Eliza: Planting Seeds

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Eliza: Planting Seeds

It’s time I do an update for my readers, basically, what I have been learning by immersing myself in the lore of Earth history and our interactions, known and unknown, with our Galactic kin and our determined opponents.

Take note, the following are my observations and deductions. I am not asking that anyone take what I write or post here as gospel. I would hardly be so egotistical as to believe that I have all of the answers.

Upon reading Alex Collier’s work, Defending Sacred Ground, and then three of the books written more recently by contactee and emissary, Elena Danaan, (A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races; Resilence (a novel); and We Will Never Let You Down), I’ve come to the conclusion that much of what I thought I knew about both Sirius and the Pleiades was not true. Now, whether or not the information was actually a psychological operation or psyops done on the part of the Orion Grey Alliance, the regressive human faction of the Taal-Shiar of the Jayha solar system (Jayha is the Taal name for Alcyone), or their human counterparts, basically the Central Intelligence Agency and other regressive Deep State activists… is up for more research.

I would venture to suggest (and again, I am not requesting your belief and alignment to this assumption) that the information was a psyops, a very sophisticated one as it painted the entirety of the Pleiades as being benevolent in nature when that is clearly not the case. The Taal faction that lives in the Alcyone star system is aligned with the Orion Gray Alliance and their allies, the Ciakahrr Reptilians. Much like the New World Order’s agenda here on Earth, the people of Taalihara have been subjugated by their regressive leaders. The Taal Shiar have been actively involved in doing whatever they can to denigrate the efforts of the Galactic Federation on behalf of the Terran people. However, as of last year, the Taal Shiar and their allies, the Grey Orions, and the Ciakahrr Reptilians have been driven from our solar system and their bases on Tyr (Mars), Luna (the Moon), Ceres, and other planetoids.

The Taal are a human race that originated in the Lyra System… a star system that was called Mana (the Mother) by the people there. The Taal were not alone, although they were the rulers there. There were three other human races (the Ahel, the Noor, and the Laan) and one benevolent reptilian race, the Ladrakh. Millions of years ago, the human races of the Mana system were largely driven out of the star system due to the incursions of the regressive Ciakahrr Reptilians who wanted to control the system due to its proximity to a major portal between two Universes and the wealth of resources available on the planets. Somehow, the Taal royal family made a treaty or agreement with the Ciakahrr invaders, which allowed for millions of humans to flee on arks, large hollowed-out planetoids or moons. The Taal royals were slated to go to the nearby Vega system, but at the last minute, their ship changed course. The remainder of the Taal who had successfully escaped the Mana system lost touch with the former Taal royals.

Due to the Lyran Wars, the four human races ended up spreading far and wide across Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy) yet they were not the only human races present in Nataru. There was another human race from Alpha Centauri, the Selosians, who incidentally had a colony on the continent of Atlantis long ago. A small portion of their descendants went underground and became the Telosians. Many of the Telosians became subverted by the Ciakahrr and Grey Alliances, in concert with the Deep State elements of the American military, which built out extensive deep underground bases or DUMBs during the last several decades.

Colonies of Taal settled in the star system we call Sirius. Today, there exists a colony of Taal in the Ashkera star system (Sirius A) called the Katayy. They are a dark-haired, tanned, red-skinned race that has adapted to the environment of their new planet, K-Ash-Tah. These Taal descendants are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Another Taal colony was developed in the Sirius B star system. Their star is called Thula and their planet is Morga. This race of Taal cross-bred themselves with a race of indigenous Greys and became the Ashkeru-Taal or T-Ashkeri. They have white hair, triangular-shaped faces, and wide slanted green eyes, and are smaller in stature than the original Taal. The T-Ashkeri are masters of genetic science and engineering. A splinter group of the T-Ashkeri has become known as the Ashtar Galactic Command and work as mercenaries in conjunction with the Galactic Federation. These T-Ashkeri live in their huge motherships and have a cloud city/base situated high in the atmosphere of Jupiter in the Sol star system. The title, Ashtar, refers to any commander.

 Most of the T-Ashkeri who remained on Morga are aligned with the Orion Greys as the Ashtar Collective was taken over by the Reptilians and have been involved in regressive programs on Terra.

Next, I learned that the blue ‘gods’ who visited Terra long ago and are portrayed in the ancient Vedic texts were actually Taal from Vega. They maintained a colony on Terra for a short time but were driven from this solar system by the Ciakahrr or possibly the Anunnaki.  The Taal of Vega or Olmeeka adapted to their new environment, evolving skin tones ranging from brown to blueish shades. These Taal call themselves the Adari, and are involved in the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

There are several colonies of the original Lyrans scattered across this galaxy. If you are curious to find out more, I would recommend you purchase a copy of Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races. In this volume, Elena briefly covers over 100 different extraterrestrial races, some human, reptoids, amphibians, Saurians, Greys, etc. No one book could possibly contain all of the information on every race that lives within just Nataru, never mind the billions of galaxies and Universes that exist beyond ours. Terrans or Earth humans share our own planet, Terra, with many races, many as yet unknown and certainly unacknowledged by the surface dwellers.

