Eliza: Upgrades, an Essay

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UPGRADES by Eliza Ayres

The past two weeks have been quite a roller coaster for me, reflective of the turmoil in the collective. I was forced through various circumstances to move through some major resistance and to tackle some needed upgrades. While many of these upgrades appeared to be due to equipment failure, like my two-year-old laptop’s hard-drive’s ‘mechanical failure’… I rather feel these outward changes were reflective of what is occurring within my own consciousness. Other lightworkers and starseeds have mentioned that when an individual is undergoing massive internal upgrades, they may end up blowing out electronics, lights, electrical sources, etc. Hmmm.

I will be the first to admit I am not fond of change. In the past, I’ve been a person who is content not owning the latest, greatest, most expensive technology or appliances out there. Frankly, I don’t have the financial wherewithal to buy such things and I am not attracted to shiny baubles like some people. I drove my faithful Toyota station wagon for 23 years and only sold her since the vehicle didn’t have A/C. I was moving (I thought) to South Carolina and being aware of the heat and humidity of the East Coast Low Country, I thought having a slightly newer vehicle with A/C would just be more practical and comfortable. I was right.

As for the computer, well, I can’t explain why an HP would experience such a catastrophic failure, but it didn’t matter. Things happen and it was up to me to do what I could to adjust. Fortunately, I have a computer nerd friend who told me about RSS hard drives – I still don’t know what they are – but when I went to our local Office Depot, the fellow I worked with suggested that I replace my hard drive rather than purchase an entirely new laptop like I have in the past. So, I did… and it turns out my laptop is performing better than it ever did, faster, more memory, blazing processing speed compared to the old version.

Then, for some reason, it came to my attention that my cell phone also needed upgrading. I had been carrying around a 3G cell phone for the last seven years as I am not one who requires the latest IPhone. Well, out of curiosity, I thought I would try out an IPhone… an older version I6 or something along those lines. And, perhaps working out of a deep intuitive level, I also purchased a burner phone… a Samsung TracFone… from the local Target.

Turns out I preferred the Samsung, the cheaper model which still has what I need in terms of technology (email, web access, Telegram messaging, QR code reader, camera, etc.) and nothing more. I found as I attempted to set up the IPhone, I experienced nothing but frustration even when I was being assisted by customer service. I found the IPhone’s specifications and set-up to be extremely invasive. I suppose you could say I tend to be rather conservative in my approach to what I deem the over-reach of technology in our ‘culture’.  I just do not feel it is healthy to rely on a little metal box and stuff your whole life inside it… the information that can then be accessed by shadowy technocrats. It’s not any of their bloody business, IMHO, knowing all of my contacts, movements, locations, preferences, etc.

Technology without a corresponding or higher level of internal balance leads to and imbalance, and an out of alignment state, a dependency on the outer, rather than the inner being.

Many years ago, when I was actively hiking, I used paper maps. I wonder if anyone can purchase paper maps any more. They are probably expensive now. I also have the ability to use my internal GPS, preparing myself mentally when visiting a new area by reviewing online maps before leaving the house. I don’t depend on the sometimes-nonsensical directions coming from the GPS instructions from a phone set.

Anyway… so what is my point in sharing my adventures with technology during the last couple of weeks? Well, I finally moved through some internal resistance to making suitable changes, especially with the phone and I improved my online experience with the replacement hard drive.

Perhaps these technical challenges were also reflective of some internal changes occurring within my consciousness. Despite feeling anxious from all of the challenges (for me), upon emerging out the other side I felt stronger and more centered within, calmer and more balanced than ever before. I have realized that I am beginning to embrace my inner power and to see through the programming that I and every other person on this planet endured as youngsters, on into adulthood.

I have followed my strong inner guidance to not participate in the medical experimentation going on for the last couple of years and continue to maintain and strengthen my inner connections with Source.

No, I do not know who I was in past lives and now am finding that seeking that sort of information is a distraction from what is really important for people to focus upon… at least for me; I can’t speak for anyone else.  And what that might be, is to fully come into a profound acceptance of who I am, here and now. Yes, I may have been a Pleiadian, a Sirian, a member of the Black League of Orion, from Lyra… but all of those lifetimes and struggles are not what define my consciousness now. I am learning to embrace the vastness encompassed by consciousness, how with every breath, I am breathing in Source energy. I am only beginning to comprehend the vast creative potential that exists within every human being.

