The Return of Christ…

The Return of Christ…

We are in the time of this occurring but not in the context that many people understand. The church who I call the Great Liar true ambition is to control the human psyche through fear while completely manipulating its true meaning. The “Christ” is not a single human being as humanity has been told through organized religious interpretation. Meaning, Christ or a man named Jesus is one person and upon his return humanity will be saved.

But, in actuality Christ consciousness is an intelligence field and is a layer in our spiritual evolutionary development. This layer of spiritual development is something humanity has never experienced before in this density.

We have never experienced this frequency of light in this 3D existence. This dark arconic element that has been controlling this reality for thousands of years and has been doing everything in their power to keep this frequency from penetrating this planet. This is how they’ve been continuing their particular agenda, this particular timeline.

This current negative alien agenda is brilliant at creating realities but creating dead realities. But, these realities need to be powered by some sort of source light meaning soul bodies, the human being has been used to power this dead end timeline. They have created a parasitic relationship here on planet Earth. Christ light is not vampiric, it is not parasitic. What has happened on planet Earth is we have been in a finite energetic supply where we live within incredible restriction and limitations. This Christ light/consciousness is infinite and eternal. In the past this dark arconic element has been able to manipulate the dense energies in this lower reality but this higher frequency, this Christ light is not able to be manipulated in other words it cannot be hacked.

Christ consciousness is going to end that parasitic relationship that humanity has unknowingly been participating in. Meaning, this vampiric relationship is coming to an end. The unconscious human beings, who I call the resistors, are unknowingly propagating this vampiric relationship by not understanding what they’re feeding.

While humanity embodies this higher frequency of Christ consciousness we become more inner sustained. We don’t feel the need to manipulate or serve the outer world anymore and this is exactly what the negative alien agenda wants. This is called energy harvesting and the unconscious aka the resistors are oblivious to it and unknowingly feeding this parasitic virus. But, to their defense they truly don’t realize it exists.

What it comes down to is if you don’t know how to connect to that higher energetic source somebody else will and that’s exactly what has happened on planet Earth and that is exactly why this information has been suppressed. When the human being starts to realize that we are multidimensional and we have spiritual bodies that we can access, this dark element and it’s reign is over. This dark element has interfered and violated the human life form. They have taken the human beings right to connect to its source and this cannot continue. This is why we are getting an incredible amount of help from the higher realms. Yes, we have free will but it is null and void due to the incredible interference and manipulation humans have endured on many levels and it’s time the manipulation expired.

Continue to stay in your heart, sovereign and stay the observer. Your energy is yours so watch who and what you are giving it to. Emotions / reactions vs respond / highest choice for you!

I love you! ❤️🌹❤️

Emma Ross (Telegram

~ ~ ~

As sometimes is the case, a simple comment becomes another essay. Enjoy.

Note to Readers: It is always pleasant to discover someone else who understands what is really happening now upon this planet. I know it can be confusing to observe the exaggerated duality, especially when it is shoved in your face if you spend a great deal of time online. If not, reality does not seem to be greatly changed other than the disappearing face diapers on people’s faces when I go to the market or the rise in prices everywhere. Since I am not a big shopper, this doesn’t affect me much until I go to the grocery store. Like everyone else except the very wealthy, I am watching my budget.

Now, the return of Christ… in consciousness, not in the presence of one Man, who, according to church doctrine is supposed to save ‘us’, humanity. Now, how is humanity going to transform from being children who are looked after by their parents (ideally) into adult if someone is always coddling them? It won’t happen. Sometimes a young person needs to be encouraged to grow and that entails taking responsibility in some manner, whether completing their schooling, getting a job, or going into the military.

Still, the ordinary sanctioned avenues for growth are largely filled with thickets of misunderstanding these days, with schools being transformed into centers for indoctrination into communist principles, an intentional blurring of genders, the intentional destruction of the family unit… by those who wish for the integrity of family life to be forever banished from the face of the Earth.

It is ironic that the very Church that has long portrayed the Holy Family as the ideal would be the very instrument now aimed as a weapon against the family, the human family, directing its energy towards pulling the entire planet into a one world government and one world religion, that of Satan… or the archonic forces that have been behind much of the violence perpetrated upon this world since the fall of Atlantis.

Where the lady above says that we have never had the presence of Christ consciousness upon this world, I would say… well, that’s not quite correct. Within the context of what passes for history on Earth, at least as taught in western schools, civilization has only existed some six thousand years, which is pure hogwash given the very physical evidence that great civilizations have flourished, risen, and fallen for thousands of years and in some cases, millions of years. With thoughtful examination of what little does remain of ancient civilization, it is apparent to those who have eyes to see and open minds, that the former civilizations that built similar structures all over the planet had far more advanced technologies available to them than we can manage today. There is no way that our present day engineers could build the Great Pyramid of Giza, or the intricate temple complexes of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or even the Great Wall of China, never mind all of the cathedrals of Europe.

Angkor Wat

So, why is academia so intent in ignoring the physical evidence? Why do movies portray aliens as evil, intent on our destruction if they invade? Why are extraterrestrials characterized either as completely evil or completely benign? What agendas are behind the push to get everyone vaccinated? What is going on?

Our world history is a complex one. This planet is located within a solar system that contains a highly desirable natural portal that allows interdimensional travel between universes and galaxies. Even though the position of our Sun is on the outer arms of Nataru, the Milky Way galaxy, it is in a highly strategic location given the existence of the huge portal that is located between Jupiter and Neptune.

And why are Earth humans considered as less than, as ‘sinners’, at least by the Roman Catholic Church, and frankly, most of the Christian churches. Earth humans have been intentionally kept from knowing much about themselves, their potential, their real value and what their future could be if each individual obtains a true connection with their inner Christ Consciousness.

