Remembrance: From East of Eden We Came

Remembrance – Part One

From East of Eden We Came

After some massive internal struggle, I am now beginning to fully integrate what I am learning about myself, about the transition humanity as a collective is currently undergoing, and how it relates to our own Cosmic history.  This article is the beginning of my attempt to articulate what I now know to the very core of my Being.

I have always known that all life here on Terra was sentient.  No one had to tell me these things. Somehow and from somewhere else I carried this knowing within my Being.  I am not alone.  Many have come here to Terra, to be here and now, focused on the ascension process that the planet, solar system, galaxy AND this Universe are currently undergoing.  Yes, I am a starseed, but it matters not what galactic culture I am from, for I have walked through many worlds, lived in many cultures and races, to finally arrive here as a witness and participant in the takedown of the darkness that once destroyed our worlds, millions of years ago if viewing this in linear time.  Many of us, the starseeds, have arrived here from the future to redo what was overlooked in the past, our own past… our collective Galactic past.

We were seeded a long time ago in a star system far, far away.  Life there in Paradise, in the worlds that we created was wonderful, filled with beauty, wonder, and delight as we explored physicality. Yet, we needed to be stirred up.  Life in paradise can be boring and unproductive.  So… a serpent was introduced into our E-din… the Ciakahrr Reptilians, the Draconians, the Draco… and they have become the bane of humanity for millions of years.  Yet, despite all of the death, destruction, we have survived.  We were reborn into new physical avatars that we, ourselves, created through our supreme mastery of genetics.  Our genome, when turned on, can traverse densities.  We are quantum Beings and an expression of Source.  Something vital to remember is that we were and are our own Creators.  We created physical avatars so we could inhabit them and explore the new fascinating physicality of the material worlds.  Races like the Reptilians are incapable of such evolutionary feats.  They cannot ascend above 3D.  As a physical race, they are running out of time here in this Universe and they know it.

The difference between the Ciakahrr and races like the Zeta Reticuli is the fact that they do not have souls.  We do.  Humans contain the divine eternal essence of Source, what is known as ‘soul’.  It can be stripped from us, eaten by demons and will still exist as it transcends dimensions and densities.  No matter how many times we are physically killed and wiped out, we can return for we are One with Source and will only recreate a new home, new physical avatars, and rebuild our cultures.

Terra is a magnificent planet.  She needs to be cleaned up, but first the inhabitants need to take responsibility and change their ways… no more garbage, no more cutting down ancient forests.  The technology… the balanced technology already exists that will seriously upgrade our civilization so we do not have to damage the resources of the beautiful planet we are now living upon.

And we, ourselves, contain within our DNA the technology to rebuild the world we knew and experienced as E-din, in Lyra, long ago, before the Ciakahrr killed our people, burned our cities, destroyed our forests, and desecrated the Living Library of those lands. 

But first, humanity has to remember who they are… and to vow never again to fall for the lies told to them by a dying race, like the Zeta Reticuli, a race of Greys who were captured, enslaved, murdered and hybridized by the Draconians.  The resulting Zeta r. clones were utilized by the Draconians to act as an advance guard, infiltrators to convince the Terrans, any Terran to agree to allowing human abductions in exchange for technology.  Once the agreements were signed, the Draconians had an avenue to invade our planet, infiltrate our society, denigrate our culture, desecrate our planet, and murder our children… and for what?  Adrenochrome… Reptilians regard humans as a food source.  They hate us.  They fear us.  They are profoundly jealous of our capacity to create and have used our innate gifts against us.  Only now, we are beginning to wake up from the nightmare and remember…

Long ago when the Ciakahrr first came upon another sentient race called Hu-mans in a place we now call Lyra, they were astonished to discover the humans there had no way to defend themselves.  Since their arrival in this Universe, the Ciakahrr were told that it… the Universe… belonged to them.  In their brutish minds, this brilliantly technologically advanced race regarded the newly discovered humans as yet another resource and attempted to claim them.

The Ciakahrr gravely underestimated the humans and the Lyran wars commenced.  Agreements were made, eventually, and a portion of the humans were allowed to leave their home worlds and scatter to the galactic winds.  Many of these beings found refuge on other worlds, Terra-forming some of them in order to create biospheres fit for life.  Now, thanks to the intervention of the Ciakahrr, the original serpents of E-din, humanity was driven to colonize throughout this galaxy.  Some of the strains of humanity, when arriving upon already inhabited worlds like those in the Ashkera star system (Sirius) blended a portion of their genome with the resident races, whether reptilian, saurian, or Grey.  Hence, human races and hybrids exist all over the Galaxy.  Yet, Earth humans assign value to the color of one’s skin, forgetting that we are ALL human here on Terra. 

Earth humans or Terrans as the Galactics refer to ‘us’, have been taught their xenophobic views on their own race by the Draconians, who, from the very first encounter with the Hu-mans of E-din, hated and coveted what they themselves did not hold within, a soul matrix, an eternal connection to Source.  In our unawakened state, we have forgotten that we are our own Creators, the Pa Taal, the Creator Beings who first designed physical avatars to live in 3D, the E-din that lives within our collective racial memory.

The Reptilians know who we are and they realize that we are a race with amnesia.  They have striven to keep us in this state of unknowing, for they fear us.  They know who we are.  And they know that once we remember, they’re toast.  When we ascend in frequency, 3D will end, FOREVER… at least in this quadrant of Creation.  Source does not limit itself nor should we for we are ONE.

Eliza Ayres

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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