A Little Galactic History: “Sirius”

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A Little Galactic History: “Sirius”

Now, I am not pointing fingers at anyone who may have previously played a role in my “education” before 2020. As I have learned for myself quite recently… we evolve through struggle. If evolution was easy, we would all be floating around as Light Beings in some place between dimensions.  Only that is not the purpose for our being here, a bit of wisdom that I am slowly incorporating into my heart.

I have heard the phrase “we are God experiencing itself” and wondered about that. Well, it’s true. Of course, people take issue with it… not wanting to accept life as it presents itself in their worlds. If you’re god and your life is crap, there must be some sort of disconnect going on, wouldn’t you agree (or not). No, it’s safer for most people to assign all of the blame on some vague “God” who doesn’t appear to really care about whether people struggle, live or die.

The real issue stems from a misunderstanding of what and who “God” is, and if I may say so, it is an intentional misunderstanding built into every (may I repeat, every) religion known to Earth humanity.

Take, for instance, the New Age “religion” or as it is advertised, “spirituality” and the continuously channeled information which is claimed to be from “Sirius”.  As Elena Danaan has oft stated, if channeled contacts fail to identify themselves accurately by star, planet, species/race, then it is quite likely the source is a fake, phony, and false one, most likely from an regressive alien AI source or CIA mind control (guess where the CIA learned these techniques!) including EMF waves/radio beams, etc., and/or MK Ultra programs that have been inserted into the subconscious of targeted individuals. 

I have come to regard much of the so-called channeled pieces with great skepticism. It has been said that much of the channeled “information” comes through consisting of abou 80% truth and 20% disinformation or falsehood. This was told to me by someone who shared quite a lot of disinformation with me through several years, although I am sure she was innocent and unaware of what she was doing.

Now, about Sirius… for one thing, the Galactic Federation refers to the great star as Ashkera, a star easily seen in the northern latitudes of Terra and a star that has played an important role in several cultures throughout the ages.

I wasn’t aware of the ET name for Sirius until I read Elena Danaan’s book: “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”.  When I saw “Ashkera”, it revealed the answer to a question I had long held about the existence of a fictional race called “the Ashtarians” and their alleged home world of “Ashtar”.  According to an earlier source, the planet Ashtar was supposed to an icy rock, hollowed out, where its inhabitants live in a technologically advanced culture. The Ashtarians were reputed to be very advanced in their design and construction of starships and other technologies. 

Of course, anyone who has dabbled in the New Age hokum will know of “Commander Ashtar”, sometimes referred to as “Ashtar Sheran” who is allegedly from various planets, including (and of late) Alpha Centurari. Well, he’s not and never has been a real person.  Instead, the whole story of Commander/Lord Ashtar is fiction at its best and disinformation at its worst. Go to www.elenadanaan.org/debunk for further clarification of that particular matter.

And now, who or what is Ashtar?  For one, the title “Ashtar” simply means “high commander”. It is a Taami phrase referring usually to the high commander of an Taali-Ashkeri mothership or command post. Taami is the common language shared by all Lyran races throughout Nataru.

Now, who are the Taali-Ashkeri? Glad you asked.

First, we have to start with a little very basic galactic history. Humanity was originally seeded in the Man system, which we Terrans call “Lyra” or Kepler 62.  You must understand that most astronomical nomenclature has, in the past, been rather earth-centric, assigning stars and sometimes planets names associated with classical Greek mythology, or dry scientific numerics, depending on the date the particular heavenly feature was “discovered”.  We, as ignorant and oft times arrogant beings are going to be required to learn to call various heavenly bodies by the names accepted in galactic society.

Okay… Lyra or the Man system as I prefer to call it. Millions of years ago the Man system was attacked by the Ciakahrr, an aggressive new foe who turned up in the neighborhood and lusted after the interdimensional portal that the worlds of Man guarded. The inhabitants of the five planets had to flee or be destroyed by their opponents. Somehow, the ruling family of Taali (more on them later) of the administrative center of the system negotiated a treaty to allow some of the inhabitants to leave safely. Thus, circumstances brought on the diaspora of the Lyran human races and scattered them throughout Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy) like seeds of Light.

