A Brief Cosmic History: A Rogue’s Gallery

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A Brief Cosmic History

“Peace of mind, living by intuition, equals centeredness, equals certainty. Certainty comes from the recognition of patterns.”

Ian Lungold, of http://www.mayanmajix.com

Note to Reader: This is an evolving series of articles. I’m still toying with the name… suggestions welcomed. This ‘cosmic’ history is about Terra, Earth, Gaia… and her many names. We, as Earth humans contain the essence of Cosmic History within our own DNA, which is one reason it is so prized by the Galactics. Together, we will begin to relearn our own history. This is my own interpretation as I understand it today; it can change and most likely will as I learn more and feel more into the amazing journey that brought us here to Terra as a human race.

When I was much younger, I used to be intrigued with the manner in which humans migrated and moved across this planet.  I began to witness patterns and repetition of patterns in the way various peoples moved in onto a more passive race and conquered it, claiming its territory as their own.  Sometimes the various cultures fought back and reclaimed their lands; sometimes they lost and were either killed off or absorbed into the new peoples through intermarriage… or rape of the females and murder of the males.  This pattern is reflective of what the Ciakahrr Reptilians have been doing in this quadrant of Creation ever since they were dumped here by some superior race.  Conquer, pillage, hybridize with the remnants of a conquered race, or tinker with their DNA, like what was done to the little Greys, and create a slave race, a resource to be used and abused by their superiors.

Yes, Earth humans contain some Reptilian DNA, but they also contain 21 other bloodlines including those of the Ashkeri (Sirians), the Pleiadians (Ahel, Taal, and Noor), the Andromedans (from the Zenae Constellation), the Arcturians, and others.  I have yet to find a complete list of all the bloodlines contained within our multidimensional DNA, you know, what the scientists call ‘junk’ DNA.  Actually, they know we have extraterrestrial DNA, they’re just not telling us.

As someone like Alex Collier, who has spent decades of being in contact with the Zenae or as we call it, the Andromedan Council, he can tell you a thing or two about our cosmic history, what the many different races did to contribute to the genome.  Earth humans are basically a hybrid race, one that has not been allowed to mature and evolve naturally because those who regarded us as their possessions… well, frankly they fear us.

As Alex Collier has noted, based on what his Zenae mentors have told him, when they re-invaded this planet, the Ciakahrr recognized who we were.  Somewhere along the line with all of the tinkering of our genetics by a galaxy-load of extraterrestrials, we were genetically endowed with a direct line to Source.  Some of the material I have encountered in my studies disagree on who put it there, but for some reason known only to the Creator Herself, we contain within our physical bodies certain light codes that when turned on will create a race of physical Avatars.

I have to grin at the irony of it all.  Those who have striven to keep us down, to keep us in line have actually ended up creating a very warlike race of potential Etheric Light Warriors.  Once we are able to master our vast array of emotions, our Creative abilities are endless.  We can literally create new worlds, terraform existing ones; there really is no limit.

The Anunnaki are not the only villains in the story as some have claimed.  In fact, it is quite probable that the Anunnaki are themselves a hybridized race between humans and Reptilians.  As such, they ended up not appealing to either species, being naturally endowed with the arrogance and desire to conquer and dominate of their father race, the Ciakahrr and the ability to adapt and feel compassion, a heritage of their mother human genetics.  Other authors regard the Anunnaki as interlopers in this Galaxy, much like the Reptilians.  It really doesn’t matter, as they also tinkered with our genetics and intermarried with Earth humans, creating both a slave race and hybrids that would act as go-betweens, to rule the slaves in exchange for power and control over the planet.

Extraterrestrial humans also contain as much contradictions as we do.  While some of the ETs look upon Earth humans as being undecipherable, illogical, a race that kills its own… and so on… there are human ETs out there who have up until just recently participated in working in association with the Ciakahrr and Orion Greys.  These include the Ashtar Collective, actually another race of human-reptilian hybrids, the Ashkeri-Taal, otherwise known as the T-Ashkeri, who settled on the planet Morga, in the Thula star system, which is known on Terra as Sirius B. This particular race are, in part, descendants of some of the Taal Hu-mans, who fled their home world and settled in the Vega star system for a while, and then moved to the Ashkera star system (Sirius A, B). Some of the Taals from Vega also settled on the planet Kaytha in the Ashkera system (Sirius A system) and the others, on Morga in the Thula star system. Of course, Sirius contains is a triple-star system, so all of these races and many others are in rather close proximity, relatively speaking.

While originally resisting the efforts of the Ciakahrr and their Orion Grey allies, the Ashtar Collective was eventually infiltrated and has hence aligned with the regressive agenda of their former enemies.  A renegade group of the T-Ashkeri broke off and became what is now known as the Ashtar Galactic Command. These highly technologically advanced skilled warriors work with the Galactic Federation, but live primarily on their own motherships.  They built a cloud-city in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter that now serves as a gathering place for ongoing efforts to free this solar system and galaxy from the regressive energies of the Ciakahrr and their allies. Both Michael Salla and Elena Danaan have covered meetings that have occurred on the Jupiter Space Station/City just this past year on their videos and in their respective books.

This is enough for today.  I am learning to shorten my articles given people are either reading these on their phones or simply suffer from shortened attention span.  Someday people may come to appreciate books, again, although the books may be in very different form.  Plus, as we come online, we will become the books, members of a living library of Cosmic History.

Eliza Ayres

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