Is This You?

Nataru – Photo by Mohan Reddy on

From FB:

You are a STAR when:

  1. EARTH was never your first HOME!
    You have a deep desire to be home, but you don’t know where HOME is, possibly on another PLANET!
  2. Feel out of place: no one understands your cosmic MIND.
  3. He loves being ALONE in solitude, in peace, in nature. Avoid places with many people.
  4. Fascinated by SPACE, Science Fiction, UFOs, Crystals, Time Travel, Fantasy and Magic.
  5. He prefers to look at the SKY at night than to watch television.
  6. Night dreams often reveal WORLDS and times never before visited.
  7. You always felt that your life had a greater PURPOSE, but you were not sure what it would be.
  8. You have endless COMPASSION for all forms of life and animals.
  9. You have a very INTUITIVE sense of mind and can feel the energy and emotions of other people, animals, places and objects.
  10. Your life is full of SYNCHRONIZATIONS and you often see 11:11 or other numbers repeating, you often experience DéJà Vu.
  11. You are fascinated by crystals and alternative types of HEALING.
    Avoid putting prescription medications in your body.
  12. You are in constant search of SPIRITUAL knowledge and you are obsessed with taking your body and mind to a higher state of CONSCIOUSNESS.
  13. You feel that a great EVENT is coming in the near future that will change everything we know about Life and Humanity.
  14. You are SMILING right now as you read this because you know you are unusual and you are not alone.
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