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Energy Update: October 22nd

Energy Update: October 22nd (the Line in the Sand) This is an energy update about the upcoming energetic “line in the sand” that happens on October 22nd. Note to Reader: Oh… I can comprehend this…

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Kerry K – Ascension: Are You Being Taken Off Course?

Kerry K – Ascension: Are You Being Taken Off Course? It’s too easy to derail ascension, slow it down or make it way harder than it needs to be. This conversation covers what you need to focus on and what … Continue reading

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Eliza: Clearing the Deck

Eliza: Clearing the Deck I’m clearing the deck and the air, which has, up until recently, been infiltrated by a lot of B.S., my own included. No, I wasn’t aware that what I was putting forth was not based on … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity

The Final Countdown: Liberation of Humanity ~ ~ ~ Note to Readers: Oh, was I ever wrong about what is going on in our Galaxy. Yet, things are looking up for Humanity on Terra (as Earth / Gaia) is called … Continue reading

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