Another separate ‘human’ race are the Altairians. They are organized as the Corporate of Altair and are aligned with the Orion Grey Collective, the negative Terran military, and the several regressive Reptilian races, including the Ciakahrr, the Maytra, Killy-Tokurt and Zeta Xrog. The Akhori are a blond humanoid race closely related to the Lyrans. They are considered as being ‘untrustworthy’ by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

One other misconception that was implanted into the New Age dogma, was the existence of a Sirian colony on Venus. There are humans present on Venus, but they are Taal from the Ashaara system (Taygeta) and are associated with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. There is no ‘lord of Venus’. The Taal on Venus considered themselves as Venusians and live in sophisticated underground domed cities. One of their members played an important role in Terran history. His name is Commander Val Thor or “Valiant” Thor. He actually lived on Terra for three years, working with members of the American government in an attempt to revoke the agreements made with the Zetas.  The story of the commander’s involvement has been covered in Elena Danaan’s book, We Will Never Let You Down, as well as a few of her videos on YouTube. In one, she was interviewed by Laura Eisenhower, the granddaughter of former President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower. In the interview, Elena explained, with the help of her mentor, Commander Thor Han Ereydon, the real story behind the agreement made by the Majestic 12 behind Eisenhower’s back, which basically sold the human race to the Ciakahrr and the Orion Greys for the last several decades.  Look up those references and make up your own mind.

So much has been inverted, perverted, suppressed, repressed, and wiped out… on this planet. Earth humanity has been living as a slave race dominated by off-world and interdimensional forces for a very long time. Only recently are we being given an opportunity to take control of our own planet, to expand and evolve into our own innate potential as Light Beings inhabiting earthly vehicles.  Our hybrid race, made up of various percentages of 22 off-world races and the apes, is undergoing a major transition, from being earthbound to becoming a truly galactic race.

It is time to shake off the alien psyops, all that has attempted to keep us divided and conquered as a race. Our benevolent Galactic neighbors do not regard us as a lower species but as an evolving race. We have unlimited potential now that we have an opportunity to unleash our creativity and to use it for the benefit of our individual evolution and the evolution of our species as a whole.

As one of the two hundred million starseeds who came here to assist the Terrans in raising their frequencies and breaking free of the age-old belief repressive systems and institutions, I am feeling some relief that a greater percentage of humanity seems to be waking up.

What I have discovered is that our extraterrestrial kin do not have anything like we would call religion. They are aligned with Source, and understand that they are individual and collective expressions of that undefinable energy. Our galactic cousins also do not like to be worshiped, regarded as “gods” or as being superior in any way. Yes, they have superior technology, but they regard us as an evolving race, not as an inferior race. Normally, the development of technology proceeds at a similar pace to the development of spirituality (not religion) on any planet. This has not been allowed on Terra.

Only regressive races demand worship as they feed on the energies of others, and utilize fear, division, subversion, war, and chaos, to create control over a population. The left-over minions of our erstwhile controllers (several alien races including the Ciakahrr, the Orion Greys, the Altarians, Aldebarans, and other regressive reptilians) are seeking to control humanity but to no avail as their off-world and interdimensional control has been broken and removed. Their time, their control of the population is being systematically taken down, removed, and fully revealed to the sleepers. Darkness will not survive the scrutiny of the people. The dark turns into light when it is brought out into the open. The Light always existed even in the darkest heart, but each of these individuals will have to discover this truth for themselves if they are allowed to continue to exist on this earth plane by those they have deceived.

Our genetic ancestors were seeded into Nataru long ago by several other races. Now, our parents, the Seeders, have returned back to our solar system to see how their children are faring. Like the long-buried or submerged arks of old which are now in the process of activation, so, too, are the humans of Terra beginning to awaken from a long dreamspell. The genetic experiment is nearly over and we are about to take our place along with other galactic races as part of a greater Family of Light.

I have perhaps sown a few seeds today; the rest is left up to my readers. Seek out your own sources. Just realize that what we learned in school, is not what actually happened here on Terra nor is what is found in any holy book necessarily the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The truth will be revealed. We know it already, in our own Heart Centers. It is up to each of us to trust what we feel not what we are told by others.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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1 Response to Eliza: Planting Seeds

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Chris: Whatever you learned from me prior to June 2021 was incorrect. You can learn more about the real Pleiades from Elena Danaan’s book, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”. Elena obtained this information directly from her physical contact with Pleiadian sources.

    The Pleiades, pg. 240 – 254, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”, author, Elena Danaan. This book describes 100 alien races that have had some interaction with Earth humans, in ancient times and into modern times. You can also listen to Elena’s library of videos wherein she shares recent intel on the efforts of the GFW to free Terra from the Ciakahrr, the Nebu, and malevolent humans (the Altairians and the Taal Shiar of Jayha (Alcyone).

    In conclusion, if you read my “Welcome” page, you will note that I will NOT be answering questions regarding the Pleiades or Sirius. Period.

    If you want the best resource, learn to meditate and go within for the answers. Most of what you can read on the internet is fake, phony, and false. People like Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and a few of their associates offer good information (not spiritual) on extraterrestrials from their own personal, physical experiences.



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