One of the Taali groups of refugees found a home in the Vega system. Then, some of the immigrants decided to move onto other likely star systems, one of them being Ashkera. This complex triple-star system had twelve planets of varying sizes. The newly arrived colonists being who and what they were went around designing their new worlds to fit their specifications and requirements needed to adapt to their new environments (hybridization with an indigenous population is one option).

One group of colonists terraformed their new planet and named it Kashta. It orbited around the primary star, Ashkera.  These people came to call themselves the Katayy, a peaceful, artistic, and scientific people who later joined the Galactic Federation when it was formed after the defeat of the Black League during the Orion Wars… another story…

Another group of these Taali colonists chose the planet Morga for their new home and got around to some genetic crossbreeding with the indigenous and benevolent Greys. This new human race (hu-man, meaning they possessed Lyran-Man genetics) called themselves the Taali- Ashkeri (u = singular, i= multiple). In time, these Taali referred to themselves as the T-Ashkeri. Can you see where I am going with this?  If not, read on…

Morga was a planet that orbited the smaller companion of Ashkera, namely Thula, referred to here on Terra as Sirius B.

Now, here is what I was told about Sirius B. For starters, I was informed by my source (she who shall not be named) that the humans who inhabited the solar isle (her words, not mine) of Sirius B (Thula) were dark-skinned, dark-eyed much like the warm brown tones of current inhabitants of the Middle East. This world was allegedly the home world of Isis and Osiris. Of course, if you know anything about Egyptian mythology, you already know about these two characters.

Well, in Elena’s book… by the way, the portion of this volume called “The Book of Alien Races” derived in the main from a paper that was sent to Elena by an undetermined source. The research was supposed to be material that had been meticulously collated by the KGB from various ET sources. Later material was added by information received directly from one of Elena’s primary sources in the GFW, Commander Thor Han Eredyon, primarily for clarification and additional information.  This book is, by no means, comprehensive, an effort that is not possible right now, as we have not yet been introduced to the thousands, if not billions of races, species and cultures that exist within our own local galaxy, never mind the Multiverse and dimensions beyond our ken.

So, back to Morga. The new hybrid human-Grey race is described as being white-blondes, slender and slight in stature, seldom exceeding 6 feet in height and often shorter, with wide, slanted green eyes, pale skin, wide foreheads, narrow chins, small noses, highly intelligent, telepathic to a high degree, scientific in nature and so on. When I read the general description of these humans my question about who/what/where the Ashtarians was answered… they were/are the Taali-Ashkeri. And Morga isn’t a ball of ice. It is a planet situated within a highly complex triple star system, a system that includes several other species other than humans.

In the information that I was given started back in 2014, I was told that Sirius A was the home world of some of my star ancestors.  Hmmm, Sirius A is a huge star. Recently, I have learned that Kashta was the planet settled by the first Taali colonists, which they terraformed… terraforming being a science that is still taught by Lyran descendants throughout Nataru. These Taali called themselves the Katayy.

So, I was faced with the realization that just about everything I was ever told/taught about Sirius was incorrect at one level, disinformation at another. Whether this was done intentionally by the person who mentored my source back in the early 1990’s, I don’t know. Still, the information has proven to be grossly incorrect.

So, the original source material for my story about Lord Delos was wrong. This past week, I endeavored to correct that, in part, by editing the short story and using some of the descriptions of the real races involved in that story. Even as I completed this new version, I finally arrived at the realization that it wasn’t the Katayy who were involved in the fight with the Nebu of the Orion Empire; it was the T-Ashkeri.  And in the end, the T-Ashkeri lost their battle against the Nebu as did several other worlds who were conquered by these regressive and very aggressive Greys.

