into those places within that many people fear the most.

During the course of the past nearly three years, I have been endeavoring to dig deep into my past traumas and have, unintentionally, unveiled things that others have attempted to suppress… for what reasons, well, I can’t really address that for others; they have their own reasons and traumas to clear.  I can not do it for them, only for myself.  However, as I clear my own inner pain and heal the wounded child within for my own self, I am, in effect, changing the timeline of the past for those who are now a part of my current incarnation… in the Pleiades and on Venus.  Remember, the part of ‘me’ here is an adult ‘walk-in’; I have a life, perhaps lives elsewhere. Everyone here does, too. We are multidimensional beings; we exist on many planes of being. We exist because we were created to experience the Universe for the sake of our Creator. 

Okay, I’m getting a bit ‘out there’ for some people.  Sorry, that’s how my mind here works.  I am an intuitive; so naturally, I think out of the box.  I challenge a lot of assumptions made by those who have allowed themselves to become complacent through the ages.  I have had a tendency to tweak a few noses in the process including members of my own family here on Earth and elsewhere.

Now… what is self-mastery?  One must do the shadow work, clearing the trauma, shame/blame, self-judgment and finally, arrive at a place of self-acceptance.  Then, one must learn to love oneself without judgment, and with compassion, meaning you have arrived at a place where you can accept yourself for what you are now and what you can be… and every act of omission or commission ever committed by any of your incarnations or present self, here incarnated on the Earth plane.

Then, you learn to balance the energies of the Divine Masculine (mental body/plane) and the energies of the Divine Feminine (emotional body/plane) within.  The ultimate sacred union occurs when balance is attained and then culminates in the Sacred Union within the Heart Chakra.  Mind becomes balanced with Heart and work as one unit through the Sun/Son, or Christ Consciousness, a truly balanced state of Being.  This is the true meaning behind the Life of Jesus which he reiterated for all of us to learn from.  He told us that what he did, we would do greater…

So, when the outside world appears to be chaotic… and frankly, in my humble opinion (IMHO) there has not been a moment when it has been anything but chaotic here… you must discover the inward place of peace, calm, and compassion within your own Heart Center.  If you are balanced and have done the work, it is a simple matter of returning to center even if you get momentarily pushed off-center by being triggered by one event or another ‘out there’.  You can by watching too much ‘news’, whether MSM (main street media) or alternative, also be triggered, by something that you are reacting to, judging as ‘bad’.  When this happens, endeavor to arrive at an understanding as to why you were triggered.  Does this event or happening somehow affect you immediately or not?  If it does, then you have to deal with it as best you can.  If not, then why were you triggered?  Are you in fear of losing your life or livelihood, losing friends, relatives, your old beliefs and programming?  Are you being challenged to expand or do you feel you need to withdraw, to contract, to hate everything that is different and outside your present comfort zone?  Only you can determine these things.  Each person will react or not in a different fashion depending on their own level of self-mastery or programming.

Certainly, today’s news channels, media, music, etc., is all designed to keep you unbalanced, fearful, in victim consciousness, feeling angry, resentful, ungrateful… a whole litany of low-frequency emotions and feelings.  How do you combat this sort of barrage effectively?  Number One… numero uno… TURN OFF THAT STINKING TELEVISION AND TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!! 

Unplug, go into Nature, meditate, do something creative…

Still, to manage to keep balanced within, you need to KNOW yourself.  What is your frequency?  What are your hopes, thoughts, wishes, fears; what do you want to be?  Who are you now?  Can you tell the difference between your energy/frequency and that of the human collective around you?  What is ‘yours’ and what is ‘other’… even as you manage to comprehend that you are both.  Paradox, something that is beyond the capacity for the ego mind to presently understand.

Remember, dear ones, unless you are a robot and have been programmed by the Matrix, you are a spiritual Being experiencing a ‘human’ life.  Your body, your physical Avatar, is NOT you.  It is simply a vehicle, a ‘space suit’ to assist you in navigating the challenging waters (emotions) of this low-frequency plane of existence.

Although the vehicle is a space suit, the body is also a marvel of natural creation, with its own form of consciousness or Body Consciousness.  If you are in tune with the feelings that flow through your body, you will begin to be able to discern what is ‘you’ and what is coming from the ‘collective’.  While incarnated here, your consciousness is a part of the Collective; you cannot help but be affected by events and happenings that occur halfway around the planet, yet, your daily life is not necessarily affected physically by those events.  Look around you now… has a flood torn through your house?  Has an earthquake or tsunami flattened your town?  Are you dying from the aftereffects of an untested ‘emergency’ jab? 

Breathe, dear ones.  Breathe.  This life is but a brief moment in the time continuum, the great cycles through which the stars move in grand circles.  What you do not manage to accomplish now in this life; you will manage to complete in another.

Many people have come to the Earth plane now, in this incarnation, for their own soul journeys here, whether of short or long duration.  We cannot know, looking from the outside, what is the purpose of someone’s else’s suffering.  Sometimes an empath or remote viewer can look into the cause and core of the origin of the trauma, but even then, it is the individual who is directly involved in any situation to discover a way to move out, to rise above what has negatively impacted this and other lifetimes.  People come; people go.

