They will see the Son of Man…

The Seven Sisters of Manahu

They will see the Son of Man…

Matthew 24:30 states: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

John’s Prophecy of the last days, in Revelation: The Son of Man (meaning appearing like a man) appears with “white hair” and holds “7 stars”.

Jesus’s Prophecy: “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift your heads because your redemption is drawing near”

False doctrine was added throughout holy books by the elites to lead people away from the truth of Oneness that Jesus and his disciples taught, and towards Anunnaki worship and blood sacrifice rituals to false gods.

The Pleiadians are the Angels, The Son of Man and are ‘of Elohim’. Language referring to them was even changed to “God”. They lead the genetic creation of humans. They sent Messengers to teach spiritual truth, which was (then) always twisted into religions.

Jesus is clearly saying that Pleiadians and Galactic Federation will be seen in the sky before The Shift.

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Note to Readers: I just discovered this prophecy on Telegram and to be quite frank, was stunned by it. Never have I had this truth laid out so baldly and by a rugged American male, Redneck Renegade Radio.

This prophecy explains so much for me.

Just a couple of years ago, I arrived at the realization that the sacrament used in many churches and called communion, was actually a representation of a blood sacrifice, Jesus being the Lamb of God. I was rather appalled. I was already aware that churches largely have hidden the real Satanic practices that are carried out in secret… although those rituals have been broadcasted more openly in recent years. Religion is not truth, but the manipulation of the masses to give their power away to outer authorities. I have addressed this subject in another essay.

Yes, the Pleiadians, specifically the Taal race which originated in the Man system, are our closest genetic kin. They will be some of the first official extraterrestrials to make open contact with the civilian population as outlined in a recent article by Elena Danaan ( I’m looking forward to meeting our nearest cousins…

The Taal are similar to what is referred as the Caucasian race on Terra, with blue, gray, green, and brown eyes, several hair colors, tall, well-built, intelligent people. They are of a scientific bent, master geneticists, and work in tandem with the Galactic Federation. Descendants of the Taal can be found all over Nataru, the Milky Way Galaxy as a result of the diaspora that occurred during the Lyran Wars long, long ago. For more information, go to Elena’s website, listen to her videos, or read her books. There is a wealth of knowledge and ongoing disclosure being unveiled on her YouTube channel and that of Dr. Michael Salla.

Oh, another thing. The word, ‘hu-man’, means an male individual from the Man star system. Man is the real name for the original home star of the descendants of the four Lyran human races (Taal, Ahil, Noor, and La’an). Earth astronomers know this star as Kepler 62. Since basically all Hu-man races in the Pleiades are descendants from the Lyran Hu-man races (the T-Marhu, the Errahil, the Alkhorhu, and the 8D D’Akoorhu) of course they would refer to themselves as the ‘sons of Man’, Man being the original home star of their races.

The Man colonists terraformed planets within the young star cluster, with one solar system based around the star Terrans call Taygeta, which is called Ashaara, ‘bright daughter of wisdom’. Another solar system was later terraformed by a splinter group of Taal colonists, around the star Terrans call Alcyone, which is called Jayha.

The Pleiadians generally refer to their star cluster as the Manahai, ‘the daughters of the Mother”, the Mother being Man, their original home star.

Pleiadians are typically pictured to be white blondes, but the Taali are not all blondes. The Ahil and Noor are white-haired. The La’an are sometimes featured with feline-like features, but are fully human. The La’an did not settle in the Pleiades star cluster, but scattered to other star systems throughout the galaxy.

Another point worth mentioning, the word, “Elohim”, has been interpreted to mean “the powerful ones from the sky”; in other words, not a divine personage, but other humans. The early Bible stories are stories about extraterrestrials and have been purposefully manipulated and edited to obfuscate the true meaning… we have been contacted before, many times. The ‘god’ referred to in the Old Testament was probably Enlil, an Anunnaki, an ET who wasn’t too fond of his earthling charges. Terra has been a long-term genetic experiment by many ET races, some regressive and others, benevolent. The Pleiadians from Ashaara are benevolent.

Ah, there is so much to remember about ourselves and our origins…

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