In the course of my ‘education’ on metaphysics, my very wandering and zig zagging path has carried me in and out of an assortment of New Age churches and/or institutions. Always, always, I have resisted becoming a card-carrying ‘member’ of any church and to this day, I continue in that vein. It is as if I knew intuitively that I was not to take or perhaps retake any of the vows that I may have formerly taken in past lives… as a Templar, as an Essene, as a Cathar, as a Druid, etc. This time, in this life, I was here for another purpose and that was to clear my ancestral lines of all the trauma coming from having to exist within a limited 3D controlled and manipulated matrix.

The Dream spell that was cast by the Archons and their minions, carried out in secret within the shadows by various secret societies in an attempt to keep the natural ascension of humanity from occurring… that dark dream is crumbling, disintegrating. The agendas of the dark players are being revealed now to the masses in an highly orchestrated manner to educate those who are willing and courageous enough to open their eyes to see just how abused humanity has been through our own willingness to be used by forces outside of ourselves.

Christ Consciousness is the symbolic essence of the Holy Child, which is born within an individual when they manage to balance their divine essences of male and female, creating a sacred union, often accompanied by the rising up of kundalini energies through the energy centers of the body, a flowering of the Lotus of the Crown and the opening of the pineal gland, the Third Eye. The psionic powers that are a natural part of our expanded awareness once these powers are balanced, allow for the expansion of our consciousness to the level of Universal awareness. Thus, we discover that we are not limited by our current existence, wealth or poverty, but by our focus and choices made. When we can arrive at a place of neutrality, the middle way, as purposed and lived by the Buddha, we can see the wholeness of life that exists before us. We can choose to live in a balanced manner and serve ourselves and others through our acceptance of the realities of life.

Terra, Earth, is a training ground for potential Masters of Creative energies. It is not an easy school, and I do not feel that it was intentionally made difficult. Our creation long ago by the Seeders was meant as an experiment and certain events were allowed to occur which may or may not have been the original intention of our Creators, our parents… who have recently returned to see how the children were managing.

No, Jesus or Yeshua the man is not returning here to Earth. Our ability, our opportunity to attain Christ consciousness is what is being returned to us, at least to those who have made the effort to break free of the programming handed down to us by our parents, our systems and institutions, basically everything we have ever been taught throughout this lifetime. Becoming the Christ doesn’t require that you undergo the physical crucifixion on a cross, but it does require that you become acquainted with the unknown, stepping beyond the known boundaries and ways of thinking and doing that you have been trained to follow. And yes, by venturing thus, you will upset and challenge members of your own family, former friends, and co-workers — it simply what a wayshower endures and requires great inner fortitude and courage.

Humans have been easily manipulated and controlled in the past, but there has always been the rebels, the black sheep, those who stepped beyond the norm, who didn’t wish to conform to the expected. In my own modest life, I have been the black sheep of my family, ignored and disliked for asking questions that no one wanted to answer. I haven’t cared about the opinions of others; I still don’t. The approval needs to come from within, as one follows that golden thread of consciousness that binds them directly to Source.

I welcome the challenges that I have been confronted with during this lifetime. And it isn’t over, yet. I am, we are, blessed to be present to see and experience as a portion of Earth humanity reaches and succeeds in passing into full conscious awareness of their connection with our Seeders, with Source, with our planet, with the Universe, and with each other and all Life.

When we are able to attain that level of neutrality and see that all of Creation is included within Source energy, then we no longer see good and evil but simply Life, one to be lived as fully and completely as possible. When we are balanced and whole within, our Life will reflect that reality in our outer existence. It does not mean you will automatically become wealthy as money does not necessarily bring happiness… as many have discovered on their own. Life presents challenges. How we meet those challenges is how we will see them, either as opportunities or obstacles.

Balance, inner and it will be reflected in the outer. Personal sovereignty can only come to a being who has truly accepted their own inner power (the masculine) and has balanced that with compassion (the feminine), giving forth the ability to see the world from a neutral balanced perspective… giving forth the understanding and inner wisdom that we call the Christ Consciousness. This golden awareness then continues to expand into the Buddhic state, and beyond for we will never be at the end of ascension but continue to expand and grow along with the Universe in which we now have our focused awareness.

I AM in awe of the wonder of Creation.

Eliza Ayres

Apple Blossums – Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

❤ ❤ ❤

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4 Responses to The Return of Christ…

  1. Barbara says:

    A lovely essay, Eliza, thank you!

    “Balance, inner and it will be reflected in the outer. Personal sovereignty can only come to a being who has truly accepted their own inner power (the masculine) and has balanced that with compassion (the feminine), giving forth the ability to see the world from a neutral balanced perspective… ”

    A little while ago you posted a video interview from Regina and in it, Regina mentioned that many of us are experiencing “compassion fatigue”. I agree, and that, it seems to me, is relevant to the balance you refer to as quoted above in that “the ability to see the world from a neutral balanced perspective” can be very challenging when one is fatigued! If you feel it is appropriate, I’d love your thoughts on maintaining balance in a world in which I for one, find myself often on the roller coaster. Love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Barbara. I’ll give your suggestion some thought. I agree, it is a challenge to achieve and maintain balance in a roller coaster world, which is why attaining Christ consciousness is also referred to as ‘self-mastery’. What is the self but the Self masquerading as a human being in a meat suit for a limited lifetime… and then moving on to other adventures. I’ll let this one simmer for a while… and frankly, I’m as tired as anyone of watching this movie play out… ❤ Eliza


  2. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    I read your words in total harmony, understanding and deep inner Gknowing of Truth. I love and appreciate your words and thoughts. My heart blessings to YOU. Libby


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