Why is the Movie Taking So Long?

Photo by Grace Kusta Nasralla on Pexels.com

Why is the Movie Taking So Long?

by Eliza Ayres

I seem to discover great quotes on Telegram.  Here’s another one, from “Iron Man”. No, I have no idea who this person is or where he comes from other than he is possibly British, from his usage of “s” rather than “z” in realization. The “z” is used in American English… Now for the quote:

“The fact we’ve been awake through this time. Seeing what we’ve seen. Experiencing what we’ve experienced. The highs/ the lows. The moments of elation / despondency. The feelings of persecution but then vindication. The ultimate testing of our faith. Learning how to show compassion to those who don’t deserve it. Finding the bravery (for some, for the very first time in their lives) to stand in our truth at all costs.

Coming to terms with the realisation that we are in a war for humanity and that memes are our weapon. Learning the definition of rest and how to refuel. All this has caused a change as deep as our genetic level. These experiences will endure in our souls and makeup our genetic blueprints.

We will be another wartime generation that passes the stories down to the younger generations, much like our grandparents did of the great wars of the past. “What did you do Grandpa during the Great War against the Evil Globalists who sought to enslave humanity?” “Son, I held the forkin’ line”.

In the words of the great Welsh rock band, The Manic Street Preachers, “if we tolerate this, then our children will be next”

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Yes, the movie, if that is indeed what we are in the midst of experiencing, has gone on a very long time. However, those of my parents’ generation suffered through WWII, which for America lasted four to five years and for the Europeans, much longer. And America has been involved in wars ever since… and even before our own American Revolution.

Yes, I realize that many people have no clue that we’re in the midst of a war, a real struggle for the future of humanity on this planet, but that is what is happening.  Our world has long been under the overt and covert control of a dark brotherhood, in some respects, since the fall of Atlantis. Many of our institutions have been designed to limit the aspirations, gifts, and potential of humanity. Why, you might ask, because we freaking frighten the bejabbers out of our erstwhile controllers. Even if we don’t realize our potential, the Ciakahrr and the Nebu, do. As do the regressive, control-freaks who agreed to go along with the Archonic agendas to keep humanity boxed up on a prison planet.

Despite all of their considerable efforts, monies, devices, and plans, the agendas set out over generations of dark actors… are failing and failing badly. In fact, the agendas have already failed. What you are seeing now are the rumors of war. Yes, the Ukrainian forces are getting the crap beat out of them. The Ukraine is the last bastion of the Deep State and needs to be cleansed of the Nazi forces present there. American and British mercenaries who got caught up in that fight are realizing that they joined the wrong side or they are learning about the efficiency of the Russian forces… very quickly.

So, how do you develop compassion for what you are seeing now in the world? Well, that is a test of your discernment, not mine.  I’m not going to tell you what to believe.

Before a person can develop compassion for others, they need to acquire and learn compassion for themselves. It always comes down to what you feel, how you react, if you are able to see the world for what it is, if you can learn to accept yourself as you are.  One must focus on the self and its place in this world. This is your primary focus. Leave off the need to correct the actions and thoughts of others and focus on what you are thinking and feeling.

In our Western culture, we have been taught to rely solely on the intellect, the ego mind. Unfortunately, this mind is easily manipulated if it feels threatened. Through long practice, people have been taught and learned to get along to go along, a survival device given the harshness of life on this planet in primitive times. What people don’t generally realize that the primitive conditions have been largely contrived by outside forces, determined to keep humanity at a hand-to-mouth subsistence level. Ancient advanced cultures have been destroyed, decimated by huge attacks by alien forces determined to take control of this resource-rich planet, its water, its gold and minerals, and its life forms, especially the humans.

The history of Terra is far too complex to cover in one essay, but let it suffice, this genetic experiment has been interrupted numerous times by forces intent in retaining their control over our human genome for their own purposes.  Of late, there has been an attempt to alter our genetics so we become a permanent slave race. Fortunately, off-world forces and courageous secret military allies have worked diligently to prevent that scenario from being accomplished. Now, we are enduring the final revelation of all those regressive alien agendas, drip by bloody drip.  This sort of revelation could take place over a period of ten days with the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) relaying the taped confessions, trials, and executions of selected former leaders of this planet… but the Alliance has not played this trump card as yet.

