Eliza: ‘Tis the Season… for letting go…

Eliza: ‘Tis the Season… for letting go…

I have finally worked my way through the text of Alex Collier’s book, Defending Sacred Ground.  It is a book that everyone should read, especially those folks who still indulge in believing the religious dogmas of their youth.  There will be those who cannot finish reading for much of what was thought to be truth, will be revealed to be false.  Such has been the extent of the inverted matrix under whose rule and dominion humanity has been compelled to suffer for thousands of years.

Yes, there will be much righteous indignation, even rage at just how manipulated humanity has been, yet were it not for our now (thankfully) former rulers that we may not have been able to evolve as fast as we are now doing.

Our evolution… spiritual evolution… is being guided by unseen hands… this time.  In the past, various benevolent groups have made an appearance on Terra and have been hailed as gods by the naïve indigenous humans.  The teachings of these various teachers have then been categorized, dogmatized, and perverted to prevent humanity from progressing spirituality towards maturity.  Instead, humanity was taught to look for saviors, some teaching or person who would suddenly show up and save the day. 

This savior complex was to program people to accept being guided and led to slaughter, like the sheep in the Bible.  Without access to inner guidance, intuition, and a strong connection to Source energy, humanity would blindly accept the word of those they were conditioned to trust.  You can see the evidence and result of this conditioning by looking at the queues of people lining up to be stabbed with a needle filled with an untested substance, all because they believe in the medical industry and the government that they will somehow be ‘saved’ and ‘be allowed’ to lead what they have considered ‘a normal’ life. Can you not comprehend the degree of slave-mentality existent within some people that they would actually blindly believe anything told to them by an ‘authority figure’? It boggles my heart and mind to witness this kind of behavior in so-called well-educated people.

In his book, Alex Collier confesses that he was unwilling to share what the Andromedans told him about the story of ‘Jesus’.  Remember, these are beings who have access to holographic recording of our true history, not the history presented by academia, science, philosophers, or religious leaders.  According to the Andromedans, there was no man called ‘Jesus ben Joseph’ or ‘Yeshua’ as described in the ‘Good Book’… there were actually two individuals who were living men during Roman times, later used by the Council of Nicaea to create a composite character.  There was a Yeshua Ben Joseph, a rabbi, who did get crucified for being a thief.  The title, the Great Teacher, was actually attributed to another man, Rabbi Hallel. To add to the mix, the words allegedly spoken by Jesus were ones translated by Apollonius of Tyana, known in the Bible as Paul of Tarsus.  The texts were ancient Hindu books found by Apollonius in Burma, the Codes of the Initiates. Read for yourself the entire story of how Christianity was created by a small group of men desirous to control the world. I know that, personally, I walked away from any belief in Christianity over a decade ago when I read a huge tome on the origins of Christianity (sorry, I don’t know the title of this book).

Just why did the Church of Rome decide to do this?  Well, it was a time when they wanted to control the destiny of humanity.  It was decided to blend the ancient sun-worshiping religions of East and West together.  Thus, Krishna became the Christos, the savior who would return to ‘save’ mankind.  More dogma was piled upon this story until most persons on the planet who still subscribe to the coming of a Savior, look to someone else doing the work for them in bringing salvation to the world.  It doesn’t matter if it is Mr. T, the Galactics, Christ, Krishna, Maitreya, the Mahdi… the programming is the same.  Humanity has been taught to remain passive, to eat their popcorn and let someone else guide us into the future.

Only, there is a fly in the ointment regarding this passivity and by allowing others to use your creativity (giving your power away — creativity) to create the world that they want, not what is good for you or the rest of humanity.

So, our wise unseen guardians sent emissaries among us, starseeds, to lend their light and to act as guiding lights for humanity, to be able to resist the ancient programming bred into a slave race, to act as outliers who would be able to guide by being different, sensitive to energies, gifted in ways that made other more complacent humans uncomfortable.  The starseeds were not here to be the saviors of humanity, but to be examples of what could be achieved by coming into alignment with the light of Spirit that existed in all humanity given we have all been endowed with the seed of Divinity within our physical genome. 

We can thank the ancient Lyran races for endowing the humans of Terra with this divine seed.  In fact, we are the ancient Lyrans, who fled from their home worlds in the Man star system (Lyra) millions of years ago.  Through their descendants who discovered Terra a million years ago, and their interaction with the slave race originally created by the Alpha Draconis from the Hominoids brought to Terra.  These early hominoids were later genetically updated by various extraterrestrial races, including the Anunnaki, until the bloodlines of 22 genetic lines (including Reptilian) were combined into what is today now Homo sapien sapien.  The missing ‘link’ to the evolutionary ‘history’ of humanity is the ability of all advanced extraterrestrial races to genetically manipulate and blend their genetics into an indigenous species so that the mixed race can survive and thrive in the new environment.

Since the Lyran bloodlines reside within us, we have the connection to those beings who were us long ago, the Paa Taal, a race of amazing high density beings who worked to create the first successful hu-mans in the Lyran star system… although not the first humans in the Universe.  There are billions of galaxies beyond ours and universes and subdivisions of Creation of which we know nothing. We owe the Pal Taal our pisonic gifts (psychic gifts: foreknowledge, telepathy, telekinesis, clairsentience, etc.) as these are gifts that have not been granted to many species. We are individuated Light Beings currently housed in physical bodies that somehow we had a hand in creating. Other species, like animals, have group souls. We have individual souls that are connected, in turn, to Oversouls… our original Selves who have never descended into physicality. The connection, although messed with, broken through programming and manipulation, has never ceased to exist and for those rare beings who could break through the layers of conditioning, the ability to phone Home has always been there.

