Staged Alien Invasion – Solar Flash Extinction Events

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Staged Alien Invasion – Solar Flash Extinction Event

The two concepts of an alien invasion and/or a solar flash that would lead to an extinction event on Terra have long been seeded into the collective consciousness of Terrans, especially those who are involved in cutting edge investigations into spirituality and ascension.  I thought I would take some time to review an recent article written by Elena Danaan wherein she enumerates her various conversations and communications from her galactic and intergalactic contacts, namely Commander Thor Han Ereydon and Oona, an Altean emissary for the Intergalactic Confederation aka the Seeders.

First, we have to consider what these two scenarios are intended to elicit from the Earth population.  Simple.  FEAR.  Basically, anything that is meant to sow fear in humans has been derived from a regressive alien source or a regressive Earth human source, namely the Deep State (CIA, Black Italian families, Bilderberger Group, Council of 300, those who have been called “the elite”).

The link to Elena’s article is:

I am not going through the entirety of Elena’s article, but starting with Thor Han’s demonstration to Elena that our solar system has entered an entirely new and higher frequency zone within the galaxy.  On this occasion, Elena discovers a difference in the feeling of being within the Plasma Shield that protects our solar system and then being outside of it.  This event took place this summer:

July 5, 2022

E:  Is there a frequency discrepancy between the inside and the outside of this star system? I’ve never experienced that before. Is that new?

TH: That’s new. This star system is now immersed in the 5th density frequency zone.

E:  What about the plasma shield, then?

TH: The plasma shield has by nature nothing to do with it; we happen to use it as a frequency transformer. This star system is already in the 5th density zone but because of what happens on Terra at the moment, we prefer making the transition smoother, otherwise it would be too chaotic down there. We regulate the rising in frequency ourselves. I just wanted to show you that. You can tell them.

The Solar Flash Scenario:

Oona, of the Altean people, an emissary of the Seeders, spoke to Elena about this subject:

OONA: Your star is undergoing a transformation but not as you conceive. It is adjusting to the area of Nataru your star system has recently entered. This is a galactic zone with a higher frequency. Because the frequency of your star system was lowered down by the previous invaders, and then unlocked by the excellent work of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, it needs adjustment to avoid the frequency shock. Your star, Sol, however, responds to the resonance of this higher frequency and it has started shifting. This solar shifting has no devastating effect but it will be felt in many different ways. The shift of a star system always originates first from the star, this is a natural law. Many times, in the past, evacuation occurred. It was always due to wars. An evacuation plan was always in reserve, in case, if necessary, but I can assure you that no extinction event will happen. We create stars, worlds, we seed life, we fractalize the very consciousness of Source and embed it into planetary matrices. If your star, Sol, would naturally become a sudden threat to all life on Terra, one of our proudest achievements, we would prevent it. We have the power to do this. We cannot stop wars to ignite and to extinguish empires, but we (the Seeders) have the power to ignite and extinguish the stars.

August 28, 2022

Elena:  After I was told about rumors regarding an alleged alien attack on a Moon base, I asked questions to Thor Han. Again, I highlighted here his mention of the center of Europe (northern Italy) because this will have some importance later:

TH:  I know what happened, it was holographic technology broadcasted from Terra. From the center of European sector. They have a stealth satellite we still need to find. There wasn’t any portal opening on Luna, because I will repeat this again to you, as also you could see it with your own eyes a year ago. The frequency keys of the portals have been locked by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. When the Intergalactic Confederation arrived, they shielded this system with an even higher frequency. The enemy is outside of this star system but at a great distance. They are trying to get back in but haven’t succeeded yet. We (will) make sure they won’t. When you get the military to believe it is real, there is nothing that can stop them. Soldiers will perform their mission, their work, the call from their heart, for what they believe is a glorious and selfless action for the sake of their civilization. This has been a long psychological preparation. Fear is instilled to prepare the ground for control. You know, this technology, it is elaborate (and back-engineered from alien technology). The Alliance of the Six (the Nebu) gave it to them in 1947. The plan started by then, precisely.

(Editor’s note: Thor Han is speaking about a psychological operation put in motion back in the 1940’s by the Nebu and later the Ciakahrr to prevent them from losing control of this star system. They will continue to utilize those humans who are in fear to create openings for their return.)

The concept of an alien invasion has been long seeded into the collective consciousness of Terrans by movies, science fiction stories, and rumors.  Elena discussed this topic with Thor Han in the following narrative.

For those who are looking to be “rescued” during or before a solar flash, to be evacuated from the planet, this event was planned to be a culling of the population.  All people taken aboard the alien craft would be enslaved and those considered unsuitable by their captors would be killed.  All survivors would be enslaved.

E: Alien invasion?

TH:  Dramatic event followed by a “rescue”, that is in truth a culling of population. This will not happen.

E: How does the Solar flash fit into that?

TH:  Two possibilities, one is a back-up. Both have been prepared.