If you are tired and have little patience for those around us who have fallen victim to the false narrative being played out by the mainstream media, take a deep breath. Humanity has been subjected to centuries of trauma and abuse; it will take more than two years to resolve and heal… and for some, their programmed minds will not be able to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the deception that has been perpetrated by every institution and system on the planet, bar none… most especially those of government, finance, religion/spirituality, and business.

When people begin to realize just how much has been done in a vain attempt to destroy humanity by utilizing its own creative abilities, they will be flabbergasted.  Some people will literally lose their minds, as their already fractured egos will not be able to cope with the new knowledge that is being presented. Never mind attempting to convince someone who has accepted and made the programming their own; their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to immediately release and let go.

For this reason, the starseeds and light bearers of the indigenous people of this planet have been placed here, as seeds of light, germinating from within the populace. The ethics (Prime Directive) of the Galactic Federation prevented them from interfering with the trajectory of Earth’s evolution, until the Zenae (Andromedan) Council brought forth their vision of what would happen in approximately 350 years into the future, when the Nebu and the regressive Reptilians succeeded in creating a hybrid Grey-human race of super soldiers and then unleashed this aggressive force onto the rest of the Galaxy and probably being directed to others. 

The Greys and Reptilians know our potential, our expansive creative abilities, which once harnessed can transcend dimensions and densities. Such an army of transhuman super soldiers would be practically invincible and aligned alongside the battalions of the Nebu and Ciakahrr, unstoppable. So, in an effort to halt the completion of this regressive alien agenda, the Galactic Federation agreed to get involved in this fight to free the planet of all alien presence. This has been a difficult process, as the Nebu are capable of creating wormholes, artificial passageways through space and time used to enter our solar system. Other alien ships have used cloaking devices to remain hidden from the GFW patrols. Our enemy is not stupid or complacent. They are determined to take back our planet and left programmed humans behind to act as Trojan horses, designed to divide and conquer those who were in the know… the truthers, the UFO community, etc.

For all of this complexity, witnessing the slow takedown and exposure of the Deep State is extremely draining if you are seeing it from the perspective of a 3D human. Much of what is being presented on the media now is testing the awareness and internal balance of those who deem themselves as being awake and aware, but how much does their egos still fear being seen and found out.

For myself, I have had to admit that much of what I have been taught or read through several decades, has been largely based on deception, lies, and ignorance. There has been a core or thread of light that I have followed, but sometimes the thread is dropped and my consciousness drops into fear… briefly, then I pick up the skein, again, and continue on.

Long ago, I learned through practice how to listen to my own intuition. Despite the fact that most people do not trust their inner voice, I learned that when I don’t, I can get into trouble. When you are hiking alone in the woods, it is a good thing to rely upon. The heart knows… the heart, the seat of the Holy Spirit or Divine Feminine within, teaches us to listen and feel. I learned to trust my body. I’ve learned that I require a great deal of alone time and not to feel guilty about this. When alone I can hear myself, my inner Voice. And I can sense whether or not my body is tensing up or relaxing. It takes work and awareness.

Arriving to the exalted state of Christ consciousness takes continuous self-awareness, of your body and feelings. It takes an willingness to step beyond into the unknown aspects of your own nature, to be fully honest and authentic, to accept that your human self is not perfect. After all, your consciousness is wrestling on a daily basis with the effects of generations of karmic backlash and consequences. Whether you are a walk-in, a starseed, or an indigenous Earth human matters little… you are required to accept yourself as you are and to endeavor to be honest about your motivations, whether or not you are coming from a place of ego-hurt or true understanding of the frailty of conditioned human nature.

When you have arrived at an acceptance of yourself and your own ups and downs, you begin to observe the actions of others in a different light. Becoming and embodying the energies of Christ consciousness demands that you release all judgment, primarily directed at yourself, which most people tend to project out at others through shame and blame. Whether you blame yourself for what has happened or you turn against someone else and blame them, it is all the same, as ultimately, all of humanity is One consciousness, one collective consciousness. Still, it is up to those component parts, the awake individuals to master their reactions and emotional upset, their judgment of self and others no matter the circumstances.

Realizing that this journey to becoming the embodied Christ is a difficult one for the typical highly programmed person to even comprehend, it is understandable that many people would rather have someone else do the work and become their savior, yet this is the lazy way and will not result in a raising up of one’s frequency.

Acceptance — observation — neutrality — compassion.

Acceptance of self leads one to observe the self and others and to see them in a neutral perspective. When you see that both sides of the conflict are ultimately from the same Source, the need or desire to judge is quenched. You are able to see from a higher perspective, one where you realize that this life is but a point along the development of your soul’s journey.