Last week, I heard the words, “You come from Love…” These simple yet profound words held a depth of meaning for me that I am still plumbing and will continue to plumb. Love is the essence; love is the truth of my being; love is the interdimensional essence of what and from which we have all emanated. We have been universes, stars, planets… now, we are playing in being 3D humans. Our soul essence is Source, vast, eternal, limitless. We are eternal beings experiencing a transitory life upon Terra. When it’s over, we will go wherever spirit calls us next.

In learning and beginning to comprehend the profundity of this foundational understanding of spirit, I knew that my spirit is eternal, that I have never been separated from Source, even though at times during this life and probably many others here on Terra, I felt isolated, alone, bereft of Family. I no longer feel this way.

Part of the agenda of the regressive off-worlders has been to keep humanity from regaining a sense of connection to Source. For a time, this plan succeeded, but now the tide is turning. Humanity is waking up. This time there will be a successful ascension. The interfering off-worlders have been forcibly removed from their bases on Terra, Luna (the Moon), Tyr (Mars), Ceres, and other planetoids within this solar system. Our terrestrial efforts to free ourselves of the remaining human problem of out-of-control criminal elements deeply embedded into all layers of society, world-wide, will be an ongoing process. It will take awhile to ferret out all of the elements that do not desire to ascend into higher frequency.

As James Gilliland puts it, if one is not frequency specific to the planet, they will not remain. Then, Kerry K informs us that the underworld and the astral plane are collapsing. The demons and lower frequency entities will be invading those who are not balanced and strong within their own being. If you do not command and fill up your energy bodies, others will.

Oh, I am learning that so much of what I learned within metaphysics decades ago was so out of alignment with simple spiritual truth. For instance, shielding is actually hiding and sending out a fear vibration, something that will attract every low-frequency entity out there. The best way to ‘shield’ is to SHINE, by filling up your ‘space’, your energy field with your own Light, your own power and sacred inner essence. The lower frequency beings cannot exist within such a space or bother someone who is full alignment with their essence, with their Truth. And if you do attract such beings to you, it is because they have made the conscious choice to step back into the Light. Your Light will transform the darkness back into the Light that was always there from the very beginning.

Being a human on Terra right now as we move through this intense transitional period is a challenge, but it is a challenge that we put ourselves up to before incarnating here this time. Where ascension will lead me next, who knows? Right now, I am focused on monitoring my breathing, taking in sufficient hydration, getting light exercise, eating lightly, performing partial fasting, and resting when needed.

I have attained a new sense of balance that can only deepen. Do I know what is coming? No. It’s day by day, hour by hour, sometimes moment by moment, monitoring, observing, accepting, approaching and dabbling in neutrality… and feeling a new sense of compassion for all the struggles I have put myself through and what I have observed from watching other people.

We can only be responsible for ourselves… unless we happen to be a parent, whether of human children or animals.  Then, we are required to fulfill our responsibilities towards the innocents.

There is a new world emerging from within each of us. It will be interesting to see just how far we come in our journey of self-discovery within the next year, decade, and longer… that is, if I am still present on this earth plane. I do not have a fear of death. Being here now has been and continues to be an adventure. For now, I’ll just take one day at a time.

Now, what does all this philosophy have to do with the tech issues I’ve experienced during the past few weeks? Well, with expansion comes change. I was compelled to move beyond some of my former limitations and resistance, by coming up with solutions in a timely manner. I approached the issues in my way, following some suggestions, making up my own mind about some things, and discarding what didn’t feel right to me.

My mini-voyage of discovery came to a brief and satisfying pause yesterday when I mailed off the IPhone back to the service provider and cut ties with them, too. The latter condition arose when I decided I didn’t appreciate the invasive quality of the IPhone and chose to keep my inexpensive TracFone instead, since it was what I needed and nothing more. It’s also way less expensive and can be (and probably will be) easily replaced in the future, depending on what direction technology takes after the cabal is successfully taken down and suppressed technologies such as zero-point energy, quantitative financial system, plasma propulsion, med beds, etc., are unleashed upon the world. Our planet is about to be transfigured and so are we… those who remain.

To the future, to us, to living in the Now. With much love and appreciation to all my readers.


Eliza Ayres

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  1. Gunnar says:

    Inspiring to read, thank you so much for sharing♥
    Love and light♥


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