As the carriers of the divine genetics of the Paa Taal, we are the natural enemies of the Alpha Draconian reptilians, known as the Dracos, those beings who originally destroyed our home worlds.  Although we fought early on great battles against these foes, we realized that we could not win physically against the huge advanced galactic fleets of the Ciakar.  The only way to fight was to descend in frequency and so we came here, to Terra, and 21 other star systems.  Terra was the final trap into which the Reptilians, in their thirst and limited abilities to foresee the ultimate ending to this long-played game, would seek to box humanity into a corner, to create yet another slave race like the Zeta Reticuli 2 Greys they had captured and altered to be clones, soulless beings.  This was the ultimate goal, the ultimate fate that our former enemies and controllers wished for Terrans… as well as other humans from other star systems who defied the Ciakar and their minions.  Yet, the Reptilians under-estimated our creative abilities to walk ourselves out of the trap… at the very last moment.

The third dimension is imploding.  Everything… and everyone that belongs to that heavy density is collapsing.  The energies support the further evolution of those Terrans and other humans, who embrace the future without the presence of their long-time enemies… who have fallen into third density and will be removed completely from this quadrant when the final collapse takes place. Another third dimension is being created for those who cannot move beyond 3D in consciousness and require a replay on their soul lessons. This includes species like the Reptilians and the Greys who turned away from the Light of Source long, long ago… probably in yet another quadrant of Creation.

Since Terran humans contain the seed of Divinity within, they are now free to discover within the true savior, their own individual connection directly to Source, without the need of any intermediary, be it priest, minister, teacher, scientist or government official. The guidance received by the Heart Center, rather than the ego mind (fear, fight or flight) will be our lighthouse during the period of rapid transformation which will occur on this planet in the coming days, months, and years.

There is much to let go of… and yet, in this magical time of year, whether the winter or the summer solstice, we can embrace the return of the Light of Presence that exists within each one of us and to view each other in an entirely different way, as a human collective who has survived great hardship and is now being given the opportunity to fully embrace an opportunity to move through a greatly accelerated evolutionary process.

We have great examples of what can be achieved if a species embraces their inner connection with Spirit, as individuals and as a collective, in the persons of those extraterrestrial beings who have acted as our Guardians and Teachers, the Andromedan Council (Zenetae), the Galactic Federation, the Council of Five, and lately, the Intergalactic Council or Seeders.  All of these beings will make themselves known to us, first in the skies above as their star fleets are allowed to be seen, in individual contact via starseeds, and just a growing awareness among those who are half-awake that something is happening, changing, transforming, upon this planet.

Thanks to the soldiers and dedicated service of the Galactic Federation and the Earth Alliance, our planet has been cleared of all regressive extraterrestrial elements, including the Reptilians who have long hidden underground, the Orion Greys, and others who have secretly worked with various groups within the military-industrial complex and the ICC… and the secret government or Cabal, all who have sought to control humanity.  That control has been broken; the leaders of the Cabal have been given an ultimatum, release the codes and black magic that has kept this world in darkness or being wiped out.  In the coming days, we will witness the greedy grasp of the last dark minions release their grip upon the fate of the world. 

And with the removal of the dark influences and outside controls, each of us, as individuals, are being tasked with the work to release our last ties to the belief systems and institutions that were designed to control, dominate, and ultimately, to destroy humanity.  This task can be difficult if there exists resistance, so it will be up to every individual to decide whether the task will be done easily and gracefully, or with great difficulty and pain.  Take responsibility for your own choices in this matter and do not blame others for what you cannot accept. 

Reality has been very different than what we were taught.  Now, we will have the opportunity to explore what is real… and one of those realizations is that EVERY human being is unique and has something to offer the world.  Let us discover, together, what it is that we can create together, unbridled, unprogrammed… those things and ways of being that benefit all of humanity and all of Life upon this beautiful blue-green planet of ours called Terra.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

Defending Sacred Ground, Alexander Collier (1996) available as a PDF file on www.alexcollier.org, free to download.  See page 169 for the real story of the origins of Christianity.  It’s an eye-opener for anyone brought up as a Christian…

P.S. For those who are offended by this essay, kindly take your upset elsewhere. Rude comments will be deleted. Period. Make up your own mind, do your own research like I and many others are doing, and come to your own conclusions. As you continue to do the research, you will find your mind either opening up or closing down. Either way, it is a choice and your responsibility to discover what resonates with your heart, should you choose to actually feel it.

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2 Responses to Eliza: ‘Tis the Season… for letting go…

  1. Barbara says:

    Wonderful essay, Eliza, thank you. I’m feeling it and getting high-vibe emotional about the coming celebration of the Starseeds who, during many years of self-doubt and loneliness, kept on keeping on. Whew! BTW, in a recent radio interview of Barbara Hand Clow, she states that the revealing of the CV hoax begins on January 20, 2022 according to her astrology. That interview is at BHC’s website, and I believe that a heads-up from BHC is valuable. And so good to have Dr. Salla’s work and Elana’s messages confirm the Antarctica clear-out. It’s all coming together… at last! Love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Indeed… at last! Depending on just when and how some of us landed here on Terra, it has been a long, long time coming. Yet, once the transition is completed, it will seem like just a bad dream, the thousands, if not millions of years to get here, to free not just our world, but the entire Galaxy of Nataru (Milky Way) and to reverse the projected timelines seen a long time ago by the Andromedan Council… which led to the collective effort to free this particular solar system from ALL regressive extraterrestrial influences and control. Now, we can truly begin to breathe the air of freedom although it may take some humans a bit of time before they willingly exit the invisible prison into which they entered upon being born here AND accepting the belief that it was okay to give your power away to others. It is not. Yes… a long road for those of us who have been regarded as odd, overly sensitive, and disobedient. Much love, Eliza


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