It is said that the soul agrees to come into incarnation to experience physicality, both the joys and sorrows, the feeling of the wind on your face, hearing the laughter of children, watching the beauty that is possible to create here, working with your hands, creating visions and bringing them into manifestation… seeing that darkness ultimately reveals the Light that has always been there as it, too, is a product, a creation of Source.

I am not claiming that embodying Christ consciousness is an easy journey for anyone in this present environment, yet growth only occurs when challenges must be met and overcome. If overcoming ennui or discomfort is your issue, waiting out the end of the movie that is presently playing on the screen of Life, then be patient… find those things that you have control over… little things, and take each day as it comes. Better yet, do something… anything but whine about things that are beyond your current understanding.

I did not come here to demonstrate perfection nor did any other starseed, yet we came.  We heard the call of Gaia and we came to the aid of her children, humanity. And we became humans, taking on the programming and characteristics, the intense spectrum of emotions possible to feel… in our attempt to comprehend and to understand, and finally to honor humanity for being tough, amazing survivors despite every effort to wipe your species out.  You are all amazing and I love you… even as I am learning to love myself… a tough job in itself.

Much love to all. I bid you to continue to hold. The. Line. Despite all of the criticisms from friend and foe that you may be required to endure or all of the loneliness you suffer through when your former friends and associates have given up on you as a lost cause. Someday, those who manage to awaken before it is too late, they will come to you and ask questions. Then, you can devise answers, drawing upon the wisdom gained through your own experiences and observations while living through these extraordinary times.

Humanity is in the midst of freeing themselves from thousands of years of bondage. This battle isn’t going to be won overnight. Have patience.


Eliza Ayres

P.S. And in case you were wondering, I ain’t there yet… Christ consciousness. Working on it!

Photo by Asish Aji on Pexels.com

And here’s another quote from Telegram:

Present times are not for the faint of heart but remember that you chose to be on Earth at this time & were fully aware before incarnating of what it would entail. The increasing presence of high frequency Light energy & the fact that people are spiritually waking up is causing many traditions, societal rules & laws to crumble because the beliefs in them are crumbling.

Big change is upon our world — it’s not coming, it has arrived. We are going to witness more dissolving of many beliefs within our present systems of education, science, medicine, law, religion — old distorted concepts & beliefs that have been accepted as being high intellectual truth. This already has created outcries & resistance from intellectual communities, humans who believe that present facts & information represent the highest reality.

Stand back & observe the world from your safe & secure place of Light within your Heart — give EVERYONE SPACE, including yourSELF. 🙏🏽💜🔥


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13 Responses to Why is the Movie Taking So Long?

  1. Davei Mundth says:

    I totally resonated, heart and soul, with your expression Eliza. Deeply grateful for all you continue to contribute to support humanities Awakening.


  2. ascended1nowgmailcom says:

    *This was a deeply felt and appreciated expression Eliza. Infinite Thank you’s for all you do to support our Awakening.*

    *Davei M*


  3. txcountrygal says:

    Ohhh Eliza
    You touch so many tender spots and open the doors a tiny bit into my questions and my spirit. Thank you
    Much love,


  4. Geraldine says:

    Thank you for sharing, I echo your thoughts and words so beautifully expressed in this essay…🙏❤️🙏


  5. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Eliza, hit my heart spot! As my bro’ says, “I had an e-tiffany” this morning that I can’t yet put into words, but quite comforting. Your work, dear heart, has a lot to do with my e-tiffanies. Love, B.


  6. Lorrie says:

    What a beautifully written and informative post! This provided much needed validation for recent awakenings I’ve experienced. This is the type of encouragement we need instead of “let’s stock the pantry with food we’ll never eat because there’s a shortage”. Many Blessings to you. 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Lorrie! I had to chuckle at your comment as I totally understand the skepticism related to the marketed ‘food shortages’. I’m not saying there won’t be any, but they may come in the form of “where is my favorite sugar-coated cereal that I shouldn’t eat or where’s the Tyson GMO-fed chicken nuggets? etc. GMO food and giant corporate food corporations that have been intent in poisoning the people for decades… Now, when is the fluoride going to be removed from our water supply and toothpaste? There’s a lot going on and more will be revealed but at a pace where most (not all) can handle the revelations… Many blessings to you and the rest of my readers! ❤ Eliza

      Liked by 1 person

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