Who Are the Aldebarans?

Constellation of Taurus

Who Are the Aldebarans?

I am writing this piece, not to duplicate the efforts of Elena Danaan, but to educate my readers who may not yet be familiar with her work. I cannot post her videos here as they are marked private.

Elena Danaan just made a short video to answer the above-mentioned question. On page 276 of A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, she describes the primary races that live in the Aldebaran star system, which is to be found (from Terra) in the Taurus constellation.  Aldebaran (aka “Jada”) is a huge, bright star, which shelters 13 planets and three main civilizations: 1) an Anunnaki outpost; 2) an Ahel colony, and 3) a colony of 9D light beings.

Interestingly enough, the Jadaii Anunnaki – they call themselves “Janosians” – came originally (most recently) from our solar system. They once lived on the huge water planet situated between Mars and Jupiter, a planet they called Janos, but is more commonly known as Maldek. During a huge war between ETs competing for control and dominion over this solar system, the Maytra (a dangerous Grey species from Andromeda Galaxy) managed to destroy Janos/Maldek. All that remains of this once magnificent planet is the Asteroid Belt. This huge explosion also wiped out a large percentage of the nearby Martian atmosphere and may have contributed to damage on Luna (the Moon) and even Terra. Incidentally, many human souls migrated to Terra or Mars after the destruction of Janos and then incarnated on Terra.

These Anunnaki left our solar system and terraformed a new planet in the Jada system. However, this was not the end of their influence on Terra. In the early 1900’s, the Janosians contacted a talented medium, Maria Orsic, communicating with her through the ancient Sumerian language… a language that another colony of Anunnaki brought to Terra long ago when they colonized the Fertile Crescent region of the Middle East.

The medium, Maria Orsic, was not a Terran, but she was a talented telepath who recorded reams of advanced technological data, which later found its way into the hands of the Nazis in pre-WWII Germany. By the time the Nazis became involved with the Vril Society, Maria left – she was able to discern the low-frequency intentions of the increasingly militarized German Reich and left the scene.  Two French recruits in the French SSP actually later met Maria on board a ship of the Solar Warden.  She joined the GFW long ago and has served as an instructor and intermediary between Terrans and the GFW personnel.

Maria Orsic

Sometime later, the Ciakahrr Reptilians (Dracos) made contact with the Nazis and the Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet) was born, headquartered primarily in Antarctica on Terra, as well as the Moon, Mars, and Ceres.

Although a pacifist people, somehow the Janosians got caught up in this dark web, although they were originally a part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Alex Collier recently presented information stating that the Janosians… in fact, all of the Aldebaran (Janosians and Jadahil) were requested to leave the GFW, which they did. The GFW had long held suspicions that the Aldebarans were working with the dark fleet.

The Dark Fleet intended to keep their headquarters located in the Aldebaran system, but once they were successfully removed by the Earth Alliance and the GFW from the Sol system, the Aldebarans made it clear, the Dark Fleet was no longer welcomed there, either.

Unfortunately, the Ahel colonists in the Jada system also got caught up in the dark skein, tarred by the same deceptive brush used by the Ciakahrr and their sometimes allies, the Nebu, to trick various races and societies into cooperating with their dark agenda.

Another humanoid race, the Akhori of Altair were/are also involved with the Orion Grey Collective and the US-Telos Alliance… heavily involved in abductions and interbreeding with Terrans.

The Ashkeru of Sirius B are also aligned with the Ciakahrr Empire. Their primary planet, Morga, was infiltrated by agents of the Ciakahrr and is now controlled by the regressive reptilians. I have written about the Ashkeru before. They are a hybrid Lyran-Taal/Grey race, and highly technologically advanced. They, too, have been involved in the dark alliance on Terra, although they were also driven out.

IMHO, I would be very careful in communicating with any being claiming to be “Sirian” or from the “Sirian Collective”.

The Ashtar Galactic Command is a breakaway group from Morga, a military organization that lives abroad their huge mothership. Being military, they do not communicate with Terrans, but work in cooperation on missions with the GFW and Earth Alliance.

The Jada colony of the Anunnaki is called “Outpost 361”, an indication of just how spread out the Anunnaki are in this galaxy, Nataru.

The Anunnaki are not humans; their name refers to their appearance being “human-like”. They are reptoid, cold-blooded, and came from another dimension through the great portal located within the Orion system.

The Anunnaki have a mixed history here on our planet, both positive and negative. Elena Danaan will be sharing in her upcoming book, The Seeders, more information about her recent encounters with the being called “Enki” or EA, the benevolent Anunnaki who attempted to improve the human genetics much to the displeasure of his half-brother Enlil.  Enki has returned, along with the other 24 races of Seeders, the original “gods” who terraformed this planet and seeded it with life, humanoid, animal, and plants.

It should be interesting to learn more about our real history from both the Seeders and Enki/EA.

If you care to learn more, listen to Elena’s videos on YouTube or read her books. Dr. Michael Salla, and others also offer supporting information to validate Elena’s sharings.

I will note, that recently, there has been an attempt to discredit Elena and Alex Collier, as well as the Galactic Federation of Worlds. This is being done by disinformation agents, who have either been programmed by the Nebu, influenced by the various black military/CIA psychological operations directed against awakening starseeds.  Seek out information that can be verified by more than one source.  The disinfo agents can present as being extremely knowledgeable and charming, but you will know them by their actions, not their words. When they start attacking a credible source like Elena, Alex, or Michael, then I know they have been corrupted in some manner.

I used to channel and gave it up rather abruptly over a year ago when I realized that most of the information being shared with me had no basis in reality.

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Here’s Michael Salla’s review of Elena’s video on the history of the Aldebaran star system, et al:

Fascinating overview of the history of the Aldebaran star system, the Dark Fleet, the Anunnaki, Maria Orsic, etc. As we move closer to some kind of official disclosures of ET life more of our true galactic history will be emerging through sources such as Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, Jean Charles Moyen, and ‘Radu Cinamar’. “Aldebaran, Dark Fleet and Galactic Federation of Worlds, https://youtu.be/QLKRSzNo5g4

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