E:  Solar flash and alien invasion?

TH: Correct. This star is shifting in frequency, but this will not generate any harmful event for the planets of this system; in the contrary, it will have the opposite effect. A good one. A clearing one. No one will die. It has started and this has nothing to do with the fear control plan. People of Terra see now who is enacting for those who lead these stories.

Elena: Regarding the information given by Thor Han Eredyon and Oona, referred to a powerful group of elites involved in dark cults and owning extraterrestrial advanced technology, located in the north of Italy, is both able to shut down satellites from the ground and broadcast holographic illusions as far as the moon. Could this executive organization be the Bilderberg Group?

(Editor’s note: This information certainly involves the European elite stemming from the 13 Black Italian Illuminati families who have long ruled Europe and the international central banking system).

Alien Invasion Scenario

Elena goes on to tell us:

On August 30th, 2022, Oona contacted me in the night with a powerful vision. A city was attacked by giant saucer-shaped spaceships with long tentacles coming from them. The population was running in terror, it was the worst chaotic vision I could have ever imagined. Then, the light changed and the alien attackers became translucent and revealed themselves to be artificial holographic projections. The sky opened like a curtain and behind it, I was shown a group of individuals wearing white masks with a long beak. At this very moment, I heard Oona’s voice in my head saying:

“Seek who is behind this”.

Considering Oona’s vision given to me of specific Venetian masks, who not only point at a geographical region but represent as well a period of pestilence and pandemic, would the actual global sanitary crisis as we know it be part, at a broader level, of the false-flag alien agenda aided by the rumors of a solar-scare event, and a potential culling of the population of Earth?

Then, the whole vision shut down and the communication ended. It became obvious to me that these characters wore a same specific type of Venetian mask. H.G. Wells “War of the Worlds” 1938 radio broadcast prank may as well have been a drill, or a testing of some sort on the gullibility of the population. I looked on internet for images of “Venetian masks”. A photo appeared and it froze me to the bones. With it, was this article titled “Venetian Masquerade Masks: The Deception”, referenced here and from which I copied some excerpts:

    “In Venice, carnival of course meant masks, but masks did not always mean carnival”

Venetian carnival masks’ origins are not as clear as Commedia dell Arte masks. Worn by men and women alike, the Baúta was more than just a mask, moreover involving a whole outfit, thus giving “its wearer total anonymity”. The white mask induced a sense of conformity among its wearers. A well-known figure, was the ‘Medico della Peste’, the Pest Doctor, whose attire involved a clearly distinguishable mask with a long and curious beak. Invented in the 16th century by the French doctor Charles de Lormes, the mask was marked by bird-like features such as a long beak and small, round holes for the eyes. The mask was to protect from “bad air” which caused illness. Filled with disinfecting odors and herbs, the air breathed was supposedly purified when running through the extended beak.

This one above is named “il dottore”. This is the exact same mask that the group of persons in my vision were wearing. The Doctor… allusion to a plandemic?

At the point of the emergence of masks in the 18th century, they were mostly worn by an elite of aristocrats, who could anonymously participate in the Carnival festivities without revealing their identity. Its main purpose hereby was to render those in the masks anonymous.

-Thor Han, February 8 2022: “This wasn’t shot from the USA but from the European continent. There is a powerful dark cult that owns this type of equipment.”

(Thor Han is referring to the shooting down of the 40 Starlink satellites, designed to give the public access to quantum technology).

Editor:  I read or heard information suggesting that the Nebu had time travel technology and visited (or had their agents visit) various times in “the past” to effect change or to alter timelines to their benefit.  One of these operations introduced various alien viruses and diseases designed to reduce the human population through plague. The regressive aliens always have desired to cull the population so they could maintain control over the planet.


As you may now comprehend these two false flag scenarios, the staged alien invasion and evacuation scenario and the solar flash extinction level scenario are designed to instill FEAR into humans.

The work of Elena and others is designed to assure us that we “are not alone”. This doesn’t mean we can sit back and wait for ascension or some “event” to occur or wait for a savior to appear to “save” us.  Thor Han has always encouraged us to raise our frequency. By raising our individual frequency, we each are better prepared to weather the inevitable shifts that will affect our bodies and minds as our planet moves into fifth density.  We, as foci of Source energy, are responsible for our own soul evolution, the speed in which we manage change… and change will occur in all aspects and levels of human society as a result of the shift of our solar system into fifth density.  Earth humanity is still wavering between third density and fifth density (or higher) but those who are not frequency resonate with the rising energies will suffer in both body and mind.  Your shift will flow with more ease and grace if you focus on your own inner growth.

Let no one tell you what to do. Growth must come from within each individual; no one person, master or teacher can convey higher frequency upon you. It must come from the heart and inner knowing, the source of true wisdom.

Knowing the intentions and designs of the “enemy” is to be forearmed and forewarned.  Move out of fear and instead, seek understanding in all things.


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