DEBUNK: Galactic Federation of Light

Galactic Federation of Light Debunked

GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: As many of the New Age movement’s recently created false organizations, the use of the word “Light” should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuinely existing. The word “Light” is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The “Galactic Federation of Light” Psy-Op was created to infiltrate the Great Awakening with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people away from what is really going on and discredit a real existing extraterrestrial organization named the “Galactic Federation of Worlds.” The shadow organizations possess extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see in advance what is going to happen and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main one.
The “Galactic Federation of Light” Psy-Op amalgams religious and cultural elements and characters such as Jesus, Archangel Michael, The Count of St Germain and others. They assimilate names and symbols well integrated within the Collective Unconscious of Humanity. Voice-to-skull technology is employed to manipulate some people who proudly call themselves “channelers” and who are only unfortunate victims. These manipulated individuals are granted popularity and addicted to this process of abuse. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes used as well to enact religious or historical characters.

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Commander Ardana, Galactic Federation of Worlds

Note to Readers:

Check out Elena Danaan’s website for more of her “debunks”. Then decide for yourself whether or not the material she presents “resonates” with you.

While I have considered myself “awake” for quite a long time, for a long time I was caught up in the psychological operation of the New Age movement, which included a potpourri of ascended masters, archangelic and angelic beings, extraterrestrials, ad nauseum. Anyone who has been one of my readers for the entire decade that I have been blogging can certainly attest to the veracity of my words. Not only that, in 2021 or so, I took down an entire website that was filled with the bunk.

Lately I’ve noticed a huge crop of new channelers who claim to be receiving downloads and activations from usually vague or unnamed sources. I would be VERY cautious with the information being brought through by these deluded people.

Ascension, which is simply the conscious raising of your frequency, in alignment with Source, takes an effort or focus coming from within an individual. Ascension is not a “new” thing. Just ask the Hindu yogis who can levitate and do other sidis (gifts) granted to one… all of which can become a distraction.

The search for the Twin Flame or some unknown “other” outside of yourself is another distraction that has derailed many a lightworker. The true Twin Flame comes through the balancing and drawing up of the masculine and feminine ‘serpents’ of the Kundalini, the Divine Fire that resides within your physical vehicle at the perineum or “base” chakra. These serpents or dragons begin to rise and circulate up through the energy system of the body, up to the third eye, the pineal gland, which will then open and activate your inner senses and connection with the Cosmos. There is plenty of literature about kundalini and the related practice of Tantric Yoga. The “union” of the male/female energies of your own body unite and bring forth enlightenment or in biblical language, the birth of the divine Child, which is Divine Intelligence (Wisdom). As an enlightened Being, you have access to the wisdom of the Cosmos — when required.

When I was channeling, I noticed that people were drawn to the material I brought forth, rather than wanting to read what I had written about my own experiences. The preference of many readers was for the “love and light” litany given forth by many of these channelers, which for a time included me.

Last year, I finally broke away from the false egoic self that had been created through many years of channeling and identifying being a walk-in Pleiadian, which somehow conferred a superior of purpose and awareness when comparing my self to others.

While I probably am a starseed and even a walk-in, I didn’t come here to puff up my own ego, but to lend my Light to the humanity collective, to act as a lighted “seed” or bit of leavening to raise the frequency of the planet. And to accomplish my goal, I simply have to “be”, preferably in Presence, that is, in alignment with Source energy, the Creator.

Labels are limitations. Some physicists and enlightened researchers are realizing that EVERYTHING we witness here is consciousness. This includes those who are aligned with dark purpose. The Light of Creation penetrates the darkest heart. It is not out of darkness we arise; the Light was always there. The Light is Intelligence, Consciousness… experiencing Itself in billions upon billions of light shards or fractals. Each stone, plant, animal, human being, Ciakahrr Reptilian… all are included with Creation as it seeks to understand and experience itself.

Extraterrestrials don’t have what we call “religion” here on Terra. If they are aligned with benevolent forces, they work with the forces of the Universe emanating from Source… which has no face or body or identity being beyond such things. There are many Universes, all designed differently. Some of us came from another Universe before entering this one.

Yes, there are those who choose to turn away from the Light and have attempted to create a False Light Universe. The teachings of Ashayana Deane delve into these theories in much greater detail… detail which I find annoyingly complex. If you’re curious, you can still buy Voyager’s II (I don’t think Voyager’s I is in print right now).

I turned away from the teachings of several decades and am now opening up to vulnerability, stepping into the Unknown like the Fool of the Tarot.

Nothing of the old energy will survive the fires of ascension, nothing. You can’t pick and choose what you want to hang on to… if you let go, if it’s “yours” (meant to be with you on your journey) then it will return, perhaps in an unexpected manner… something much better. If you hang on, it will be stripped away from you through circumstances. ALL of us are being tested to the max these days as we transition into the new energies. Go with the flow, let go, and be…

I’ve always been one who chose not to follow the well-worn trail. I have let go, let go, and continue to let go of pre-conceived notions and beliefs, programs, being a “people-pleaser” for the sake of “fitting” in and so on. Be brave enough to walk your own path.

Even among those who consider themselves as awake, I have discovered there are layers… like the proverbial onion, peeling off another layer of expectations, programs, and indoctrination received from family, friends, “authorities”, propaganda, and especially “the government”. We are meant to be self-governing individuals who can work together as a collective. Earth humanity hasn’t approached that level of cooperation yet but even now our Galactic mentors are hopeful.

Seeking the inner connection with your expansive Cosmic Self starts with a simple meditation of focusing on your own breath and expands as you begin to feel the movement of energies throughout your body. Most humans have been numbed as well as dumbed down… it will take a while, patience, and self-acceptance as you are now. Stuff will come up… and you will let it go. Emotion is feelings that have been suppressed… when you let your feelings flow through your body like cosmic waves without any attachment they simply depart. Your consciousness is constructed by waves and particles… expand beyond the defined and BE in Presence.

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