As long as one is incarnated here on the Earth plane, make the best of it.  You have the opportunity to rise in frequency if you actively and willingly commit to the inner work that is necessary to come to an internal balance.  When you arrive at this inner balance, your outer circumstances will NOT affect your inner peace.  You might be incarcerated in a high-security prison or even be killed, but if you maintain your balance, neutrality and inner peace, it will not affect your future incarnations in a negative fashion, requiring a karmic balance from you.  Look upon the sacrificial death of Jesus.  Did he complain and claim to be a victim?  No, he maintained his Truth to the end and rose in frequency (in His Light Body) beyond the requirement to retain his physical vessel here on the Earth plane.  So can you, perhaps in not quite so dramatic a fashion, but I hope you get the gist of the matter.

As you judge others, you judge yourself… you recreate karma (action) that requires balancing through good works, good intentions, good thoughts, and good service (dharma).  If you have arrived at a place where you are no longer playing victim but accept responsibility for your actions, intentions, and thoughts… have now learned to accept yourself, and to be grateful for the lessons presented by Source as opportunities to learn… then you will progress to a place, a frequency where you can expand beyond ‘self’ into ‘unity consciousness’.  Once unity or Christ consciousness is attained, your Self will be unmoved by what it observes in the outer world and remain without judgment. 

When you judge others, you judge yourself.  When you hate others, you hate yourself.

Source energy uses souls as a means to know itself better, to explore the worlds it has created.  Everything physical will eventually return to Spirit, formlessness, but before arriving at the edge of the Void, kindly attempt to appreciate the beauty, diversity and amazing mysteries that the Divine Mother has set before us.  Our bodies have been designed to help us to enjoy physical life.

As each of us takes responsibility to do the inner work, to come into balance, that inner balance and higher frequency resonance will flow out into the environment and be reflected back to us through the people we meet and the circumstances we encounter.  It all starts within for in the end, there is only ONE BEING here.

I hope this little essay has given everyone some food for thought.  I hope the people in the northern latitudes are enjoying summer, a challenging one to be sure with floods, storms, earthquakes (political and physical), and heat waves… and the ones in the southern latitudes are dealing with the challenges being presented to wake up to reality.  Everyone is being challenged now.  Meet those challenges with courage, equanimity, use your intuition, listen to your feelings, observe your world, use your common sense and discernment and do not judge anyone as being good or evil.  Energy… we are all energy, frequency and resonance.  Become the Still Point and rest in the comforting hands of your Divine Father/Mother despite whatever is being telegraphed as being ‘real’ around you.  It isn’t; it is an illusion, a very real appearing illusion, but an illusion.  And right now, the illusion is being very LOUD, demanding your attention, trying to get you to succumb to fear.  It is up to you, each one of you, whether or not you will fall or rise.  We all have Free Will.  Whether or not we exercise that Will depends on individual choice.  Stand or fall.  And while that sounds like a judgment, it isn’t.  Evolution or devolution.  Cycles.  It is bigger than all of us.  What is playing out on the Earth plane today is Biblical, one that wasn’t edited by men with a negative agenda.  I hope you enjoy the ending which will be the Beginning of a New Earth, one here and NOW.

Much love and hugs to all my readers.  Again, send your suggestions to me via email if you have any topics for general essays. Remember, no questions of a personal nature.  And thanks for your support of this creative endeavor, Sunny’s Journal.

I AM Eliza

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Here is a piece from AA Zadkiel to remind us of our true Being:

❤ ❤ ❤
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6 Responses to Eliza: On Neutrality

  1. Kimberly Salonia Kirkwood says:

    Thank you in your heartfelt expression of this multifaceted topic. I also, based from my own learning growth, agree with your response. It is refreshing and validating.


  2. Barbara says:

    Big “Yes” to this essay… comforting, yet challenging. I made myself a check list as I read your words describing Self-Mastery… still have work to do especially when it comes to remaining balanced within… and without, for that matter! But Sunny, i do agree that this Planet has always been chaotic, and thus a perfect school for getting at least a beginner’s handle on what it takes to move to a higher frequency. And oh heavens, I hope I do not have to come back! Love, B.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Indeed, it takes great effort to retain one’s balance in the midst of chaos, but our Spirit enjoys a challenge, else things would become too dull.

      For those who wish to ‘return’ back to their old lives, let go of that wish. Whether or not you realized, but you were a slave to unseen masters, maybe without the outer chains, but your mind was controlled and your life suppressed/repressed. To keep Freedom’s Flame blazing, the fire must be lit and watched. The fire is the Three-fold Flame within your own Heart. Listen to the people of France, of Cuba, and other countries who are now showing their displeasure with those who would control them. Much will change, but first change starts with the individual.

      Be of good cheer, for the Angels are at your side. Give them permission to grant aid when you are truly in need and they will be there to give comfort. Yet, it is your duty, yes, duty, to walk in righteousness and retain your alignment with God’s Will in everything you do. This does not give you the right to judge others or condemn them. When you are fully balanced, you will see others, even those who appear to be dark workers, as being from God for Source Energy contains all that exists within Creation. Forgive yourself, forgive others, but do not forget the lessons encountered along the Way.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Darryl Giebelhaus says:

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    New Article… Join us on Sunny’s Journal!

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