A Brief Cosmic History: Lyra

Playa del Ballena, Costa Rica, photo by Eliza Ayres

A Brief Cosmic History


In every story, there is a kernel of truth.  It is up to the reader to discern what feels resonant to them.  I’m just relating my understanding right now. Writing these essays is my way of incorporating knowledge. I need to feel into it, not just read or listen and then regurgitate. Discover your own approach required to truly comprehend and incorporate this new information, as well as everything we will be hit with once the old slave systems completely collapse. There is no reason for fear. Fear has been used as a weapon against humanity since before the fall of Atlantis, a very effective weapon, I might add. By incorporating the information, which is Light, we begin to change our DNA and our outlook on the future of humanity and of this planet, our Home.

From what I currently understand, the primary birthplace of Humanity in this quadrant of creation was in the Man Star System.  On Terra, we call this star system by a very prosaic name, Kepler 62.  Terrans in their peculiar geocentric manner named the constellation in which K62 is found as “Lyra” … and for us, at least, the name stuck.  It isn’t what the Galactics call it.

Hu-mans came from the Man star system located with the constellation and solar system of Lyra, which contained at least ten different planets.  These first hu-mans were designed by a higher-density race of non-corporeals, Light Beings, Pa Taal, who wanted to experience physicality. As high-frequency creator beings, they had no desire but to play in their newly created material environment, so they purposefully dropped down in frequency and began to incarnate into 3D physical forms. The development of the physical avatars took millions of years.

Unfortunately for the newly created hu-man races, the drop in frequency was the first time they began to experience a sense of separation from Source.  It didn’t happen all at once, but over the course of millions of years… at least how we have come to understand time.

While the new worlds were beautiful, magnificent and wonderful to play in, the paradise was soon invaded by an unexpected adversary.  Now, the stories vary… some place the blame on Lucifer for importing the Ciakahrr Reptilians (aka the Draco) into this quadrant of creation.  Others blame the Anunnaki for doing this.

Anyway, while the Pa Taal were tinkering with the genetics to create a viable physical avatar, another race was either dumped into this universe or invaded it via a major interdimensional portal located within the Orion System. These were the Ciakahrr Reptilians, a race of warriors, arrogant and eager to claim the entire universe as their own.  They were shocked to discover that many species of sentient life already populated this galaxy, called Nataru, by the Galactics; the Milky Way Galaxy, by Terrans.

The Ciakahrr were conquerors, militant, aggressive, an annoyance to more civilized species and extremely dangerous. A space-faring race, brilliantly technologically advanced, and spiritually crippled, they sought out worlds to conquer. The worlds they discovered, they claimed, including any and all resources found there.  This included whole races and species. 

Many millions of years ago, they stumbled upon four separate races of hu-mans in the Man star system, what we know as Lyra.  For a long time, they studied the hu-mans.  They noticed that these beings were completely defenseless.  The hu-mans were a galactic race with the ability to travel to other unoccupied systems where they had begun to colonize but, much to the disbelief of the Dracos (as they became known) it was quickly apparent these strange soft beings had no concept of military preparedness.

The Ciakahrr were frankly astounded that this intelligent galactic race had no concept of warfare.  The hu-mans seemed to be the perfect soft-bellied prey for an aggressive race like the Ciakahrr.  They initially began to make agreements with some of the hu-mans, the rulers of the Man system, the Taal, but then, for some reason or another, they unleashed their ire on the helpless races of Man. Part of the explanation of what happened in Lyra was the fact the Reptilians are genetically incapable of keeping a promise, being a naturally low-frequency race with an inability to ascend into 5D.  At least one planet in the Man system was completely destroyed. The first planet to be hit was the home world of the La’an, the feline-looking Lyran race.  The destruction of the worlds woke up the hu-mans to the necessity to learn the art of war and to learn it quickly lest no hu-mans survive.  There was something within the hu-man DNA from the very beginning that refused to accept being completely stamped out of existence.  So, the hu-mans began to build defensive ships and started to fight back.  This enraged the Draco who went out of their way to destroy as many hu-man colonies as they could discover within this Galaxy. This was the beginning of the Lyran Wars, a war between two different species that has never truly ended over the course of millions of years although it moved to other locations, including the Orion system and Terra, herself.

During the lengthy course of the Lyran war, the Reptilians discovered a taste for human flesh, especially the blood of children.  If you know anything about the Satanic cult that has ruled the world, that’s where it all started from.  Remember, all of us carry Reptilian DNA.  Some humans have more of it, whether it be Anunnaki or from the Ciakahrr or associated regressive reptilian races; it doesn’t matter. Some of these families are very inbred intentionally to preserve their bloodlines and the psychic gifts that attend them.

The way to rapidly devolve a race or an individual, to bring it/them down in frequency, is to blood-let, commit human sacrifice, drink blood and to eat human flesh.  The Reptilians learned this a long-time ago, but couldn’t move beyond it.  Therefore, they have condemned their own race.  And those humans who have also participated in such rituals will have to answer for their crimes, whether from humanity or from a Higher authority. Most likely, they will be recycled and returned back to Source, eventually to reincarnate as new avatars.  Reptilians (as far as I currently understand) do not have souls.  Who created them, who knows?  Their time here in 3D is nearly up as 3D itself is going away as the Earth ascends into a higher density.