The reason I am admitting my slowly gained awareness is the fact that I continue to see material channeled by entities claiming to be from “Sirius” or “Sirius B”.  I would, if you were wise, avoid any contact with either source, since “Sirius” is not the name of Ashkera and Thula/Morga is currently under the control of the Nebu, a collective of very dangerous, deceitful foes of Terrans who just managed to be kicked off of our world and out of our solar system in 2021. If it took me this long to figure this out, doing the grunt work for myself and hopefully others… then just think what it would take for someone to let go of their religious indoctrination and willingly accept the idea that extraterrestrial life exists and that we are not alone in the Universe. 

Okay, I’m a little cranky and fatigued from all of the hacking through my own debris, so I am going to focus on what I want to focus on… learning more about cosmic history… real cosmic history from trusted sources.

In conclusion, the Katayy, Taali-Lyrans, settled on Kashta. They are tall, well-built, tan or reddish brown skin hue, with an assortment of eye colors and hair colors, tending towards dark hair… namely brown and black.  Any Taali could pass as a Terran as their genetics are probably the closest to our own.

The T-Ashkeri are smaller, slighter in build, green-eyed, with triangular-shaped faces (wide forehead, narrow chin, small noses), part Gray-human hybrids. The T-Ashkeri who remain on Morga called themselves the ASHTAR COLLECTIVE, which is under the control of the Nebu and a source of a TON of disinformation currently being relayed to eager and rather naïve “channelers”.

A small breakaway or renegade group of T-Ashkeri came to call themselves the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND. This command is made up of mercenaries who have no home world and live on their own motherships and command posts that are variously scattered throughout Nataru.  One such command post is located in the atmosphere of Jupiter and is a highly secured, technologically advanced cloud city wherein many recent meetings have been taking place, involving the continued efforts moving towards disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrial life to the general population of Terra. This disclosure process is being done slowly to allow the heavily programmed human population of Terra to overcome their conditioned reflex to fear ETs, given all of the negative press of ETs and debunking of early disclosure agents such as Alex Collier and many former Secret Space Program experiencers.

The military of the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND do NOT under any circumstances engage in channeling “spiritual” material to Terrans. If you have ever been in the military, information is often classified and, on a need, to know basis as a matter of common practice.  The T-Ashkeri of the ASHTAR COMMAND would not waste their time telegraphing plans to the population of Terra.  Anyone who is engaged in conveying such information is putting out disinformation even if they are unaware of doing so.  Military personnel do NOT leak information, else they would be subject to severe and immediate persecution.  The T-Ashkeri are VERY telepathic and their stations and ships are monitored by highly advanced security systems. And, FYI, Elena Danaan has visited the Jupiter-based Ashtar Command Center.  You can read about her visit in her book, “We Will Never Let You Down!”.

Hybridization is done by the Lyran races in order to adapt to new environments. The Taali… who for a time attempted to build a colony on Terra, in the region of present-day India (Krishna, et al) but these Taali were from Vega… and are called the Adari. As an adaptation to their new environment in the Vega system, their skins turned blue, thus the blue-skinned “gods” of the Hindu, which were, really visitors from another star system who were eventually chased off of Terra by the Ciakahrr who wanted to retain control over this planet. They were not from Sirius after all. Those “Sirians” who influenced various cultures here on Terra were any of these human races, the Katayy, the T-Ashkeri, and an non-human race of amphibians, called the Nommos, who contacted the Dogon in Africa.

So, have I managed to pop a few more disinformation bubbles for my readers?  Well, time will tell.  It takes a while for the information to filter down through the pre-existing programs and conditioning we have all endured simply by incarnating upon Terra.  It is a challenge to be here, but we came because we could handle it, because we carried the seeds of Light sown within our consciousness by our progenitors, the Pa Taal.  And the most deadly enemy of the Pa Taal are the Ciakahrr, which is in part one of the reasons humanity has been intentionally kept suppressed – they fear us, the divinity that we contain within our physical bodies, within our sacred and unique genetics… those precious seeds of LIGHT.


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