Okay… off a grim subject and back to Lyra:

For the sake of brevity, the Lyrans had started colonies in the Vega system and were in the process of terraforming viable worlds in the relatively young star cluster that we call the Pleiades. 

As any race knows, when attacked, in order to survive, you need to learn defense.  The hu-mans were ethical beings, unlike their opponents… and learned to fight back, but the vast galactic fleet of their enemies was too much.  The Taal rulers sued for a temporary halt in the battles.  Agreements were made to allow the four hu-mans races to leave the system.  It is still unknown whether the Taal rulers were already corrupted by the influence of the mind-control mastery of the Ciakahrr, but while many millions of hu-mans were allowed to leave the system unharmed, the ship bearing the rulers did not head towards Vega as planned, but made its way to Mirza in the Orion system.  Treachery has a long history within the hu-man race.  Fear has a way of doing that to those who value survival over honor.  The karmic residue from the Lyran wars is still reverberating through the millennia.

For those claiming to be Lyran starseeds, hu-mans no longer live there. Those worlds were trashed by the Ciakahrr after the hu-mans who had survived the wars left in their gigantic arks. Other races who could survive on desolate worlds settled the pillaged worlds, mainly Greys and Reptilians.

Can you see how parts of the Old Testament are really echoes of our collective long-distant race memory?  These same patterns have echoed throughout time, replaying over and over, again, like the proverbial broken record or Groundhog Day.  In the end, as hu-mans, even hybrid humans, we are ALL from Lyra and have settled on millions of worlds.  Elena Danaan’s book, ‘A Gift From the Stars – The Book of Alien Races’, is primary material for this series of mine, although not the only one…

Hu-mans (hu = man, hu-man is a human of the Man system) had already founded colonies prior to and after the Lyran Wars.  As the hu-mans settled in new worlds, they were sometimes compelled to create entire biospheres, worlds upon which they could peacefully settle.  One of the first systems to be settled were located in the Vega system … then others migrated to the Pleiades.

The creation of viable worlds in the Pleiades was a project already being considered and started by the Lyrans.  The four races whose people managed to flee Lyra worked together to create a new solar system with several worlds.  The three main races were the Taal, the Ahel, and the Noor.  The fourth Lyran race, the La’an settled on other worlds and began to hybridize themselves into other races.  The La’an are the hu-man race that are called the Lion people, although they are not Felines; they are hu-mans who originally had feline features.  All of the hu-man races were capable geneticists and able to terraform worlds.  They had (and still do) technology far beyond what we do… although they, too, have descended somewhat in frequency in some cases due to the Orion Wars… that came much later.

For those hu-mans who ended up on worlds that were already settled by progressive non-warlike species, they often ended up tinkering with their own genetics, blending with one or another of the indigenous species.  This was done in order to adapt to new environments.  Thus, you will find many different hu-man hybrids throughout this galaxy alone.  Even if the hu-mans did not hybridize themselves, many underwent changes in their DNA due to the radiation and ecological conditions of the worlds upon which they settled.  Some humans now have blue skin… or extremely white skin, large eyes or small eyes, all adaptions to new environments.

For example, of the Taal of Lyra who ended up in the Ashkera star system (Sirius A) one group became the Katayy, a dark-haired tanned and red-skinned race with brown, grey, and blue eyes who live on Kashta, a planet of the great star Ashkera, aka Sirius A. They are a peaceful race, more interested in art, spirituality and science. They did not join the Ashtar Collective (based on Morga) as they were not interested in diplomacy or conquest. The etheric Sirians are a group that are involved in the evolution of the human race on Terra.  There are many Sirian starseeds currently on Terra during this ascension window to lend their light to ensure humanity makes this important evolutionary step… this time.

I have already written a bit about the T-Ashkeri who settled in the Sirius B system. These people became the Ashtar Collective… a group that has been heavily involved with the Cabal and regressive alien agenda on Terra… at least until recently.  Be careful if you are a channeler and are contacted by a being called Ashtar Sheran, a being who doesn’t exist.  It is an alien-sponsored CIA psyop… run with the influence of regressive races all to entrap the unwitting who fall for the New (c)age dogmas being represented as truth.  There is NO Lord Ashtar.  There is no world hidden behind Venus called Ashtar. Ash Tar is the T-Ashkeri title for commander and can apply to any commander.  The Ashtar Alliance is based on Morga, a planet of Sirius B.  And those beings have been heavily influenced by the Ciakahrr and Orion Grey agenda to conquer worlds and deceive humanity here on Terra.  How can they deceive their own cousins?  Who knows; it is the path they chose perhaps out of necessity due to the predominant presence of the nearby regressive empires of the Ciakahrr and their Grey allies, the Orion Grey Alliance?  I hope someday, they will also be freed of that trap into which they walked, willingly or unwillingly…

Enough for now… hope you are enjoying this brief introduction into our collective cosmic history. In the next article, I will delve more into some of the misconceptions about the Pleiades…

Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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